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<pmikkelsen>hi guix, is there a reason that some of our guile packages are still using guile-2.0 even when guile-2.2 has been out for so long
<civodul>hi pmikkelsen
<civodul>pmikkelsen: in some cases it's just that we forgot to upgrade
<civodul>in other cases it's because the package does not support 2.2 (e.g., gdb)
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<civodul>happy hacking!
<pmikkelsen>I see, thanks
<dustyweb>I did a "guix system build" on my local machine, did a "guix system archive" to export it and send it to this remote machine
<dustyweb>how do I "guix system reconfigure <path-goes-here>"?
<ngz>I have a Python package, with python-pyqt as a propagated input. Yet during tests, it displays "Searching for PyQt5<5.10,>=5.9", then fails because it cannot find it (and cannot install it through pypi)
<ngz>What could be wrong with that package?
<pkill9>try putting at as an input
<pkill9>instead of propagated-input
<mange>My first thought would be to make sure they're both the same python (ie. if you're using python2 then you have to use python2-pyqt).
<ngz>I use python 3
<ngz>So it should be python-pyqt
<ngz>Unfortunately, moving python-pyqt from propagated-inputs to inputs didn't change anything.
<darkpsi>hey having some trouble with haskell packages sdl2 is not on the repo is there a way i can install stack or somthing and use that just for haskell or does that cause any problems with guix
<zybell_>no problems,simply wont work.
<darkpsi>ok i belive the nix guys have haskell stack so can one get it to work with guix or is it out of the question
<zybell_>no that would work,there is cabal2nix for easy setup.
<darkpsi>can someone give me advice on setting up a haskell work enviroment one guixsd having some trouble and want to know practices
<thomassgn>darkpsi: I'd just run 'guix environment --ad-hoc ghc whatever-other-haskell-packages-you-want'. Personally I'd put it in a .envrc in the project folder (with 'use guix' instead of 'guix environment') - but that means you would need direnv (recommended). This goes for any kind of programming project or similar. But I don't have experience with haskell on guix yet.
<thomassgn>A simple hello world works fine this way at least. :)
<darkpsi>ah one of the packages i need for haskell dev sdl2 is not there they only have the old sdl bindings
<darkpsi>tried importing hackage files with guix import but i dont understand guix that well and it is confusing me
<thomassgn>right, I could try making a definition for it, but after some other work (around one or two).
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>output of 'guix package --list-generations' from the second overdrive machine:
<efraim>no change from previous generation, but the new generation was still created
<efraim>not sure if there were manpages or icon-caches or something updates in there too though
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<civodul>efraim: weird, what command did you run to create the new generation?
<nee`>darkpsi: I had ghc-sdl2 and ghc-sdl2-ttf bindings packaged for a private project ~2 years ago. I don't know if it still works, but you can try it out, and add it to your GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH:
<darkpsi>thomassgn: if you dont mind that would be fantastic i would like to contibute to guix one day i am slowly learning but this would be appeciated thx
<darkpsi> nee: will look into it thx
<efraim>civodul: i ran `guix pull && guix package -u'
<efraim>i left it sitting in a screen session
<civodul>efraim: and what did "guix package -u" print?
<civodul>oh it might have to do with propagated inputs, now that i think about it
<civodul>"guix package -u" always upgrades things that have propagated inputs, "just in case"
<civodul>ACTION is quite happy with the new 'guix pull'
<civodul>i often get substitutes from berlin, when running 'guix pull', so it's much faster than before (2 to 5 minutes)
<civodul>still much slower than "apt-get update", but an improvement
<efraim>civodul: this was the output from 'guix package- u'
<civodul>efraim: yeah, that's probably that propagated-inputs story
<rekado_>A new version of R is out, but the test suite no longer passes.
<rekado_>The Nix folks already contacted the R devs, and they say that the test suite requires the recommended packages.
<rekado_>We don’t build the recommended packages for two reasons: we want a minimal R package (e.g. for simple R scripts) and when building the recommended packages together with R they end up having embedded timestamps.
<rekado_>So we’ll need to patch the tests.
<zybell_>rekado_:or package the recommended packages the guix way
<rekado_>zybell_: we do that.
<rekado_>but they require R, so we need to build R first.
<civodul>rekado_: what are "the recommended packages"?
<zybell_>can you build R two times?one without test, for building, then with test and pkgs available?
<rekado_>zybell_: sure, but that seems a little wasteful (especially since it wasn’t necessary for all the versions leading up to 3.5.0)
<rekado_>civodul: r-boot, r-class, r-cluster, r-codetools, r-foreign, r-kernsmooth, r-lattice, r-mass, r-matrix, r-mgcv, r-nlme, r-nnet, r-rpart, r-spatial, r-survival.
