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<g_bor>good night, I have to go
<buenouanq>when I burn the 0.14 image to a flashdrive, fdisk gives me this error:
<buenouanq>GPT PMBR size mismatch (2319631 != 3891199) will be corrected by w(rite).
<buenouanq>and it cannot be booted to
<apteryx_>I'm trying to build cling inside my profile (not as a package, yet). I get this error when running cmake: ld-wrapper: error: attempt to use impure library. Any idea? If I try from a pure environment, I instead get an error that /usr/bin is not in the PATH or something similar.
<atw>what might I need to add to my system config to get brightness keys working? currently no application is grabbing that key as hitting a brightness key will cause emacs to say "<XF86MonBrightnessDown> is undefined"
<apteryx_>what window manager are you using?
<apteryx_>I'm using ratpoison, and this kind of thing is pretty much left for me to bind to whatever does something with it.
<bavier1>apteryx_: ld-wrapper will complain about linking any libraries that are not in the store.
<bavier1>there is an environment variable to override that
<atw>apteryx_: spectrwm, so I think I'm in a similar situation. I'm looking into the light package.
<atw>I see that shepherd is respawning ntpd every 3 minutes or so. Why might ntpd be dying?
<apteryx_>bavier1: I see, thanks.
<apteryx_>I'm trying to compile Guix on a foreign distro and I keep hitting this problem: ERROR: gzip: unbound variable
<apteryx_>Here's the backtrace:
<apteryx_>I've already ran make clean-go.
<apteryx_>Oh, Ludovic pushed some changes about how the daemon handles compression... I'm wondering if this could have something to do with it? I haven't updated the daemon yet.
<marusich>I'm very curious to hear more about the GNU project's and GuixSD's opinion regarding how to deal with potential microcode updates for CPUs in relation to the recent Spectre/Meltdown problem:
<lapinpinpin>hi, it's possible to cross pack for a different architecture? x86_64 to armhf ?
<buenouanq>lapinpinpin: latest blog post says currently no, but hopefully that will change in the future
<marusich>lapinpinpin, buenouanq, there is a --target option in the "Invoking guix pack" section of the manual. Perhaps it's possible?
<marusich>I don't know for sure, though.
<lapinpinpin>because guix say that to me it's not possible for the expat package
<lapinpinpin>guix pack: error: build failed: a `armhf-linux' is required to build `/gnu/store/y1hymdkacina9vjghg96rigp6p7hczid-expat-2.2.4.drv', but I am a `x86_64-linux'
<lapinpinpin>"but i am a" who are you !!!!!
<marusich>lapinpin, I presume you are the same as lapinpinpin. That message, "but I am a...", probably comes from a recent commit that Ludo made which is intended to make it possible to transparently build for other architectures (without cross-building) using QEMU.
<marusich>I suggest that you report the issue you are having on guix-devel@, or bug-guix@.
<marusich>Ludo, or someone else, might be able to provide more useful feedback.
<marusich>Oh, I take that back.
<marusich>Those changes have not been committed.
<marusich>I was confused.
<efraim>That's been there for a while
<rekado>amz3: proot severely degrades the peformance of applications that make many syscalls.
<buenouanq>so I'm going through my users and updating things
<buenouanq>why does guix pull sometimes take a while and do the whole loading compiling thing, and other times it still exits successfully but very quickly and seemingly without doing anything?
<clacke[m]>I guess that depends on whether git HEAD moved in between two invocations or not
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<buenouanq>oh man, the list of official services has grown so much since last I checked
<buenouanq>this is wonderful
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<catonano>hhi civodul !
<apteryx__>my nicknames are getting ridiculous... I ought to setup a weechat relay ;)
<m-o>hi civodul, nice serie on binfmt !
<trivial-fis>Is it possible(reasonably convenient) to use guix to replace python pip and virtualenv?
<snape>trivial-fis: that's one of Guix's goals
<trivial-fis>I read the menu about guix environment, but didn't get it right.
