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<slyfox>should guix-0.14 work against guile-2.2.3? I'm getting 'Unbound variable: file-name->module-name'
<rekado>slyfox: are you compiling from source? If so, did you run “make clean-go” first?
<slyfox>rekado: compiling from source (from release tarball). i cal clean again. does release tarball already contains .go files?
<slyfox>no change
<slyfox>full build log:
<slyfox>i can't even decipher which file tries to refer this 'file-name->module-name' variable. I suspect it's from 'guix/build/compile.scm' but how to infer it from the error?
<slyfox>could it be that it uses modules installed by existing guix in my system?
<civodul>slyfox: that's unlikely
<civodul> blocks tor :-/
<slyfox>i've started to build guix-0.14 in a fresh chroot without guix installed and it did not crash on base16 (and still builds other modules)
<slyfox>I have files like /usr/lib64/guile/2.2/site-ccache/guix/base16.go in system. How does guile does search order in them when 'load-files' from 'guix/build/compile.scm' tries to load them? I suspect it does not force recompilation of outdated files
<civodul>./pre-inst-env makes sure files from $builddir and $srcdir get to the front of the search path
<civodul>maybe there's something in your environment that interferes with that
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<slyfox>*nod*, i'll try to investigate
<civodul>you can move the discussion to help-guix maybe
<ng0>in case of patches like bug#30178, should I mention in the commit message next time that this fixes a current build failure?
<amz3>is there a mkstemp aka. make secure temporary file procedure in guix or guile?
<ng0>mkstemp exists
<ng0>(info guile mkstemp)
<sturm>Does anyone have a USB 3g dongle working in guixsd? I'd love to know what I need to get mine going - worked out of the box on Trisquel
<buenouanq>if true it should work out of the box on guix
<marusich>buenouanq, do you still encounter the problem where SSH does not start? (If you've run "guix system reconfigure" recently, that is)
<buenouanq>I'll let you know in a few hours if you're still here.
<buenouanq>marusich: a barebones config with just the openssh service starts up as expected
<buenouanq>going to add gnome and everything else now
<buenouanq>marusich: no, after installing gnome and everything on a freshly pulled system reconfigure,
<buenouanq>ssh-daemon and ntpd both still fail to start on boot
<buenouanq>this was mentioned by someone last week, but is it possible the order in which services are declared in the config.scm actually matters?
<buenouanq>I can't imagine this to be true...
<thomassgn>Hey, having trouble copying text from emacs to my browser (qutebrowser) in guixSD. Anyone have any tips about controlling clipboard/selection?
<thomassgn>by the way, running guixsd on a macbook pro mid 2012 right now. Works like wonders. Will try to write down my process some of these days, but it was quite straightforward. Though I have to admit blasphemy because I'm using a nonfree kernel.... :( (wireless still not working)
<thomassgn>rereading that, I guess it's all rather blasphemous :)
<buenouanq>thomassgn: have you encountered any weird trackpad issues on the macbook?
<thomassgn>buenouanq: yes. before I configured it, it was only moving the pointer along the y axis on the screen.
<thomassgn>but I got some X11 configs from some "arch on air" guides I looked at, and now it works like a normal touchpad.
<buenouanq>oh wow, ok
<buenouanq>please post links or configs and stuff
<thomassgn>I would like to package the mtrack driver because it apparently works better
<buenouanq>mine does the y axis only (but mapped along the x...) about every other boot
<buenouanq>if it happens I can restart and it fixes itself
<buenouanq>it's very strange, and it wasn't until yesterday that I discovered I wasn't the only one
<buenouanq>you are the third
<buenouanq>the other is efraim
<thomassgn>my config is at and the X11 configs are at: I just put the contents of 60- and 65-synaptics.conf in one file and do how I done with the laptop screen settings.
<thomassgn>It didn't work on the first boot, I think, but after the 3rd boot til now I've had no problem with the trackpad
<buenouanq>but wonderful if it ultimately works
<buenouanq>thank you
<buenouanq>will test tomorrow
<thomassgn>About blasphemy, I'm a bit unsure about the untire sharing how to run nonfree on guix... I've been running nonfree kernel most of the time (mostly because wifi). Like, I've seen once on here someone asking for help running nonfree kernel, and at the time I didn't help out (was also a bit short on time). But like, is there a "policy" or something on this?
