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<nckx>The devil is going on. <>
<lfam>So annoying these last few days
<nckx>If this ends in anything containing the word ‘postmortem’...
<nckx>‘An apology, and what went wrong - also please send us your tarballz’
<nckx>‘Also, can anyone read IDE drives.’
<JorgeMorais>Hello. Is anybody there?
<htgoebel>demorti: Re. staging, etc: Thanks for pointing to the manual. Looks like the information is split between there and HACKING.
<htgoebel>The later has the information about what can be pushed directly.
<htgoebel>Maybe you could update both to at least point to each other? Thanks!
<roptat>Hi Guix :)
<roptat>I'm trying to translate the shepherd in French, but there's a sentence I'm not sure about
<roptat>I can't run it right now, so could you run herd status and give the line that says "Last respawned on ~a.~%"
<roptat>that would be very helpful!
<mange>When you first run a service it doesn't come up, but I just killed one of my services and shepherd respawned it, which then added the line saying "Last respawned on Fri Mar 02 20:15:52+1100 2018."
<civodul>hi Guix!
<civodul>roptat: glad you're already translating it!
<civodul>i just noticed it misses a couple of strings
<civodul>we'll fix that over time anyway
<efraim>I checked my emails, I think I've registered as a Hebrew translator 3 times now, about one a year
<efraim>When I forget about it and decide it would be a good thing
<efraim>Let me guess, there's an emacs mode for translating that everyone uses
<wigust>civodul: Hello
<wigust>ACTION speaks with ‘substitution-oracle’
<civodul>efraim: heheh, there are also GTK+-based tools and web-based tools
<civodul>roptat can certainly provide some guidance
<civodul>hey wigust!
<civodul>what are you doing with the oracle? ;-)
<efraim>I was going to grep X-Generator in po/
<roptat>efraim: I use poedit
<roptat>we don't have it yet in guix though, but I will add it eventually
<roptat>mange: thank you!
<wigust>civodul: We are teaching ‘--only-substitutes’ :-D
<pkill9>what's that wigust?
<wigust>pkill9: I want ‘guix build --only-substitutes PACKAGE’ and remote logs with ‘--log-file’
<pkill9>oh so it's not been added?
<wigust>pkill9: What do you mean by ‘not been added’?
<pkill9>the --only-substitutes flag
<wigust>pkill9: Does the patch already exist for such feature?
<wigust>pkill9: Where? I know only about a bug report 26608, but without a patch
<pkill9>no i mean, that's what i meant :P
<pkill9>I was asking if there is a patch for such a feature
<efraim>The KDE program is lokalize, which we might already have the dependencies for
<pkill9>i ended up sending three emails to >.<
<civodul>hey janneke!
<roptat>in the help, there's a message "~a general home page: <~a>
<roptat>what is the first ~a?
<roptat>and in "Report bugs to: ~a .", what's ~a exactly?
<roptat>I'd like to put one more line that would say "Report translation bugs to: ...", so I'd like to have the same format as the previous email address (<> or just
<civodul>roptat: the first ~a is "GNU Shepherd"
<civodul>re reporting translation errors, yes, please do!
<civodul>you can commit that extra line directly to shepherd
<civodul>although actually the code itself doesn't need to be changed, does it?
<roptat>no, I can simply change the translation
<roptat>what's the format of the email address? <…@…> ou simply …@…?
<civodul>without angle brackets
<roptat>ok thanks
<civodul>roptat: excellent stuff on the manual i18n BTW (and sorry for the delay!)
<ArneBab-work>This is the backtrace I still get when calling `guix package -u` on a Ubuntu host — I do not get a backtrace when using sudo --login guix pull or sudo --login guix package -u — sorry that it took me so long to provide it
<ArneBab-work>what I did: sudo --login guix pull; guix package -u
<wigust>ArneBab-work: Please, use instead because of Tor users
<civodul>so, big question: should we prominently encourage people to post to our mailing lists in any language?
