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<Apteryx>Anyone familiar with JACK (audio connection kit)?
<balduin>I have the following code:
<balduin>However, the code does not work, because I can't figure out the type for the iterator. LineIterator seems to
<balduin>be a private class.
<balduin>sorry, wrong IRC.
<snape`>Hello Guix
<snape>Is there a way to see the output of Shepherd services?
<g_bor>hello guix!
<risci>Say, why are functional programmers anarchists?
<risci>Because they want to get rid of the state.
<lycium>Hi all, quick one: Does docker/docker-compose work in GuixSD? What packages do I need to install, I can only see docker-compose.
<pkill9>does guix by default remove CPU-specific optimizations to make the produced packages more universal?
<pkill9>(i don't know much about compiling, I'm just under the impression that compiling software yourself will generally include optimizations for the hardware it's compiled on)
<pkill9>oh I think i see that those optimizations are removed in libraries in build arguments
<ng0>does the base-initrd default to linux-libre or the value linux has inside the system configuration? I'm reading gnu/system/linux-initrd.scm and it shouldn't pull in linux-libre when I have the key linux in the base-initrd, but it does
<ng0>of course it is very likely that some other part of my system pulls in linux-libre, but it didn't happen before
<ng0>for non linux-libre I'm on my own, I realize this, but the behavior is weird.
<risci>Slightly off topic, what are your thoughts, 'data as programs'. Reasoning is, essentially, guix is acting as 'data as program', earlier I would have to copy my whole system (like /etc /var /home etc.)
<risci>To make a backup, but with guix a configuration file is all I need, and it is considerably smaller in size
<risci>Voila, data can be represented as programs.
<risci>What are your thoughts?
<pkill9>i think functional programming language is know n to treat 'functions as data'
<pkill9>in this case, the functions are programs
<pkill9>i think
<ng0>sneek: later tell lycium: We have no docker package so far
<sneek>Will do.
<ng0>I think my problem is exclusive to system vm. guix system build doesn't seem to attempt to build linux-libre
<risci>Yup, I wanted to highlight something else, not just that data is program but the space saving part.
<risci>Any thoughts on that bit?
<snape>pkill9: you should read that article:
<snape>It'll probably answer your question about binary optimizations.
<ofosos[m]>Is there any way to compile C++11 with GCC7? I seemingly can't find the std libraries that should belong to that gcc release.
<pkill9>if i wanted to give those runtime-applied optimizations some fancy name, I'd call them hardware-optimizations-on-demand (HOOD) lol
<mbakke>ofosos: Are you using gcc-toolchain?
<ofosos[m]>I'm using the gcc
<ofosos[m]>gcc@7 package
<mbakke>Try gcc-toolchain instead.
<ofosos[m]>mbakke: hmm, doesn't work, still complains that mutex is not a member of namespace std, although I enalbed -std=c++11
<mbakke>Can you see if it works if you use "gcc-toolchain@5"?
<ofosos[m]>No, does not work.
<ofosos[m]>But it also isn't complaining about missing includes
<mbakke>Is the error similar to this one?
<ofosos[m]>ACTION sent a long message: ofosos[m]_2018-03-10_15:58:46.txt <>
<ofosos[m]>That's what I get
<ofosos[m]>I assume riot has mangled this, wait I'll setup a gist.
<ofosos[m]>That's the testcase.
<mbakke>Hmm, I'm afraid I have no idea what the problem is :/
<mbakke>Can you file a bug report?
<ofosos[m]>I think I don't need to, I just de-installed libstdc++@4 and now it works :)
<mbakke>Heh, glad you found the problem :)
<mbakke>civodul: Do you know what's up with Hydra? It has apparently been doing a master evaluation for 11 hours.
<mbakke>Also, should we cancel the staging build while waiting for the Meson fixes?
<rekado>mbakke: a related question: has been building python-updates for some time now to a point where I think it might be ready. Should staging be rebased on top of python-updates?
<malc_>Is it possible to use shepherd with an existing linux installation (without rest of the guix that is)?
<mbakke>rekado: I would prefer to do the Python branch separately since it causes way more rebuilds (~3k?).
<mbakke>If we do that, might as well pull in dbus, glib, etc.
<mbakke>Maybe poke guix-devel? We could consider starting core-updates instead.
<mbakke>malc_: Shepherd should work just fine without Guix. I use it start "user services" a la `systemd --user`.
