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<soundtoxin>My root partition is filling up. Can anyone tell me how to dispose of old packages and such? It's over 40GiB right now.
<CompanionCube>soundtoxin: look at guix gc?
<soundtoxin>Will do. Thanks.
<soundtoxin>I did 'guix gc' and it freed about 10GiB, but I'm still using 30. What else can I do to get back some of that space?
<soundtoxin>Well, I did it with sudo I should say.
<clacke[m]>guix package --delete-generations
<clacke[m]>if you're really sure you won't want to do a rollback
<clacke[m]>or guix package --delete-generations=2w for example, to delete any snapshots of your package state older than 2 weeks
<clacke[m]>without the time specification it removes everything except the current state
<bytes83>Are there any example guix configurations available for uefi dual boot setup ?
<bytes83>I am using my old config is not working right now.
<bytes83>Should i Mount the efi file system at /mnt/boot/efi or /boot/efi before installing ?
<bytes83>I keep getting the grub error "unable to find cannonical path for 'none'"
<marusich>bytes83, I think you need to use /mnt/boot/efi if you're doing a "guix system init" on /mnt
<marusich>after that, you need to mount it at /boot/efi, I think.
<marusich>I could be wrong though, so you might want to try the other one if it doesn't work at first :)
<marusich>I set up Guix once on a UEFI system, so my memory may be hazy.
<marusich>As for example configs, the only ones I know about are either (1) on the email list (use the search feature), (2) in the manual, or (3) in the system test sources, which can be found here:
<marusich>Examples (no dual booting examples, I think):
<marusich>More examples showing the installations we automatically test for:
<marusich>I don't think there are dual boot test scenarios at this time.
<marusich>You might find info on the email list:
<bytes83>Okay. I will use these resources. And let u guys know.
<wxie`>My disk is like this:
<wxie`>/dev/sda1 2048 7815167 3906560 82 Linux 交换 / Solaris
<wxie`>/dev/sda2 7817214 312580095 152381441 5 扩展
<wxie`>/dev/sda5 * 7817216 312580095 152381440 83 Linux
<wxie`>/sda1 is swap
<wxie`>How could I make some free space in /sda to install another system, etc., guix?
<thorwil>wxie`: hi! your question is hard to answer, as only you know what you want or have to keep on your disk
<wxie`>thorwil: Thanks. I want to keep all my previous system, and just want to free some space in sda2 for the new installation.
<thorwil>wxie`: you can use guix on top of various systems, but i think a guix sd installation pretty much requires a whole partition
<thorwil>in case you are using LVM (Logical Volume Manager): guix sd doesn't support it (yet, i assume)
<thorwil>with just a few applications, I already got close to 9 GiB, so i gues a reasonable partition size is upwards of 20 GiB
<wxie`>thorwil: Yes, I meant guid sd. Couldn't is possible to create a new partition from sda?
<thorwil>wxie`: do you have free space not tied up in a partition yet? you didn't list sda3 and 4
<wigust>wxie`: You want to shrink ‘/dev/sda2’ and create a new partition. Shrinking way depends on a ‘/dev/sda2’ file system.
<wxie`>The capacity is not a problem.
<wxie`>wigust: Yes. Could I shrink /sda2?
<wigust>wxie`: What's a file system?
<wxie`>wigust: The file system is 83, ext4 as it is mounted for GNU/Linux.
<iyzsong>wxie`: i think your sda2 is the extended partition that contains sda5. you can shrink sda5, then create another logical partition as sda6.
<wxie`>iyzsong: Thanks. How should I do this?
<wigust>wxie`: You want a liveusb and to read about RESIZE2FS(8).
<thorwil>wxie`: to be sure, please paste output of: sudo parted /dev/sdb p
<thorwil>wxie`: sorry, sda in there
<wxie`>thorwil: I do not have sdb.
<iyzsong>yes, you can boot a livecd to use something like gparted, or the resize2fs + parted cli. it's not an easy task...
<thorwil>sudo parted /dev/sda p
<wxie`>all: Thanks for help. I now have a clue for doing this. I will first backup my data.
