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<linuxuser>Ahh okay
<str1ngs>I mean it could be something else. just from experience
<bavier1>I think I fixed the 'ledger' package build
<bavier1>eww, did I really start working on this patch in Oct 2016?
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, ng0 says: why was there no #:log-file for the mcron service provided? are there any reasons at all or just because it didn't make sense to you at the moment you were writing it?
<civodul>no idea
<civodul>bavier1: it's been broken for a while i think
<bavier1>civodul: right, all the builds on hydra are fail
<bavier1>ok, patch sent
<bavier1>it even passes '--check'
<civodul>good job!
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<taylan>amz3: you're Amirouche, right? I just released bytestructures 1.0.1, fixing the bug you found :-) BTW if you face further issues, feel free to send me a direct email (linking to a guile-user thread or so if you like) to make sure I respond faster. today was a coincidence; I often skim the MLs very quickly and might miss things.
<taylan>whoops, wrong channel, was supposed to be in #guile. anyhow. off to sleep with me.
<vagrantcish>haven't updated in a few weeks, and now "guix build system /etc/config.scm" seems to no longer parse.
<vagrantcish>$ guix system build /etc/config.scm
<vagrantcish>guix system: error: failed to load '/etc/config.scm':
<vagrantcish>/etc/config.scm:23:9: /etc/config.scm:23:9: In procedure allocate-struct: Wrong type argument in\\
<vagrantcish> position 2: 3
<vagrantcish>there seem to be a couple patches related to checking mapped devices
<vagrantcish>notably 42ff7d3be642d66ba567f64882a1f2301b1a7bd9 and 4ca90ff5976434a2b6e758df38df54387ae70c1b
<vagrantcish>my /etc/config.scm
<vagrantcish>there don't appear to be any changes to the documentation regarding this...
<vagrantcish>apparently, putting the mapped-devices all on one line worked around the issue
<vagrantcish>didn't think whitespace was significant with guile...
<davexunit>it's not
<vagrantcish>well, removing some newlines made it work:
<vagrantcish>suppose it's worth a bug report
<davexunit>that's just not possible
<buenouanq>guix pull on the beagleboneblack has got me into a zeno"s paradox
<buenouanq>first 30% took an hour
<buenouanq>first 60% took all day
<buenouanq>and now we're approaching the end of day 2 and are only at 93.2% (;-___-)
<buenouanq>any ideas on how to speed this up? some sort of swap configuration i'm unaware of
<buenouanq>you have to use a swap on this because the bbb only has .5GB of memory
<buenouanq>I'm right now using a microSD card for the swap, might a USB flashdrive be faster?
<clacke[m]>not likely
<clacke[m]>unless, you know, it is :-)
<clacke[m]>depends on the card and the drive in question
<buenouanq>I would love to do some tests, but at a week per trial it isn't going to happen.
<clacke[m]>and the USB on the BBB
<cehteh>buenouanq: zswap or zram helps a lot
<clacke[m]>at 0.5 GB there is nothing that helps
<buenouanq>can someone possibly explain what exactly is up with guile that requires the 3GB or whatever?
<clacke[m]>I'm assuming it goes toward holding all the compiled package references in memory, and them cross-referencing each other so that a large part of them are in the active set. Someone insightful would have to explain why this happens in compilation, but just using them is ok. Is there a particular package that pulls in everything and we're usually lucky enough not to try to install that package?
<clacke[m]>Come to think of it, I haven't tried compiling guix from git on that machine. I wonder if doing that acts any different.
<buenouanq>I guess I don't really understand what guix pull is actually doing.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<clacke[m]>buenouanq: It almost compiles a new version of guix. It's more than just the package definitions.
<buenouanq>clacke[m]: is there any way to make it not do all that? we need a `guix tug' that we can use on resourceless systems
<civodul>buenouanq: there's a wip-pull-reload branch that aims to improve on that by building things in pieces and allowing for substitutes
<civodul>it's not ready yet!
<efraim>I need to pull out my PPC laptops and see how much RAM they have, although apparently PPC G4s are also affected by SPECTRE
<civodul>yeah :-/
<mubarak>hello guix!
<mubarak>did anyone of you use his Android phone as "Mobile hotspot" as wifi device and connect to internet using wpa_supplicant.