<snape>I have no experience with Python, but lots of Python packages are already packaged for Guix, and I don't think they would be unconvenient to use
<trivial-fis>Quick introduction. Python virtualenv let you set up a isolated environment in a directory. All packages in that env are independent of the outside world. And you can install/remove packages anytime you want just like normal environment.
<trivial-fis>The installed packages with python interpreter itself will be stored in that directory.
<trivial-fis>I want to achieve the same effect with guix profile. But the spawned shell seems to use my ~/.guix-profile by default.
<snape>you mean you want to achieve the same effect with guix environment?
<trivial-fis>Any pointers I can read about? :)
<snape>the official doc...
<snape>--pure will unset original environment variables
<trivial-fis>How do I load the environment back next time?
<trivial-fis>With --pure enabled
<snape>you type the same 'guix environment' command I guess
<trivial-fis>It will spawn a new one.
<snape>Yes. I probably don't understand well what you want, since I never worked with Python environments though. But if you quit a Guix environment and want to get back to it, you need to type the command again.
<snape>with --pure there should be nothing using ~/.guix-profile
<trivial-fis>Most of the time, environment created by python virtualenv ties to a specific project. So basically one env for each project. I need to go back to the exact same environment every time I work on that project.
<trivial-fis>And I need to remove that environment after I am done with(Never ever need to see it again).
<snape>IMHO you quit the shell when you are done, and you type the same command if you want to get back.
<snape>does that make sense?
<trivial-fis>Not really.... I tried a few times. Typing the same command `guix environment --pure -r ./profile` in different directories(Act as project home).
<trivial-fis>And few times without -r option
<trivial-fis>They go in the the same profile(looking at $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT), then how can I distinguish them by projects?
<civodul>trivial-fis: did you take a look at ?
<civodul>essentially there are two ways to create a new environment: with and without --ad-hoc
<civodul>"guix environment python-crypto" drops you in an environment containing the *dependencies* of "python-crypto"
<civodul>whereas "guix environment --ad-hoc python-crypto" creates and env that contains python-crypto
<trivial-fis>Yes., I read the menu. I am comparing `guix environment` with virtualenv of python.
<snape>trivial-fis: isn't thw $PWD enough to distinguish them by projects?
<civodul>davexunit: BTW, did you have a chance to work on the 'guix environment' changes you proposed?
<trivial-fis>snape: Sorry I didn't explain it clearly. I want one "guix profile/environment" maps to one python project. Say if I have 10 python projects, I should have 10 different guix profiles.
<trivial-fis>snape: Each profile is activated if and only if I am working with its corresponding python project.
<civodul>trivial-fis: what you could do is have a .guix.scm file in each of these projects, and then run "guix environment -l .guix.scm" when you enter the project
<trivial-fis>Oh, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks!
<clacke[m]>the thing that happens when you do -r is that you create a profile
<clacke[m]>it doesn't reuse the profile you have there
<clacke[m]>to use a profile, you can "source <profiledirectory>/etc/profile"
<clacke[m]>to "un-use" it you'd just exit the shell
<clacke[m]>oh yes, unset GUIX_PROFILE before sourcing
<trivial-fis>I guess i will need to write some little script for doing that.
<trivial-fis>Thanks for the help. :)
<clacke[m]>exec env -u GUIX_PROFILE bash --rcfile "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]%/*}")"/guix-profile/etc/profile
<clacke[m]>in a file with #!/bin/bash at the top
<clacke[m]>maybe call it local-shell
<clacke[m]>maybe add the setting of PS1 to indicate that you're in a special shell
<clacke[m]>this is assuming that you have run 'guix environment -r guix-profile --ad-hoc packages you need' in the same directory
<ton>Hey, is it possible to make the live disk persistent? the install image from downloads...
<ton>and I will be trying to install guixsd on a macbook pro (2012) soonish, if anyone has some hints, tips or warnings I'd be very happy hear about it :)
<clacke[m]>trivial-fis left, but here's what I couldn't keep myself from throwing together:
<clacke[m]>turns out PS1 will be erased in a new shell, so it needs to be set in the rcfile every time
<davexunit>civodul: no I haven't yet. sorry :(
<davexunit>haven't been able to get my act together to tackle it
<civodul>davexunit: hehe, np :-)
<civodul>ton: nope, it cannot be made persistent
<civodul>clacke[m]: on GuixSD PS1 is modified when you run 'guix environment'
<clacke[m]>civodul: is running guix environment different from sourcing the profile?
