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<Apteryx> rekado_ thanks for letting me know about your work on gnucash 3.
<Apteryx>rekado_: are you going to submit it soon? I don't see it on core-updates nor on guix-patches
<efraim>ogre built successfully on aarch64, looks like my freeimage works
<rekado_>Apteryx: I wanted to build it successfully on core-updates first, but a fourth-degree dependency does not build, so I can’t test it.
<rekado_>Apteryx: I can push it to core-updates now in spite of this.
<vnicent_cassel>Hi #guix. My newly installed system stops on the usb keyboard. Where can I find the logs? I boot from USB and I mount the root partition but I can not find anything in / var / log.
<vnicent_cassel>"/var/log" is empty.
<vnicent_cassel>Ouch! American location. All the people sleeping :-s
<roptat>vnicent_cassel: I'm not sure, guixsd is not very good at keeping logs, but does "dmesg" work?
<vnicent_cassel>roptat: usb-boot <> hdd-boot, dmesg returns nothing | grep -i warn err
<vnicent_cassel>registered new interface driver usbkbd OK
<vnicent_cassel>Can I see some way out of errors during startup? Alt + Fn just shows me a guide. The boot stops at the keyboard recognition and I do not see any errors.
<roptat>vnicent_cassel: what is the error exactly?
<roptat>if you can Alt+Fn, isn't it recognised?
<vnicent_cassel>Boot stop in USB Keyboard line
<vnicent_cassel>Alt+Fn is not available in normal boot (only usb-installer)
<roptat>oh! maybe you need a specific driver for that keyboard? do you see any related warning?
<roptat>actually from the usb installer, run lspci
<vnicent_cassel>No warnings
<vnicent_cassel>Ok, wait for lspci
<roptat>you should be able to find a line for your keyboard
<roptat>if there is one, try "lspci -k" to find what kernel driver is in use for it
<roptat>also, could you tell us what the exact error message is?
<vnicent_cassel>ohci-pci and ehci-pci
<vnicent_cassel>wait, uploading an image
<vnicent_cassel>Hmmmm... crng...
<vnicent_cassel>It appeared after a while.
<roptat>ok, I think your keyboard is detected correctly
<roptat>you're probably able to type in something
<roptat>but whatever is supposed to happen later doesn't
<roptat>it happened to me and I think it was silently checking my filesystem
<roptat>also I see it detected 4 removable disks. Do you think that's correct?
<vnicent_cassel>integrated sd-card device
<vnicent_cassel>Should I just let it run for many minutes? Will it happen to me in all the boots?
<roptat>vnicent_cassel: if it's fsck, it will happen only once
<roptat>but I'm not sure that's it
<roptat>vnicent_cassel: /dev/sda is detected as a removable disk, so maybe that's the issue?
<roptat>maybe your hdd is not detected?
<vnicent_cassel>It may be. I'm going to check this and I'll come back for help if necessary. Thank you.
<zybell_>It is a few years since, but I once had a sys with a cardreader on usb where all drives where ever present, but IOERRd if no card was inserted and fsck freaked absolutly out about this especially as it could not read a size from the drive. I had to disconnect that thingy while booting.
<apteryx1>rekado_: thanks
<ArneBab_work>I got another backtrace on guix pull, but it went away on second try:
<wxie>What's the meaning of the following information:
<wxie>rcmd: socket: Permission denied
<wxie>rsh: No access to privileged ports.
<wxie>cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
<bavier>hello guix
<zero21>guix import nix command works? I try to use it but i get in execvp no such file or dir error
<bavier>zero21: I think you need nix installed to use 'guix import nix'; do you?
<zero21>i dont have it, on manual it sez "This relies on the nix-instantiate command of Nix." but i thought it is already in guix
<mbakke>Hmm, `guix lint -c cve` fails to get the 2017 CVE database.
<bavier>mbakke: it seemed to fetch it for me just now
<mbakke>bavier: It works for me too as well now, must have been a transient failure.
<zero21>any chance that guixsd will get forum as trisquel has, or a wiki such as archwiki?
<ryanprior>A resource like archwiki for guixsd would be awesome. What about a Discourse instance? (I see there's no Discourse package yet in Guix, but there's
<ryanprior>And on DockerHub:
<ryanprior>How do Guix maintainers feel about project infrastructure? Is it preferable that somebody like myself should just volunteer to run a Discourse server for the Guix community if I think it's a good idea, or would it be wise to consult the GNU project sysadmins on a good course of action, or is there a formal process for setting up services?
<bavier`>ryanprior: generally the mailing list is the preferred medium.
<bavier`>however if Discourse can act as a bridge between the mailing list and the forum-type website, I'd consider supporting it
<bavier`>s/the forum/a forum/
<ryanprior>Discourse is basically a forum, but it has features more associated with chat or wikis: community-edited topics, live updates, integration with other services, etc. So the Discourse could compliment the mailing list and serve as a knowledge base and forum.
<bavier`>what many here don't want is to generate a divide
<bavier`>something that complements rather than integrates with would tend to do just that, IME
<ryanprior>You can integrate Discourse with mail. You can subscribe to topics via e-mail to create a new mailing list with Discourse as the "back end," and you can mirror existing e-mail lists on Discourse.
<bavier`>if someone sent a mail to guix-devel or, would Discourse pick up on that, creating a new forum topic or threading into an existing as appropriate?
<bavier`>(sorry for the barrage of questions. I'm genuinely curious, and it seems like you're knowledgeable)
<ryanprior>It can be configured a lot of ways, and that's an option, but I don't know how to do that without Discourse being the "back-end" to the mailing list, and we'd want to experiment with it before talking about taking that step. We could maybe start with a `guix-discourse` mailing list and see how the integration holds up.
<pkill9>would MultiMC be accepted as a package given that it's a launcher that downloads proprietary software? (despite MultiMC itself being Apache licensed)
<bavier`>pkill9: imho, no
<bavier`>the download progress bar sometimes disappears when the file is large or the connection is very slow
<bavier`>e.g. the texlive-texmf source tarball
<darkpsi>i am having problem with nvme drivers with the latest linux kernel when i run the guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm it says that it can not find nvme.ko not sure how to get it
<davidl>so how do I get sound working properly on guixSD?
<davidl>I can't get it to run in icecat and mpd only plays very low volume.