<mubarak>does configuring Android device as "Mobile hotspot" is a little bit complicated than regular wireless devices?
<clacke[m]>it's the same as connecting to any WiFi, no complications
<mubarak>here are my configuration: cat wpa_supplicant.conf network={ ssid="AndroidAP" key-mgmt=WPA-PSK psk="ShareMyWifi"}
<mubarak>I used "wpa_supplicant -Dcfg80211 -iwlp3s0 -c wpa_supplicant.conf" to connect
<clacke[m]>I remember back in 2011 some devicesbdidn't have proper hostap and had to make do with ad-hoc mode. But since 2012 connecting through any phone of mine has been trivial using NetworkManager, which uses wpa_supplicant under the hodd.
<mubarak>and here is the output:
<mubarak>wpa_supplicant -Dcfg80211 -c wpa_supplicant.conf -iwlp3s0
<mubarak>Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
<mubarak>Line 2: failed to parse ssid 'AndroidAP'.
<mubarak>Line 2: failed to parse ssid 'AndroidAP'.
<mubarak>Line 3: unknown network field 'key-mgmt'.
<mubarak>Line 4: Invalid PSK 'ShareMyWifi'.
<mubarak>Line 4: failed to parse psk 'ShareMyWifi'.
<mubarak>Line 5: failed to parse network block.
<mubarak>Failed to read or parse configuration '/home/sahil/wpa_supplicant.conf'
<clacke[m]>ok, it's a near decade sknce I had to actually look at wpa_supplicant.conf, so I don't have anything to contribute except double-check with the manual that you got the syntax right
<mubarak>double-click? where?
<clacke[m]>manpage says key_mgmt for examome
<clacke[m]>double-check: read the manual again. read your file again. verify that you typed things correctly.
<mubarak>i have read wpa_supplicant manual page & I tried many things. one time wpa_supplicant said cfg80211 unkown drive and I replace it with wext, and also it give me error
<efraim>The last time I did it by hand I don't think I used the D or i flags
<efraim>When I tether my phone with a USB cable it just shows up in nmtui as an Ethernet type device
<mubarak>I'm currently connecting to Mobile hotspot(AndroidAP) using networkmanager, on another GNU/Linux live-image but if want to install GuixSD I have to use wpa_supplicant
<mubarak>efraim: and nmtui able to configure it and connect?
<efraim>Its worth a shot, to your computer its just another wireless network
<mubarak>Yes indeed it worth. But nmtui nor networkmanager does not come with guixsd 0.14.
<mubarak>I mean guixsd 0.14 .iso
<rekado_>Hi Guix!
<mubarak>hi rekado :D
<mubarak>how are you?
<rekado_>tired but motivated :)
<mubarak>haha ;) great
<buenouanq>I've actually had problems with the 0.14 iso the last few times I've tried to use it - Had to install from the 0.13 image and upgrade.
<rekado_>buenouanq: we no longer serve substitutes for 0.13
<rekado_>what problems did you encounter?
<rekado_>please consider sending bug reports
<buenouanq>I really should.
<buenouanq>luckily, I've saved all the old .xz since 0.9 I think
<buenouanq>problem was, after burning it to a flash drive, fdisk would show an error on it about size somethings not being equal, and though you could boot to it, it would fail and drop you into a repl saying something about a missing partition maybe
<buenouanq>i'll maybe try again tomorrow and write this stuff down
<buenouanq>it was weird
<buenouanq>and at the time I just needed my machine working again so I used the 0.13 image and moved on
<rekado_>buenouanq: you don’t need to keep copies of the releases; they are all available on the GNU servers.
<buenouanq>I have no control over your servers - Local copies of things are never a bad idea.
<rekado_>yes, not a bad idea. Just saying that we do keep an archive of previous releases.
<buenouanq>though I suppose in this particular case if they are down, whether or not I have the installation image really won't matter as everything else will be gone too
<buenouanq>having my own copy was nice too as I could just pull it up right then and there, I didn't have to try and find it and redownload it
<civodul>heya rekado_!
<rekado_>Hi civodul!
