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<nee`>sneek: later tell ng0 I fixed or worked around most of the problems I had with GNUSocial and got some patches merged upstream. I have do some more testing and then I'll send an update during the next week.
<str1ngs>nee`: do you use gnunet?
<atw>is it possible to launch a graphical session as an unprivileged user?
<nee`>str1ngs: nope, why do you ask?
<str1ngs>nee`: just though due to gnusocial
<efraim>ooh I have a fun error
<efraim>guix build: error: build failed: a `armhf-linux' is required to build `/gnu/store/jzp3gjr3ln0j8cixpvpg7p0km3hyflic-Linux-PAM-1.3.0.tar.bz2.drv', but I am a `aarch64-linux'
<efraim>ludo made some changes for cross building before
<soundtoxin>str1ngs: I haven't got around to trying your deluge package yet. I am not sure how to use it.
<soundtoxin>Also, can someone tell me how I get an ssh server running? I've installed openssh and can do an outgoing ssh connection, but not sure of the process for getting the server working. If I try the thing from the install for getting one up, it doesn't work.
<str1ngs> soundtoxin just clone the repo and add it to GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<str1ngs>soundtoxin: add a openssh-service-type to services
<str1ngs>soundtoxin: see the example in
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<amz3>what do you use instead for the license field when the license is MIT?
<efraim>often its expat, bit you'd have to check
<amz3>looks like it
<amz3>did someone work on xcbgen/xpyb?
<efraim>linux-libre makes it easy to see if my external usb wifi card is ok: Direct firmware load for /*(DEBLOBBED)*/ failed with error -2
<amz3>what is the correct mailing list to get some packaging help?
<amz3>I have a very strange error
<amz3>here is the package definition
<amz3>then when I enter a container with that recipe I get the following output:
<amz3>it says, 'xcbgen' is inside python3.5 module instead of the one I use in the recipe which is python-2.
<amz3>also xpyb is indeed in the python2.7 directory in the store
<amz3>I found the issue
<amz3>actually xpyb was merged in xcb-proto, that's the xcbgen comes from
<amz3>I think I got it working
<amz3>I mean compiling
<amz3>build-succeeded /gnu/store/idgwzncnlhag99gzc7rh14d4jgp94pqx-polybar-3.1.0.drv
<amz3>sneek: later tell mlin here a polybar package that builds, I did not try it
<amz3>sneek: later tell mlin also we need to sort native input vs inputs I am not sure the current recipe is correct regarding this topic
<sneek>Will do.
<jrandall_>I managed to use `guix system vm-image` to build a qcow2 image that works on our openstack cloud, but to do this I found I had to change the `file-systems` declaration in the definition of `system-qemu-image` in `gnu/system/vm.scm` (it appears to be hard-coded to install to `/dev/sda1` whereas the virtio driver on openstack makes the root filesystem available at `/dev/vda1`). I thought I ought to be able to set that in the operating system de
<jrandall_>The relevant block from `vm.scm` is:
<jrandall_> ;; Force our own root file system.
<jrandall_> (file-systems (cons (file-system
<jrandall_> (mount-point "/")
<jrandall_> (device "/dev/vda1")
<jrandall_> (type file-system-type))
<jrandall_> file-systems-to-keep))
<jrandall_>Oh, my earlier message got truncated - the end was: I thought I ought to be able to set that in the operating system declaration that I passed to `guix system` but file-system settings there seemed to be overridden by the definition of `system-qemu-image` in `vm.scm` - is that correct, or is there some other way I am supposed to override that setting?
<brendyn>Does anyone know if any of the latest nvidia cards like 1080ti work with nouveau at all?
<efraim>guile-emacs takes a long time to compile
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<g_bor>Has anyone seen this?
<str1ngs>g_bor: hello
<str1ngs>g_bor: seems maybe the tarball is partially downloaded or corrupt
<str1ngs>I would think that it would be checked summed first though
<g_bor>It is on core-updates, commit 8781c3d9fc05528089a4379a5199277ee8062974
<g_bor>I think that there should be a hash mismatch if it would be a download failure.