<thomassgn>I know that I also probably will be packaging one or two other nonfree programs for my own use, but then I'm really unsure about putting the receipes online or not...
<buenouanq>As part of GNU, I don't think official devs will (or should) offer any real assistance to nonfree pursuits.
<buenouanq>I have no idea what the official policy on this is though.
<buenouanq>My solution to the macbook wifi was to buy a freedom respecting usb dongle ┐( '~')┌
<thomassgn>yea, that's sort of what I'm thinking too. Still split on the issue though. :)
<tg>well, if you want 'freedom respecting' hw a macbook is probably not really the best place to start with
<catonano>hello guixers. According to my checks, increased the coverage by 3 percentage points since yesterday night
<wigust>catonano: Hello catonano, \\o/
<jlicht>hi guix!
<jlicht>Is anyone using locally built icecat extensions on GuixSD? I cannot seem to get the xpi files to install without installing it for only one session via `about:debugging' :/
<janneke>jlicht: hi...i'm using conkeror mostly; still longing for sane browser in emacs
<wigust>jlicht: Hello, there is a suspected discussion
<wigust>jlicht: If I understood you correctly :-)
<jlicht>janneke: tell me something :-)
<jlicht>wigust: I already gave up on having that available ;-).
<jlicht>wigust: I just want to make use of an xpi file I built (forget about even building/loading with guix even for now)
<pkill9>does url-fetch automatically handle zip files?
<pkill9>actually better question is, what do i replace url-fetch with in th package recipe to get source from git?
<pkill9>nevermind, found it, it's git-fetch
<wigust>pkill9: Extracting of archives handled by build-systems as I remember.
<wigust>pkill9: Like you need to do it manually if you choose trivial.
<wigust>ACTION thinks url-fetch/zipbomb in guix/download.scm could probably do it also.
<jlicht>btw, on a related issue: Is anyone able to install /any/ icecat add-ons on GuixSD? I just tried to download Wappalyzer through the > Tools > Add-ons > Get Add-ons feature, but I get the same error as when trying to load my own xpi files. ("The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt")
<pkill9>i keep getting 'phase `unpack' failed after 0.0 seconds'
<jlicht>pkill9: could you share your code via a paste service?
<pkill9>kk i'll include full output
<pkill9>inface, i think i may know what the problem is, but i'll paste it anyway
<pkill9>jlicht: the error is on line 186
<jlicht>I'll have a look
<pkill9>it might be because i set 'version' to 'git' and so it tries to look in a non-existent directory
<pkill9>since the .zip file unzips to 'rainbow-lollipop-master' i think
<jlicht>pkill9: could be. BTW, using these GH-generated zip files is not advisable, as they are known to change in-place from time to time
<jlicht>so I would look for a proper release tarball/zip, or just fetch the source using git
<jlicht>using *`git-fetch'
<jlicht>I can't check the actual error for you, because my guix starts building webkit stuff
<wigust>pkill9: Try to use url-fetch/zipbomb instead url-fetch to unzip after fetching. But as jlicht you should use git-fetch in this case because no release tarball provided by upstream.
<pkill9>i trie dusing git-fetch but wasn't able to, could you give a simple example I can put in?
<pkill9>btw if you want webkitgtk, it recently built on I believe the latest guix on the build server, though dunno if there's now a newer version of guix
<jlicht>pkill9: building guix also takes my laptop quite a while ;-)
<wigust>pkill9: You could 'grep git-fetch gnu/packages/*.scm' for any number of them :-)
<pkill9>strange, i get 'ERROR: Unbound variable: git-fetch'
<jlicht>pkill9: you need to import the right module where `git-fetch' is defined. (something something git-download I think?)
<jlicht>*(guix git-download)
<pkill9>ah yeah
<pkill9>how do you get the base32/sha256sum hash using `guix download` for future reference?
<pkill9>currently i just copied what it says after 'actual:' when it fails
<jlicht>pkill9: guix download <url-of-thing-you-want-to-download>
<pkill9>i mean with a git checkout
<jlicht>I always checked out the branch I want, and then: `guix hash -x -r .'
<pkill9>ok well the 'unpack; phase succeeded now :) now onto the build errors
<wigust>pkill9: You could 'grep git-fetch gnu/packages/*.scm' for any number of them :-)
<wigust>Oh, sorry
<jlicht>pkill9: yay :-)
<pkill9>hmm, i successfully built a dependency, but the package that depends on it can't find it in the build process
<quiliro>will offloading be the optimal way to install software on a low end machine?