<malc_>mbakke: perhaps there's an installation/bilding guide somewhere that i've missed? (as it is i can't even create working configure out of git repo, bunch of complaints out of autoreconf)
<clacke[m]>mbakke: was there a blog post recently on how to do that? sounds familiar. and interesting. (user shepherd)
<mbakke>Not aware of installation guides I'm afraid (I use the Guix package..). Nor any blog posts, but I think I will try to write one :)
<rekado>malc_: you should be using the latest shepherd release, not the sources from git.
<malc_>rekado: why?
<rekado>then you don’t need to mess with autotools.
<rekado>also: it’s a release, whereas the sources in git are not a proper release.
<malc_>rekado: on the flip side last release was 2016-12-04
<malc_>mbakke, rekado: thanks for the answers
<ng0>sneek: later tell efraim: git clone as a URL works again.. by accident.
<efraim>ng0: thanks
<sneek>efraim, you have 1 message.
<sneek>efraim, ng0 says: git clone as a URL works again.. by accident.
<efraim>ng0: I seem to have come across a similar problem as you with enlightenment, i locked the screen and had to reboot
<ng0>did you try to suid the binary of the screensaver/locker?
<ng0>I haven#t tried that with Mate yet
<efraim>i haven't tried yet, I realized I had to go somewhere and locked the screen, and then came back to reboot and haven't touched it again yet
<ng0>ok :)
<efraim>screen lock settings for enlightenment offer a number of options, I'll see what options there
<ng0>firefox 54 as ESR is still many months to go, right? I'm experimenting with trying to get version to compile on Guix that are past the point where Mozilla decided to disable the --disable-rust switch. I guess this could be useful for Guix when when ESR becomes one of those versions
<efraim>i might just set it to use xlock or slock instead of its own one
<ng0>hm, roadmap on the esr page indicates "soon"
<thomassgn>dang, afraid I need a new hdd. had to do a fsck to boot the other day and now I keep getting 'guix package: error: build failed: setting synchronous mode: disk I/O error' from 'guix package -i anypackage'.
<ng0>so someone had the idea that we (or some Debian-related OS, like Whonix) could call in a Debian community voting on Nix and Guix being treated as an exception to the standard Debian package policies. I think no one considered this while trying to get Guix into Debian, right?
<Apteryx>rekado: could you advise on the requirement to run jackd as a service vs just letting the application that uses it manage? Should we have a GuixSD service for jackd?
<thomassgn>can't find any of this string in the sources though, anyone have some idea what is triggering it? Cause the rest of my system works more or less as expected...
<ng0>thomassgn: are your inodes full?
<Apteryx>ng0: what's special about having Guix in debian? There is already other package managers in Debian, what is the problem there?
<thomassgn>ng0: don't think so, how do I check?
<ng0>the bug report whonix has on this pointed out some problems..
<ng0>just a sec
<ng0>thomassgn: df -i
<nckx>Apteryx: mainly the fact that it ‘violates’ the FHS, I think.
<Apteryx>I see. /gnu/store I guess.
<thomassgn>it says just 6% IUSE, and IFree is a lot.. so I don't think so.
<thomassgn>that's a quick reply though ng0 :)
<ng0>nckx: I can't find the right links in the bugticket, but I think it was also about the bootstrap binaries
<thomassgn>Ah, I can use df -ih to get easier numbers... :P
<nckx>ng0: Oh? Interesting. I'll have to look that up. Thanks.
<ng0>Nix has debs at some point in the past, and since Nix stopped making .deb's, Whonix is considering Guix if we can get to some point of integration that works for them. binary installation is no option.
<ng0>*had debs at some point..
<ng0>correct grammar for time-traveling though
<efraim>How do I add multiple locales in my os config?
<Apteryx>rekado: I see past discussions where you advised to use pam-limits-service to set the limits.conf file. I'll try that!
<janneke>i'm on guix-0.13 and find that guix package -p .. -m manifest.scm starts a local build; does not offload
<janneke>running guix build <the-package-getting-built> does offload
<janneke>why is that -- also not sure to verify if that has been fixed?
<mbakke>janneke: up until ~recently, only `build` and a couple of other subcommands were offloaded.
<mbakke>If you grep the commit log you'll find the commit that enabled the offload hook for all commands.
<davidl_>I have the pinentry program installed but it's not working when I try to sign and encrypt things with gnupg anyway. Anyone else who've had the same problem?
<davidl_>solved it.
<janneke>mbakke: thanks!
<marusich>In Magit, in diff mode, I know I can press - to reduce the number of context lines. However, how can I use C-u to add a number to this, e.g. to reduce context by 4 lines?
<marusich>When I type C-u -, Emacs seems to react to the - by expecting it to begin a negative number, rather than treating it as the command to be executed with C-u.
<marusich>I guess C-u 4 - works