<str1ngs>that's what I meant by checked summed
<g_bor>Ok, I see. Can I somehow force download the source again?
<str1ngs>g_bor : guix build --check might fix it. not sure
<g_bor>Ok, will try that
<str1ngs>I'm not familiar enough with core-updates myself
<gnewb>Hello guix
<str1ngs>gnewb: hello
<gnewb>When I run `M-x guix-all-available-packages' in emacs I get the following error: guix-geiser-eval-read: Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil
<gnewb>Is this a known issue?
<str1ngs>gnewb: what does M-x guix-version say
<str1ngs>specifically Emacs-Guix version
<gnewb>str1ngs: It returns
<gnewb>GNU Guix e2f37d6ab7427946e6c68ebaecc97c85d5217234
<gnewb>Emacs-Guix 0.3.4
<str1ngs>gnewb: looks right
<str1ngs>guix-all-available-package works on my server. fails on my workstation but I need to restart emacs to commit package upgrades
<str1ngs>gnewb: maybe if you are using melpa, upgrade your packages with U x from the package list buffer. and the restart emacs. see if error persists
<htgoebel>Hi guix,
<htgoebel>a few weeks ago we discussed ways to get rid of the wrappers and of ".XXX-real".
<htgoebel>Someone (can't remember who) came up with a cool trick using guile to manipulate the resp. env-vars.
<htgoebel>Where can I find this discussion? What is the status?
<str1ngs>htgoebel: was the discussion on a mailing list or IRC?
<htgoebel>str1ings: In the mailinglist.
<htgoebel>I found it:
<htgoebel>should have searched first :-)
<htgoebel>But what is the status?
<gnewb>str1ngs: I installed emacs-guix with guix. There are no packages to upgrade and the problem persists even after restarting emacs.
<str1ngs>gnewb: ah I installed emacs-guix with melpa. not sure if that's the difference
<str1ngs>should not, since the versions match
<atw>Is icecat's "invalid or unsupported form of compression" a known issue? do I need another package?
<gnewb>atw: Do you get something like `Content Encoding Error?'.
<atw>gnewb: yes
<gnewb>atw: For me, (temporarily) disabling the LibreJS Add-On fixed the error.
<atw>gnewb: thanks, that works. I think this should be fixed, though, as the site I was failing to load was
<efraim>mb[m]1: I assume reverting the glibc CVE patch causes a full world rebuild?
<mb[m]1>efraim: No, it was only on some of the "leaf" glibc packages. The 2.26 tarball has the fix built-in.
<efraim>I was going to fix gcc4.8 4.9 and 6, 4.9 is a rebuild the world change so I wasn't sure about it
<efraim>I'm pretty sure gcc6 will fail to build as is on core updates
<mb[m]1>efraim: Why does 4.9 rebuild the world?
<mb[m]1>Oh, right. I guess we can give them a different libdstc++ until the next core-updates cycle.
<efraim>I can try to overwrite the gcc4.9 used for libstdc++-boot0 to one that's like 4.9 is now
<mb[m]1>Aha, I see now. Sounds like a bug, shouldn't it be using GCC-FINAL?
<mb[m]1>Nvm, reading the comment now.
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<mlin>amz3: I'm back! Any joy?
<sneek>Welcome back mlin, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>mlin, amz3 says: here a polybar package that builds, I did not try it
<sneek>mlin, amz3 says: also we need to sort native input vs inputs I am not sure the current recipe is correct regarding this topic
<mlin>amz3: I'm build it
<mlin>amz3: It works! Amazing, thank you so much I appreciate it
<rekado>Hi Guix!
<rekado>ACTION start reading huge backlog
<rekado>For the record: there *are* rules for this channel.
<rekado>for the whole project we abide by the code of conduct that is part of the Guix git repository.
<rekado>This channel is about Guix development within the context of the GNU system.