<quiliro>in order to avoid the update taking 24 hours
<quiliro>or is the best way is to have a substitute server?
<pkill9>quiliro: yeah
<pkill9>well, most ppl use substitutue server
<pkill9>or both, idk
<pkill9>but it comes preconfigured to use the substitute server
<ng0>thomassgn: I think it's okay as long as it's not advertised in these spaces. it's your private opinion in code. that's how I chose to set borders between separate projects, my own projects and my private life. Only the things which happen to be communicated in the officially declared Guix communication channels are project related. Only what I send out to guix-patches is "guix work" for me.
<ng0>if we can't draw borders between what we do, then this is a hell lot of invasive.
<ng0>just my 2cts
<quiliro>pkill9: but i always need to compile....probably because i guix pull before installing or updating
<ng0>I don't know who wanted to know about it yesterday, but I've got 30.1% substitutes build in 18 hours already with 8GB RAM and ~4GHz some old generation AMD.
<ng0>starting from 0
<ng0>so if you have the specs, it's fast
<ng0>thomassgn: worst case, write a disclaimer like I did (I did it for separation of project spaces and to point out that some code is untested or only tested on one architectures)
<ng0>*some old AMD: Quadcore, 4 CPUs, 2 cores per socket.
<quiliro>it would be nice to have an older version of guix that has all substitutes built
<quiliro>perhaps pragmaos!
<quiliro>in prabola there is version guix 0.11.0
<ng0>then parabola should update
<ng0>I understand the message between the lines, but every substitute kept also requires diskspace.
<efraim>ng0: about your question last night with building everything, if you pass it to parallel then it'll retry failed builds. I have 'guix build --no-substitutes --keep-going --max-silent-time=1800 $(guix package -A | cut -f1,2 --output-delimiter=@)
<ng0>I have it set to skip failed builds for now
<ng0>FiraCode is a really good font. I used to use Everson Mono for many many years but Everson Mono is not a good font to look at all day
<rekado_>It’s confusing that webkitgtk was built on berlin, but no substitute is available.
<civodul>rekado_: maybe the substitute is being prepared?
<civodul>indeed, try: wget -O -
<civodul>it returns 200 now
<OriansJ>if only the binary substitutes and source tarballs were in a distributed hashed object pool
<OriansJ>perhaps broken into 4KB chunks for easy distribution and spread?
<efraim>hmm, i'm still getting 0% for aarch64 for berlin
<pkill9>i got webkitgtk from hydra
<civodul>efraim: yeah something's wrong on berlin it seems
<atw>I would like to run shepherd as my user with a configuration similar to (services ...) in operating-system. That is, I want to specify services with g-expressions that will automatically pull in the needed package outputs. I'd also like to have my profile automatically include what's needed. Does something like this exist?
<civodul>atw: for the profile, there's the 'packages' field
<civodul>and otherwise, what you describe is what happens already, IIUC :-)
<amz3>when I use 'guix package -f FOO.scm" does it install ball the outputs e.g. 'out' and 'debug' or just 'out'
<amz3>I installed a program (gnunet) with guix package -f, I have debug symbols in /gnu/store
<amz3>I installed gdb with guix
<amz3>when my program crash, I gdb can not find the symbols
<quiliro>why does sudo guix pull give me errors?
<quiliro>ould you please check the mailing list?
<quiliro>struggling to get machine boot for a week now
<quiliro>what do i need before 'sudo guix system reconfigure /path/to/configuration.scm'?
<quiliro>guix pull only?
<atw>here's pseudo-scheme of what I'm trying to do:
<quiliro>sudo guix pull will not work but guix pull will
<quiliro>do i need to guix package -u
<quiliro>it is a long task because i have many packages
<quiliro>wigust: did you see my mailing list post?
<wigust>quiliro: Hello! Yes, I did. Dunno why do you have this error. I suggested you brute force method in #guix, yesterday. Did you try it?
<quiliro>wigust: please remind me
<atw>I'm working through my pseudo-scheme and one problem I've encountered is that (gnu services shepherd) does not export shepherd-configuration-file. Is there any way around this?
<wigust>quiliro: Change natsu to your user name and run with sudo
<quiliro>wigust: i am afraid it will not work
<quiliro>because i am on guixsd
<wigust>quiliro: I'm, too.
