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<ancdel2>when trying to guix system reconfigure, I get "invalid field specifier" pointing to (bootloader
<ancdel2>it's the same line I see in every template though
<emsyr>nckx: thanks!
<emsyr>OriansJ: thanks! I will take a look at it.
<ancdel2>the problem was actually in the parameters for (bootloader) which were based on an older config. Now that this is fixed, I am trying to get swap (which lives on an encrypted lvm) to be handled correctly. guix system complains: "error: service 'swap-/dev/mapper/swap' requires 'device-mapping-swap', which is not provided by any service"
<brendyn>How can I use hp-setup when it requires both python-pyqt@4 and python-pyqt@5 but Guix can only install one of them?
<ancdel2>guix/base.scm defines swap-service-type which creates a dependency on device-mapping-(basename device) dynamically, but that's all I know about this issue
<ancdel2>can't find any info on such a service
<Apteryx>Hello Guix! I was looking at gxtuner for a guitar tuner, however it seems to require JACK which I don't have running. Should there be a JACK service?
<Apteryx>gxtuner doesn't pull jack as a dependency itself but it seems to be a requirement... hm.
<ancdel2>same problem arrises for other partitions on the mapped device so it looks like the documentation for device-mapper is out of date or something similar?
<ancdel2>I have (mapped-devices (list (mapped-device (source (uuid "the-uuid")) (target "vol") (type luks-device-mapping)))) and then (file-systems (cons* (file-system ... (dependencies mapped-devices)))) for each of the fs which reside on the device
<ancdel2>For swap I tried either (swap-devices '("/dev/mapper/swap")) or (swap-devices '("/dev/vol/swap")), only the latter passes but it's unknown if this is any correct
<ancdel2>The error is of the same format eitherway: "guix system: error: service swap-/swap [or file-system-/fs...]' requires 'device-mapping-vol-swap [or device-mapping-vol]', which is not provided by any service
<ancdel2>Also I did as per the manual and used (title 'device) and (device "/dev/mapper/bla") in (file-system), as far as I could tell there should be nothing wrong here
<ancdel2>I also found a mailing list question to that effect but it has had no response since it was asked in march
<brendyn>Can Nix be run on top of Guix?
<str1ngs>you can even in theory use the same store. though I don't myself
<brendyn>The nix site just says do curl | sh
<str1ngs>don't even need to do that. just do . $ guix package -i nix
<brendyn>Oh. I thought we wouldn't have it because nix has proprietary packages
<str1ngs>I only use nix to install firefox
<brendyn>I never even knew I could get firefox like this OMG
<str1ngs>we will burn in hell now!
<brendyn>Well I'm happy with Icecat, I just want the next ESR to come along.
<brendyn>so that Icecat can be upgraded
<str1ngs>I like icecat, but no netflix
<brendyn>bleh... my parents bought that crap
<str1ngs>I'm currently writing a web browser in C and guile though
<brendyn>and so i setup an old laptop with 1GB ram and an Intel celeron cpu to run it. It barely manages.
<str1ngs>going to be hard doing a guix pull on that
<brendyn>I just put lubuntu on that one
<brendyn>Anyway what I really want is mist so I can access the ethereum I bought a couple years ago. I'm starting to wonder if they even still exist
<str1ngs>you can though. do guix pull's on another machine. then use that as a publis/substitute
<brendyn>looks like nix has go-ethereum. I wonder if that is enough to access them.
<brendyn>Yeah well unfortunately I'm not at my parents place all the time to manage computers so lubuntu is the best I can do.
<str1ngs>aye ubuntu is good for that. personally I'd use fedora
<str1ngs>I just like dnf more then apt
<str1ngs>for my personal machines though. I've switched to guixsd
<brendyn>I didn't really know fedora existed for a long time. I first learned that GNU/Linux existed when I installed ubuntu in 2008 and then went to Arch linux, and then eventually Parabola and now GuixSD
<str1ngs>fedora is basically redhat community.
