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<troydm>I just did guix pull
<ngz>civodul: I finally succeeded to build it, thank you. I'm not yet to the program I'm targetting but that's for another day.
<troydm>GC Warning: Out of Memory! Heap size: 700 MiB. Returning NULL!
<troydm>on a 1gb ram vm
<troydm>is this expected behaviour?
<civodul>troydm: it's expected in the sense that it's a known bug :-)
<apteryx_>troydm: yes. Guile 2.2 is unfortunately very greedy when it comes to compiling.
<troydm>also legit question why is there zile but yet there is no vi on default guixsd live install iso?
<lfam>It should probably include nvi, which is a tiny vi. Vim is really a huge package
<lfam>In 'gnu/system.scm' you can find the definition of %base-packages, which includes nano and zile. But in 'gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl' you can see also add nvi.
<lfam>Our regular vim package (not vim-full) is ~24 MB, while nvi is only ~1.6 MB.
<lfam>You can check this stuff with, for example, `guix size vim`
<lfam>troydm: Actually, I double-checked and the install image should include nvi
<troydm>lfam: ohh nvi, ic
<lfam>And that executable is named `vi`, so people like us should be comfortable there :)
<troydm>lfam: strange I've tried executing vi when I was installing GuixSD and it said command not found
<lfam>How did you inovke it?
<lfam>Just `vi`?
<lfam>For 0.14.0?
<lfam>Okay, I'll try to reproduce it now
<lfam>I'm downloading this file:
<lfam>And I'll boot it in QEMU to check
<lfam>Please let me know if that's the wrong file :)
<troydm>lfam: nah, don't bother, it's small thing I can double check it later
<lfam>I'd rather squash the bug now, while it's on my mind
<troydm>lfam: I'm not even sure if it was not some messed up thing from my side so I don't want to waste your time on this
<lfam>Already booting ;)
<lfam>Good news! It's there in the 0.14.0 release image :)
<lfam>Please let us know about any other issues you encounter
<troydm>lfam: hmm, strange, yeah sure
<lfam>I don't think this would be an issue in the installer image, but sometimes people use `su` improperly on Guix and get the wrong PATH. The default root PATH when using `su` is '/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin', and none of those paths exist for Guix. This is documented in the su(1) man page. One must use `su --login` to get the Guix-y PATH
<troydm>lfam: one question how do I install new software like I want to install some tools, I just change config.scm and run reconfigure again? I'm pretty much new to this configuration oriented system thing
<troydm>lfam: also if I consequently run reconfigure without changing config on second run ideally their shouldn't be any compilation/downloading actions at all right?
<lfam>troydm: Generally, I recommend reading the manual section 'GNU Distribution', speficially the subsection 'System Configuration'. But, on GuixSD, you can have "global packages" that all users see, and those come from config.scm, like you suggested. But users can also do their own package management in the normal Guix way.
<lfam>Building the system based on config.scm (that is, `guix system build` or `guix system reconfigure`) takes into account both config.scm and the version of Guix used by whoever is doing the reconfigure. That's usually root. So if you do `guix pull && system system reconfigure ...`, there will probably be new packages to download or build even though you haven't edited config.scm
<lfam>You might think of `guix pull` as being similar to `apt-get update`
<troydm>lfam: without guix pull
<lfam>Right, there should not be any changes in that case
<troydm>lfam: yet when I've runned it was syncing some stuff with hydra urls, what's that?
<lfam>It's hard to say without seeing the actual output of the command
<lfam>Probably it was just updating the list of available substitutes. Sometimes it might do that unnecessarily, which is a bug
<troydm>lfam: ic, thx for help
<troydm>lfam: also when it installs package is it compiling it? or it highly depends on whenever prebuilt package is already available somewhere?
<lfam>It depends on whether there is already a "substitute" for compilation available on an authorized substitute server
<lfam>Guix is basically a build-from-source distro, but we transparently substitute pre-built binaries when they are available, and usually substitutes are available
<troydm>okey substitute right I need to read through manual but too tired to do it now :(
<troydm>thx for explaining
<lfam>Btw, that bug about unnecessarily updating the list of substitutes is this one: <>
<lfam>I think so, anyways :)
<troydm>I might aswell try installing Gentoo someday when I'll have patience to go through the whole process, I remember I did it once about 8 years ago
<rekado>I’d advise against it. With GuixSD you have the from-source experience (if you wish), but also much more control over the resulting system.
<rekado>with GuixSD you cut out global state. With Gentoo you paint on one big canvas and a bit of the paint may splatter on other parts of the painting.
<rekado>not to have to worry about global state is an indispensible feature for me.
<troydm>rekado: yeah I know, but might install Gentoo anyway to play around for some time just to know the pain
<rekado>heh :)
<platoxia>my config.scm opens in Scheme Chicken to I get it to open in scheme guile mode
<DoublePlusGood23>oh nevermind it fixed itself
<DoublePlusGood23>Any Guix people heading to LibrePlanet?
