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<ngz>civodul: I'm making progress. The program starts, but then I get an error: it cannot find "timidity". The odd thing is it looks for the binary in /gnu/store/, which is good, but in a directory (i.e. the hash) that doesn't exist.
<atw>next obstacle: a manifest-entry's item can only be a package or a string designating a store item. I have a scheme-file. It seems like we could be more flexible here; it seems like anything that could be turned into a list of inputs should be acceptable
<buenouanq>sneek: later tell marusich It only worked as expected/desired when sshd was the only service - After installing Gnome it fails again... I'm going to now try switching to Xfce or maybe just a raw %desktop-services to see if we can isolate it further.
<civodul>ngz: ooh, could you check if you get the same error with --no-grafts?
<civodul>atw: doesn't manifest-entry also accept packages, etc.?
<ngz>civodul: Sure, but it's going to take a while since Guix is re-building Lilypond. If it works with --no-grafts, what would be the conclusion?
<atw>civodul: thanks! says package or store path. I got a failure from this match expression ( because I am trying to use shepherd-conf as the item
<atw>and I feel like anything with inputs should be sufficient because of
<atw>quite possible that I'm missing something, ofc :)
<ngz>civodul: same error unfortunately
<civodul>ngz: i was making this suggestion because of a bug we had once upon a time whereby store references could not be seen by the GC: <>
<civodul>could you see where that timidity reference is stored?
<civodul>could it be that it's in a compressed .egg file or something along these lines?
<buenouanq>is ther any way to list all the globally available packages?
<civodul>buenouanq: globally available on GuixSD?
<civodul>run: guix package -p /run/current-system/profile -I
<buenouanq>civodul: thank you
<ngz>civodul: It's introduced with substitude* in "default.config" file, just after unpack phase, if that's what you are asking for.
<ngz>I'm trying again to build it with --no-grafts. I cleaned the store a bit.
<civodul>ngz: so the "wrong" store file name for timidity comes from that 'substitute*'?
<pkill9>how do i disable the 'test' stage of the gnu-build-system?
<Apteryx>set tests? argumnet to #f
<ngz>civodul: I'm not even sure. Since the build is not failing, I cannot use build -K to look into the default.config, or can I?
<civodul>you could use -K and then interrupt it in the middle
<civodul>or, use "--check -K", which will leave the build tree behind
<civodul>(even on success)
<ngz>hmmm it builds Lilypond another time...
<ngz>civodul: Let's call it a day for now. I'll check the results tomorrow. Thank you for your help.
<buenouanq> have some silly aliases and functions
<buenouanq>printing the package module (gpM) is super hack
<buenouanq>if anyone has a better idea for that let me know
<buenouanq>sneek: later tell marusich still fails to start properly with just %desktop-services (no xfce or gnome)
<buenouanq>if anyone else here is up and wants to help with this, something is byorked with the service startup order
<atw>I am awake but may not be of much use
<atw>do you have your operating-system pasted/posted?
<atw>buenouanq ^
<buenouanq>well, I'm changing it and reconfiguring to test these
<buenouanq>shouldn't be too important though, if %desktop-services is there ntpd and sshd fail to start, if it is not they don't
<atw>I can't think of why that would be...guess: something in desktop-services grabs a port that sshd or ntpd want? But why would that be?
<atw>Another idea: is the definition of %desktop-service. Bisect it by putting half of the entries in the config, and seeing if you can repro?
<buenouanq> here's a minimal example for you though atw
<buenouanq>swap out the last two lines
<buenouanq>atw: that's a good idea, I will do that
<atw>even if that tells you which services apparently conflicts with sshd, I don't know where to go from there.
<buenouanq>is this correct?
<atw>I believe so, yes
<buenouanq>looked like a very common dvorak typo, but yeah, I looked it up
<buenouanq>sneek: later tell marusich if you move openssh after %desktop-services it starts up as expected... I don't understand why this is a thing. ntpd still fails though
<buenouanq>can someone explain to me how/why the order of services in your config matters? and specifics so I can come up with a consistent way to order them that works
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<catonano>sneek later tell marusich I appreciated your exchange with quiliro. It was valuable information for me too
<sneek>Got it.
<catonano> didn't increase coverage since yesterday :-/
<efraim>It has something going on, it's not building for aarch64 yet either
<ng0>what kind of machine is it using for aarch64 builds?
