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<vagrantcish>well, after stumbling through guix packaging, i come to find that python-pyelftools isn't in guix yet, and is a dependency for what i've been working on all day :)
<vagrantcish>let's see how guix import works...
<vagrantcish>$ guix import pypy pyelftools
<vagrantcish>guix import: error: pypy: invalid importer
<ngz>vagrantcish: pipy
<siraben>What environment variable do I set so that Guix always builds my packages from sources?
<vagrantcish>wow... i've just kind of been tinkering with guix for months now ... but to finally try and do something with it ... really amazing!
<vagrantcish>learning guile is a bit of a steep learning curve still...
<siraben>vagrantcish: What resources helped you out? I've just started using Guix for the past three weeks
<siraben>I have the "failed to install locale" warning every time I invoke Guix package
<siraben>Despite having installed glibc-locales
<siraben>vagrantcish: Learning Scheme helps a lot with Guile
<siraben>vagrantcish: I found Guile really nice as a language.
<siraben>Would recommend SICP which you can do entirely with Guile Scheme
<siraben>which part do you have trouble understanding in Guile?
<vagrantcish>so far, i've pretty much exclusively been looking at guix packaging ... sometimes hard to know what's guile and what's guix and what's just a particular package
<vagrantcish>siraben: honestly, i've mostly just done guix pull && guix package -u && guix system reconfigure ... up till today
<vagrantcish>reported bugs and feature requests when i found them
<siraben>vagrantcish: You're running GuixSD?
<vagrantcish>siraben: why not? :)
<siraben>What hardware are you running it on?
<vagrantcish>siraben: not as my primary os .. the lack of a integrated verification chain for the builds kind of stops me from using it for many things
<siraben>I thought the builds were reproducible because all the hashes of their dependencies are checked as well?
<vagrantcish>a few-year-old spare laptop, mostly
<siraben>Is wireless working on it?
<siraben>I need to get a model other than my current MacBook Pro, maybe a Thinkpad X200
<vagrantcish>siraben: they are, but the the git repository which tells you what the right outputs are, while signed commits, is not checked in any integrated way
<vagrantcish>siraben: haven't tried the built-in wireless, i did have luck with a usb wireless adapter i have
<vagrantcish>on of the ath9k-htc adapters
<siraben>vagrantcish: The commit aren't signed? How big of an issue is that?
<vagrantcish>siraben: the commits are signed, but nothing checks them
<vagrantcish>siraben: and there's no trust-path to the signers
<vagrantcish>siraben: well, it kind of goes back to "can you make a computer that if you put the wrong numbers into it, the right ones will come out?" problem.
<siraben>vagrantcish: How is there no trust path to the signers? Don't people cross-sign their GPG keys?
<siraben>That's a pretty big issue then...
<vagrantcish>and even if it was, if the tools don't check, are you going to check each and every commit message manually?
<vagrantcish>siraben: even if a small pool of people were cross-signed, how can an outider verify the trust path?
<siraben>Right so the issue is an automated system to check commit messages and find trust paths
<vagrantcish>at this point, seeing how awesome the build system is, that's about the only thing blockinng me from using this on more serious things
<vagrantcish>well, maybe a little more familiarity
<vagrantcish>is there a mechanism to verify upstream gpg signatures on imported tarballs?
<siraben>vagrantcish: How do I set it to build everything from source by default?
<siraben>0ad is taking a long time to compile...
<siraben>But building from source always seems more reliable
<zybell>git by itself checks the repository, git tag -v checks the tag signature, gpg gives you the fingerprint of the key, the manual sows you what the fp should be.
<vagrantcish>zybell: barring the last part, sure.
<vagrantcish>and tags are really infrequent
<vagrantcish>there's a bug about it
<siraben>Power went out... back online.
<siraben>Must be the washing machine
<siraben>How do I resolve the "failed to install locale" issue?
<zybell>siraben:glibc changed file format for locale data.
<siraben>Wow this isn't documented in the manual then
<siraben>That the locale format has changed
<vagrantcish>well, after all that, the firefly-rk3399 still had the same problem i had with debian builds.
<vagrantcish>at least i learned a bit about guix packaging
<siraben>zybell: What do I do?
<zybell>you will need to change the recipe for glibc a little
<siraben>To get my locales installed
<zybell>the locales cant be installed because they are in old format
<siraben>So guix package -r glibc-locales ?