<Rnytom[m]>Hi guixers
<Rnytom[m]>I have a newbie question:
<Rnytom[m]>I've been using GuixSD for a few weeks and I can no longer do 'guix system reconfigure <file>'
<Rnytom[m]>I'm getting: guix system: error: symlink: Permission denied: "/var/guix/profiles/"
<Rnytom[m]>I looked the permissions of the folder and it's drwxr-xr-x 3 root root
<rekado_>Rnytom[m]: are you running “guix system reconfigure” as root?
<Rnytom[m]>no do I have to ?
<rekado_>try “sudo -E guix system reconfigure the-file.scm”
<rekado_>this ensures that you’re using *your“ version of guix, not root’s version of guix.
<Rnytom[m]>...indeed it's working... I think I confused package installation which I run as a user and 'guix reconfigure' which I guess I have been running as root from the start... until now
<Rnytom[m]>By the way should I always use the -E switch ? Or should I somehow update root's guix version then do reconfigure ?
<bavier>good day guix
<rekado_>Rnytom[m]: either way is fine. I usually don’t use guix as root, so I always run ‘sudo -E guix’
<Rnytom[m]>Yes it makes sense. Thanks for your help!
<roptat>and I usually use guix as root, so to update it, I have to use "guix pull" twice: for root and for my user. Then I use "guix system reconfigure" as root
<clacke[m]>rekado_: interesting about sudo -E. I have a function 'sudomy', which does 'which' on $1 and then calls sudo with that absolute path and the rest of the args
<clacke[m]>It would be nice if a second 'guix pull' could just reuse the existing output instead of compiling everything again
<efraim>Its possible, but it would be nice if it could be a flag for guix pull
<efraim>You can always download the snapshot and then run guix pull against the file for both
<efraim>But 'guix pull --latest-cached' would be nice
<davexunit>are we doing anything to address spectre and meltdown?
<efraim>That even sounds like it could be fast enough to put in a lazy user's login script
<davexunit>nvm, just found the mailing list post :)
<roptat>clacke[m]: isn't it already the case? I'm quite sure when there is no update between two guix pull, it just downloads it twice but doesn't build it twice
<efraim>But its not so easy to force it to do that
<marusich>rekado_, FYI sudo -E will retain the env var HOME, so invoking a command like "sudo -E guix package -i foo" will not have the desired effect of installing foo into root's profile.
<marusich>For 'guix system' commands that's fine, but I'll bet someone will sooner or later shoot themselves in the foot by doing this.
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<marusich>Hi g_bor, and goodbye, since I need to leave :)
<marusich>Have a nice day!
<g_bor>Anyone here familiar with the installer effort?
<g_bor>I'm interested in implementation details.
<snape>g_bor: you can watch that talk:
<snape>g_bor: there is a wip-installer-2 branch maintained by Danny
<g_bor>Will look at that. It's just I think I have a quite powerful idea, and I would like to know, if the same occured to the current developers, or is it difficult to steer the effort into that direction.
<snape>g_bor: why don't you ask about it on the mailing list? I believe lots of people would be interested. I'm sure John would answer any technical question you have too.
<efraim>Librsvg builds on aarch64 on core-updates
<fps>hmm, how do i get unsubscribed from the debbugs mails about guix?
<Rnytom[m]>running guix pull with a user account took 2 hours and 20 minutes for me, and running guix pull as root it seems it wants to recompile everything, so I guess I'll have to skip updating the root account
<catonano`>Rnytom[m]: recently I have updated my system both for root and for my user
<catonano`>Rnytom[m]: I hhave to say that it is improved since a few months ago. Remarkably, it DIDN'T recompile everythhing for both root and the normal user
<catonano`>Rnytom[m]: so maybe once you have updated and reconffigured, thhis won't happen anymore
<alezost>fps: look at
<zero21>"clocksource switched to clocksource tsc" how to fix it?
<fps>i wasn't subscribed to guix-patches..
<fps>hmm, the emails i get are just bug reports and answers to them..
<fps>sadly the mails lack unsubscribe info like mailman mails usually have
<fps>i'll write a filter to route them to /dev/null in the meantime
<fps>oh it was bug-guix
<fps> had only the address to send bug reports but not a link to the mailman interface
<fps>[sent a bug report ;)]
<bavier>no compiz package yet?
<davexunit>people still use that? ;)
<bavier>idk, maybe I'm behind the times :)
<bavier>I remember using it back in the day.
