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<verisimilitude>Goodbye for now.
<dustyweb>I can't seem to build Golly... all the sourceforge links aren't working here
<atw>dustyweb: weird, "git clone" hangs
<atw>and eventually, "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"
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<Apteryx>rekado: do you think LibreOffice should be wrapped with GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR?
<Apteryx>rekado: that fixed my libreoffice problem: export GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR=/gnu/store/0wq9xddbgv3y959dhk0njasbi8zr4d8a-gtk+-3.22.21/share/glib-2.0/schemas
<Apteryx>thank you! I will report a bug about it.
<pkill9>don't suppose anyone has a package definition for budgie desktop/
<efraim>I have one for lumina if you want to try it
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<g_bor>I have a question: I'm trying to build a package with --with-source, but I get a warning, that the transformation had no effect.
<g_bor>Why is that?
<efraim>Normally because of a snippet
<g_bor>There is no obvious snippet, this is java-jeromq.
<g_bor>It uses git as a source. Can that be the problem?
<efraim>Mmmm, not sure
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<g_bor>I have a question.
<g_bor>Do you have any method to tag messages related to bug-guix mailing list? I could not find any reasonable way to that in my mail client.
<efraim>In mutt I limit (l) with '~s bug'
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>snowy day here :-)
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<OriansJ>Minor bug report, emacs has stopped detecting that I have a home directory for every version after /gnu/store/83rlg4n4slccqrgicpxgr38hgvxga5sh-emacs-25.3
<rekado>OriansJ: is nscd running?
<apteryx_>civodul: hello! Early spring in here!
<apteryx_>hi pkill9!
<apteryx_>Could someone confirm that Guix's locale package *cannot* affect a foreign distro native (e.g. apt packages) locales? I've filed a bug here: and the reply left me thinking.
<pkill9>i can't see why it would since it's stored in the Guix store
<apteryx_>yep, and the variable that Guix uses is special (GUIX_LOCPATH)
<pkill9>yeah that too
<pkill9>how is Guix on lower powered ARM devices? I know it's not officially ready for use but is it fast enough to be usable currently?
<efraim>I'e gotten used to lower powered devices, but I've been pretty happy with guix on aarch64
<efraim>My current laptop is an old macbook from 2007
<mbakke>So I have 35 patches that updates pretty much all of openstack.scm, and adds a couple of new packages.
<efraim>Wow, fun
<mbakke>keystoneclient and swiftclient remains, but they still build with the new dependencies.
<mbakke>I think I'll just push, otherwise they'll sit on guix-patches for weeks and become obsolete again :P
<mbakke>civodul: Anyone working on Hydra? It's slow, yet the queue is empty.
<efraim>mbakke: got a git remote I can target? I can pull them on my aarch64 board and check them out tonight
<mbakke>I could push them to a new branch on savannah. But I believe they are good enough for 'master'.
<mbakke>Considering untangling the sphinx mess first :P
<mbakke>Oh, there's a circular dependency between sphinxcontrib-websupport and sphinx.
<mbakke>Hmm, I'll do the Sphinx update later, since it will take a while to build all dependencies.
<mbakke>Pushing what I have so far now.
<huup>what fonts should I install to display japanese letters?
<civodul>mbakke: lemme take a look
<mbakke>civodul: Looks like there was just an evaluation in progress, for some reason I didn't see it in the web interface.
<mbakke>It's finished now.
<civodul>SNAFU i'd say
<civodul>it's building things currently
<civodul>also there's a new eval of master, 109920
<civodul>newish, i'm not sure when it completed
<civodul>huup: see
<civodul>try "guix package -i font-adobe-source-han-sans:jp"
<ng0>seems like some of the SourceForge engineers/employees monitor Twitter. Someone got in touch with me wrt the recent problem
<ng0>odd way, but if it works..
<ng0>someone being the president of SF
<pkill9>vlc needs updating
<mbakke>pkill9: Can you send a patch? :)
<pkill9>i just tried with latest source, sadly a ptch fails
<pkill9>need to work onthis
<pkill9>hmm, is it not possible to use a local tarball for the '--with-source' flag?
<pkill9>hmm actually i don't need to do that
<mubarak>Hello Guix!
<pkill9>hi mubarak
<mubarak>how you doing pkill9?
<pkill9>i'm good
<pkill9>how are you doing mubarak?
<mubarak>I'm so happy
<mubarak>finally I did install GuixSD without facing errors
<ng0>could we accept ScummVM without the proprietary engines? I haven't had the chance the launch any of my old games yet, but I made a package of it a couple of weeks ago
<mubarak>accually their is one this that get me a little upset, which when we install GuixSD for the first time and reboot and on the new system you want to install new programs like ntfs-3g, vlc ...etc . guix package manager will try to update the system(which means downloading the whole thing from the bootstrap-binaries ... to the end) and I already downl
<mubarak>oad that in the installation, why guix try to download all these packages again? its all in the /gnu/store/
<bavier`>ng0: I think so, yes. the license it gpl
<pkill9>what is C99 compiler?