<brendyn>My dad's laptop isn't very powerful so I put lubuntu on it, but the display options only let you put an external monitor to the right, not to left
<brendyn>light weight distros are annoyingly lacking in that regard.
<brendyn>It does not add bloat to simply make a flexible configuration GUI.
<str1ngs>well alot of those things are just abstractions anyways.
<str1ngs>I find with Linux it better to avoid abstracts. in your case I would manage it with xorg.conf if I could
<str1ngs>or xrandr
<brendyn>you can't even edit config files on GuixSD though
<brendyn>I really have no idea how to configure most of my GuixSD system
<str1ngs>you can, it's just not like editing /etx/X11/xorg.conf directly
<str1ngs>most things in guixsd can be modified through it's service
<str1ngs>this won't help your issue with lubuntu though
<brendyn>It's possible to use xrandr to set temporary settings, but how do you do something persistant like always make the external monitor be a separate screen and on the left?
<str1ngs>what DE does lubuntu use?
<str1ngs>ah lxde does not have a monitor configuration tool
<str1ngs>brendyn: try arandr it's pretty good
<str1ngs>gui tool. pretty straight forward
<str1ngs>also lxrandr
<brendyn>Yeah I installed that but there is now way my mum would know about. She is good with computers but she only uses Windows so she always configures it for dad using her intuition. She looks in the menu for preferences and what not, and if there is no solution there then it's kinda game over
<brendyn>also she complains that many settings are not persistent on reboot
<str1ngs>gnome might be better for your mom
<str1ngs>it's more main stream
<brendyn>Even I find gnome confusing
<str1ngs>gnome atleast has a control center like thingy. for people use to windows and macos
<str1ngs>also it has a good monitor configurator
<brendyn>I would have installed it but I didn't think it would run well on this laptop
<str1ngs>alternative xfce if your looking for something light. lxde is kinda too light
<str1ngs>I use lxde, but only because I cherry pick somthing from it that I use with i3. and it has config files. which I keep in version control
<str1ngs>like I use i3 with lxpanel
<brendyn>I use i3 but I have no solution for volume ajusting and battery icon/suspend
<brendyn>I use lxappearance
<str1ngs>that's why I use, lxde and it use i3 for wm.
<str1ngs>then I have lxpanel. with all those goodies you are
<brendyn>I've always wanted to try something like that
<brendyn>do you have a git repo online with your config?
<str1ngs>not a public one no. but it's easy to setup
<str1ngs>all you do is install lxde. login with a lxde session. then open desktop session settings. goto advanced and change Window manager to i3
<str1ngs>then in your i3 config. comment out your bar section
<str1ngs>then you can just modify the bar how you like
<str1ngs>well lxpanel that is
<brendyn>Nice. if you split windows do you get the i3 titlebars?
<str1ngs>if you have i3 title bars yes. I don't use them myself
<str1ngs>brendyn: this is what i3 splits look like
<brendyn>str1ngs: How do you setup nix on guix once you've installed it via guix. do you need to create a /nix dir?
<str1ngs>but apparently you can have nix use /gnu I just have not figured out how to do it yet
<str1ngs>brendyn: I think I just created the directory that nix-env -i firefox . complained were missing
<str1ngs>then I changed there ownership to my $USER
<brendyn>so you do not need to run any commands as root?
<str1ngs>I don't use any nix daemons if such a thing even exists.
<str1ngs>when you create the directories and change ownership you'll probably need root.
<brendyn>you use pre-compiled software from the nix servers?