<rekado_>what’s good about separating them is that really not all of these packages are required.
<rekado_>having them separate from r-minimal means that we can be much more precise about what packages should be installed.
<zybell_>moving the tests that exercise r-mass for example into r-mass would that work?
<rekado_>I’m currently waiting for a response from the R developers on the mailing list.
<civodul>BTW, have you considered going to an R conference? :-)
<civodul>given the number of packages in R, i'm sure Guix or similar tools can do users a great service
<rekado_>I feel that the bioinfo conferences I go to can also be considered R conferences if you squint.
<civodul>heh, right
<rekado_>speaking of conferences: I need to finish my slides for Bio-IT World today/tomorrow.
<rekado_>looks like it’s going to be a little bigger than other conferences I had attended so far.
<jlicht>hey guix!
<civodul>rekado_: sounds good!
<civodul>hey jlicht & nckx
<efraim>Speaking of conferences there's one here I'm considering
<rekado_>efraim: looks good!
<efraim>You like functional‽ Here's a whole OS!
<zybell_>look at the source code of that site!
<zybell_>idk what to make of it.
<zybell_>either very funktional, or sth sinister
<jlicht>zybell_: so sad to see interesting stuff like this only work when you have js enabled :/
<nckx><div id="app" /><script ...>. Ralph.
<nckx>Somebody's got to make the ‘dysfunctional’ pun, might as well be me.
<zybell_>on purpose?trying some exploit deep inside?
<civodul>efraim: that looks fun, indeed :-)
<civodul>zybell_: i suppose this is an Elixir or what's-it-called web site?
<civodul>not Elixir, the other fancy webby thing
<civodul>gasp, i forgot the name
<zybell_>elektron? Does that really work that way?
<civodul>oh right, Elm
<civodul>i remember it produces web sites without any visible HTML
<thomassgn>I have a file with several package definitions, and some depend on others in the same file. Does it matter which order in the file they appear? I mean can I have packaga a depending on package b and then package b...?
<snape>thomassgn: it doesn't matter
<snape>I think it's because the variables are public (but I'm not sure)
<snape>for example python-ipython depends on python-nbformat which is declared later
<thomassgn>and another thing, inputs: ("hunit" ,ghc-hunit) I don't understand why it's twice? Is the quoted string what the build environment sees? But the build environment doesn't/shouldn't care what a package is called right? the second name after the comma (,ghc-hunit) is the variable in guix packages I assume.
<nckx>thomassgn: I don't know what the formal definition is, but it's just a label (key). It makes things like identifying & replacing inputs as in `(("wine" ,some-wine-variant)) possible or easier.
<nckx>Some packages use something like ("libuuid" ,util-linux) as a hint to humans that we only care about libuuid, and use the one shipped by util-linux. (Bad example, since there are probably no other implementations, but there could be.)
<nckx>The build environment indeed doesn't care.
<grafoo>hi! i'd like to package likwid (
<grafoo>is there a way to change the build dir?
<grafoo>my problem is that the makefile uses
<grafoo>as the dir for includes
<grafoo>however the actual path includes the package name and version
<civodul>hello grafoo!
<civodul>first i'd recommend not using the bundled hwloc
<civodul>instead, you should add a dependency on the hwloc package that Guix provides
<rekado_>thomassgn: if we used g-expressions for the build systems or the custom build phases we could directly refer to packages as $#ghc-hunit without having to look them up by label.
<rekado_>thomassgn: unfortunately, this makes certain neat idioms impossible that we currently rely on in some package definitions.
<grafoo>civodul: will do so in the long run. but i'd like to get a guix package working quickly without the need to patch the original makefile.
<thomassgn>nckx: & rekado_ Thanks for the explanation. makes sense.
<rekado_>grafoo: you can add a build phase to set environment variables for the include directories, or a build phase to change the current working directory.
<thomassgn>having guix build look like it is doing nothing, and with higher verbosity it is "acquiring write lock on `/var/guix/temproots/12355'" and the downgrading the same, over and over and over again. My fan starts running and I kill it after a bit. funny thing is it is just for this one package definition - that I've seen so far...
<vagrantcish>so, was having issues with my some sort of configuration disabling my mouse or keyboard and being unable to use both at the same time ... there would be a 3-5 second delay from typing till i could use the mouse ...
