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<lfam>Hello everyone! I'm wondering if anyone else is using Guix to build Go software?
<lfam>I ask because it looks like the next release of Go will require some adjustments to our 'go' package. Maybe you'd like to try building the Go beta release?
<wigust>ConfusedLizzard: Did you mount /boot/efi?
<ConfusedLizzard>wigust. Yes i did. I have rebooted now.
<ConfusedLizzard>I am past grub which threw some errors about sector size and gladly took my encryption key for root
<ConfusedLizzard>the system is "waiting for partition 'guixsd-roo' to appear..."
<ConfusedLizzard>This is the label i gave to the filesystem under the luks container layer. I currently see a scheme REPL
<wigust>ConfusedLizzard: has an example to setup on encrypted root
<ConfusedLizzard>wigust thank you. The lightweight desktop missed the mapped devices part. Maybe this should be refereced in the manual
<ConfusedLizzard>ok i added the missing section and replaced the UUID. I still get the same behaviour.
<laurus>Hello. I am wondering if there are any plans to upgrade the version of Lxqt currently in GuixSD:
<jaidmin>I'm trying to add a package using the gnu build system
<jaidmin>but "make install" fails because it tries to create a directory "/usr" which is obviously not possible on guixsd
<jaidmin>what would I do to fix that
<adfeno>jaidmin: See the package you're making, and check which files or scripts mention "/usr"
<adfeno>... fron there on you can use the 'substitute* procedure from (guix build utils) module (I think this is the module name, or something along this line)....
<jaidmin>oh there is a PREFIX variable that is set to "/usr/local"
<adfeno>... this 'substitute* procedure, as the description/docstring shows, will take a list of files (or a file) and a list with regex matches and replacements.
<jaidmin>very nice, thanks
<jaidmin>dont have much experience building with makefiles
<jaidmin>where do I add the substitute procedure to the package definition?
<adfeno>Since it's a Guix only tweak, I would vote for adding a phase after another existing one (by using modify-phases).
<adfeno>By Guix only tweak I mean those which deal with paths.
<adfeno>I think something along the lines of (add-after 'unpack 'some-name body...)
<ConfusedLizzard>is there a way to run the guixSD distro with the non-free kernel
<DuskandDey>Hello everyone, have been enjoying learning to install guix on my laptop but have hit a wall. Because I use an intel wifi card (No I can't do anything about that), I've had to put in a different kernel. sorted all that out, got it to compile, but now I just get a solitary invalid hash error from `guix system init`. Ingreasing verbosity shows something about linking git-checkout but Gives nothing else besides mutex lo
<DuskandDey>…I can do to better identify the issue's source?
<DuskandDey>oops, long post, sorry about that
<ConfusedLizzard>DuskandDey i have the same problem just with Realtek wifi cards. I have a wifi pci card and usb, both using ath10k
<buenouanq>spend $30 on a usb wifi thing that respects your freedom
<ConfusedLizzard>buenouanq, will do. Any shops from germany or the EU? To save on shipping fees
<DuskandDey>No, I don't care about the #FREESOFTWAREONLY bs, I just want an os I can manage in scheme and a wm I can manage in haskell
<ConfusedLizzard>DuskanDey there are atleast two windowmanagers written in common lisp, if you didn't know. I assume you use xmonad. How is it?
<DuskandDey>and it seems like this isn't directly related to that issue anyway. Just don't know how to take the hash it's complaining about and make it work.
<DuskandDey>ConfusedLizard, I don't use it yet, just want t0 use it to brush up on my haskell
<DuskandDey>So is there a more useful stack trace I can get or something? Because atm I don't even know what format that given hash is in (Entered the custom kernel package used in base32)
<DuskandDey>right, gonna see if I still get hash errors witgout the custom kernel, if not, I can live with tethering for a few days, but god do I need multitasking
<DuskandDey>working on a phone is a pain
<DuskandDey>ok, getting further but now just getting "No more space on this device" errors
<DuskandDey>I have at least 10gb space on everything
<DuskandDey>save the the root of the install device
<DuskandDey>now installing after reboot, so yeah
<DuskandDey>and then tells me it can't install the bootloader because it can't find the canonical path?
<DuskandDey>and changing the target from /boot/efi to /boot makes the intended canonical path None, apparently
<ConfusedLizzard>DuskandDey had the same behaviour. Honestly guix needs some time. I will come back if luks/lvm/efi becomes feasible.