<str1ngs>yes I used precompiled
<str1ngs>I'm not a nix user. I did this just to install firefox
<str1ngs>so maybe others know more how to this
<brendyn>str1ngs: you must have done other things since it tells me firefox doesn't exist
<str1ngs>brendyn: think I did nix-channel --add
<str1ngs>and then nix-channel --update
<str1ngs>brendyn: use nix-channel --add
<brendyn>something mysterious went wrong and i get this error
<brendyn>b@ui ~$ nix-env -i go-ethereum
<brendyn>error: syntax error, unexpected $undefined, expecting IND_STR or DOLLAR_CURLY or IND_STRING_CLOSE, at /nix/store/bmhcicpixyr5xxgcazbbf5riigy63rp1-nixpkgs-18.03pre123793.52c707c84dc/nixpkgs/pkgs/tools/graphics/gnuplot/default.nix:42:44
<brendyn>It becomes unusable once i run --update unless i --rollback, but then I have no packages
<str1ngs>brendyn: remove unstable with nix-channel --remove nixpkgs
<str1ngs>brendyn:then do nix-channel --add
<str1ngs>and then nix-channel --update. that should resolve that error
<str1ngs>nix-channel --list to get channels I think unstable is called nixpkgs
<brendyn>ok so i can't have unstable then
<str1ngs>normally unstable works, just seems to be broken right now
<str1ngs>for w/e reason
<str1ngs>I don't use nix enough to to figure it out. I only use it for firefox
<brendyn>Well you've been really helpful anyway so thanks
<brendyn>how do you setup the environment so that programs are in the PATH
<str1ngs>I just added export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.nix-profile/bin"
<str1ngs>to .bashrc
<str1ngs>now we are both going to burn in hell :(
<brendyn>You can. I'm just installing go-ethereum, which is free software
<brendyn>well i installed it, but i do not have a .nix-profile for some reason.
<str1ngs>should be a link to /nix/var/nix/profiles/default/
<str1ngs>I might have made it byhand
<str1ngs>that might break if your using some multi-user nix
<str1ngs>which I do not
<ng0>can I please remind you to stay on-topic? You can discuss how to install Nix in Guix, but the specific mentions of enabling the use of vanilla Mozilla products is off topic here.
<sneek>Welcome back ng0, you have 1 message.
<sneek>ng0, Apteryx says: Sounds good :)
<ng0>even Nix in Guix might be borderline, but from a technical perspective it's okay for me.
<brendyn>I'd like to package mist but it requires electron and looks big and complicated :/
<str1ngs>ng0: we were on topic
<str1ngs>this channel hardly needs censoring
<ng0>that's not censorship, but I'm not even remotely interested in having this discussion now.
<str1ngs>hmm that's kinda rude. you started a discussion you don't even want to have.
<ng0>I pointed out the limits of this channel. The channel rules are on the website. Discussion of Firefox is clearly offtopic with no discussion.
<ng0>if there are no rules listed, we are being too implicit and should make them more explicit.
<ng0>anyway, doesn't matter for me. I just pointed it out and need to work on some texts now.
<brendyn>The thing that annoys me is that firefox is free software save some crap that can be avoided and some direct or indirect nonfree recommendations via the. I don't want to treat people like sheep by refusing to mention that firefox even exists when it's 99% free and the nonfree stuff can be avoided. Also firefox is on topic because people are actively working on packaging free versions in guix
<ng0>I'm discussing enabling stuff like upstream linux in other places, mostly offlist or in person. it's just that within Guix I follow the ruleset we agree on by the distribution guidelines.
<str1ngs>ng0: you are coming off as quite rude to me. I don't personal like how you have approached this in the least. saying it doesnt matter to you, yet you brought it up
<ng0>ACTION sigh... have a nice day.
<str1ngs>brendyn: sorry, I felt that was pretty rude. and we were not even discussing firefox.
<brendyn>str1ngs: ng0 is a good member in the community, but I've seen his rudeness mentioned on multiple occasions, so I guess it's something that has to be tolerated.
<str1ngs>other people might tolerate it. but I thought he was extremely rude
<str1ngs>nix is not offtopic. it's mentioned many times in the guix documention.
<str1ngs>I suspect he's just trying to push a philosophical ageneda.
