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<dijong>pkill9: yes, i get a freeze after waking from suspend on my x200 on guixsd every so often as well. i'm not sure what the cause is.
<wxie>Do you have problem using cvs to access savannah?
<wxie>I mean from guixSD.
<Aprophecy>Having a bit of trouble getting Guix to run in VB
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<pkill9>does anyone have an example config ofhow to add options to xorg config?
<pkill9>I remember seeign one but can't remember where
<pkill9>thanks :)
<pkill9>what I want is just to set capslock to ctrl
<Tirifto>Hello all!
<pkill9>hi Tirifto
<Tirifto>I'm trying to (re)install Guix with the script “”. It reports missing OpenPGP key and asks me to fetch it from “”. However “” has seemingly not been responding at all for the past few days. What would be the best course of action to take, in order to fetch the key?
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<pkill9>what package is aclocal in? i tried autoconf
<roptat>is there no substitute for 0.14.0 on aarch64?
<pkill9>roptat: Guix itself gets compield on every guix pull
<roptat>no, it's building binutils before getting the last version of guix
<roptat>I've just installed the binary install
<roptat>and I tried guix pull after authorizing hydra and berlin
<pkill9>ah, i recommend doing a guix pull now, but witha commit a few days older than the newest
<roptat>but it first downloaded source code (from hydra) and it is compiling them
<pkill9>the build server doesn't keep those older builds around, and th nabsoltue newest guix won't have been built by the build server yet
<pkill9>tbh it should be dealt with i think
<roptat>I thought substitutes were kept for releases?
<roptat>it's not building packages after a guix pull, it's building packages from the last release before it can run guix pull
<pkill9>maybne i'm wrong
<mbakke>Tirifto: Try replacing with
<rekado_>pkill9: do you get substitutes from
<pkill9>not out of the box
<Tirifto>mbakke: Got a response from that (6 signatures, no changes), but the script still complains about non-existent key. :/
<mbakke>Tirifto: What does `gpg --list-keys 3CE464558A84FDC69DB40CFB090B11993D9AEBB5` return?
<mbakke>Ah, I think I know what's wrong. You'll need to add the keys to roots keyring, by "sudo gpg --keyserver 3CE464558A84FDC69DB40CFB090B11993D9AEBB5".
<mbakke>Tirifto: ^
<mbakke>Oops, there should be a "--recv-keys" before the key.
<Tirifto>Running that now!
<Tirifto>mbakke: That did the trick! Thank you very much. :)
<mbakke>Tirifto: Yay! :-)
<pkill9>why can I not build glib:bin?
<pkill9>even though 'bin' is one of it's outptus
<roptat>building findutils failed :/
<roptat>7 tests failed
<roptat>although I installed the wrong version of guix (armhf on aarch64)
<roptat>so it failed at compiling guix files
<pkill9>anyone got nay idea where I can get python-libxslt1?
<roptat>oh guix weather reports no substitute for aarch64 on hydra :/
<roptat>pkill9: python-lxml maybe?
<pkill9>I don't think it's anywhere, think I gotta package it myself
<roptat>ok, I think I found a bug: when TMPDIR != /tmp, findutils fails to build
<pkill9>how do I specify different linux version?
<roptat>what do you mean?
<pkill9>version of linux kernel
<roptat>where do you want to specify a linux version?
<pkill9>I'm going on a trip, and forgive me for my heresy, but I want to install non-fre-linux because the place doesn't mention ethernet connection only wifi, so I wanna try using this
<pkill9>normally wouldn't consider changing kernels, but GuixSD makes it so easy to manage :D
<pkill9>ah found it in the manual
<roptat>in the operating-system there's a linux optio
<pkill9>it's actually a kernel option, is that what you mean?
<roptat>crashed my phone while building binutils, but it's still running somehow
<roptat>yes kernel
<roptat>(the build is still running and the interface restarted itself)
<civodul>roptat: OOM maybe?