<pkill9>vlc needs it
<bavier`>pkill9: a compiler that supports the c99 standard
<bavier`>e.g. gcc
<pkill9>oh it failed after i added gcc
<pkill9>i think i need to set a CFLAG after a quick search
<efraim>mubarak: did you run 'guix pull' after you rebooted?
<bavier`>ng0: from a cursory glance, I don't see any proprietary engines in scummvm?
<pkill9>actually i need to define BUILDCC apparently
<mubarak>efraim: yes! , it also tries to download libatomic-ops-7.4.4, gcc-bootstrap-0. and I canceled it at gcc-bootstrap-0
<efraim>It could be related to grafts, what does the output look like when you add a '-n' to the end of the command?
<pkill9>sweet it's building now
<pkill9>and it's usingthe latest ffmpeg now
<mubarak>efraim: I mean I have run "guix pull -n" and there is no output
<ng0>bavier`: you can add them
<ng0>but they are even non-standard option, you have to add them at configure time. the standard choice is not to build them
<bavier`>ng0: if they're not in the source package, I think we don't need to worry
<efraim>mubarak: possibly related to bootstrapping then, i would check how different `guix build guix -n` and `guix build --no-grafts guix -n` are
<ng0>I'm bad at expressing myself at the moment. What I mean is: we can configure ScummVM not to support these engines in its configure phase. You have to add switches to even enable them in the phase
<ng0>that was a double negative x.x
<ng0>tl;dr: propr. engines *can* be disabled but are *not* part of the standard set of enable engines
<bavier`>ng0: do you have an example of one of the proprietary engines?
<pkill9>this script, which is one of the tests, fails when building the latest vlc:
<pkill9>i soulda used -K when building it
<ng0>bavier`: oh. they only had a message at compile time and "unsupported" engines
<ng0>I'm stuck because of SourceForge
<ng0>for myself I do "--enable-all-engines" which adds some engines that are not in the default set
<efraim>mubarak: `guix build guix -n` and `guix build --no-grafts guix -n`, with the '--no-grafts' being the difference
<ng0>Game engines:
<ng0> --enable-all-engines enable all engines, including those which are
<ng0> broken or unsupported
<ng0>and I think when configure runs you get a message about engines and how they are classified
<efraim>mubarak: so it looks like the user that you're running `guix pull` with hasn't run `guix pull` yet, so its downloading everything from the 0.14 release to run guix pull
<mubarak>I'm currently logined as normall user, and I run-ed "guix package -i vlc" and normal user without doing "guix pull" first. So I did "su -l" and said I sould download vlc as root but it also tried to download everything
<mubarak>efraim: if it did "guix pull" as a normal user could solve it
<efraim>mubarak: it would update the package definitions for whichever user you run it for, for your user or for root
<mubarak>no it tired to download everthing starting from make-boot0-4.2.1 and gcc-bootstrap0. I canceled it
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<efraim>unfortunately it's possible that the binaries from the 0.14.0 release were garbage collected :/
<efraim>civodul: ^ any idea if this is the case?
<civodul>it's unlikely that they were gc'd though, we make sure this doesn't happen
<civodul>mubarak: it downloaded pre-built binaries of gcc-bootstrap0, make-boot0, etc., right?
<civodul>what did it build afterwards?
<mubarak>right!, build(you mean compiling software)?? no I don't think it compile anything. It download all the packages from hydra
<mubarak>also I login-ed the first time, i can't login as normal user because their is no password. And as root I can't connect to wifi using wpa_supplicant or networkmanager(in GNOME), it thought maybe because in root I'm not part on netdev group(Note: that networkmanager find the name of wifi(Mobile Hotspot) but it cannot connect to it), so I login-ed as
<mubarak>a normal user and it connected successfully.
<thomassgn>mubarak: set your users password with 'passwd YOUR-USERNAME' you can do this as root for other users also.
<thomassgn>then you can login
<pkill9>I'm building newest version of vlc, and it get sto the install phase, but doesn't find 'vlc.appdata.xml', anyone know what problem could be?
<mubarak>thomassgn: I did set the password for both users, and I'm currently login as normal user. I was trying to say that I can't connect wifi when I was login-ed as root
<thomassgn>oh, right. don't know how to fix that, except doing it as normal user.
<pkill9>hmm, looks like hmm doesn't seem to generate it
<mubarak>thomassgn: yes! , I think it relates to user groups. normal user part of netdev group, but root has access to everything, thats what confuse me. I will try to add root to netdev group and see if it connect to wifi.
<alex-vivo>damn, I somehow got banned on ##linux
<alex-vivo>I don't know, I keep getting a message that I can't send msgs there
<alex-vivo>and this: 435 alex-vivo axg ##linux Cannot change nickname
<alex-vivo> while banned on channel
<verisimilitude>This AR9271 dongle is hit and miss.