<civodul>the more i think about it, the more i feel like it wouldn't be much of an issue
<civodul>contrary to my initial reaction
<atw>civodul, re your mail: there's a lot of output. Do you only need the last few lines?
<ArneBab-work>here is the paste on debian:
<civodul>atw: yes!
<roptat>the only issue I see is if we don't have speakers of the language
<atw>re language: what have other projects done?
<ArneBab-work>wigust: sorry, I just used the first pastebin a search returned, since is closed
<civodul>atw: most of the time they don't do anything, but otherwise they have per-language lists
<civodul>which has the problem that it causes fragmentation
<civodul>roptat: right, but at worst someone can eventually say "sorry we don't understand"
<roptat>maybe we should have a list of "understood languages"?
<civodul>yes, why not
<civodul>we could have that list on the web site
<civodul>ACTION is in a linguistic equity mood today :-)
<wigust>fragmentation is not because of too much mailing lists per language, but because of too much languages itself imho
<civodul>wigust: that's also true, of course, but separate mailing lists can lead to separate discussions where people would draw the wrong conclusions
<roptat>I guess it doesn't cost much to experiment?
<civodul>whereas if i saw a discussion in some language i don't understand about a technical issue, i could still ask for clarifications
<civodul>roptat: indeed
<civodul>it's actually hard to get started because i suppose nobody will dare
<civodul>and also because since the web site is in English only, people wouldn't even think that's possible
<civodul>(actually it was rekado who suggested that idea at FOSDEM, but i was more skeptical at the time than today :-))
<efraim>TIL sudo commands are written to /var/log/secure and THEN run
<efraim>my rotlog complains about a missing sendmail binary
<wigust>ArneBab-work: If another user (‘root’ in this case) can use ‘guix’ commands without an error, you could [re]move user's broken ‘guix’ like ‘unlink ~/.config/guix/latest’.
<efraim>Perhaps a disclaimer along the lines of "we primarily communicate in english, but will attempt to use other languages as needed, and as online translations may allow"
<efraim>s/translations/translation services/
<wigust>civodul: I agree, at least with the current mailing list bandwidth, it sounds reasonable to post in one place. But it will be annoying to search through discussions in an unknown language.
<wigust>Maybe a mailing list per language, but a big mailing list which agregades them all?
<civodul>i wouldn't know how to do that technically :-)
<civodul>well let's try on help-guix and see what happens :-)
<civodul>i'll email the list to see what people think
<ArneBab-work>wigust: that worked - thank you!
<ArneBab-work>wigust: do you know why the profile got broken?
<wigust>ArneBab-work: no
<ArneBab-work>is it safe to add an /etc/cron.daily entry to ensure that my guix is up to date? Something like guix pull -c 10 -M 12 -k; guix package -u
<wigust>ArneBab-work: BTW ‘~/.config/guix/latest’ is not a profile.
<ArneBab-work>ah, sorry for getting the terminology wrong …
<ArneBab-work>I saw breakage of my guix-as-overlay a few times now (on Gentoo and on Ubuntu) and it’s somewhat problematic, because it does not suggest a way to fix it. Ideally it could provide help like "It looks like your users guix could be broken, you can get a clean setup via mv ~/.config/guix/latest{,.broken}; guix package -i <the-list-of-currently-installed-packages>" (with the list being filled by guix)
<ArneBab-work>and can I tell guix package to use -c 10 -M 12 -k by default?
<ArneBab-work>(sorry for the many questions, these have been accumulating for a while)
<roptat>create an alias?
<wigust>ArneBab-work: You could use ‘GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS’, see <>.
<civodul>ArneBab-work: or you can run "guix-daemon --max-jobs 12 --cores 10"
<wigust>ArneBab-work: It's safe to add it to the Cron daemon, but I'm not sure it's a great idea because ‘pull’ requires about 15 minutes for me and ‘guix package -u’ could be a full day (things like ‘webkit’).
<civodul>Friday afternoons are a good time for such discussions
<civodul>nckx: impressive round of updates again :-)
<roptat>how do you represent xml entities in sxml?