<DuskandDey>seems issue may be that grub install is trying to assume that we're on the same drive as the /gnu folder, which you're almost certainly not
<DuskandDey>ah, no, it is somewhat sane
<DuskandDey>just not used to assigning root via file search
<DuskandDey>as it does in this case
<DuskandDey>ah. one other issue, I have a spacein my partition labels, and apparently it kind of freaks out if you do that
<DuskandDey>would have helped if I hadn't mistyped the labels on the config too XP
<DuskandDey>and nope, it's still looking for the wrong thing
<DuskandDey>yep, no matter what I do it keeps just saying waiting for partition 'Guix'
<DuskandDey>None of my partitions in my config are named that, so no idea why it's asking for it
<DuskandDey>fixed it, grub cfg wasn't updated to reflect new root fs
<DuskandDey>but now getting weird issues with "failed to start service 'file-systems'" and partition specific equivelants
<brendyn>Can anyone reccommend a good usb wifi dongle for a desktop?
<lfam>sneek: later tell jaidmin: The dvtm package (gnu/packages/dvtm.scm) shows how to set the PREFIX variable correctly
<buenouanq>do we have an email server service yet?
<efraim>We have dovecot I think, not sure about postfix or exim services
<brendyn>Can someone please test trying to click the import button in darktable? I get the error Settings schema 'org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser' is not installed
<Mlin>Hello all. In GuixSD, where are the binaries stored? I see that there isn't a /usr/bin folder
<str1ngs>Mlin: they are in the store /gnu/store
<str1ngs>however guix creates a system profile found in /run/current-system/ that links to those binaries
<str1ngs>actually /run/current-system/profile is more accurate
<Sleep_Walker_>and user profile :)
<Mlin>Ah I see. I'm having a problem right now with changing my shell to zsh. When I run chsh -s zsh it returns `PAM: Authentication error`, and when I run `which zsh` it returns `~/.guix-profile/bin/zsh`
<str1ngs>Mlin: I don't think chsh works with guixsd. set it in user-account with shell. then reconfigure with guix system reconfigure config.scm
<str1ngs>maybe (shell #~(string-append #$zsh "/bin/zsh")) is all you need
<Mlin>str1ings: But I thought that the zsh binary wasn't in /bin? Or am I wrong
<brendyn>There is /bin/sh
<str1ngs>that's what the g-expression does. it expands to the binary in the store
<Mlin>Cool, I'll try that in a second
<str1ngs>you might need to fiddle with the shell function and g-expression. I adapted from another use case.
<shiranaihito>what does this mean: "config-file: unbound variable
<shiranaihito>hint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?"
<shiranaihito>and is "(use-package-modules)" the same as "(use-modules (gnu packages <something>))" =
<efraim>For the OS config, yes
<str1ngs>shiranaihito: what variable is unbound?
<shiranaihito>efraim the error complains about a line in this form:
<shiranaihito>do you see a problem?
<shiranaihito>i was thinking maybe i need to "import" something with "postgresql-service" in it, but "(use-modules (gnu services databases))" didn't seem to help
<str1ngs>paste the error
<str1ngs>can you paste (use-modules) section
<wigust>shiranaihito: Did you do (use-modules (gnu services databases))?
<shiranaihito>wigust yes :)
<str1ngs>that is missing (gnu)
<str1ngs>not sure where config-file is bound though
<shiranaihito>oh, hm
<str1ngs> (config-file "/config/psql/postgresql.conf") this line is the issue
<shiranaihito>so "(use-modules (gnu services databases))" is not enough? it needs to be "(use-modules (gnu) (gnu services databases)))?
<wigust>shiranaihito: ah, you don't use postgresql-configuration
<wigust>shiranaihito: all the fields after postgresql-service need to be in this
<shiranaihito>wigust i think i just copy pasted some example snippet.. i was wondering why there was no "postgresql-service-type" or something
<wigust>shiranaihito: So (postgresql-service (postgresql-configuration (config-file …) …))
<shiranaihito>the docs would benefit from a full example :)
<shiranaihito>wigust ok, thanks!
<str1ngs>generally the docs do state about configuration sections. I know it does for openssh
<shiranaihito>so is the "(gnu)" in between the first one here: always required?
<shiranaihito>str1ngs yes, but psql's entry seemed lacking
<str1ngs>I'm not sure if it's required. in this cause I don't think that it's the issue
<str1ngs>personally I use (use-package-modules) and (use-services-modules)
<shiranaihito>i wonder if the config part is necessary after all:
<shiranaihito>str1ngs yeah, maybe i should too :)
<str1ngs>#:config-file is a parameter not function
<str1ngs>(postgresql-service #:config-file "/config/psql/postgresql.conf")
<str1ngs>still don't think that will work hey way you want
<str1ngs>they way*
<wigust>shiranaihito: config-file wants an object, not a string
<wigust>shiranaihito: local-file can give you one
<shiranaihito>so which way is right
<str1ngs>does local-file copy a local file?