<brendyn>I mean I was suprised that nix is actually a package in guix. I guess it's compatable when it has no Nix repos installed
<str1ngs>by censorship even, which is hypocrisy
<brendyn>I don't see how there is any hypocrisy.
<str1ngs>freedom to use software. but no freedom to discuss software. don't you think that kinda ironic?
<str1ngs>also there are no rules for this channel. the closest If found was "There you can get help about anything related to both the Guix System Distribution and GNU Guix"
<str1ngs>so installing nix with guix clearly falls under that
<ng0>okay, logs made come me back. I'm not being rude. Whoever mentioned rudeness related to me was just people who could respect either my or other peoples personal borders. I have one person blocked here because they've *demanded* help from me offlist and kept mailing me. that is rude.
<str1ngs>I think your being rude. trying to censor other people's discussions.
<brendyn>Not really no. If you have a channel on soccer, and people talk about something else, it's reasonble to censor them in that channel. They are not censored from the whole freenode afterall. "censorship" sounds quite nasty but technically it's an important part of any kind of moderation.
<ng0>you're just lucky that neither rekado or civodul are around.
<str1ngs>there are no rules to this channel
<str1ngs>and if there would I would still have been on topic
<ng0>in retrovision someone will tell you that you are not. I don't have the time for strawmen arguments today.
<str1ngs>brendyn: I've used irc for 25+ years. the best channels hardly try to censure there users
<brendyn>it's almost my 25th birthday :x
<str1ngs>and this channel needs more users/discussion not less.
<str1ngs>happy birthday!
<brendyn>str1ngs: I've seen some people complain that irc and mailing lists are not social enough; that they wish they could have more ways of simply socialising with the people they work on projects with
<brendyn>although this channel has public logs so it's a tad exposed for free conversation.
<str1ngs>irc is generally pretty social. There is the odd people that don't like discussion for some reason. IMO that's not an issue with IRC
<brendyn>wow the hplip package looks like it needs a lot of work.
<str1ngs>patches welcome! :P
<brendyn>I'm currently scanning some books with over 1500 pages or so. painfully slow.
<str1ngs>what DPI are you using?
<str1ngs>hmm that's not too bad
<brendyn>i did many on 300 until i realised i could change it
<brendyn>mostly the problem is there is about a 10 second delay between scans
<str1ngs>300 would make it faster. depends what you need to do with it I guess?
<brendyn>even with 300 that delay is there. I'm using hp-scan in while loop
<str1ngs>are you doing any OCR?
<brendyn>I might later If I can figure out how to do it. Currently I'm just saving PNGs. It's all black and white so I intend to clean it up.
<brendyn>I will package scantailor and see if it's useful
<brendyn>last time i used a tool called potrace to vectorise it, but it kinda borks the fonts a little.
<efraim>i used to use xsane on debian
<brendyn>do you know if it is possible to make a scanner scan as fast as possible ? there is a long delay when hp-scan disconnects and then starts again for the next scan
<brendyn>and it takes time for it to output a 20MB PNG
<str1ngs>best you can do is use low DPI and maybe grayscale?
<str1ngs>not sure if that will help your pause issue between scans though
<brendyn>I did the first book with a camera which was faster but is much more of a pain to clean up afterwards
<brendyn>Happy new year!
<str1ngs>wait what TZ are you in?
<ancdel2>so does anyone know what the correct syntax is for encrypted lvm including a swap partition since none of the templates seem to work and the documentation doesn't appear to exist?
<drtan>Hi! :) Does FreeRDP match FSDG and be included in Guix SD?
<drtan>I wonder if RDP's purpose of connecting to Windows machines isn't endorsing non-free services.
<mb[m]1>drtan: FreeRDP is in Guix :)
<drtan>Let me check once again :)
<mb[m]1>ancdel2: LVM is not supported yet.
<str1ngs> drtan rdp is an open protocol
<drtan>mb[m]1: What is the package name?