<quiliro>wigust: but #!/bin/sh will not work on guixsd
<wigust>quiliro: I used this before to not recompile for root and user twice. But now I'm using different branch of guix for root user.
<wigust>quiliro: it's the only thing in /bin. Don't you have it?
<quiliro>oh! true...did not realize this
<quiliro>wigust: unlink: no se puede deshacer el enlace '/root/.config/guix/latest': Permiso denegado
<quiliro>permission denied
<marusich>buenouanq, glad to know that sshd no longer fails to start up, even if we don't know why it stopped failing...
<wigust>quiliro: As I said call script with root. I have it in ~/bin/ So 'sudo ~/bin/'.
<quiliro>wigust: after that? 'sudo guix pull'?
<wigust>quiliro: Dunno :-), but your root has the same guix version now
<wigust>quiliro: So you could 'reconfigure' to the most fresh version
<quiliro>wigust: so i do not need to sudo guix pull?
<marusich>thomassgn, since this is the official #guix channel, we should probably avoid steering people to non-free software here in this channel.
<wigust>quiliro: Yes
<wigust>quiliro: Try to reconfigure and check if you have 'too old system' message
<marusich>thomassgn, the only official policy I know of that Guix adheres to regarding free/non-free software is the Free Software Distribution Guidlines. You should check it out; it's worth reading:
<marusich>quiliro, before you run "guix system reconfigure" as root, you need to make sure that root's installation of Guix is up to date.
<marusich>That basically means running "guix pull" as root.
<marusich>The procedure is slightly different for GuixSD and foreign distros...I wrote up a detailed description here that you might find useful:
<catonano>good evening. The coverage is at 62.8% right now but I don't remember the number the last time I checked :-/
<amz3>around 50%
<marusich>The procedure may also differ if you have customized your own environment, for exmaple if you are running Guix from Git, or if you have symlinked ~root/.config/guix/latest to point to ~quiliro/.config/guix/latest
<catonano>amz3: nooo, it was much higher for me :-) It was like 58.xx
<catonano>or maybe 57.xx
<catonano>amz3: thanks though !
<atw>taohansen: not sure if you got an answer, but you might want the handle-lid-switch configuration parameter for elogind-service
<quiliro>marusich: thank you for the link
<quiliro>marusich: how can i check if root's version of guix is up to date
<marusich>Unless something has changed recently that I don't know about, the only way I know of is to check the mtime of the symlink.
<marusich>Do "stat ~root/.config/guix/latest" and see what the mtime (modification time) is.
<marusich>That should indicate the last time the link was changed, which should be the last time that guix pull was run as root.
<marusich>Guix will also warn you when your Guix installation is old.
<marusich>e.g. when you invoke "guix package -i foo", it should say "guix package: warning: Your Guix installation is 15 days old."
<marusich>or something similar. Mine is 15 days old...time to update... )
<quiliro>i get guix system: warning: Consider running 'guix pull' followed by
<quiliro>'guix system reconfigure' to get up-to-date packages and security updates.
<quiliro>guix system: warning: /root/.config/guix/latest not found: 'guix pull' was never run
<quiliro>guix system: warning: Consider running 'guix pull' before 'reconfigure'.
<quiliro>guix system: warning: Failing to do that may downgrade your system!
<quiliro>but it will not tell me it is 141 days old any more
<marusich>Do you run Guix from a Git repo? I would presume not, since you are trying to use "guix pull"
<quiliro>stat says that file does not exist
<quiliro>marusich: no git repo
<marusich>Sounds like you have never run guix pull as root.
<marusich>You use GuixSD right?
<quiliro>wigust told me to remove the simlink
<marusich>Why would you need to remove the symlink?
<quiliro>i dont know
<quiliro>sudo guix pull did not work
<quiliro>guix pull worked
<quiliro>so used user's guix
<marusich>Do you use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH or have any Guix-related customizations in your GUILE_LOAD_PATH?
<marusich>Then I would suggest to try once more using "guix pull" as root, but this time try it this way. First, run "sudo bash --login" to get a root login shell. Then run "guix pull".
<quiliro>used wigust's
<quiliro>it is working
<marusich>Looks like they were suggesting that you create a symlink ~root/.config/guix/latest pointing to your user's $HOME/.config/guix/latest
<quiliro>yep....that is better expressed!
<marusich>That is reasonable, but it is a non-standard setup. Some people do that here, but I don't, for example.
