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<pmikkelsen>hi guix
<ofosos>could anybody try `darktable` and see if it gives something else than `Illegal Instruction`?
<pmikkelsen>ofosos: I'll try
<ofosos>Ok, I'll have a fag
<pmikkelsen>where are you seeing 'illegal instruction'? I have never used darktable before
<ofosos>if I enter `darktable` into the console I get `Illegeal Instruction`, it doesn't even start up
<ofosos>pmikkelsen: does it start up on your system?
<ofosos>Funny, I did a `guix package -r darktable` and now it's compiling binutils..
<str1ngs>it would be nice to have a --prompt flag. so you can review then accept with y or n
<str1ngs>unless it already exists?
<ofosos>pmikkelsen, does it start for you?
<ofosos>The Darktable FAQ says something about SIGILL being related to a CPU not supporting SSE2, but my CPU definitely supports SSE2 and I'm sure I had darktable running at one time on this system
<pmikkelsen>ofosos: sorrry, just went away
<pmikkelsen>It does start up yes
<ofosos>Oh no, it's a Heisenbug, it goes away, when I start it under Valgrind :( What black magic is this?
<pmikkelsen>ofosos: Oh thats not good :/
<str1ngs>have you tried with strace?
<ofosos>Yes, strace makes it die, shortly after reading the config file
<ofosos>but strace displays a nice message about sigill/illegal operand
<nckx>sneek: later tell civodul re: ghc: it's not much, but it's a start. (A lot of it being an input to so much serious-looking sciency stuff is intimidating though. :-)
<sneek>Got it.
<nckx>sneek: Looks like someone got a tasty botsnack in their shoe...
<str1ngs>how do I set timezone. not I'm using a hosted guix not guixSD
<str1ngs>if I install coreutils, and run date it lists my TZ as America. if I do TZ=PST it will show PST but date/time is still wrong.
<vagrantc>or TZ=America/Los_Angeles
<str1ngs>still time is wrong
<str1ngs> /usr/bin/date = Tue Dec 5 20:47:58 PST 2017
<str1ngs>m] icen[m] ijp itsfemme[m] j-r jackhill janneke jchmrt jluttine joelpet jonjits[m] jonsger[m] kelsoo1 kensington kini kmicu lewo luto lxo m-o mb[m]1 mekeor[m] metaphysician
<str1ngs>*** Names: mood mouldysammich mray[m] mt muhq[m] nckx nee` nekomune neuromorphic nicorikken[m] nonlinear oahong parazyd pareidolia piyo psachin quasisane quigonjinn reepca rekado richi235 robmyers roptat sentriz serhart shymega slyfox snape sneek so specing stefanc_diff str1ngs taohansen tg thekyriarchy thomassgn tyng ueno vagrantc wagaf wilo[m] wingo xkapastel yrk zacts
<str1ngs>*** End of /NAMES list.
<str1ngs> str1ngs: how do I set timezone. not I'm using a hosted guix not guixSD
<str1ngs> str1ngs: note*
<str1ngs> str1ngs: if I install coreutils, and run date it lists my TZ as America. if I do TZ=PST it will show PST but date/time is still wrong.
<str1ngs> vagrantc: TZ=US/Pacific
<str1ngs> vagrantc: or TZ=America/Los_Angeles
<str1ngs> str1ngs: still time is wrong
<str1ngs>*** Unknown command: usr/bin/date
<str1ngs> str1ngs: /usr/bin/date = Tue Dec 5 20:47:58 PST 2017
<str1ngs>> TZ=PST ~/.guix-profile/bin/date = Wed Dec 6 04:49:01 PST 2017
<str1ngs>RTC is not local so don't think it's HW clock related
<vagrantc>if you give an invalid timezone, it'll show UTC
<vagrantc>well, it'll show the time in UTC and copy whatever into the output
<vagrantc>ah, i can reproduce the issue on my debian w/ guix installed
<str1ngs>tzselect does not work either. due to missing zone files. installing tzdata did not help since tzselect use absolute store path. so I'm missing some setup or configuration specific to guix. but I can't find documentation for setting up timezone other then system configuration for guixSD
<vagrantc>well, sort of reproduce the issue
<str1ngs>I'm confident it's not a bug. I'm just not guix savy
<vagrantc>coreutils date has odd behavior when TZ is set to unexpected values ... but yes, guix makes it tricky to get the zoneinfo set up correctly
<str1ngs>I should use something other then date to test maybe
<vagrantc>TZ=sdfgsd date -R
<vagrantc>will also make it clearer that it's displaying UTC
<vagrantc>setting in .bashrc: export GUIX_PROFILE="$HOME/.guix-profile"
<vagrantc>seems to help a number of things
<vagrantc>otherwise $PATH gets the path to the /gnu/store/*-profile and needs to be reset with each new package install
<str1ngs>ya -R is using UTC
<str1ngs>sorry I mean it's reverting to UTC
<str1ngs>ah weird
<str1ngs>vagrantc: if I unset TZ it fixes it.