<shiranaihito>and .. i guess the file needs to be present when the system config is applied?
<wigust>shiranaihito: try to put your string in (local-file …)
<shiranaihito>wigust so (local-file) produces some kind of mapping/tuple thingy that covers the "#:config-file" -.. key, or whatever that means?
<str1ngs>yes local-file will copy a file into store then use that.
<str1ngs>sounds like what you want
<shiranaihito>nevermind the last question, i was confused :P
<str1ngs>shiranaihito: it makes sense hough?
<shiranaihito>well, since postgres (for example) won't actually do anything with the files before it's started, i'd expect guix not to require the files to be present when applying a system config either
<shiranaihito>it feels kind of "hacky" if i need to put the files in place, just to be able to apply the system config
<str1ngs>guix system is stateful though, it will start and stop running when they change
<shiranaihito>huh? the files will be monitored for changes automatically?
<str1ngs>it's actually not hacky at all. since something placed into the store can fall under previous profiles
<str1ngs>so profile-1 and profile-2 can either use the same config or not depending on it's hash
<shiranaihito>i don't follow :)
<shiranaihito>i'm not sure a psql config file's contents are a "system config level thing" though
<str1ngs>well it's a service so yes it is
<shiranaihito>it makes sense to have the config file's location specified in a system config, since it's part of "the environment"
<shiranaihito>but at least for now, i don't see why guix should track its contents too
<shiranaihito>track, or "manage"
<str1ngs>well if you want to roll back profiles. then you need to know the state
<str1ngs>if it not held in the store. and some arbitrary path. then profile-1 state would change
<shiranaihito>hm.. well, it could also work just for the config file's location.. in Config A, there's location X, and Config B has location Y - no problem
<str1ngs>the effect is the same, without having to manual track it
<shiranaihito>the effect is different, for example because now i need to place the files before applying the config
<shiranaihito>it's a bit like there's a "spill-over effect"
<str1ngs>you dont have to use local-file you can use computed-file
<shiranaihito>not sure what "manual tracking" would mean, with regard to the psql config file's contents, for example.. sometimes you may change a setting in it, but i still don't see it as guix's duty to manage the whole file
<str1ngs>or plain-file with content embedded in your config.scm
<shiranaihito>so the latter two would not result in guix "managing" the files?
<shiranaihito>embedded? :p
<str1ngs>guix manages the files other wise it would not be functional
<wigust>shiranaihito: I think that as str1ngs as a parameter to a function is actually what you need, because you use postgresql-service not postgresql-service-type (I missing this).
<shiranaihito>ok, so to change any psql setting, i need to apply a whole new system config?
<wigust>postgresql-service could overwrite your config-file change, but I'm not sure.
<str1ngs>shiranaihito: you can go around it, if you really want to. but then roll-back breaks and state
<shiranaihito>wigust i don't follow :). but maybe i should try a "local-file" or something first
<wigust>shiranaihito: So (postgresql-service #:config-file (local-file …) (postgresql-configuration …))
<shiranaihito>str1ngs yeah, but i still think a postgresql setting is a "postgresql level thing" - not a "system level thing" :)
<shiranaihito>wigust oh, ok.. but why wouldn't the config-file setting go into the postgresql-configuration thingy?
<str1ngs>#:config-file is not a function
<shiranaihito>that's like a "named parameter"? or "keyword argument" or something?
<str1ngs>shiranaihito: it might seem annoying right now. but after awhile you'll see the power in it
<shiranaihito>str1ngs that's certainly possible too :P
<str1ngs>I need to find the proper name for #:config-file keyword argument sounds good
<str1ngs>I'll try to find the right term though
<shiranaihito>aww crap.. i wonder if i need to adopt another editor/IDE just for Guix configs
<wigust>shiranaihito: #:config-file is an argument to postgresql-service function. You could just use postgresql-service-type and change postgresql-configuration without worring about postgresql-service function.