<ng0>donation by ARM. cool :)
<ng0> > system: Add Nintendo NES Classic Edition installer. does this mean a NES could run a uboot powered GNU system?
<ng0>or is NES Classic something newer?
<amz3>aka. idk
<ng0>wikipedia says launched in 2016 and produced throughout 2016-2017
<ng0>oh I think it was this crap relaunch where they just put included Games in there in a store and you aren't able to insert any old cartridge games.. :)
<ng0>the only console I have is an old N64
<efraim>Bought mine in the States, had to buy a brick of a power converter, 220->110
<efraim>Then I got loaned a black and white TV
<ng0>it was the first thing I bought when I moved out of my parents home as we were never allowed to have one when the N64 just came out.
<ng0>one of the first things I meant
<amz3>dreamcast 4 ever
<ng0>the people I study with, they just use Steam etc.. it's been around almost as long as they live. times are weird.
<amz3>all the new toys are on steam
<ng0>yeah. we hacked around it on LAN parties back in school when Valve made it mandatory, and then I had this old account, used it for 4 or 5 years in the short time when I had a Windows Computer and had Valve/Steam delete it last year (which was quiet an effort to get them do this).
<efraim>I wasn't allowed either, then I won it in a raffle
<ng0>the other students are all on WhatsApp and some other strange thing, I think I'm missing out some messages etc.. I don't have it and for them having WhatsApp is like using SMS and Email for myself. Being one of the oldest people there shows me some age differences in how you grow up with technology and learn to use it in different ways.
<thomassgn>how do I go about getting the hash for a git-reference source in package definition? For archives I can use guix download, but I can't find a similar tool for git-reference...
<ng0>guix hash
<ng0>you should be using guix hash on taraball downloads too
<ng0>so guix hash -x -r . if you are in the git checkout of the applciation you package
<ng0>or guix-hash if you are using emacs-guix
<pkill9>why d o you need to use guix hash on the tarball downlaods?
<pkill9>guix download spits out the hash
<ng0>it's easier to notice errors in your package insturction
<ng0>if you already got the file in the store it will just use that
<pkill9>hmm yeah
<ng0>if you don't have it, you'll see errors if the URL is wrong
<efraim>I've made commits with the wrong source uri like that before
<thomassgn>ah, great thanks!
<ng0>so in the first months I've used guix download because I found it convenient, now I just use guix hash on downloaded files
<ng0>hm. libmicrohttpd is fialing its testsuite. I wanted to do some system* to invoke changes in the gnunet module. I think I'll have to fix LMH aswell.
<ng0>efraim: what's a raffle?
<pkill9>cmake is looking for wrong paths :(
<efraim>ng0: you buy tickets and they pull one ticket out of a hat and that person wins the item
<pkill9>i suspect it's some flag or a bad cmakefile? idk
<pkill9>when guix is building a package, it uses two directories, the 'source' and the 'build' (and the installation, but ignore that for now) right?
<ng0>efraim: ah, I know this. I just didn't know the translation for it :)
<pkill9>well it's looking for 'include/httpseverywhere.h' in 'source', but it's actually in 'build'
<pkill9>anyone have any idea how to fix this?
<ng0>now lmhd succeeded. great. so offloading related
<wigust>pkill9: there is an argument to cmake build system which says build in the source directory without build directory, which could help.
<pkill9>nice, thanks, that sounds like what i need, i tested building it myself after givign `-K` flag to guix build
<pkill9>wigust: do you know what that argument is or where I can find out?
<wigust>pkill9: As I remember (out-of-source? #t) from guix/build-system/cmake.scm which you want to set in (arguments …) in package definition.
<wigust>pkill9: So you need to make it #f
<pkill9>that looks like it
<pkill9>yesss it worked, thanks wigust :)
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<yousssefx>please i want help installing guix sd with sddm
<yousssefx>it loads and shepherd writes messages that it's loading services then the screen is cleared and a blank cursor appears
<yousssefx>can anyone help
<yousssefx>or tell me where can i find relevant logs
<wigust>pkill9: np, by the way a patch would be welcome if it's free or at least open source software :-)
<wigust>yousssefx: Does the default (slim) work for you?