<str1ngs>I have TZ set in my environment somewhere
<vagrantc>ACTION hasn't ever seen TZ=PST work, but YMMV
<vagrantc>but i'm also having trouble getting it to use timezones from the guix-installed tzdata package
<str1ngs>might have to graft or something for that
<str1ngs>ah my was TZ=America/Vancouver that's why it's broke
<str1ngs>my host system handles TZ=America/Vancouver just fine.
<str1ngs>sneek: later ask vagrantc removing my TZ variable resolved it. But I suspect tzdata needs some setup. either way thanks for the help.
<sneek>Will do.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, nckx says: re: ghc: it's not much, but it's a start. (A lot of it being an input to so much serious-looking sciency stuff is intimidating though. :-)
<civodul>hello efraim!
<efraim>core-updates looks nice, time to build out to hello for a start
<civodul>grr btrfs-progs fails to build on i686
<civodul>hmm maybe not, that was non-deterministic
<roptat>hi, do you know what's the complexity of list-ref in guile?
<civodul>roptat: O(n)
<civodul>lists are singly-linked lists
<civodul>so we rarely use list-ref, except for small lists but then we use 'match'
<civodul>maybe vlists are would you're looking for?
<roptat>thanks :)
<roptat>I'm looking for something mutable though
<roptat>unless it's not costly to create a new vlist with only one value changed
<civodul>it's costly
<civodul>adding a new element to the head is cheap but updating something in the middle is costly
<civodul>otherwise you could use vectors
<roptat>ok, I'll go with vectors then
<civodul>building git 1.15.1 on an Olimex A20:
<civodul>phase `build' succeeded after 1060.1 seconds
<civodul>phase `check' succeeded after 10604.7 seconds
<civodul>that's more than 3 hours
<civodul>efraim: i forgot, are you able to build ARMv7 stuff on the aarch64 machine?
<rekado>IIRC only the ThunderX cannot build ARMv7 stuff.
<efraim>civodul: It absolutely should be able to, and in the very beginning I tested successfully the armhf binary install, but I haven't done the work yet to have the aarch64 daemon build armhf packages
<civodul>we should tweak the daemon to support armv7 on aarch64 then
<civodul>that way we could maybe use the new Overdrive boxes to do both
<civodul>unfortunately i borked the power supply on one of the two boxes :-/
<efraim>looks like a standard power supply, i have a small collection here
<efraim>ACTION wanders off for child snack time
<civodul>i wonder how standard it is, it's quite small actually
<civodul>BTW: guix gc -R $(readlink -f /run/current-system)|grep perl
<civodul>(prints nothing)
<civodul>pretty cool no? :-)
<mb[m]1>Ugh, "groff-minimal" on core-updates has picked up a bunch of Perl references.
<mb[m]1>Huh, the 'remove-non-essential-programs' phase seems ineffective. Wonder how that happened.
<jonsger>civodul: that seems to be a quite powerfull machines for ARM standards :)
<civodul>mb[m]1: don't bring us Perl back ;-)
<mb[m]1>civodul: No worries ;) Nice job removing it from the base system!
<civodul>meanwhile i try to resurrect the "new" web site
<efraim>Guile 2.2.3 failed on aarch64 on core-updates, trying it again with -K
<mb[m]1>groff-minimal on core-updates actually doesn't run the 'remove-non-essential-programs' phase at all.
<rekado_>In my attempts to build guile-git from the last release it would be great to have support for “guix environment guile-git --with-input=libgit2=/gnu/store/some-other-libgit2-build”
<mb[m]1>Moving ",@(package-arguments groff)" before #:phases makes the groff-minimal build succeed. Apparently it the inherited phases override the declared one.
<mb[m]1>Could this be from Guile 2.2.3?
<civodul>i don't think so
<civodul>we'd have to check
<civodul>damn it, the two arm machines behind hydra are not responding :-/
<civodul>i'm building the release on my A20, but it's terribly slow, and i'm not even sure it'll succeed given the memory contraints
<civodul>precisely, it just failed :-/
<efraim>mb[m]1: the later option between declared and inherited arguments 'wins', like we had with grub-efi
<efraim>civodul: I know you have 1 GB of RAM, how much swap?
