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<jsierles>Just getting back into guix again, but forgot why installing python3 won't install a symlink for 'python'. I vaguely remember there's a package to make that happen.
<jsierles>Got it, it's python-wrapper.
<Apteryx>where are guix tests?
<Apteryx>unit tests
<atw> ?
<Apteryx>eh, thanks. For some reason I was looking at guix/guix/tests and there was only 2 files there :)
<Apteryx>looks more like functional tests
<Apteryx>I'm looking at wrap-program in build-utils.scm.
<Apteryx>(under tests/)
<Apteryx>or a mix of both :)
<lfam>Apteryx: There are also GuixSD system tests in gnu/tests
<sneek>lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, Apteryx says: I'm afraid it's not that interesting, but here you have it:
<lfam>Thanks sneek
<lfam>Heh, looks just like the Boston red line
<Apteryx>Eh! I should visit Boston again. Libreplanet seems a valid excuse.
<lfam>I should try to go this year
<Apteryx>I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it *this* year, but if not, I'll go next year for sure :)
<Apteryx>for a software named Mocker.el, do we name it 'emacs-mocker.el' or 'emacs-mocker-el' in Guix?
<Apteryx>(it's an Emacs Lisp package)
<atw>probably emacs-mocker, as that looks like it follows the existing naming convention. The manual might have something to say on the topic
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<janneke>hi civodul!
<efraim>U-boot seems to be working fine, I'm not sure about having it load grub though
<civodul>efraim: on the pine64?
<janneke>...emacs memory exhausted -- wasn't that a trivial bug?
<efraim>I copied rEFInd aarch64 to /boot/efi/EFI/boot and I got a boot loop since it couldn't find the framebuffer
<mbakke>Great, the scipy tarball on pypi does not have "".
<mbakke>Oh wait, `scipy.test()` still works.
<Apteryx>civodul: when building X, is X always implicitly added itself to the 'inputs'?
<mbakke>Allright, numpy and scipy updated, now only pandas left.
<mbakke>Famous last words...
<Apteryx>sneek: later tell atw thanks (will use emacs-mocker)
<sneek>Got it.
<civodul>mbakke: woohoo! congrats! :-)
<mbakke>Heading out for a bit, but will continue later today :)
<civodul>heheh, a well deserved break :-)
<balder[m]>mbakke, did you make -march-native easy to do for those? :) one of those factor of a 100in difference packages
<mbakke>balder: See :)
<civodul>i've heard good things about this blog post
<balder[m]>gcc6 should get more attention! news to me its not only intel doing fat binaries :D
<balder[m]>strong defaults easy to modify works! :)
<balder[m]>or what seems to be happening, usable defaults not limited to one-off uses and examples for most users
<civodul>balder[m]: you mean defaults for compile flags?
<balder[m]>civodul, not just that, but can generally expect the need and the existence of exotic hardware that libraries won't always be able to take full advantage of without hand-optimization.
<jlicht>hi guix!
<rekado>mbakke: ISTR that these Python packages have a smaller set of tests that are to be used by packagers (whereas the full set is used by developers).
<rekado>it may make sense to use the smaller test sets in the future.
<rekado>not all test failures are bad enough to justify a failing bulid.
<civodul>balder[m]: i think that's an overstatement, but the blog post above summarizes the situation, if you haven't read it
<civodul>rekado: should we remove the Bourne shell front-end from ?
<civodul>given that we more or less have that now :-)
<rekado>yes, I think we won’t need that project anymore
<civodul>good thing that we can remove items :-)
<civodul>did you push that Bash implementation somewhere already?
<rekado>it’s at
<jlicht>rekado: why did Rutger work on gash? Was it part of some project or just for fun?
<jlicht>and gash seems very far along, actually. Impressive stuff :o
<OriansJ>rekado: now that is awesome
<janneke>jlicht, rekado: Rutger took up work on gash's pipeline this week, expect some progress soon
<civodul>janneke: that's awesome, say "hi" and "thanks" to Rutger! :-)
<civodul>i just tried it and it seems to work well, even things like jobs
<civodul>it doesn't seem to support $? and $$ though, but i wonder if this is bad interaction with readline or something
<janneke>ACTION wonders about potential users 0..46
<Inops>Hi all. I'm trying to install GuixSD in a qemu VM, and I've got to the point in the manual where it tells you to run "herd start cow-store /mnt". The machine replies "herd: service 'cow-store' could not be found". Any idea of what is causing this?
<jlicht>Inops: what does `herd status' show?
<Inops>jlicht: A list of the services enabled, about 35 of them. "user-homes" is stopped.
<jlicht>Inops: how did you boot the VM? Because it might be easier to just use guix to build a vm image via `guix system vm-image'
<jlicht>Inops: see in case you did not already.