<ijp>weirdly the debian packages for that got a mention on #emacs today
<bavier>was actually the thing that got people to not think I was weird running a GNU/Linux system
<davexunit>oh I had my spinning cube days as well
<amz3>bavier: I think compiz is now part of xorg/wayland
<bavier>amz3: got it, cool
<amz3>except the spinning cube is gone
<efraim>So it turns out I have two PowerBook6,7 laptops
<amz3>Rnytom[m]: if you configure both root profile and user profile to point to guix git, you will need to compile things only once, also a fix to this issues is under development
<efraim>One 12 and one 14 inch
<amz3>efraim: IMHO, one is already too many ;)
<amz3>it's powerpc processor?
<amz3>hopefull it can compile guix
<efraim>its capable of 1.5 GB of ram so its possible
<efraim>csan<tab> proved it was possible so I might actually do it, not sure I'd put as much effort into it as aarch64
<amz3>what is goal / interest in porting guix to powerpc?
<amz3>seems like it's not supported by debian anymore
<efraim>as far as I can tell, its debian oldstable, gentoo and openbsd
<efraim>for the fun factor mostly, and i think it's one of the few laptops I have with a working battery
<Rnytom[m]>amz3: cool! Is the process of pointing a profile to guix git in guixsd's online manual ? I didn't read everything of it yet, but I can't seem to find that
<rekado_>today I add info.js to a project using texinfo. I think we should add it to the HTML version of the Guix manual.
<rekado_>*”I added“
<bavier>rekado_: looks like a good idea to me. does it clutter the texinfo source much?
<amz3>does the javascript need a review
<bavier>amz3: I noticed the source doesn't include license info
<rekado_>texinfo 6.5 seems to automatically generate enough HTML for info.js to work.
<rekado_>it works by creating iframes for individual pages.
<rekado_>our stylesheet would have to be adjusted.
<rekado_>info.js is part of texinfo and under the same license, so it only needs to get a license header that librejs can understand.
<bavier>rekado_: oh, I see. Sorry, I was confused by
<rekado_>info.js adds a navigation sidebar (which I’m not so fond of), allows for navigation with the common info reader bindings, and—my favourite feature–gives access to index search with ‘i’.
<buenouanq>ok, guix pull took the better part of 3 days and I am now actually building the installation image for my bbb
<buenouanq>i've wrapped it in a time this time some i can see how long this will actually take
<amz3>Rnytom[m]: it's footnote 30
<amz3>rekado_: let me know where this new info.js is and how to use it, I might want to provide additions to that js file
<amz3>rekado_: our maybe point me to the project that use info.js
<Rnytom[m]>amz3: thanks !
<amz3>Rnytom[m]: I think compiling from git is also faster... but not sure i don't do it yet
<Rnytom[m]>I'll test this tomorrow
<amz3>rekado_: I'd like to add something like that or like that
<efraim>i think I have a fix for clisp on armhf and aarch64, if it works then I can try to fix clisp on core-updates
<buenouanq>failed after 49 minutes with no space left on device
<buenouanq>how do I run the guix system disk-image command mentioned to utilize a different output path (SD card)?
<amz3>read the code
<efraim>To create the disk image?
<buenouanq>I need it to use an SD card rather than the BBB"s eMMC as that does not have enough free space.
<buenouanq>If what I'm needing to do is mentioned in the manual, I have yet to find it.
<buenouanq>I also don't see the -e flag mentioned anywhere...
<amz3>I have two tests in tests/lint.scm failing
<amz3>with very recenter master
<catonano`>ok, I discovered that I was having a hard time using my qemu based vm becase it was given too little memory. Given more memory I could use a Gnome session to test my Tryton. It turns out that a postgres "tryton" role doesn't exist. That means that the activation of my system service is not working, because it should create it :-/
<buenouanq>is the only/best way to do this to make a build user with their home dir on said SD card, and then run guix system disk-image from there?
<buenouanq>oh no, the problem is /gnu/ itself running out of space...
<buenouanq>ok, so I've moved /gnu/ to it"s own partition
<buenouanq>let's see how this works
<buenouanq>it's chugging away, so I'll hope for the best
<catonano`>buenouanq: good luck
<buenouanq>thank you thank you