<clacke[m]>I would expect the profile to be the same between guix and guixsd
<civodul>clacke[m]: yes they are equivalent
<civodul>it's just that the default .bashrc on GuixSD adjusts PS1 appropriately when in 'guix environment'
<clacke[m]>ah, it reads GUIX_ENVIRONMENT I guess
<castilma>hey guys, wouldn't it be cool, if one could create appimages with guix? (like guix pack --format appimage libreoffice; or so)
<clacke[m]>is there a way to make guix environment instantiate a user environment that is present in /gnu/store?
<rekado>castilma: yes, that would be neat.
<clacke[m]>or is sourcing the etc/profile the way to do it?
<rekado>I wanted to add support for deb packages and flatpaks
<castilma>rekado: sorry, i still assume everyone is male on the internet (and I thought guys can also be used for groups, even though there are females in there).
<castilma>clacke[m]: it does that by default, afaik. but by default it there is no garbage collecter root created to prevent it from being collected(after you quit the shell). you can create one with -r option.
<civodul>rekado: half of the population is female so let's just avoid "guys" :-)
<rekado>castilma: ^ ;)
<bavier>has anyone tried to endow our lua package with a native-search-paths field?
<apteryx__>I'm getting strange errors trying to run guix lint on a foreign system:
<rekado>bavier: I tried this many months ago, but it’s tricky because lua search paths are actually glob patterns.
<bavier>rekado: yeah, it's tricky
<bavier>but without it, every package using lua modules would need to set the variables itself
<bavier>guix/search-paths.scm would need to be adjusted somehow
<bavier>idk, I should probably just skip over it for now and use wrap-program
<bavier>what if you could specify a search-path-specification with a procedure that could manipulate the directories/files found
<bavier>e.g. to append a string to each
<bavier>I vaguely recall another tool that needs such support for its paths, but I can't remember which
<efraim>'guix gc --verify=repair,contents' takes forever when the store is on an external hdd
<civodul>yeah, it reads every single file from the store
<civodul>bavier: i vaguely remember a discussion about Lua's glob patterns in search paths
<civodul>i forgot what the conclusion was
<civodul>perhaps there's an open bug or something?
<bavier>civodul: I'll check
<bavier>here it is:
<bavier>civodul: conclusion: "terrible" and don't want to touch search-paths mechanism much
<bavier>I think allowing a search-path-specification to contain an arbitrary procedure to manipulate the found items would be low impact
<bavier>I'll try some things out and reply to the bug
<g_bor>I've seen the discussion about PS1 and guix environment, and I would like to add, that when using byobu an old issue in byobu is stopping the change in PS1.
<g_bor>I've looked around what to do about that, but I still don't have any good fix for that one.
<bavier>hi quiliro, how are you?
<efraim>Testing a fix for building grub-hybrid on aarch64
<bavier>which package has the "ps" executable?
<bavier>nvm, in procps
<civodul>bavier: re Lua, doh!
<civodul>terrible indeed
<civodul>i guess we should explore the possibilities with an open mind and see what's best
<civodul>we could try to see, if we extended the search path mechanism, what it should look like
<civodul>another option might be to modify Lua to introduce a GUIX_LUA_PATH or something
<civodul>the status quo is not good anyway
<bavier>but, and I'm not much of a lua expert, what I've seen makes the status quo seem necessary
<bavier>e.g. package modules put their entry point files in many different places
<bavier>which would make a GUIX_LUA_PATH also difficult
<civodul>you mean there's no standard share/lua/5.3 directory or something like that?