<OriansJ>Inops: were your steps close to this?
<Inops>OriansJ: yes, looks very similar. I used the QEMU image listed on the Downloads page though though, rather than the straight ISO, following the instructions about installing it in a VM (which links you to follow the general installation instructions). I imagine this is something to do with my problem?
<OriansJ>Inops: the QEMU image is already setup. You need only update the configuration.scm and apply it to the system
<Inops>OriansJ: ah...ok. The maunal (which is linked underneath the VM image) isn't clear: it says "You’re now root in the VM, proceed with the installation process. See Preparing for Installation, and follow the instructions."
<OriansJ>Inops: I believe that is a bug we need to correct to prevent future similiar confusion. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Inops
<NetTerminalGene>why don't you advertise guixsd?
<efraim>I think I got the pine64 booting, I copied /boot/efi/EFI/grub/grubaa64.efi to /boot/efi/EFI/boot/bootaa64.efi and I got the grub launcher and the start of booting, and then the screen resolution changed to a black screen
<snape>It seems like the certbot service can't handle several domains within the same certificate.
<civodul>we should fix that
<snape>Yes. I'm going to have a look
<pkill9>is there a flag for `guix build` that let's you add a propagated input? (not replace, like with --with-input=package=replacement)
<pkill9>well, to `guix package`
<rekado>pkill9: no.
<rekado>pkill9: a propagated input only makes sense in the context of installing a package to a profile.
<pkill9>oops, i meant `guix package`
<rekado>when using guix package you can install more than one package in the same transaction
<rekado>that’s almost the same as installing a package with a propagated input.
<mbakke>Pandas has 2238 open issues :P
<pkill9>this is more of a guile related question, but when writing a module, how do i tell guix to append an input to the existing list of inputs of an inherited package?
<bavier`>pkill9: usually something like (inputs `(("foo" ,foo) ,@(package-inputs bar)))
<pkill9>would i need to import the modules that all the original package's inputs are in? or would they be automatically imported?
<apteryx_>Hello! which package provides 'top' in GuixSD?
<bavier`>pkill9: you do not need to import the modules, since you wouldn't be directly referencing those packages
<apteryx_>oh, maybe procps
<mubarak>apteryx: yes it's in procps
<rekado>ACTION just wrote a long reply about Guix HPC in response to questions by a journalist for a German science magazine
<civodul>rekado: sounds cool!
<civodul>were you interviewed specifically on this topic?
<civodul>or was it more of a gratuitous plug?
<rekado>they wrote me an email asking specifically about the Guix HPC project
<rekado>I think they may have found us through the 6-months GuixHPC tweet…
<civodul>ah ah :-)
<civodul>the power of that thing...
<civodul>speaking of which, should we make a mastodon account and have the other one "mirror" it?
<civodul>i think that's what dustyweb and others do
<rekado>the magazine appears to focus on wetlab / life sciences in general; I hope that my explanation isn’t too technical.
<rekado>yes, I think we should do that.
<rekado>but I don’t know how.
<civodul>so their interest was reproducibility in the context of life sciences?
<civodul>hey dustyweb :-)
<civodul>we missed you in Brussels!
<dustyweb>ah yeah I do mirroring... manually currently, but there's no reason you can't do so via a script
<civodul>hmm ok
<rekado>they wanted to get an explanation of what HPC is and what it is used for in life sciences; what problems there are with reproducibility in this context; how Guix solves these problems; and what I can say about the progress the Guix HPC project has made in the past six months.
<bavier`>rekado: do you recall why our julia package requires the "objconv" source?
<rekado>no, I don’t recall.
<bavier`>afaict it's only used building an internal openblas
<rekado>It’s been over a year since I had a look at the julia package.
<bavier`>my current issue with it is just that the zip file is unversioned, and was recently updated
<civodul>rekado: looking forward to reading that article
<rekado>I hope it will actually lead to an article :)
<bavier`>weird, our aarch64 gcc doesn't recognize -mfp16-format=ieee ?
<bavier`>oh, nvm
<bavier`>no fp16 on this machine
<bavier`>julia assumes so though, need to patch that out I guess
<civodul>bavier`: note that there are still problems with Julia on x86:
<civodul>i suppose you'll also have those on aarch64
<bavier`>I suppose so
<bavier`>not that far yet :)
<bavier`>I don't even know what julia is trying to do with this __fp16 in their code; it just seems all wrong
<bavier`>or maybe thay write their code with clang
<bavier`>that seems like it; they declare a __fp16 return type and function parameter, which gcc didn't support until version 7
<mbakke>Phew, took a while, but I've think I've sorted the pandas tests now. crosses fingers
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<mbakke>Note to self: Add helper method to get the Python build directory in the next core-updates.