<mb[m]1>efraim: But why does it work on 'master'?
<efraim>And how many cores at once?
<efraim>mb[m]1: I'm on my phone ATM so I cant check
<civodul>efraim: zero!
<efraim>that'll do it
<civodul>mb[m]1: can you inspect (package-arguments groff-minimal) at the regexp?
<civodul>also, where's the exact failure? is it groff-minimal proper, or is it a variant used before gcc-final has been built?
<efraim>on core-updates groff gains a 'setenv phase
<civodul>that must be the reason, then
<efraim>so groff-minimal really needs substitute-keyword-arguments and to modify the phases
<mb[m]1>Thanks, I'll do that.
<bavier>it's probably best to always use substitute-keyword-arguments when inheriting
<civodul>new web page on-line!
<civodul>finally :-)
<civodul>please report all the 404s and so on
<bavier>in the "Discover GuixSD" section, with the screenshots, clicking on an image doesn't load the full-size image like I'd expect
<bavier>I'm not sure having the index and page links at the bottom of the package pages is a good idea
<bavier>I would expect them near the top, for navigation
<rekado>civodul: thanks!
<rekado>civodul: did previously list or did we forget to add it there?
<civodul>rekado: i think we never added it, which is a shame!
<civodul>do you want to do that?
<rekado>civodul: the package source links on all point to invalid refs.
<rekado>civodul: yes, I’ll do that.
<civodul>bavier: re screenshots, i think something's broken
<civodul>rekado: right, the invalid refs are my fault, i generated it from the branch
<civodul>and i haven't pushed yet
<efraim>Under contact there's some gratuitous spaces before punctuation and on mobile at least there are three dots cutting off the end of the sentences
<civodul>i generated redirects from /news/* to /blog/*
<civodul>efraim: can you commit the fixes for that?
<rekado>looks like only the mini versions of all screenshots have been uploaded
<civodul>i'll upload eventually, it'll be easier this way :-)
<efraim>Sure, when I get back to my computer: )
<mb[m]1>mit-krb5 1.16 was released yesterday. I'll see if my profiles build with it.
<nckx>civodul: on, both the ‘Guix manual’ and ‘GNU manual’ point to the same (Guix) one. I'm not sure what ‘the GNU manual’ is supposed to be (there's, which is nice, but not a manual in se).
<rekado>and some of the big screenshots need to be renamed: slim.png -> guixsd-slim.png
<nckx>Nice new home page by the way.
<rekado>nckx: this should be “GNU manuals” and point to the GNU manuals
<jonsger> the underlines (links) at the architectures aren't seperated which makes reading more "difficult"
<nckx>rekado: OK, that does make sense. :-)
<mb[m]1>Uuuh, the PGP signature for krb5 1.16 is BAD according to GPG. Nvm then,
<mb[m]1>Huh, so is the 1.15.2, and it has a different hash from the package definition in Guix.
<jonsger>but apart from that amazing new website (I liked the old one also ^^). When you look at it, you can't believe that it's on the domain :P
<rekado>it’s a little embarrassing how “GuixSD and GNU Guix in your field” shows only one announcement from 2014 when clicking on “Bioinformatics”…
<civodul>indeed ;-)
<civodul>rekado: speaking of which, could you (re)add your talks as pseudo blog posts?
<civodul>that's how it works now
<nckx>jonsger: to be completely honest, that's the silly thing that made me give Guix a longer look when I was still on NixOS. Same goes for the gorgeous Guile redesign.
<jonsger>nckx: what are you meaning by "that silly thing"?
<civodul>screenshots look as intended now
<rekado>civodul: do you mean transcribe my talks?
<nckx>jonsger: ‘When you look at it...’
<jonsger>ah okay :)
<rekado>civodul: or do you mean just announcements?
<nckx>Now I feel like I badmouthed I love's pragmatism. It's just hard to tell sometimes if you're looking at the hot new thing of 2017 or 2007.
<jonsger>I like that guix doesn't have a CLA
<civodul>rekado: things like
<civodul>so you need the "Talks" tag at least
<nckx>How do we link to specific packages on the new
<bavier>an anchor would be nice, the old pages had those
<efraim>Any suggestions for touchpad issues on a macbook? I normally reboot until it works correctly but its been at least 10 times so far
<mb[m]1>The source code links on the package page are broken too. CGit says "Invalid revision name: v0.14.0-1-gad4953bc0".
<bavier>mb[m]1: I'm guessing the site was generated when a private guix branch was checked out
<quiliro>long time no see!!