<civodul>roptat: not sure there's a first-class representation
<civodul>xml->sxml has a special #:entities parameter, for instance
<roptat>I found there's (*ENTITY* entity)
<roptat>and sxml->xml would produce &entity; for this one
<roptat>but I was asking for haunt, and it's not supported because it uses its own parser
<civodul>its own parser for blog posts you mean?
<snape>so is it GNUGuix or GNU Guix?
<bavier>snape: the latter
<roptat>civodul: yes
<roptat>sxml->html in haunt/html.scm
<snape>bavier: Oh it's my mail client (whose name I won't say) who removed the space, probably because it is a non-breaking space. Sorry for bothering
<civodul>snape: there's one mail client in Emacs (mu4e?) that fails to properly display non-breaking space
<snape>Ha :-D
<civodul>is it the one you use?
<snape>yes it is!
<civodul>ah ha!
<civodul>you should consider reporting a bug :-)
<snape>yes, 1.0 seems full of great improvements and full of new bugs
<civodul>new bugs are always a delight
<snape>:-) The new cuirass changes are great by the way, thank you for them
<civodul>are you running it?
<civodul>i'd be interested in feedback
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<janneke>hmm, getting this upon system reconfigure: In procedure allocate-struct: Wrong type argument in position 2: 24
<rekado>janneke: do you use a git checkout? This sounds like an ABI change to me.
<janneke>rekado: yes, latest master -- bisecting my config now
<janneke>duh -- fixed by removing cached .go file of my config (bisecting until everything is enabled again also works ;-)
<bavier>^ openbsd also noticing instability of github tarballs
<apteryx_>sourceforge is slowly but steadily dying.
<atw>It's worrisome -- it seems like our BBDB package doesn't include the info manual, and I couldn't get it off SF. I wonder what will be lost :/
<sebboh>emacs bbdb? sourceforge? You're missing an info manual? ...Wouldn't Savanna be a better place to look than SF? I'm confused. (:
<atw>sebboh: sorry, a bit vague. I meant the emacs package, yes. I'd previously found the manual hosted on sourceforge. It's possible my web search failed me, I should try Savannah
<sebboh>Not really sure what is but the emacs wiki says that location is the current home of bbdb. It also says that SF was the offical home in the past, which I didn't realize and certainly explains your concern!
<atw>I think nongnu is just for projects that don't have official GNU status. Thanks for the link! It exlains why our documentation is incomplete as appears to be entirely sample text
<JorgeMorais>Hello. Is anyone there?
<rekado>JorgeMorais: yes
<rekado>it’s generally a good idea to just ask a question instead of asking if anyone is there or if a question may be asked :)
<JorgeMorais>OK. But please just wait a minute; while waiting, I started another attempt to solve my locale problem by myself :)
<JorgeMorais>Hi. I keep seeing error messages about locale. For example:
<JorgeMorais>substitute: guile: warning: failed to install locale
<JorgeMorais>substitute: warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<rekado>this means that the daemon is running in an environment where no locale data are available.
<JorgeMorais>I have already installed glibc-locales in my everyday user account and in root. I have recently ran guix pull, guix package -u and glibc-locales is at version 2.26.105-g0890d5379c
<pkill9>have you restarted the guix daemon?
<rekado>you can fix this by pointing GUIX_LOCPATH in the daemon’s environment to the locale data.
<JorgeMorais>I have now restarted the daemon after running guix pull; guix package -u as root. Now I am waiting a command finish, please wait a little.
<groffer>I've done a "guix pull" and now "guix package -u" seems to really want to compile qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.4 by itself and it has done so for the last 5 hours. Is there a way to check why it couldn't just use a substitute?
<JorgeMorais>Apparently it has been fixed! I think the cause was that I had only run guix pull; guix package -u as my everyday user, not as root.
<JorgeMorais>I now realize I will often want to execute the same action as my everyday user account and as root. For example, guix pull; guix package -u. Will I always need to issue separate commands?