<vagrantcish>bisected which system version triggered the issue ... and it was when i enabled the tlp service
<vagrantcish>and sure enough, removing the tlp-service configuration and building a new system fixed the issue
<vagrantcish>i've had similar configurations for a touchpad before, so that typing on the keyboard doesn't disable the keyboard ... but use of the mouse once it switched over disabled the keyboard for several seconds ... which made it pretty unusable ... and this is an external mouse and keyboard
<vagrantcish>ACTION looks over the service configuration options for tlp
<vagrantcish>maybe usb autosuspend?
<jlicht>vagrantcish: I also had this problem
<jlicht>I disabled autosuspend for both my mouse and keyboard using powertop
<vagrantcish>diff /var/guix/system-X-link /var/guix/system-Y-link FTW
<vagrantcish>er, diff -ur
<rekado_>thomassgn: the verbosity settings are next to useless in this case. They are really daemon debugging flags.
<rekado_>thomassgn: it’s possible that you have a dependency loop somewhere.
<civodul>grafoo: right, so back to your initial question :-), yes, you can do (chdir "whatever")
<civodul>there are examples of that in gnu/packages/*.scm
<rain1>thanks for your reply about the 'skip tests' idea civodul
<rain1>I didn't realize the env var is stripped out
<rain1>i am not able to install guixsd, subversion and git tests were taking a very long time
<rain1>wonder if ill find another way
<rekado_>sahithi-ihtihas: Hi!
<grafoo>rekado_: thx. guess i'll do the chdir hack.
<grafoo>civodul: thx. already found it in an old games.scm revision.
<civodul>rain1: and git is used to clone repos in 'git-fetch', right?
<sahithi-ihtihas>rekado_: Hi Rekado
<rain1>im not sure, i tried installing guixsd first and got 504s so I tried again with --fallback but it spent hours running subversion and git tests
<rain1>im trying again today
<civodul>on GNU/Linux?
<rain1>im installing it using the guixsd iso inside qemu
<rain1>success today
<civodul>roptat: finally replied regarding the blog post, let me know if that's fine with you!
<bavier`>happy Monday Guix
<thomassgn>rekado_: that was precisely what it was, I had the package as an input in itself. Probably snuck in between my copypasta... :)
<siraben>How do I authorize substitute servers in the GuixSD installation?
<sneek>Welcome back siraben, you have 1 message.
<sneek>siraben, mbakke says: the next steps are to figure out what differs between the two variants (e.g. with diffoscope) and submit a bug report.
<siraben>sneek: Good bot
<civodul>siraben: see :-)
<civodul>howdy janneke!
<civodul>janneke: didn't you have a patch adding "guix hash --git"?
<civodul>i miss it :-)
<rain1>i forgt whats the command to download a http file in guix before you have wget or curl
<bavier`>is that different from 'guix hash -x' ?
<jlicht>rain1: guix download?
<civodul>bavier`: yes, it would automatically restrict to the list of files checked in
<rain1>thank you
<bavier`>civodul: I see
<siraben>civodul: Yes but that applies to "guix package"
<roptat>civodul: thanks, I'll look at it this evening
<rain1>i got a problem with guix import < file.txt
<rain1>it says build failed input doesnt look like something created by nix-store --export
<nckx>siraben: How so?
<rain1>it is the file /etc/guix/ which i created with guix archive --generate-key
<bavier`>civodul: could we make 'guix hash' accept multiple file arguments? then you could 'guix hash `git ls-files`'
<bavier`>seems like a better option than adding ever-more options
<efraim>rain1: do you want 'guix archive --import <'?
<rain1>oh yes thats what I did, sorry
<rain1>what I am trying to do is run my own guix server thing with guix publish, so that I can install guixsd into another by downloading the packages from that
<nckx>siraben: That link isn't limited to ‘guix package’, but did you mean authorizing substitute servers from your Scheme system configuration?
<siraben>nckx: Authorizing from the GuixSD installer
<civodul>bavier`: we could do that, though the meaning might be unclear: hash several files separately? or hash a "virtual" directory containing all of them?
<bavier`>yeah, I was considering the latter, but I could see where the former might be useful
<nckx>Oh... Mkay. I didn't even know we had an installer.
<nckx>Yay, progress?
<thomassgn>huh, anyone familiar with the haskell build system?
<thomassgn>have I get errors about conflicting versions of the same haskell packages being pulled in and the build system/cabal/or-something is telling me to run cabal-doctests. I have no idea how to do that...
<rain1>when I do guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt --substitute-urls=http://mylocalip:8080 it doenst download any from the local ip
<rain1>its getting stuff from ftp.astron and other sites
<rain1>how can I do the system installation just getting the packages off my own node?
<thomassgn>is the machine behind mylocalip set up to serve substitutes?
<thomassgn>I think you just need guix publish, but I've never really looked into it.