<yousssefx>but actually it was with 0.13
<yousssefx>and when i installed this time i used the same cconf file but added sddm
<yousssefx>and shepherd loaded everything correctly also Xorg
<yousssefx>seems sddm just didn't load
<wigust>yousssefx: You need to disable SLIM first
<yousssefx>i am examining logs now
<yousssefx>well excuse me what is SLIM?
<wigust>yousssefx: It's a default login manager (same as sddm)
<yousssefx>i didn't write it in my config and i used %base-services
<yousssefx>is it included there
<wigust>yousssefx: Nope, I assumed %desktop-services, sorry
<yousssefx>well i have a hybird gpu laptop
<yousssefx>and Xorg doesn't seem like loaded i915 driver
<yousssefx>can this be relevant
<wigust>yousssefx: oh, hybrid laptop is a pain :-)
<yousssefx>yeah i know
<wigust>yousssefx: You could ask on guix-help mailing list more folks
<yousssefx>well when i tried to open other ttys it didn't show anything it should shon something like login:
<yousssefx>right and that isn't sddm any way
<ng0>also i915 is currently a pain, it can show some weird behavior in the kernel in general. Intel is working on fixes.
<yousssefx>any ideas
<ng0>from your description I assume it's not i915 related though
<yousssefx>wigust: will try them
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<yousssefx>ng0: should xorg file show loading i915?!
<yousssefx>well i guess it shouldn't on my current linux it didn't
<yousssefx>[14:44:33.213] (WW) DAEMON: Error from greeter session: "execve: No such file or directory"
<yousssefx>[14:44:33.070] (WW) DAEMON: Could not setup default cursor
<yousssefx>wigust: is guix-help on freenode?
<ng0>it's a mailinglist
<ng0>i915 [error/general]messages would be shown in /var/log/messages , not xorg
<yousssefx>ng0: just messages about vmunix (?!) loading i915
<ng0>took me way to long (and one laptop replacement) to notice that I have a variation of this:
<ng0>introduced/first appearing in spring 2017.
<yousssefx>ng0: i don't understand it's a buglist
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***danialbehzadi1 is now known as danialbehzadi
<quiliro>i have problems with boot and with fsck
<quiliro>i want to boot from guix usb and fix fs, but macbook air will not recognize guixsd usb
<quiliro>just blank page
<quiliro>perhaps if i use the previous version of guixsd usb
<quiliro>it will boot
<quiliro>how can i verify if the image on usb is the same as the one i have on hard disk?
<quiliro>i could boot successfully with version 0.13 of guixsd install usb
<quiliro>should i report to bug-guix?
<quiliro>i can try to reproduce in order to test if is my error or of 0.14
<amz3>you mean you could *not*
<amz3>to sum up 0.14 doesn't work, and 0.13 works?
<wigust>quiliro: I don't know about mac at all. Could only ask: Did you verify the downloaded image as the doc says?
<quiliro>amz3: 0.14 doesn't work, and 0.13 works
<quiliro>wigust: gpg --verify works great
<quiliro>wigust: how can i verify if the saved image on usb is equal to the uncompressed image on disk?
<quiliro>amz3: i will test 0.14 agan on macbook air and report
<quiliro> should have standard names
<quiliro>some are usb-install and others are just install
<quiliro>guixsd-install and guixsd-usb-install
<quiliro>for example:
<quiliro>same with 0.13
<wigust>quiliro: idk. I think you could extract image, get a hash. Get a hash of files on usb. Check.
<quiliro>md5sum /dev/sdb
<wigust>quiliro: If you are be able to boot from the same usb on previous Guix, I think usb is fine.
<quiliro>md5sum guixsd-install-0.14.0.x86_64-linux.iso
<quiliro>the device is fine, yes
<quiliro>are those md5sum the commands needed?
<quiliro>wigust: ^
<wigust>quiliro: idk :-), I think you will get different hash
<quiliro>wigust: why? they are copied with dd!
<quiliro>it is weird
<wigust>quiliro: I didn't say it will, I just assume. It would be great if the way of verifying burned on usb image will be in the doc. :-)
<quiliro>wigust: true! :-)
<az->anybody please help with chromium package. I'll need to import it from another distro? create mine, or use one from github?
<wigust>Or at least in the mailing list.
<pkill9>az-: there is one from ng0's repository, i think you'll have to build it yourself
<pkill9>it takes ages though, in the end i used slackware package
<az->pkill9: thank you!
