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<rozenglass>Hello, I'm new to Guix, going to have my first install now. I want to have LVM on Luks, even if it was a bit hacky. But everywhere it is written that guix doesn't support lvm, what does that mean exactly?
<rozenglass>I usually mange lvm manually from cli, make fstab, make crypttab, generate grub and initrd. In guix things are different because you define the system declarative-ly in a config file.
<rozenglass>But where does the "doesn't support it" part comes in? in the system definition parts? does that mean I can have lvm setup manually or something?
<atw>rozenglass: unfortunately I can't help with LVM. I searched the mailing list, but it didn't turn up a definite answer. I can say that the channel is usually quiet around this time. You may be able to get more responses in the European midday
<rozenglass>thanks, I think I'll just experiment in a VM
<baconicsynergy>hello guixsters :)
<sneek>baconicsynergy, you have 1 message.
<sneek>baconicsynergy, rekado says: xsltproc is part of libxslt
<baconicsynergy>rekado: thank you so much!!! you rule
<baconicsynergy>sneek: thanks sneek, you're always a pal
<baconicsynergy>hailing from my new libreboot x200 :) loving guixsd with gnome, xfce, and i3
<baconicsynergy>I'm having a problem, however. The printing service doesn't work with gnome
<baconicsynergy>When I click "Printers" from settings, it says "Sorry! The printing service doesn't seem to be available".
<buenouanq>have you included the printer service in your main config.scm?
<baconicsynergy>hehe no i haven't :p I assumed it would be included in the "Desktop" services. Thanks!
<baconicsynergy>there is much kung fu i have yet to master
<baconicsynergy>rekado: tysm for helping me out with xsltproc!
<baconicsynergy>rekado_: tysm for helping me out with xsltproc!
<buenouanq>so yeah, add that then you have to run $ guix system reconfigure .../config.scm
<baconicsynergy>buenouanq: tyvm :)
<baconicsynergy>I have so much control over my operating system... its awesome!
<baconicsynergy>gonna go see infinity war, see ya in a few!
<buenouanq>guix[sd] is really the greatest thing to ever happen to my computer
<bavier>buenouanq: :)
<atw>rozenglass: I'd be interested to hear how it works out
<firewall`>Hi guix
<firewall`>I have an issue when i run 'guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm'
<firewall`>they return 'no such file or directory "my-root"' but is m'y mapped devices
<civodul>hey firewall` :-)
<civodul>firewall`: did you write (title 'label) in your (device ...) thing?
<civodul>otherwise 'guix' will think "my-root" is an actual device name
<nee`>Would it be a good idea to change the syntax into something like (device (device-by-label "my-root")) ? I always found it confusing that title influences device like that.
<gnewb>Hello Guix!
<gnewb>Since pioneer was upgraded to version 20180203 it crashes whenever I try to get into the "Options" menu. Has anyone (with a Libreboot T400) experienced something similar?
<civodul>nee`: yeah i agree, we should do something along these lines at some point
<firewall`>civodul: Thanks, '(title 'label)' seems works
<gnewb>I think the issue might be hardware-related as I haven't been able to reproduce it in a VM.
<civodul>hey hey!
<civodul>do we have any recommendations for editing Scheme code for Vim users?
<civodul>is there something like paredit?
<rekado_>there’s paredit.vim
<civodul>and something that simply indents as you type?
<rekado_>don’t know about autoindenters for vim.
<rekado_>asking my colleagues
<civodul>a colleague of mine has been editing package definitions with vim and it was really tedious
<civodul>it had paren matching, but that's all
<civodul>i'll add a note in the manual about Vim
<mbakke>Maybe efraim or lfam has some tips regarding vim.
<roptat>I use vim with just :set autoindent. It works good enough
<roptat>if someone knows how to configure it to indent correctly after lambda* and other guix constructs, I'd be very happy
<civodul>excellent, thanks for the tip roptat
<roptat>civodul: so do we send the manual pot files to the TP? another solution would be creating our own pootle instance but we would have to attract translators
<roptat>there's also that I know of
<civodul>roptat: i don't know! did Benno reply?
<civodul>running our own Pootle instance may be unreasonable
<roptat>Benno replied they don't know any
<efraim>civodul: this is the entirety of my .vimrc: , there's not a lot of automation or macros that I use
<civodul>cool, thanks
<nordstro>I can't imagine writing lisp in anything but emacs.
<snape>Emacs Lispy (and Lispyville) is very nice to write Lisp with Emacs by the way
<snape>I find it much more powerful than Paredit
<ngz>Hello. I'm packaging a Python module that tries to locate and load the "libsodium" library in the system, with the following command: ctypes.util.find_library('libsodium'). "libsodium" is a propagated input from the package, yet it is unable to find it. Is there a proper way to fix this? Or should I simply replace the command above with the hard-coded library file name in the store?
<pkill9>are python bindings for libxslt anywhere?
<pkill9>s/anywhere/packaged somewhere
<ngz>pkill9: guix package -s libxslt returns python-lxml
<ng0>I have a rather basic question with regards to the repl and guix. I'm trying to debug a problem in my system repos (still mostly guix), but even with (nice 1) the repl swallows the lines. How can I stop this behavior and make it more verbose?
<ng0>any specific info page section I should read?
<ng0>I think this is why people use Geiser? I haven't gotten out of my usual habbit to just use everything without interaction layers on top of it
<ng0>aha, 4.4.4 .. that too ka while. I hope this'll help
<ng0>okay, that section was very helpful