<vagrantcish>ACTION just discovered "guix edit"
<siraben>Can you pastebin what it's supposed to look like?
<zybell>I think at least, could be the other way round
<siraben>ACTION just discovered "guix edit"
<siraben>So now what?
<zybell>the problem is a bug in the recipe
<siraben>Is this a filed bug report?
<zybell>normally guix -i glibc had to run a recompile of glibc-locale because of deps
<siraben>I build everything from source
<siraben>Installing glibc
<zybell>that didnt work because glibc-locale is strictly seen optional
<zybell>did you build glibc?
<siraben>I just did guix package -i glibc
<zybell>that should get you a binary substitute
<siraben>Right but I didn't authorize binaries
<zybell>if not for special circumstances
<zybell>there is a default key. idk if activated
<zybell>did you deactivate
<siraben>Who, me?
<siraben>What key?
<vagrantcish>since most guix builds are reproducible, building locally seems like a very expensive version of rsync
<siraben>Ok should authorize binaries
<vagrantcish>on the other hand, it's good to be able to run guix challenge
<zybell>that is the idea! try guix challenge glibc
<zybell>and glibc-locale
<siraben>guix challenge: error: glibc-locale: unknown package
<siraben>What does that mean?
<siraben>I have glibc-locale installed...
<siraben>I got an inconclusive result for guix challenge glibc
<siraben>Ah no local build, hang on
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<vagrantcish>is 32-bit x86 on guix i386-linux-gnu or i686-linux-gnu or ??
<efraim>i686-linux-gnu, unless it gets identified as i686-unknown-linux-gnu
<rekado_>(the package is called “glibc-locales”, with a trailing “s”)
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<g_bor>I have a few questions.
<g_bor>Is there anything we need to do now regarding GSoC?
<g_bor>What is the current stand on updating ant build system? Our whole java ecosystem is less than 300 packages, which branch should be targeted?
<efraim>did we merge the update to java 8?
<siraben>I have 1600 packages that reported no substitutes when running "guix challenge"
<siraben>How do I reinstall them?
<roptat>hi Guix!
<roptat>g_bor: did you see my reply to your patches?
<rekado_>siraben: what do you mean by “reinstall”?
<rekado_>efraim: we did not.
<rekado_>g_bor: AFAIK there’s nothing to be done for GSoC.
<g_bor>roptat: not yet I will have a look now
<g_bor>rekado_: thanks
<g_bor>efraim: not yet, it is still wip, just sent a few patches, but it is almost finished
<g_bor>roptat: you are right, they don't need to be public.
<siraben>rekado_: As in remove and then install using the binary substitutes again
<siraben>Those 1600 packages were built from source
<siraben>Doesn't have to be a fast operation, I can leave it running overnight
<g_bor>Should I send an updated patch, or could you push with the proposed modification? This is actually the full bootstrap chain, I've just left it open, because we have a lot of dependencies on java-asm and java-jarjar (about 180 packages).
<efraim>i forgot how long the rust test suite is
<efraim>build took 130 minutes
<roptat>g_bor: under 300 packages it's fine to push to master
<roptat>g_bor: pushed as bfb4004d3463a6857ff0aaeb9513a55c262970f0
<siraben>Anyone know how to reinstall the packages I have installed?
<siraben>e.g. as if I removed all of them and installed all of them again
<efraim>Did you install them or are they just available in your /gnu/store?
<siraben>efraim: Most of them are dependencies for the 17 packages or so I installed.
<siraben>But I want to reinstall all of them to run "guix challenge" because I was building from source previously
<roptat>siraben: does "guix package --roll-back" work?
<siraben>switched from generation 24 to 23
<siraben>That doesn't do anything...
<roptat>so you're on the previous generation, before the last guix package command
<siraben>Right, but I want to reinstall all my packages
<roptat>guix package --list-generations should show you all available generations
<roptat>if you install a package say "guix package -i emacs" and then remove it ("guix package -r emacs"), after a roll-back, you're back at the generation where emacs was installed
<siraben>Yes, of course
<roptat>so you can use it again
<roptat>if you ran other commands after that, you can still switch to a specific generation
<siraben>Ok so what I could is roll all the way back then install my 17 packages, right?