<pkill9>ng0 comes into this channel if you have any questions
<az->ng0: how about to use precompilled chromium from Arch linux i.e.?
<quiliro>in fact, not even the working 0.13 usb md5 matched the uncompressed image md5
<amz3>az-: are you using guixsd? binaries from regular distros don't work with guixsd
<wigust>az-: Generally we don't use any precompilled binaries, except a bunch of bootstrapping.
<wigust>amz3: I remember there is a tool which could patch libraries paths for compiled binaries.
<amz3>wigust: patchelf, yes.
<quiliro>i am dd-ing 0.14 again and will test if it boots on the macbook air and on this machine
<amz3>wigust: but I don't know how to use it myself
<amz3>quiliro: fwiw, i could _not_ boot 0.14 too
<amz3>quiliro: on x60s
<amz3>quiliro: maybe 0.14 release is broken
<rekado>the 0.14 release is not broken.
<quiliro>rekado: perhaps usb-install for 0.14 is broken then
<amz3>it's unlikely people test it before release
<quiliro>amz3: i suppose some people have tested 0.14
<amz3>quiliro: AFAIU I could not boot usb install because of some issue with the bootloader I have, maybe your laptop has the same pb
<amz3>quiliro: another way, to go, but I never done it, is to install another distro, and then install guixsd, but it's not documented IIRC
<quiliro>if i use: (modify-services %desktop_services ....) in desktop-config.scm
<quiliro>i will not need to specify (desktop-services) ?
<quiliro>amz3: i do not need it for installation but i wanted to repair filesystem, which i did successfully by booting with 0.13
<quiliro>amz3: i just wanted to report...but i must be i will test again
<quiliro>i will be back after test..bye
<quiliro>ok...error confirmed on guix 0.14 usb install
<quiliro>i will type out the errors
<quiliro>Service root has been started.
<quiliro>ERROR: In proceedure %resolve-variable:
<quiliro>ERROR: Unbound variable: ?
<quiliro>then I get a Guile prompt, where I type ,q
<rekado>amz3: “<amz3> it's unlikely people test it before release” — what?
<rekado>amz3: of course the images have been tested before release!
<quiliro>but it just stays there after that, with no error or without continuing with boot process
<rekado>quiliro: have you checked the signature on the downloaded image?
<quiliro>rekado: yes....will copy message
<quiliro>give me a minute
<quiliro>gpg: Firma correcta de "Ludovic Courtès <>" [desconocido]
<quiliro>it says correct signature
<quiliro>is that what is expected? the manual does not specify
<quiliro>gpg: Firmado el jue 07 dic 2017 03:30:12 -05
<quiliro>is also amongst the messages
<quiliro>i do not see any other relevant text
<quiliro>i dd-ed the uncompressed file twice
<quiliro>and on both occasions, i had errors
<quiliro>at boot
<atw>the gpg output is correct
<quiliro>error booting on macbook air and on gygabyte mainboard with core i7
<atw>Not sure what's wrong with dd. What are the errors you're seeing?
<quiliro>the macbook will simply show a light screen and not even let you select boot device
<quiliro>atw: no errors
<quiliro>errors at boot with usb
<atw>"Adding a channel means fetching the channel description from a URL and storing state in ~/.config/guix/channels/, and fetching the git repo it specifies (just like what guix pull does: it’s a git frontend)." The proposed channels sound a lot like git remotes
<atw>quiliro: what do you see on the other machine when you try to boot from USB?
<amz3>rekado: that what meant to say
<amz3>rekado: yes, release are tested, sorry, the original message is missing a comma
<quiliro>atw: what machine... i have just reported what hapened in macbook and before i typed what this machine showed as messages upon booting with guix install usb
<quiliro>atw: check the irc log
<amz3>atw: they are unlike git remoates actually but more like git submodules
<atw>amz3: hmm, I see that ☺
<atw>quiliro: sorry about that, I didn't read. I don't know enough to solve your problem, unfortunately, and I have to go soon
<quiliro>atw: np...
<quiliro>wigust: you told me 4 days ago that &> redirects STDERR and STDOUT, but it only redirects STDOUT....would you speciy which redirects STDERR please?