<marusich>I think it is probably safer to just keep root's Guix installation separate from other users.
<quiliro>i would not like to do anything nonstandard before i understand guix well
<marusich>Yeah, it will make things confusing...
<marusich>By the way, is "natsu" the name of a user on your system? If not, the script at will silently succeed but not perform the intended action.
<atw>if I run shepherd start as my user, what is default configuration location?
<marusich>I recall that is described in the Shepherd manual.
<marusich>I don't remember the path though.
<atw>the manual says that -c FILE specifies the configuration file location but it does not say what happens if that option is not specified.
<marusich>Check (shepherd) Jump Start
<marusich>"When ‘shepherd’ gets started, it reads and evaluates a configuration
<marusich>file. When it is started with superuser priviledges, it tries to use
<marusich>‘/etc/shepherd.scm’. When started as normal user, it looks for a file
<marusich>called ‘$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/shepherd/init.scm’. If the ‘XDG_CONFIG_HOME’
<marusich>environment variable is not defined, ‘$HOME/.config/shepherd/init.scm’
<marusich>is used instead. With the option ‘--config’ (or, for short, ‘-c’), you
<marusich>can specify where to look instead."
<marusich>So, you can put your config in $HOME/.config/shepherd/init.scm if you do not want to specify --config explicitly.
<atw>ah, I missed that. Thanks for finding that!
<marusich>NP, I've been there
<quiliro>after running 'guix pull' inside 'sudo bash --login', will i avoid sources and use only substitutes if i run 'guix system reconfigure config.scm' a week latter?
<quiliro>marusich: it is still compiling (50%) on 'guix pull'...i have an old machine
<atw>quiliro: I believe the best way to get as many substitutes you can would be to do sudo guix pull && sudo guix system reconfigure. You can also use guix weather
<quiliro>it is weird but 9 years wasn't so old 9 years ago!
<atw>*as many substitues AS you can
<quiliro>i have to compile so much it take a day to do it every time
<marusich>quiliro, I don't think Guix can currently be told to "only" use substitutes. The availability of substitutes varies at any given time. If you build right after running "guix pull", you probably won't get a lot of substitutes (you can use "guix weather" to check how many you might get).
<quiliro>atw: but that would make me use the latest packages that might not have substitutes
<marusich>If you wait a while after running "guix pull", the availability of substitutes might improve as the build farm catches up to the latest master branch changes and builds them, but honestly you'll probably finish building on your own faster if you just build right after running guix pull.
<atw>ah true...
<marusich>So, I would recommend just running "guix system --fallback reconfigure /path/to/your/config.scm" right after running "guix pull" as root.
<marusich>And let it go for however long it takes. Maybe do it overnight.
<quiliro>i cant because i do not have a permanent connection
<quiliro>i can connect for a few hours every 3 days
<marusich>I can think of two suggestions
<marusich>1) explicilty do "guix pull" from an older commit, maybe a week or two, to increase the chances you get substitutes.
<quiliro>about 6 hours after 3 days
<quiliro>how to do guix pull from an older commit?
<marusich>See (guix) Invoking guix pull for details on how to do that (the --commit option)
<marusich>Note that if you do this, you will lag behind in terms of security updates.
<marusich>Keep that in mind.
<marusich>2) do a guix pull, and then fetch all the sources you will need to build from scratch
<quiliro>not too bad when all other distros are much more back
<marusich>I'm not sure how to reliably fetch all the sources you will need, though
<quiliro>should i reconfigure inside root or better sudo
<marusich>for now I would suggest doing "sudo bash --login" and then running reconfigure from within that login root shell.
<marusich>Running "sudo guix system ..." should work fine, but if you first get a root login shell, it will be less likely for certain environment variables to be misconfigured.
<marusich>When you run commands via "sudo", like guix, you have to be aware that "sudo" modifies the environment in which the command runs. In particular, it may remove/change some environment variables, depending on the system sudo policy, and also on how you invoke sudo.
<marusich>By invoking the command "bash --login" via sudo, you will help ensure that your root login shell will have all the right environment variables set up (because bash will set them up when it starts).
<marusich>Since you said you are having trouble running "guix" via "sudo", I think it makes sense to first try to get things working by using a root login shell. Later, you can figure out how to properly invoke guix via "sudo".
<quiliro>marusich: thank you very much for all this valuable information
<marusich>Surely thre ought to be a way to tell Guix to fetch all the sources required to build your system
<marusich>I just don't know exactly how.