<rain1>yeah i've generated my key and then I leave guix publish running
<thomassgn>the docs seems to say you have to give the substitute server to your daemon and not as part of the guix system or other...
<thomassgn>but it's a bit weird you can't just add substitute servers like you did in your invocation there.
<rain1>so would I have to change my config or take down the hdemons and restart them with it using herd? im not too sure how to archieve this
<thomassgn>darkpsi: It's not working, because of some haskell specific thing, but here is as far as I got. To use it you need to put that file somewhere and then add the path to your GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH in your shell. (be aware that the file name and the define-module name needs to be the same...
<civodul>rain1: you may need to authorize the key of the machine running 'guix publish'
<thomassgn>there were a few dependencies and some other hackery in there, will try to get it working and send it to the guix packages. For some reason ghc-linear fails because of a conflict. But the rest is fine. Ofcourse ghc-sdl2 depends on linear, so I don't know if it builds...
<rain1>I had tryd to do that but I think there was a bug maybe in the import command?
<rain1>it seems to want it in nix format instead of the s-exp guix format I had it in
<roptat>rain1: to import a key, you need to run guix archive --authorize, not import
<rain1>thanks, let me give it a go
<rain1>its doing it!!! hooray
<rain1>the first packages gcc-bootstrap, make-boot0, binutils cross-boot0 all dowlnoaded off my local guix publish, but then its getting gcc-4.9.4 off mirrors. I may need to install extra packages so that everything is available
<thomassgn>hah, ok. so guix build cabal-install fails... :P
<g_bor>hello guix!
<rain1>How do I get gcc-4.9.4 ? I have grep -R 'gcc-4.9.4' . the g uix repo and it only show up as '.drv'
<rain1>i tried doing guix build bootstrap-binaries and then guix publish, but it didn't help
<nckx>rain1: And something like $ guix build gcc@4.9.4?
<nckx>Hello g_bor!
<rain1>that did it! thank you
<g_bor>I've just got the word, that Sahithi Yarlagadda is announced as our Outreachy intern. See .
<g_bor>Welcome to our community!
<civodul>excellent news, welcome sahithi-ihtihas! :-)
<rain1> is a guix mirror?
<rain1>thats so weird :P
<bavier`>rain1: ?
<rain1>i don't really know why guix keeps trying these mirrors and not my local ip.. many things are installing from local so it's a good start
<g_bor>Hi civodul!
<g_bor>I also see Ioannis P. Koutsidis
<g_bor>Systemd unit files in GNU Shepherd , and uniq10
<g_bor>guix - Continue rewrite build daemon in Guile Scheme announced on the GSoC site! Welcome to our community!
<rekado_>sahithi-ihtihas: congratulations!
<rekado_>yes, they are both participating through GSoC. Are they here on IRC?
<g_bor>Actually I don't know :) I hope so :)
<g_bor>I feel now it's time to coordinate a little, and decide what to do next. WDYT? Actually I don't have direct contact with them. I guess we should keep all communications public from now on.
<rekado_>I agree.
<rekado_>sahithi-ihtihas has previously asked for next tasks and I sent them some preparatory tasks and questions off-list.
<rekado_>I haven’t been in contact with the GSoC candidates other than uniq10; but that was before the application deadline.
<g_bor>Ok, do you think they will contact us, or should we contact them. Now I also see Tatiana Sholokhova
<g_bor>GNU Guix (Cuirass): Adding a web interface similar to the Hydra web interface. Welcome!
<g_bor>Should we have a primary mentor for each of these interns?
<davidl>civodul: readlink -f $(which vlock) only returned /gnu/store/<path>/bin/vlock
<pkill9>whya re some services called ____-service-type and some just ____-service?
<sahithi-ihtihas>Thank you :)
<sahithi-ihtihas>especially rekado and guix community who helped in getting this.
<davidl>anyone has any ideas why terminals locked by vlock program tries to autologin again?
<bavier`>sahithi-ihtihas: welcome! look forward to seeing what kind of progress you make.
<efraim>no big configuration updates for ffmpeg@4?
<lfam>efraim: I tested that update independently and at least the basics worked. Did you have any particular changes in mind?
<efraim>lfam: no, I just assumed something would've changed
<lfam>It worked out of the box. Probably we will find some things to tweak as time goes on
<lfam>Plus we basically already had it packaged in ffmpeg-git, and we know that worked
<lfam>Maybe we should enable AVI (--enable-libaom)
<efraim>do we have it packaged?
<pkill9>I'm trying to add the berlin url to my GuixSD config, but encountering an error, can anyone help? The config and the error are in this pastebin:
<pkill9>add theberlin url to my guix service config*
<pkill9>(also might be pointless for me to add the '' url
<efraim>try changing 'list' to 'cons*'
<efraim>here's mine:
<pkill9>ok i'll try that, what exactly is cons* ?