<quiliro>I need to report that myslq would not start
<quiliro>reconfigure or herd are not able to start mysql service
<quiliro>perhaps reconfigure cannot start it because herd cannot start it
<wigust>quiliro: '2>' - will redirect only STDERR, '&>' - STDERR and STDOUT
<az->hmmm... all: Subjectively, loading sites via guix/IceCat is muuuch slower than via nix/firefox - why? networking stack free drivers or something?
<wigust>quiliro: See
<wigust>az-: Icecat is a Firefox ESR version, while Nix uses Quantum with new JavaScript engine which should load bloated JavaScript sites faster. Still Icecat and Conkeror (based on Icecat) works pretty fast for me.
<quiliro>wigust: thank you...the manual says the correct format: ls 2>&1 > output_file .... but that did not work either.....i get many more messages
<quiliro>ls > dirlist 2>&1
<wigust>quiliro: '2>&1 > file' and '&>file' are equal
<quiliro>i could test what you say and proved you correct.....but i get many more messages and they do no go into the file
<quiliro>wigust: ^
<quiliro>wigust: what is necesary besides STDOUT and STDERR?
<quiliro>why will reconfigure not remove mysql? i tryed and then tryed herd enable worked when it shouldnt
<quiliro>after removing mysql on config.scm
<az_>how to know biggest package in my guixsd installation?
<az_>how to find biggest packages in my guixsd installation?
<az_>du /gnu/store | sort or something?
<quiliro>az_: ls -S /gnu/store |head
<quiliro>sort will do it alphabetically i think, not by size
<quiliro>az_: ls -Sl /gnu/store |head
<quiliro>az_: ls -Shl /gnu/store |head
<Apteryx>guix system reconfigure is very silent, and top doesn't show guile or anything using much resources... Any way to make it more verbose?
<az_>hm... whe there is two
<az_> k10rcmpgk2lmfw3n283w4gjwjdb12aws-linux-libre-4.13.10-gnu.tar.xz
<az_> 6s04il23m02z66mjpl6d921a7bxanwk6-linux-libre-4.13.10-gnu.tar.xz
<az_>with same versions but different hash!
<az_>I do 'guix gc -d' before!
<az_>how to gc this?
<az_>guix package --delete-generations
<az_>guix gc --collect-garbage
<az_>seems works as expected
<Apteryx>you can also try to gc specific store items
<quiliro>az_: did gc remove linux-libre?
<quiliro>that is weird.....only reconfigure should be able to do that
<rekado>no, gc is expected to remove store items that are no longer needed.
<rekado>having built and installed the kernel means that you no longer need the sources, so gc cleans them out.
<az`>rekado: ok
<az`>but why 'guix gc -d' no actually clean it? but only with --garbage-collect?
<quiliro>that info is something that i do not understand
<quiliro>i cannot start my mysql either by herd or by reconfigure
<az`>oh, dear guixers, what browser dit you actually use on guixsd? IceCat is weird...
<az`>now, it's my third try to compile chromium...
<quiliro>rekado: is this an issue with 0..14?
<quiliro>rekado: talking about mysql
<az`>IceCat is weird for many reasons. qutebrowser works better, but show me Certificate Errors on any page, w3m is cool, but it is w3m )
<wigust>az`: What are the reasons? If you mean javascript licence checker, yes it could be slow. It also could be disabled from the start page.
<az`>icecat hangs sometime without any reasons, very slow connecting to the sites, very slow render it... And why on earth it has so many plugins installed by default? I try to disable all that stuff, but this not help with slowness
<wigust>quiliro: Dunno about mysqlc. Could you try to run system with mysql in a vm?
<wigust>quiliro: 'guix system vm config.scm' will produce one.
<rekado>I use epiphany mostly, but it is not very configurable; for some things I use icecat.
<az`>yeah, epiphany works much better! thanks
<wigust>az`: Just a curios What sites do you mean?
<az`>, google groups, stackoverflow, ... oh etc
<wigust>google groups is slow on all browsers for me :-)
<wigust>it cannot even open without javascript :-(
<az`>years ago I use only ff/pentadactyl for all related tasks, but now I think that webkit is much usable and fast than ff, sad
<az`>I cannot use github/gitlab with icecat now - and this is critical issue
<az`>becouse of that, I configure emacs github-search / close, etc
<az`>(/clone etc)
<wigust>az`: are you sure you have disabled librejs? Sounds like don't
<wigust>az`: it's unususable with it for me, but without it's as fast as chromium
<az`>I disable all installed addons
<az`>looks like networking layer slowness, or something other issue in icecat engine internal
<wigust>az`: it's firefox esr under the hood which is a firefox with extented support
<wigust>folks from 'production' should love it on their non-maintance machines
<quiliro>wigust: after creating the vm, it will run' or do i have to run it?