<marusich>If you can figure that out, then you could bring the sources home and build it all offline.
<quiliro>i have a machine with parabola that i maintain and that i could double boot when i come is a core i7
<marusich>You might try something like this: "guix build --sources=transitive $(guix system build -d ~/config.scm)"
<quiliro>marusich: but your command is not enough...
<marusich>Why is it not?
<quiliro>marusich: user packages are also needed
<quiliro>besides, other packages that users might want to install
<quiliro>maybe the best is to make a mirror server to take to the nonconnected site and back every so often
<quiliro>maybe even every month
<quiliro>so that users have updates every month
<marusich>Well, if everyone is using the same version of Guix (i.e. the Guix you get via 'guix pull'), then couldn't you just add whatever packages you need to the end of the command, like
<marusich>"guix build --sources=transitive $(guix system build -d ~/config.scm) hello"
<quiliro>but that is not possible to know beforehands
<quiliro>it is possible to know at the moment of install
<marusich>You could put all the packages in there, I suppose, but I don't think you will be able to download the sources in 6 hours
<quiliro>but i could be able to download all the substitutes from a permanently connected local machine to my portable server in 6 hours
<marusich>maybe; I'm not sure how big all the sources are together
<quiliro>not the sources
<quiliro>i mean to make a substitute server on the connected site and mirror it to the portable server in 6 hours
<marusich>Yeah, you could do that.
<quiliro>now how do i do it?
<marusich>Good question :)
<marusich>Either, you can devise a way to fetch all the available substitutes from the Guix build farm (I don't know how the devs will like that since it would take up a lot of bandwidth), or you could explore setting up your own build farm.
<quiliro>well ... a 10000 step journey is made step by can i make a substitute server?
<marusich>In theory, your "build farm" could just be 1 server that slowly but surely builds a lot of things.
<marusich>Cuirass and Hydra are, I think, two pieces of software that are intended to automatically build all the packages.
<marusich>I don't have experience setting them up or operating them, though.
<marusich>I'd like to try someday.
<quiliro>maybe a link?
<quiliro>is it in the manual?
<marusich>I'll bet that by examining the "guix weather" code, or other substitution-related code, you could probably figure out how to download all the substitutes...but it'd be hundreds of gigabytes, so you should speak with Ludo or Ricardo about whether that's a good idea
<marusich>quiliro, maybe. I think Cuirass is fairly undocumented. Hydra is a Nix thing which Guix also uses. I would begin by searching the email archives for "cuirass" and "hydra", and checking the various Guix Git repos for hints. For example, there is hydra configuration in the "maintenance" repo:
<marusich>You can search the email archives here:
<marusich>Sometimes, searching the open bugs and patches is also usesul.
<marusich>And for Hydra in particular, if you require more info, you might consider looking up info on Nix's website, too.
<quiliro>ok... i will do that my next connection...time is almost up for me
<quiliro>thank you very much for your mentoring
<marusich>I'm glad to help!
<marusich>I hope someday to try making my own little build farm, so maybe eventually you can tell me how to do it :)
<quiliro>it is running guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm
<quiliro>inside root
<quiliro>marusich: cool!
<thomassgn>Hey, ng0 and marusich: thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.
<pkill9>i'm trying to use 'search-patches' but getting error that it's unbound variable, is there a module i need to import first?
<marusich>Probably? I'd "grep -r 'define.*search-patches' path/to/your/guix/installation' to find out where it's defined, and then maybe figure out how to import it.
<marusich>Also,you can look for other usages of search-patches in other packages to see how they do it, and maybe you'll find you've missed something.
<marusich>rekado_, your replies to Bug 29896 are not being put into the bug report for some reason
<marusich>any idea why?
<atw>I am writing a manifest file with a bunch of (define ...)s. The last s-exp in the file should evaluate to a manifest object. Is that legal?
<rekado_>marusich: problems with the combination of’s SMTP servers and mail infrastructure.
<rekado_>it’s unclear why but zoho blames gnu and gnu says nothing’s wrong on their end. All my mails are delayed. Very annoying.
<marusich>atw, I think so. Try it and see. If you're curious, the exact behavior can probably be discovered by examining the source code that loads the manifest.
<atw>the reason I ask is that it will evaluate fine with Geiser but when I run guix package -m I get an error I don't understand. Let me get this into a paste...