<wigust>(postgresql-service-type )
<shiranaihito>str1ngs yeah, Python has something like "keyword arguments" - i don't remember the exact term they use either though
<wigust>(postgresql-service-type (postgresql-configuration …))
<str1ngs>I think it's just called keyword
<shiranaihito>so "postgresql-service" is a func that produces a "postgresql-service-type"? .. so you can just skip calling the func and instantiate the type/object/howdoesguileworkthingy? :p
<wigust>str1ngs: yes keyword :-) thanks
<str1ngs>but in this case keyword argument is more accurate I think
<shiranaihito>sure, but it's like.. not just a keyword, but an argument that's given with a keyword :P
<shiranaihito>yeah :)
<wigust>shiranaihito: yes, you could just use SERVICE-service-type for services
<shiranaihito>ok, cool
<shiranaihito>sooooo.. i'm guessing you're all happily using emacs, but have you heard of any other, more IDE-like editor for Guile?
<shiranaihito>Atom might support it
<shiranaihito>but getting some kind of autocomplete stuff working for system configs might be a pain in the ass
<str1ngs>I use emacs and geiser
<str1ngs>most guile users are emacs biased for obvious reasons :)
<str1ngs>guile has a good repl so I'm sure other editors have something
<shiranaihito>IntelliJ IDEA is usually the most productive IDE for pretty much anything it supports
<str1ngs>dunno, I'm emacs biased
<str1ngs>and that's after using vi/vim for 20 years. so go figure
<shiranaihito>str1ngs yep :p
<shiranaihito>i have almost zero experience with emacs, but i found it weird (just like vim!), and kind of RSI-inducing (unlike vim! :p) :)
<shiranaihito>anyway, no matter how much someone loves his emacs, it would probably be a bad idea not to use IntelliJ IDEA for coding in Java, for example
<wigust>shiranaihito: You could use what ever editor which supports Scheme I think, but we have a really nice tools set for Emacs
<str1ngs>the reason emacs is RSI inducing is due to the fact it was designed for the space-cadet keyboard.
<shiranaihito>wigust yeah, i bet you've got a decent set of tools for emacs and guile
<str1ngs>shiranaihito: I get around it by binding Ctrl to a spacebar modifier
<shiranaihito>well, i'll try a scheme plugin for IDEA
<shiranaihito>let's see how half-assed it is
<str1ngs>it might be ok, how knows
<str1ngs>if you plan to use emacs checkout geiser. it's what I use
<wigust>shiranaihito: Not only Geiser, but emacs-guix (Emacs GUI for Guix) and yasnippets, company-mode
<shiranaihito>i don't think i'm ready to embrace emacs :)
<wigust>shiranaihito: Also we have really big collection of Emacs extensions in Guix for almost any language
<shiranaihito>wigust to make emacs "support" different languages?
<shiranaihito>guix was still unhappy: :)
<wigust>shiranaihito: As I remember someone say, that when new languages pop-up then first of all it has Emacs extension to support it and then vim :-)
<str1ngs>you don't need postgresql-configuration
<str1ngs>shiranaihito: see
<str1ngs>pass the whole service as one function with keywords
<shiranaihito>str1ngs oh ok.. i saw that and thought the "parameters" would be introduced with functions, like with openssh etc
<str1ngs>openssh uses a configuration yes.
<shiranaihito>well, i'mma take a break now :P
<shiranaihito>play some Tekken 7
<dustyweb>rekado_: thanks for the help with the xorg config stuff :)
<dustyweb>adding #:drivers '("intel") fixed my xorg! I finally could upgrade again :)
<dustyweb>rekado_: iirc you had to do something specific to get your scanner working, and you told me what it was, but now I can't find it
<laurus>Hello, I'm wondering if GuixSD is planning to update its version of Lxqt which is a bit outdated.
<efraim>I don't think anyone is actively workig on it, patches welcome :)
<ConfusedLizzard>what is font which is used on the installmedium called? It looks like math mode from from LaTeX.
<DuskandDey>So I've just installed guix and am having a strange problem once it boots. For some reason I get a bunch of messages about services that have failed to start, including file-systems and term-tty(1-6) and I can't figure out why. I'm pretty much just using the bare-bones.scm from the install disk, so can't tell what's gone wrong
<mekeor>anyone at 34C3?
<ConfusedLizzard>Sadly this years congress is in Leipzig...
<jonsger[m]>mekeor: yeah me. and ng0 and hartmut
<taohansen>any Guixers who've gotten AppImages to run on their GuixSD system?
<DuskandDey>so it seems that shepherd is trying to start my services in the wrong order, it's starting host-name after trying to start term-tty1 etc and failing, any idea where I can find and fix this broken behaviour?
<amz3>hey, I have again this urgent need to write another cli tool for guix
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<ConfusedLizzard>where do i report bad packages? I installed lxrandr and ofc it does not work without xrandr. But xrandr was not a dependcy