<wigust>quiliro: It will be run but without redirected ports to vm by default. Still you could check from a vm console is it running or not and make some mysqlc stuff. Then if it works you could redirects ports by passing flag to QEMU.
<quiliro>wigust: i would like to test only
<quiliro>but it is still creating the vm
<Apteryx>any recommendation for versioning dot-files? I thought about a single git repo in my $HOME... where I'd ignore everything and add things explicitly with git add, but that implies a single git repo for every dot files.
<efraim>rekado: in the sailfish commit, is it supposed to be ".../jellyfish-2.2.." with two dots?
<Apteryx>I might want to partition things in a more logical manner (X-related dot-files, .emacs, etc.)
<efraim>Apteryx: stow defaults to up a directory, so I have a folder named dotfiles and in it I have a bunch of folders, and from there I run my stow commands
<efraim>and then it places it in the right spot
<Apteryx>efraim: I have only vaguely heard about GNU Stow, I'll go read about it from now. Thanks for the tip!
<efraim>I found it not too bad, 'stow foo' to place it, 'stow -D foo' to remove it, 'stow -R foo' to re-plop it after making changes
<efraim>and there's some magic in there about symlinked directories that seems to work well enough
<rekado>efraim: yes, that’s because I want to match any patch-level version of jellyfish
<efraim>now it is on, debian got jellyfish to run on other 64-bit processors
<efraim>jellyfish on aarch64 didn't find htslib during configure
<az`>how to update guix to all users of machine? (guix pull)
<pkill9>az`: i'm not sure how safe it is to do, but maybe you can change their `~/.config/guix/latest` symlink to point to the newest guix
<pkill9>if you do `guix pull` on one account e.g. root, and then change the symlinks of the other users
<pkill9>but i wouldn't do that until someone more experienced than me says it's safe to do so
<az`>hm, sounds good, I'll try that in my virtual box first..
<wigust>It's safe and the same as you pull for each user (pull just switches symlinks to the latest compiled guix at the end).
<quiliro>wigust: finally finished guix system vm
<pkill9>when i done that before it tries to recompile it for each user, though maybe the guix git repo was updated before I ran `guix pull` for another user
<quiliro>wigust: got errors and kernel panic
<quiliro>after a guile shell
<quiliro>is there a way for bash to ring a bell after sudo dd?
<quiliro>sudo as: sudo dd..... && beep
<wigust>az`: I have for a while to update guix for root user without rebuilding.
<wigust>quiliro: Dunno. Maybe not enough memory? How much does mysql want? You could give more by passing '-m SIZE'
<wigust>quiliro: It's better to try without mysql service first. There is an example of vm in
<quiliro>wigust: too much time for my poor processor
<quiliro>to make a vm
<wigust>quiliro: It should be faster for the second time.
<wigust>quiliro: If you have a recent guix, then it probably missing some substitutes, so it builds from source slowly.
<atw>yesterday I was looking into the possibility of "user services" but got stumped when I found out that a manifest-entry's item can be only a package or a string for a store path. A cursory examination of (guix profiles) makes me think that it might be possible to loosen the restriction on a manifest-entry-item to be ...a gexp? a scheme-file? I'm not sure what the right type is. I think the important part is the ability to figure out al
<atw>the transitive inputs. Thoughts?
<thomassgn>I've got mtrack building successfully. Haven't figured out how to make it be used, xorg chooses synaptics here. The package can be found here:
<atw>thomassgn: I have an mcron job for borg if you want it
<thomassgn>ah, awesome. Yes please. is it online somewhere? atw
<atw>haha not yet. I should VC my guix stuff but I haven't gotten to it. Let me paste it ...
<atw>thomassgn: let me know if you have any questions.
<atw>You'll also need to (use-package-modules borg). Also, I didn't do any sort of version pinning but makes me think I should
<atw>on icecat, I'm not affected by a bug I get on Debian's Firefox!
<quiliro>herd with mysql complains about Innodb not having read / write permissions
<quiliro>InnoDB: The system tablespace must be writable!
<quiliro>so it disables that service when you try to start it