<marusich>If it's unclear to you, and you figure it out, consider submitting a patch to the documentation. The section "(guix) Invoking guix package" discusses the manifest file, but doesn't answer your question clearly.
<marusich>rekado_, I see. I was very confused!
<atw>I have also experienced slow mails.
<rekado_>it’s quite debilitating, and it’s been going on for months, but it seems to be limited to zoho and gnu.
<rekado_>atw: with mailer daemon delay warnings and eventually dropped emails?
<atw>uh, I don't think so. I posted in help-guix but my message didn't show in the archive for...a couple of hours? Longer than 30 minutes IIRC
<atw>Here's the manifest: The error I'm seeing is
<atw>what I'm trying to do is use guix to construct a shepherd configuration, and then add what that needs to my profile.
<civodul>atw: the problem has to do with 'shepherd-configuration-file'
<civodul>it's a monadic procedure, because it ends with a call to 'gexp->file', which is monadic
<civodul>the workaround is to not use monadic style at all
<civodul>you can use 'scheme-file' instead of 'gexp->file', for instance
<civodul>oh but then we need to change 'shepherd-service-file' too
<civodul>the trick with user services is smart, BTW!
<thomassgn>buenouanq: Right, I now have the trackpad not working again, and rebooting does not fix it... :( mtrack here we come...
<atw>thanks! services are useful, so why not use them outside of operating-system? :)
<efraim>I reboot and reboot until it fixes itself
<atw>I could make shepherd-configuration-file and shepherd-service-file non-monadic. But could I instead make (manifest-add ...) monadic?
<thomassgn>efraim: haha, good tip, will continue trying... :P
<pkill9>how do i change a url in the .gitmodule of a git source?
<civodul>atw: 'manifest-add' has no reason to be monadic (it doesn't interact with the store) so i'd leave it as is
<civodul>but yeah, we can surely modify (gnu services shepherd)
<atw>modify it to what end?
<civodul>to make it non-monadic
<civodul>well you can actually modify it locally in your code :-)
<civodul>you should share your trick on the ML, i'm sure many people would be interested in it
<civodul>there've been discussions before
<atw>doesn't it need to be monadic because of the store interactions?
<atw>I will share once I clean up a bit
<civodul>not really, you can use "file-like" objects such as those returned by 'scheme-file', 'plain-file', etc.
<civodul>you can insert those objects in a gexp and eventually the right thing happens :-)
<civodul>i.e., they're added to the store
<atw>ACTION is slowly grokking monads and g-exps
<Apteryx>civodul: I'm considering the use of srfi-115 for fixing substitute from crashing on NUL chars. Thanks for suggesting.
<civodul>ISTR that the reference implementation works out of the box on Guile 2
<atw>civodul: you're right, I'll have to make a non-monadic shepherd-service-file.
<civodul>i'm also making that change in Guix proper, while i'm at it
<thomassgn>have a stupid question: in the mtrack definition I need mtdev as an input, but mtdev is in the file xdisorg.scm. So I '#:use-module (gnu packages xdisorg))' and then do '(inputs '(("mtdev" ,mtdev)))' Which gives me that mtrack has an invalid input mtdev... how do I ...
<civodul>thomassgn: that's because of ' (quote) instead of ` (quasiquote)
<civodul>should be: (inputs `(("mtdev" ,mtdev)))
<thomassgn>derp. haha, Thanks civodul
<ngz>Hello. I'm trying to update a package (GNU Solfege), which builds fine, but fails when called. The culprit is a "from gi.repository import Gtk" line somewhere in a Python script. The error is "ImportError: cannot import name Gtk, introspection typelib not found".
<civodul>heya ngz
<ngz>I guess I'm missing an input. But I don't know which one. I already have python and python-pygobject.
<civodul>that rings a bell
<civodul>maybe GI_TYPELIB_PATH is unset?
<ngz>it is, indeed.
<pkill9>can a file path be used for URI?
<pkill9>well,f or sourc ei mean
<civodul>ngz: i *think* people figured out ways to address this already, but i forgot the details
<civodul>pkill9: yes
<civodul>or (local-file "/path/to/file")
<ngz>civodul: So, let's grep for GI_TYPELIB_PATH in the code base
<pkill9>nice thanks
<yrk>my librebooted x200 doesn't seem to recognize the usb. try a different usb stick? dd it differently? other ideas?
<yrk>(the usb stick contains guixsd of course)