<thomassgn>alex-vivo: Did you see the answer in ##linux?
<thomassgn>apparently they mute anyone not loggied into nickserv...
<verisimilitude>I'm wondering if any of you have experience with either of these two cards:
<efraim>I admit I had a negative reaction to the price and matched a wifi chip on amazon
<mubarak>thomassgn: I connected to wifi as root after adding root to netdev group "# gpasswd -a root netdev"
<pkill9>what could be the culprit of a * file be generated by `make`?
<pkill9>ah screw it i will post my vlc package definition and if someone's want sto investigate my somewhat hacky solution then so be it
<pkill9>woop it succesfully installs
<pkill9>now just gonna add all missing optional inputs
<pkill9>still worried that it's a sign something else is wrong
<pkill9>oh well
<civodul>looks like you're on the right track, pkill9 :-)
<OriansJ`>rekado: debian doesn't include nscd running by default and having emacs depend upon it for user home directories when it is a simple envp lookup is insane in terms of proper design.
<alex-vivo>thomassgn: well, now that I have logged in properly, it is no longer a problem.
<alex-vivo>have you guys used tor with guixsd? I have installed the tor package, but I guess the browser is a separate package, and I can't find it in the repo.
<bavier`>alex-vivo: s/guys/people/
<bavier`>alex-vivo: yeah, we have tor, but not the browser bundle
<bavier`>alex-vivo: there are many here who use tor through other means though
<alex-vivo>bavier`: so the browser bundle is not included because it uses firefox esr under the mozzila license?
<alex-vivo>will try to be inclusive with my language, it's just that I have used guys to refer to people for many years in my life, but I agree that it is gendered language for no particular reason.
<bavier`>alex-vivo: same here; it comes naturally after a bit
<bavier`>alex-vivo: re tor browser: its more that the packaging is difficult
<alex-vivo>bavier`: I see, so a similar reason like parabola's iceweasel e.i. nobody has gotten around to it just yet?
<bavier`>and we'd want to verify our packaging doesn't invalidate some of TBB's anonymity features
<bavier`>alex-vivo: yeah, we need some people working on it
<alex-vivo>bavier`: I see, guixsd really needs more exposure, but I guess gotta wait for 1.0 for that to become more viable. I'm still learning, but hopefully I will help out with packaging some things in the future.
<bavier`>alex-vivo: great, that would be much appreciated.
<bavier`>there are plenty of things to help
<civodul>OriansJ`: re nscd, see for the rationale
<ng0>alex-vivo: the browser is a different package
<civodul>mbakke: impressive round of Python updates!
<ng0>if someone is interested I can make a summary of the state-to-get-started on it.. we also have permission to call it torbrowser, as per the details I communicated with torproject. but I don't believe that icecat can be a base for it.
<mbakke>civodul: Hehe. It all started with trying to get python2-hacking tests working :P
<mbakke>The rabbit hole was deep.
<ng0>torbrowsetr recently switched the way they build the binaries, so I wanted to look into it again this year
<ng0>but browser are incredible long process in getting it right
<rekado>OriansJ`: it’s more of a “new glibc on foreign distro” problem than an Emacs problem.
<rekado>using nscd gets around that problem
<OriansJ`>rekado: or it could be thought of as a way to work around the problem of making dlopen behave correctly
<rekado>OriansJ`: could you elaborate? Is there something that Guix doesn’t do right in this regard?
<OriansJ`>well, if the problem is dlopen might load the wrong libnss_*.so and hence the need for nscd. Perhaps there is a way to get dlopen to find the desired file in a reduced search space
<mbakke>I wonder why we often need add the build directory on PYTHONPATH when using pytest.
<bavier`>mbakke: the tests import python modules that only exist in the build tree
<civodul>OriansJ`: not necessarily, you may simply lack the NSS modules listed in nsswitch.conf
<bavier`>some packages probably manage to take this into account properly, and others don't
<mbakke>I haven't seen Nixpkgs do the same.
<mbakke>I guess.
<mbakke>I'll try to add some helpers like (with-build-pythonpath ...) and (with-installed-pythonpath ...) to python-build-system.
<OriansJ`>civodul: well, as the issue I am experiencing is simply emacs is believing my user account doesn't have a home directory (a value that is literally passed via envp to every program on linux) and not loading my .emacs. I somehow feel perhaps libnss is probably an overkill solution to a simple getenv and if combo which could fallback to libnss rather easily
<snape>OriansJ`: I had the same issue recently.
<snape>I hadn't read the documentation about nscd. Very interesting.
<civodul>bavier`: thanks for the pointer, great article
<civodul>i mostly disagree with "some of the things that Nix has jettisoned need to be jettisoned"
<civodul>though the "live import" feature we discussed is kind of a step in that direction, in a way
<civodul>well, food for thought
<civodul>good night/day!