<str1ngs>drtan: also there are man free client implementation
<mb[m]1>drtan: See
<drtan>Thank you. Now I understand that I searched the first page only assuming one page per letter
<drtan>What would you say about this package then?
<mb[m]1>Sure, I think we have OpenConnect already, which is the same thing for Ciscos VPN solution.
<drtan>People in Parabola project (I use right now) have doubts, so I have started to wonder.
<amz3>what's the plan for 2018?
<str1ngs>be better then 2017!
<drtan>I wish Guix SD to become production ready in 2018! :)
<str1ngs>I finding guixsd pretty good so far.
<drtan>It's amazing. All good things.
<str1ngs>dunno what constitutes as production ready. kinda hard to do with a rolling release.
<drtan>So many new packages in the repo
<drtan>mb[m]1: Is there any way of tracking packaging requests in GuixSD?
<str1ngs>I can't get guix to find libgcrypt even with --with-libgcrypt-prefix
<str1ngs>it's driving me bonker
<mb[m]1>drtan: new packages go through the guix-patches bug tracker. You can browse it with emacs-debbugs, or subscribe to the mailing list :)
<drtan>mb[m]1: I see. What if I want to request packaging or even better (if I find how to package openfortivpn), have my package published in official repo?
<str1ngs>I think this is a bug. guix autotools check for gcrypt with g++
<str1ngs>also --with-libgcrypt-prefix has no effect. I need to set CPPFLAGS
<mb[m]1>drtan: See the contributing section of the manual. In particular "submitting patches" :)
***drtan_ is now known as drtan
<drtan>mb[m]1: I've found that. Thanks. Good docs.
<efraim>oh, adding wine to wine64 kills current support for aarch64 wine64
<efraim>i guess i finally need to make wine32 build for armhf for armhf/aarch64
<efraim>i'm apparently trying to fix samba docsheets on core-updates
<str1ngs>efraim: whats core-updates?
<str1ngs>just curious
<efraim>it's where we push a lot of the larger changes, packages that cause a world rebuild
<str1ngs>ahh gotcha
<str1ngs>glibc etc?
<str1ngs>good to know thanks
<efraim>this one ended up big, i think the only thing we didn't do was perl and gcc
<str1ngs>I was going to mess with bootstrapping guix on power8 but I ran into a roadblock. since I dont have root access on the build machine
<str1ngs>I thought I could just move the store to somewhere I had access and then just build with my user group as the build group. but no dice
<str1ngs>I built guix with --with-store-dir=$HOME/gnu/store .
<efraim>you have to create the bootstrap binaries first, and then you can actually work on the target architecture
<str1ngs>even if I do that, I need root access or have the admin setup guix and build groups
<str1ngs>I think I'll have them setup a x86_64 machine first. this is machine on the GCC build farm
<efraim>yeah, its the users and build groups, /gnu and /var/gnu and 'sudo guix-daemon'
<str1ngs>thing is I use --build-users-group=strings which is my primary group and I'm in that group.
<str1ngs>I get the build user group `strings' has no members even though I'm a member
<str1ngs>either way it's kinda hackish way to try and get around root for now
<str1ngs>it's not intended to install substitutes
<catonano>I created a gnu/services/trytond.scm file containing the definitions for my trytond service, but it doesn't get compiled. Where is it that I have to list it in order for it to be eligible for compilation ?
<str1ngs>catonano: you can the path to GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<str1ngs>thanks :)
<str1ngs>need new glasses, no joke
<catonano>so, is it amz3, str1ngs and me, tonight ? :-)
<amz3>catonano: btw, there is talk about nodejs at fosdem using graphs
<amz3>in the graph track
<catonano>I think it's gnu/
<catonano>amz3: I am terribly sorry but this time I can't make it to the Fosdem :-/
<catonano>that's why I didn't intervene in the thread on thhe mailing list
<catonano>I am collecting the strenght to write about it :-/
<catonano>maybe I ust forgot to add thhe trrytond service in the config.scm file