<nckx>bavier: I don't think an anchor would work with the new paginated format.
<nckx>I recently added Guix installation ‘instructions’ to, with a note update the package link.
<nckx>Now it seems like that won't be possible. Not a disaster, but unfortunate.
<nckx>Hullo quiliro :-)
<lfam>nckx: I replied about the source of rng-tools. In short, it's complicated, but I think this new source is okay
<nckx>lfam: Yes, I read your last mail and am sufficiently reassured. Silly that such a package isn't even signed... Will you still be pushing your patch?
<lfam>nckx: I'll wait a few days for more comments, but otherwise yes
<nckx>lfam: OK!
<efraim>and the mouse works!
<efraim>I think its time for me to look into the updated xorg service
<quiliro>just wanted to congratulate all of guix ani guixsd hackers
<efraim>it also looks like guile-(boot-?)2.2.3 passed all the tests the second time around
<quiliro>how is infotropique going?
<quiliro>is it active or have the devs given up?
<efraim>i assume its still active
<quiliro>I will re-read the Guix manual. I have some knowledge gaps still
<quiliro>I still cannot figure out how to make a package
<quiliro>I would also like to have my keyboard layout on i3 or Gnome or LXDE
<quiliro>i have my layout correctly setup on the terminal though
<quiliro>would guixsd gnome work well on a core 2 duo with 2GB in ram?
<quiliro>i have guix pull-ed my user
<quiliro>but i have not updated the whole system.
<quiliro>would this be done by guix system reconfigure /etc/lightweight-desktop-config.scm
<bavier>quiliro: yes, after 'guix pull' as root
<quiliro>bavier: thanks
<quiliro>what do you think about ?
<quiliro>i have applied. but i asked them to make available without JS and without me installing any non-free software
<quiliro>on my computer
<bavier>quiliro: it looks like the courses are taught around Autodesk and Solidworks
<quiliro>yes...i could use freecad and librecad...those can do those tasks?
<quiliro>bavier: ^
<bavier>quiliro: maybe
<rekado>I have used “guix archive --export -r /path/to/guile-git” and imported the nar on the server that needs to be installed, but “guix pull” still wants to build guile-git and fails.
<lfam>rekado: Is it definitely the same derivation behind those two guile-git builds? And is the right signing key authorized on the server?
<lfam>ACTION Builds latest icedtea 2.6.12
<rekado>erm, never mind, the import must have failed.
<rekado>it didn’t complain but the item didn’t appear in the store.
<quiliro>where is the source code of a program downloaded via guix? /gnu/store/...-program-version ?
<quiliro>how can i download a web page all external links that are mentioned on that page recursively only from that initial website? i have tryed wget --mirror -p --convert-links website_url
<quiliro>i have asked at #wget but i am still waiting
<bavier>quiliro: you can get a packages source code with 'guix build -S <package>'
<quiliro>bavier: it will not get downloaded when installing with 'guix package -i <package>' ?
<bavier>quiliro: you maybe want the --level option of wget
<bavier>quiliro: only if it needs to build locally
<quiliro>i do not understand the difference between build and install. will build only use source and install use derivations when available
<bavier>quiliro: 'build' puts the result of the derivation into the store, either by building the source or downloading a substitute
<bavier>quiliro: 'package -i' installs that the package to a profile
<quiliro>so 'install' uses 'build'?
<bavier>quiliro: conceptually, yes
<janneke>i would like some help with seeing japanese fonts in conkeror/icecat
<janneke>i have installed font-wqy-zenhei:out and font-adobe-source-han-sans:jp but still gen these 00|11 unicode squares
<quiliro>bavier: thank you
<quiliro>so if i have 'install'ed then i might have the source?
<bavier>quiliro: maybe
<bavier>but you can be sure with 'guix build -S'
<quiliro>i want to find where openmolar inserts /usr instead of /gnu/store
<quiliro>do i need the source of openmolar for that?
<quiliro>how can i do 'guix build -S' on emacs?
<civodul>hello quiliro
<civodul>quiliro: you can run "guix build -S emacs"
<civodul>or you mean how to do it from Emacs?
<civodul>in that case, M-x guix-search-by-name RET openmolar RET
<civodul>and then hit the "Source" button
<janneke>ACTION never saw M-x guix-search-by-name
<civodul>highly recommended!
<civodul>there's also M-x guix-help which provides a "refcard"
<quiliro>civodul: oh...thank you
<quiliro>there are two links beside source: one in /gnu/store and another on
<quiliro>so that means i already have the source downloaded?
<quiliro>happy hacking!