<efraim1>does anyone have a firmware snippet from their OS config? I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like
<efraim1>looks like (firmware '("foo"))
<efraim1>from what I can tell there isn't a special pine64 boot.ini or boot.txt, so my image might actually be ready
<efraim1>after I compile the new 4.14.16 kernel
<marusich>Hello from Brussels!
<clacke[m]>I miss Brussels.
<clacke[m]>Next year I have to go.
<marusich>It's my first time. I just got in after a long flight, so I'm gonna take a shower and then check out the city.
<marusich>Any "must see" sights? :)
<rekado>Hi Guix!
<rekado>I’m in Amsterdam now, at the 3rd EasyBuild User Meeting
<rekado>I’ll be in Brussels late tonight.
<marusich>Nice! I'm looking forward to meeting you.
<marusich>And super excited about the Guix panel on Friday!
<rekado>yeah, it’ll be fun :)
<rekado>slides for today are available here:
<efraim>I heard its supposed to rain much of the weekend
<efraim>I'm leaving on the red eye tonight, land around 5am
<efraim>Do we have anything for recording talks or are we looking at a cellphone?
<efraim>Also we should make sure to do some keysigning
<rekado>I have a camcorder with me + wireless microphone.
<rekado>the microphone really isn’t great, but I couldn’t find anything better for a price that doesn’t break the bank…
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<mbakke>Is someone able to cancel the current Hydra master evaluation? I just pushed a series of changes that causes a fair amount of rebuilds.
<mbakke>Or, it started 4h ago, so I guess we can wait and start a new one when it finishes. So we get linux-libre substitutes at least.
<castilma>hey, can someone explain me a bit, how guix searches for substitutes? i have and authorized. guix build -n gcc gives me
<castilma>substitute: updating list of substitutes from ''... 100.0%
<castilma>The following derivation would be built:
<castilma> /gnu/store/7pyvf8pg9ic9wbqm0pd5nvhi1yxylsgy-gcc-7.3.0.drv
<castilma>looking here <>, it looks to me like hydra( and therefore mirror.hydra?) has at already built. but why doesn't guix use that but builds itself, when i don't give it '-n'?
<castilma>hmm, adding --substitute-urls= it tells me that it would download gcc. so do mirror.hydra and hydra not provide the same substitutes?
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<mbakke>castilma: I think /gnu/store/7pyvf8pg9ic9wbqm0pd5nvhi1yxylsgy-gcc-7.3.0.drv is the grafted derivation, which we don't serve substitutes for.
<castilma>mbakke: with 'we' you mean mirror.hydra? because i could download gcc from hydra.
<mbakke>I mean Guix in general :)
<mbakke>Oh, you're right, Berlin does not have a GCC7 substitute.
<mbakke>It has probably been garbage-collected, or not built yet (Berlin was working on core-updates recently).
<ofosos[m]>I'm packaging a library called fann, should the package be named `fann' or `libfann'
<mbakke>ofosos: We generally use the upstream name without any additional prefix or suffix.
<ofosos[m]>mbakke: thanks, noted
<mbakke>castilma: I checked and was able to get a GCC substitute from mirror.hydra. So don't know why you didn't :/
<ofosos[m]>I tend to superficially follow the channel here, I'm of the conviction that we shouldn't use system* anymore, what's the replacement for this, and where can I read about the rationale?
<mbakke>ofosos: Using "invoke" instead of "system*" is part of an effort to use exceptions for error handling.
<mbakke>See this thread:
<ofosos[m]>mbakke: Thanks :)
<bavier`>hmm, patches didn't make it to the list...
<bavier`>ok, resent
<mbakke>I hope there are Django developers at FOSDEM. Could use some help with the test suite :-P
<pkill9>anyone know of a script that does `guix import pypi <package>` and automatically adds definitions for all the dependencies using pypi?
<civodul>pkill9: there may be hacks here and there to do that
<civodul>not sure
<civodul>we've been willing to add recursive imports in general but that hasn't happened yet
<civodul>so currently it's ad-hoc
<civodul>heya marusich :-)
<bavier`>ACTION is excited to watch all the FOSDEM presentations
<pkill9>ACTION needs to learn guile
<ofosos[m]>bavier: I haven't been at fosdem for a while, but last time I was here, the rooms were all pretty full. however getting a seat might depend highly on the topic that is being presented
<bavier`>ofosos[m]: I unfortunately won't be watching in person, but FOSDEM's recording have been good in the past :)
<bavier`>ofosos[m]: :)
<marusich>Oh, hi civodul
<marusich>Sorry, I was drafting an email. And now I'm going to look for Pjotr and head out. See you soon!