<lfam>pkill9: Another example:
<lfam>However, isn't already queried by default?
<efraim>only on aarch64 i think
<lfam>The key is authorized by default
<pkill9>it's not in %default-substitute-urls, and i never notice anything downloaded fro mit
<lfam>Well, we should add it by default
<pkill9>it had the same error, I'll copy what you have done
<pkill9>i need to inherit the config as well
<roptat>civodul: can you remind me what's the command to generate a binary installation tarball?
<civodul>"make guix-binary.x86_64-linux.tar.xz"
<civodul>or similar
<roptat>ah the -linux part was what I was missing, thanks
<civodul>heh :-)
<pkill9>what's the safest way to delete previous system generations
<civodul>pkill9: "sudo rm /var/guix/profiles/system-XX-link", for the right values of "XX" :-)
<pkill9>kk that's what i did last time, wasn't sure if there's a better way
<pkill9>also need to do a guix system reconfigure to regenerate GRUB entries
<roptat>civodul: something went wrong:
<civodul>roptat: weird, something with zlib lacking 'gzdopen' or something
<civodul>what if you export GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS=--no-grafts ?
<roptat>same error
<pkill9>does `guix gc` also deduplicate files using hardlinks? when I run `guix gc --optimize` it never finds anything that can be deduplicated
<nckx>pkill9: I think deduplication is performed ‘live’, i.e. when files are first added.
<pkill9>oh interesting
<nckx>(That's my understanding but I might always be wrong :-)
<nckx>If you're relying on it, best test it yourself.
<chewzerita>Whenever I try `./pre-inst-env guix build hello` I get something like `hello: package not found` anyone know a fix?
<Exagone313>Hi, I'm reading some package manager documentations, for selecting one to make my own OS, for entertainment purpose, that will support multiple kernels (Linux, Illumos and a BSD). I read in Guix docs that "Guix is compatible with Nix, so it is possible to share the same store between both.". I was also considering Nix, so, could I get more information about this compatibility? What would be the advantage of having both? (Note: I've never used Guix and
<Exagone313>Nix.) Thanks for your help.
<chewzerita>Guix is a distribution (like nix) that uses the linux kernel (with binary blobs removed).
<chewzerita>How would you be incorporating guix/nix into your project exactly?
<buenouanq>chewzerita: that would be GuixSD and NixOS
<buenouanq>Guix and Nix are themselves just package managers.
<chewzerita>buenouanq: I stand corrected
<pkill9>Exagone313: I think that claim is out of date
<pkill9>that said, you can install Nix as a separate store, I have Nix package manager installed onto my GuixSD machine, although 'installed' implies more than what it is, which is pretty much just a /nix folder
<pkill9>plus some environment variables in my ~/.profile
<pkill9>well, actually it sources them from the nix profile, but yeah
<Exagone313>so actually they just share the same (of most of) concepts
<pkill9>yeah they share the same concept
<Exagone313>do they share source code parts or something?
<pkill9>currently the only shared code is the daemon
<bavier`>I would say "borrowed"
<pkill9>but I think a new daemon is being developed in Scheme/Guile/whatever it is
<pkill9>biggest difference is guix uses Scheme/Guile whereas Nix uses 'Nix Expression Language'
<pkill9>and Guix doesn't included non-free software
<Exagone313>I'm not interested in using existing packages, I want to maintain them by my own (but I'll probably start from existing packages)
<Exagone313>so that last statement does not apply :P
<Exagone313>although I'll probably not write a non-free software package
<rekado_>Exagone313: you would probably still use existing packages like GCC or glibc, etc.
<rekado_>functional package management does not allow for ambiguity, so the package graph must be fully specified; this includes the libc and other things that are often taken for granted.
<Exagone313>will see what is convenient, because I may just try it and let it die
<buenouanq>Exagone313: I would suggest considering just installing and playing with GuixSD first then.
<buenouanq>It's not like any other distro - It's very.. meta.
<Exagone313>I'm currently using Debian, Arch and Gentoo
<Exagone313>yes, I should give it a try
<pkill9>yeah I mean Guix doesn't accept any non-free software into it's repository, of course you're free to write your own packages with non-free software for your personal use
<Exagone313>can you talk a bit more about what you said? "the package graph must be fully specified; this includes the libc and other things that are often taken for granted" Is this related to the container feature (that seems Linux-only?)?
<Exagone313>Or is it just due to the fact that packages have different install locations?
<pkill9>it's due to the different install locations pretty much yeah