<wigust>wxie`: iyzsong: It's not an easy, but you could use gparted liveusb with a graphical gparted program.
<wigust>which will do ‘resize2fs’ and ‘fsck’ under the hood for you
<wxie`>wigust: I used gparted but not resize2fs. I will try gparted.
<wxie`>Great channel.
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<jlicht>hi guix!
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<ng0>I am confused: what I did was: change the timestap of .config/guix/latest to a date in 1985. change the timestamp of the source of guix in my $home/src/.. dir to the same date. change the timestamp on the $home/src/.. back to $now. We clearly do have cwm and I was still able to build my latest system generation.
<ng0>I would be less confused if guix package -s spectrwm would behave the same
<ng0>but this command returns results for spectrwm
<ng0>and I have no forgotten variant of cwm somewhere
<ng0>hm. when I use the pre-inst-env the cwm gets picked upo
<ng0>so something is up with my environment
<ng0>if only guix package had a verbosity level
<efraim>Guix package -A cwm?
<ng0>I could give deleting the ccache file a try
<ng0>aye. there isn't even a .go to the wm.scm. I'll just clean
<ng0>I mean not in ccache but the source
<ng0>well.. that didn't fix anything
<ng0>if my commit to fvwm would've been faulty I would've noticed it
<ng0>and it's not even in the same file
<ng0>I have nothing that could conflict with cwm not being displayed
<ng0>or being found
<ng0>Now I'm waiting for a profile update after the reconfigure
<ng0>symlink was wrong >.<
<ng0>hooray! competence!
<mbakke>Aaaaahhh found the bad glibc commit:;a=commitdiff;h=8d2ec553295a16ca94fe0285d6307e3b00a402d6
<mbakke>It only is an issue when use_ldconfig=no.
<mbakke>I'll file a bug report.
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<mbakke>Bah, the diff between glibc-2.27 and the bugfix branch is 12k lines.
<civodul>heya mbakke!
<civodul>mbakke: the bugfix branch for 2.27?
<mbakke>civodul: Yes.
<mbakke>git diff glibc-2.27..release/2.27/master | wc -l
<civodul>well in a way, that's life, bugs get fixed :-)
<mbakke>Mostly localization updates, maybe we can skip those and only take the code fixes.
<mbakke>I also managed to track down the 2.27 build failure:
<efraim>i'm working on fixing shaderc ATM
<efraim>on master
<mbakke>For some reason bison is not needed as an input in (@ (gnu packages base) glibc/linux), only the bootstrap variants.
<civodul>mbakke: congrats on fixing it, not a trivial one!
<civodul>re bison, perhaps we should check what it's used for?
<mbakke>civodul: thanks! I completely overlooked the use_ldconfig substitution when I first started debugging and was thoroughly confused for a while.
<mbakke>civodul: re: bison: it's used to generate some internationalisation stuff:;a=commitdiff;h=1faaf7035cabda101e1d6653bff7a539f201db91
<mbakke>previously the repository had a pre-generated file, which would get re-generated when bison was present.
<civodul>i see
<civodul>the commit above is interesting, we can feel the hard debugging times that person went through ;-)
<mbakke>Oh wait, I haven't built glibc/linux yet, we probably need bison there too.
<mbakke>Haha, well spotted :)
<efraim>ah I see shaderc was already fixed
<nckx>Arg. Why the hell am I looking at a working shaderc.
<efraim>glibc-intermediate fails to build on aarch64 for core-updates
<nckx>Something's messed up and I don't get it.
<efraim>nckx: it's been fixed
<nckx>No, I mean that I'm ostensibly on master (pre-fix), and shaderc ostensibly builds fine.
<nckx>+ runs.
<nckx>On 3def739da13.
<divansantana>Hi all :) my guix on foreign distro all of a sudden is broken. With error
<divansantana>Any ideas?
<civodul>divansantana: that's a Guile 2.2.2 vs. 2.2.3 incompatibility
<civodul>i thought it was fixed
<civodul>but i'm afraid it depends on what version you're upgrading from
<civodul>so it might be that "mv ~/.config/guix/latest{,.bak} && guix pull" would work around the issue