<bavier`>I really don't enjoy that the navigation link on are at the bottom of the page
<civodul>i think it appears on the right on wide screens
<civodul>you should report it to sirgazil though :-)
<bavier`>sure, maybe it could appear on top on narrow screens
<bavier`>I guess I have narrow windows
<bavier`>ergh, and who wants to do a binary search to find the package you're looking for when there are 21 pages
<efraim>I learned from last year, the coffee headache is bad and I'm stocking up on energy drinks before hand
<ofosos[m]>efraim: when I stay with an airbnb I usually take an aeropress. It gets scrutinized at every airport ;)
<pkill9>yeah i kinda agree the package browser has those flaws
<pkill9>that said i appreciate the lack of javascript tbh
<efraim>My aarch64 builder is back online
<ofosos[m]>efraim: what hardware platform do you use?
<efraim>I'm running it on an odroid-c2 running armbian
<efraim>I do most of my guix Dev work on a firefly 3399
<ofosos[m]>Hmm, that firefly looks nice. Does that run mainline?
<efraim>Not sure, I think I flashed their Ubuntu image and left it at that
<catonano>efraim: aren't you in Brussel ?
<efraim>I'm on the way, I'll land around 5am
<catonano>oh ok. I thought you were there starting tonight
<DoublePlusGood23>Anyone using fprintd with PAM?
<DoublePlusGood23>I've configured it on Parabola and Trisquel before, but I'm not quite sure what to add to my config.scm to edit /etc/pam.d/
<bavier`>pkill9: yeah, I appreciate the lack of JS too
<amz3>mbakke: what is the issue related to Django?
<balder[m]>amze3, apart from being a bit spaghetti ish with serious co-dependency issues?
<amz3>I don't like django, but it will be a bad story if guix doesn't support it
<balder[m]>yeah... but its python so should be possible to corrupt some of their dvelopers :)
<mbakke>amz3: I'm trying to update to 1.11 on core-updates, but are getting some weird (and difficult test failures).
<mbakke>Some of the test can't find pytz. So around 200/17k tests are failing.
<balder[m]>just couldn't help commmenting on django, not used it apart from"beta" things, and gave me flash backs of boiling tar and blowing up the shed repeatedly.
<DoublePlusGood23>aw I currently learning Django
<amz3>mbakke: I don't use core updates, maybe we can have a look at it together tomorrow at the event
<mbakke>amz3: Sure :) I don't "use" it yet either, but trying to get it in a mergeable state.
<doubleplusgood12>!nick DoublePlusGood23
<rekado>I had a great time at the easybuild user meeting.
<rekado>Kenneth Hoste made this a very relaxed environment in which to discuss ideas.
<rekado>the reception of my talk was very good and we ended up talking about our experiences with packaging scientific software, and we exchanged ideas about our outlook on the viability of packaging software in the future.
<lfam>That does sound good, I'd be interested to hear more of the discussion
<bavier`>rekado: glad the meeting went well
<rekado>we should invite Kenneth to our next Guix meetup, return the favour.
<rekado>he’s been facilitating reasonable discussions about different package managers in HPC for years now.
<rekado>Kenneth spent a lot of time actually testing Guix, Nix, and Spack to give a presentation about the differences and relative advantages. This will be the first talk in the HPC room.
<lfam>I looked him up and found this picture :)
<rekado>hey, that face is familiar…
<rekado>arriving in Brussels now.
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<efraim>rekado: is it raining?
<oreloznogg>Nice news :)
<ofosos[m]>efraim: it's high humidity. aka very slightly raining, intermittently
<efraim>Could be worse
<ofosos[m]>yeah, in northern germany we call this high humidity
<ofosos[m]>last time I was in Brussels it snowed and it was icy, nobody seemed to be prepared for this, the tram stopped and the cars slowed down, all the streets were completely congested
<efraim>I have an umbrella with me that I'm hoping I won't have to use
<efraim>My aarch64 build machine is down
<efraim>I got my wife to power cycle it a few times but it's not coming back up
<efraim>Wall warts plugged into outlet converters plugged into a power strip. I really need to fix that one of these days
<efraim>Even just another custom built 220 volt US outlet shaped power box would be nice
<efraim>Or I can turn my whole desk into a 12 volt DC zone
<lfam>220 volt, US-shaped :/
<efraim>Absolutely a fire hazard
<efraim>But safer than taking a US power strip and putting a European plug on the end
<lfam>Haha, yes
<pmikkelsen>hi guix
<bavier`>heya pmikkelsen
<pmikkelsen>is down?
<bavier`>pmikkelsen: seems to be now.
<bavier`>It was fine just a few minutes ago
<pmikkelsen>bavier`: oh ok maybe it will be back up soon then
<lfam>It returns ICMP ping, so at least something is up
<bavier`>pmikkelsen: looks up now
<pmikkelsen>bavier`: hmm I still can't access it. Never mind ;)
<bavier`>yeah... looks intermittent maybe
<bavier`>being discussed on #gnu