<mlin>amz3: How would I enable some of the modules on the polybar wiki? I forgot about that part
<rekado>it’s not a problem to veer slightly off topic for a while, but it’s good to get back on topic quickly, especially when it’s pointed out by someone else.
<rekado>on this channel we don’t want discussions about non-free software and how to get it to work in Guix.
<rekado>I don’t have the full logs of the discussion above, but talking about getting firefox to work is not off topic here.
<rekado>getting it to work through Nix on GuixSD is barely on topic, but I guess we had worse.
<rekado>to those using this channel as a log of what they are currently doing, even if it has very little to do with Guix: I’d like you to remember that we have many newcomers here, who may feel alienated by long monologues.
<rekado>ACTION ends a monologue.
<rekado>Did something cause a GCC rebuild?
<rekado>looks like it’s just me because I added a procedure to guix/build/utils.scm
<jackhill>out of curiousity, what do we use gcc-4.x for? Bootstrapping, or are there still packages that don't build with newer gcc?
<jackhill>And I guess a follow-up question: is there a guix command that I should be aware of, that would help answer questions like, "what uses X?"
<rekado>jackhill: we use gcc-4 for both purposes.
<jackhill>rekado: thanks!
<amz3>mlin: I am looking at the wiki
<amz3>mlin: it depends on the module!
<amz3>mlin: i3 module requires i3 i guess
<mlin>amz3: I would assume so, but I have that installed. Do I have to add it to inputs?
<amz3>mlin: yes
<amz3>mlin: can you polybar already?
<amz3>mlin: can you run polybar already?
<mlin>amz3: Yes it works, but some modules are missing
<mlin>amz3: I got i3 to work, but I need the libiw-dev package. What is the Guix equivalent?
<catonano>Andy Milosavljevic has been great. Were they at the GNU Hacker Meeting ? Maybe I met them ?
<mlin>Anyone know what the libasound2-dev package is for Guix?
<mlin>I found it: alsa-lib
<OnlyHuman>hi what would test io-util fail fs-util fail and id128 fail indicate missing (building elogind)
<rekado>catonano: I think the name is *Danny* Milosavljevic ;)
<catonano>rekado: oh sorry :-/
<mlin>How do I use visudo, I get the error `no editor found (editor path = /usr/bin/vi)`? Or how to add `shutdown` and `reboot` to be executed in the userspace?
<rekado>mlin: on GuixSD you wouldn’t use visudo but rather provide a sudoers file as part of your operating-system configuration.
<rekado>mlin: take a look at the manual; follow the index item “sudoers file”
<amz3>I have a guix.scm in my project that fails, I'd like to reproduce manually the steps taken by the builder
<amz3>how can I do that?
<amz3>my program is autotools based
<amz3>`guix environment -Cl guix.scm' doesn't help
<catonano>amz3: if the build-system is gnu-build-system, then the steps taen by the builder are, basically, configure + make
<catonano>anyway you can see exactly the phases thhat the builde goes through
<catonano>by inspecting the code
<catonano>wait a minute
<amz3>if I `guix build -Kf guix.scm' and then source the environments and run `make check' the build pass :(
<catonano>then I'd write on dev-guix, include a link to yor package
<catonano>there's a way to see a log
<catonano>it should be -K
<catonano>if I remember corrrectly
<catonano>sorry I can't remember now
<catonano>write on the mailing list
<catonano>amz3: it's --keep-failed
<catonano>"Keep the build tree of failed builds. Thus, if a build fails, its build tree is kept under /tmp, in a directory whose name is shown at the end of the build log. This is useful when debugging build issues. See Debugging Build Failures, for tips and tricks on how to debug build issues."
<catonano>the short version is "-K"
<amz3>I used keep failed but it doesn't help to reproduce the issue
<catonano>no bt it shhould keep a log
<catonano>isn't there anything usefful in the log ?
<amz3>the log is not helpful
<catonano>This is all i know, sorry