<bavier>that parts standard
<bavier>but when a script says e.g. 'require("foo")'
<bavier>that could be loaded from "share/lua/5.3/foo.lua" or "share/lua/5.3/foo/init.lua", or "share/lua/5.3/foo/foo.lua"
<bavier>depending on the module and how it installs
<bavier>so yeah, not so fun
<civodul>Nixpkgs doesn't have search paths but it has "setup hooks" which can play a similar role
<bavier>but even so, the complexities suggest handling in a central place like an augmented search-path-specification rather than within individua lua-using packages
<civodul>for Lua there's nothing apparently
<civodul>maybe they leave it up to users to DTRT, dunno
<civodul>oh i think they always install in "$out/lib/lua/${lua.luaversion}"
<civodul>they add LUA_LIBDIR="$out/lib/lua/${lua.luaversion}" LUA_INC="-I${lua}/include" to the 'make' flags
<civodul>perhaps that simplifies things?
<bavier>ACTION looking
<nckx>Hola Guix. Say I want to add perl as a native-input, but not have all perl shebangs patched (and hence retain a reference). Is there a keyword or other easy way to disable automatic patching for only 1 particular input?
<nckx>(Next options are disabling the auto-patcher altogether and hope that doesn't break anything, or manually undoing the patching, but both are icky.)
<bavier>nckx: manually unpatching the shebang is pretty easy
<nckx>bavier: Oh sure. Just a bit silly if I don't need them patched to begin with.
<nckx>They're all just example files which makes it even sillier.
<ng0>nckx: currently not, not to my knowledge
<sneek>Welcome back ng0, you have 1 message.
<sneek>ng0, nee` says: I fixed or worked around most of the problems I had with GNUSocial and got some patches merged upstream. I have do some more testing and then I'll send an update during the next week.
<civodul>nckx: yeah that's kind of problematic
<civodul>we have that problem in git, for instance
<civodul>we had it in libtool, but i think ng0 fixed it long ago
<ng0>if you unpatch something in the build, it get patched again before/during/around install phase
<ng0>currently we can not unpoatch such example files
<ng0>see for example gitolite
<nckx>Thanks for all the answers! I've decided to drop the shebang line entirely. They're just example Perl scripts (/share/.../*.pl). It's clear from context what to do with them.
<nckx>Some distributions even warn against installing easily executable example files. I can always hide behind that bandwagon.
<bavier>civodul: I think nixpkgs just sets up path vars in each package:
<bavier>I can't find any info on how lua modules are used by end users, e.g. with nix-env
<civodul>it's not clear
<quiliro>hello bavier1
<quiliro>hello bavier
<bavier>quiliro: :)
<quiliro>I am not sure to system reconfigure because I don't remember which config.scm is correct
<quiliro>i would like someone to check my config.scm
<civodul>quiliro: you can always test it with "guix system vm"
<buenouanq>if it's not correct as in bad lisp, it won't even run
<quiliro>civodul: what do i need to use "guix system vm" ?
<quiliro>buenouanq: i have some config.scm versions that did not boot
<buenouanq>quiliro: but they still ran and completed? interesting...
<bavier>quiliro: just use "vm" instead of "reconfigure"
<bavier>quiliro: then run the script that's output at the end
<buenouanq>but feel free to post your configs too
<quiliro>bavier: cool
<quiliro>buenouanq: how do i post my config.scm?
<buenouanq>in some third party text host of your choice
<quiliro>i do not remember how to do it
<quiliro>i have an account at ... i could enter gui and cut + paste with mouse
<bavier>quiliro: guix also has the "wgetpaste" package
<bavier>quiliro: or
<quiliro>those are the three config.scm I have
<quiliro>what do you think?
<buenouanq>I'm unsure about the grub-efi stuff.
<buenouanq>I'm used to (device "/dev/sda1") not having the partition number, should just be sda
<buenouanq>but maybe efi requires it, idk
<quiliro>also, i cannot manage to understand how to set slime with dvorak-es
<quiliro>would be nice to have a repo of config.scm files...not just the samples
<buenouanq>I can help you with that.
<buenouanq>if someone could actually help me get that file into my conf as a normal string or something so i don't have to make that external dir and file every time, that would be great
<buenouanq>oh no quiliro, you were right, efi needs the full path to the file system
<buenouanq>quiliro: reading the manual, your bootloader declaration should maybe be more like