<roptat>for you:
<roptat>although that was with an armhf guix on an aarch64 phone, so it didn't work very well :p
<civodul>you could use aarch64, there are substitutes on
<roptat>now there's no substitute for aarch64 (for latest release version, berlin has some for current master)
<civodul>oh right
<pkill9>if this works it's soo cool
<roptat>so guix pull is building stuff
<roptat>and it's draining my phone's memory
<roptat>cause /tmp is on the initramfs
<roptat>findutils failed to build whene TMPDIR=/data/local/tmp btw
<pkill9>roptat: you could do a bind mount to /tmp from a hard disk
<roptat>what hard disk? that's the phone on the image
<pkill9>that doesn't affect stuff that's been compiled to /tmp
<pkill9>dunno, i assumed you have an SD card or something
<roptat>the phone doesn't have an SD card slot :/
<roptat>oh it built binutils! now on to gcc :)
<pkill9>what are you installijng guix to?
<civodul>i hope you weren't planning to make phone calls today :-)
<pkill9>is it fine to do a guix pull in the installation image *before* doing `guix system init`?
<civodul>pkill9: it's ok but you take the risk of not having substitutes for everything
<pkill9>cool tha'ts no problem, I just look for a commit hash that's 5 days older than the newest
<pkill9>i think next time I will create a new image since the installation config is provided
<roptat>pkill9: it's a nexus 5x
<pkill9>it would be great if the build farm had an api for searching for files and it tell you which package they're in
<roptat>gcc is built :D
<roptat>oh, perl complains: Cannot build with both -Duserelocatableinc and -Duseshrplib
<roptat>is there a way to get a more recent binary install?
<pkill9>you mean an installation image that's more up to date?
<pkill9>e.g. has latest package definitions
<civodul>roptat: run "make guix-binary.aarch64-linux.tar.xz" from master
<pkill9>go for a commit that's a few days older tho because then the build farm will have substitutues
<roptat>does it work from another architecture?
<civodul>roptat: you'll be able to download substitutes, but if anything needs to be built, you need either offloading or qemu-binfmt
<roptat>42.7% substituts disponibles (2 991 sur 7 006)
<roptat>let's hope that's enough
<janneke>hmm...guix build --keep-failed used to leave a `environment-variables' file in /tmp/guix-build-foo-0.1/
<janneke>i don't see that now, how to test/debug failing build steps?
<janneke>i used to source that file and then just run the failing step
<civodul>hey janneke
<civodul>it still does, unless perhaps the package uses trivial-build-system?
<janneke>hey civodul -- ah, that must be it
<janneke>i'm preparing a mes-0.12 release, and trying to update wip-bootstrap branch
<civodul>oooh, that's good news
<janneke>yeah, great progress! mes+nyacc+mescc compiles tcc.c in ~1.5h
<janneke>getting pretty close to full source build of tcc
<roptat>civodul: what's qemu-binfmt?
<roptat>and how can I use it?
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<roptat>oh it's recent
<civodul>yeah, easy to use and pretty cool if you as me :-)
<zybell_>One day I helped track down an issue with guile-squee, and found there is a fundamental (literally:in the fundament)issue with the way guix treats plugins. And there I don't only mean plugins written for a particular package, but also language bindings of general libraries per FFI. Shortly in all instances where a library is loaded with -ldl.
<zybell_>By definition such a library cant be present at build time and therefore not be a dependency. The path to that library is therefore unknown. If one tries to set a fixed path in .guix-profile that path changes with the user. It is the typical case of a m:n-Relation.
<zybell_>Even in database design, where there are more possibilities than the dynamic linker provides, the solution is additional infrastructure, in this case a table more. The dynamic linker works well in terms of directories and search-paths, so I would look for a solution there. An alternative solution could be a process plugin like dbus. Because literally every executable in guix depends on plugins, a solution to this issue should be
<zybell_>found,standardized and clearly documented.
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<roptat>does guix weather depend on current guix or is the information only about master?
<pkill9>since there's multiple versions of linux-libre available, are they all supported for use by GuixSD?
<civodul>pkill9: yes
<civodul>roptat: 'guix weather' reports info based on the "current" guix
<civodul>the snapshot you're currently using, that is
<roptat>I'm still building the tarball for aarch64
<roptat>it's building git and its tests are taking forever
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<civodul>oh, no substitutes for git?
<civodul>that's terrible
<civodul>especially if you're doing that in qemu...
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<pkill9>roptat: how new is your guix ?
<pkill9>did you get the latest one?
<pkill9>I'm currently also building git
<pkill9>it was modified 29 hours ago
<pkill9>i might just run guix pull again with an older commit
<roptat>pkill9: from maybe 12 hours ago