<siraben>How do I check that binary substitutes are enabled?
<roptat>guix command --switch-generation 17 will get you back to generation 17
<roptat>you had them installed at some point, right?
<roptat>so just switch to a generation where you have them installed
<siraben>Ah, Guix provides such a nice capability
<siraben>If I uninstall Emacs while its running, is that going to cause an issue?
<roptat>it's going to create a new generation 25 that's based on the generation you've rolled back to
<siraben>So nothing is really erased from the past
<roptat>guix never removes a generation unless you tell it to
<siraben>What does guix gc do?
<siraben>Just delete all my packages?
<roptat>it removes anything that's not pointed to by a gc root (a generation of a user or system)
<roptat>so you can always roll back to any generation even after a gc
<siraben>Has anyone here managed to get GuixSD working on a MacBook Pro?
<roptat>you can remove a generation with guix package --delete-generations
<siraben>I see
<roptat>then it will be garbage-collected
<roptat>(after you run guix gc)
<siraben>What about guix gc normally?
<siraben>I shouldn't run it often, right?
<roptat>I don't run it very often
<roptat>because I tend to build things that are not in any gc root
<siraben>How so?
<siraben>What does guix pack do? Allow a package to run on a different machine without any dependencies?
<roptat>when I create a package definition, I build it and test it, then to the next until the application I actually want to install
<roptat>so in the meantime, I have a few packages I don't want to gc, but nothing I want to install either
<roptat>guix pack just gets the package and all its dependencies (recursively) and put them all in a single pack
<siraben>Hmm I see
<siraben>Yeah, so then any Linux distribution can run them?
<siraben>e.g. if I run guix pack emacs
<siraben>What about things like libgc?
<roptat>what do you mean?
<siraben>If I wanted to pack that so I could compile with a garbage collector on a different machine
<siraben>It seems like it wouldn't work
<siraben>e.g. guix pack libgc gcc-toolchain gcc emacs
<roptat>I'm not sure
<siraben>Environment variables, that's what I meant
<siraben>e.g. I compile gcc
<roptat>I don't use guix pack, but I think you should just adjust your environment
<siraben>Oh no that's fine, my environment works
<roptat>like LIBRARY_PATH
<siraben>Yeah, that's set
<roptat>to find libs in the pack
<roptat>anyway I need to go, see you later :)
<roptat>I hope I could help you
<siraben>See you :)
<siraben>Yep, that helped. Thanks!
<pkill9>i get a lot of warnigns of possibly unbound variables when running guix pull
<siraben>That's normal
<siraben>Afterwards, make sure you run "guix package -i guix" and also "guix package -u"
<pkill9>do i have to run `guix package -i guix` for every user?
<pkill9>i'm running `guix pull && guxi system reconfigure config.scm`
<pkill9>surely that will install guix automatically?
<rekado_>you don’t need to run “guix package -i guix”.
<pkill9>what does this warning mean?:
<pkill9>warning: '.desktop' file refers to '', which cannot be found
<pkill9>second question, how do i wrap a binary such that it adds flags to the executable, e.g. `executeable --flag value`
<efraim>Probably that the EXEC path is 'foo' and not '/path/in/the/store/foo'
<buenouanq>I'm trying to run the nginx service with an existing nginx config file - It successfully reads the file, but it's still doing strange unwanted redirects and I can't figure it out.
<pkill9>what package is the archiving binary 'ar' in?
<ryanprior>How do you find out what package owns a given file?
<ryanprior>I often `dpkg -S` on Debian
<efraim>apt-file search on a debian box or 'find /gnu/store -name foo'
<verisimilitude>Hello there.
<verisimilitude>I've found an issue involving the CCL package.
<verisimilitude>It expects to be able to find this:
<verisimilitude>However, everything after the lib/ directory is nonexistant.
<rekado_>verisimilitude: could you please report this as a bug by sending a description of the problem to
<verisimilitude>I'm already in Emacs.
<rekado_>thank you!
<verisimilitude>It's no issue; I'm glad to help.
<verisimilitude>I'll make certain to watch the archive until I'm certain it was properly sent.
<vagrantc>ok, after one day of building software with guix, my debian package build environment feels slow and cumbersome
<buenouanq>welcome to the rest of your life~
<pkill9>does `guix build` not take particular outputs, for example `guix build gcc:lib`?