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<CharlieBrown>I would switch to GuixSD but I don't want my PC to have downtime.
<buenouanq>( ¬___¬)
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: you know if you wanted, you could do a Live conversion. Hot-swapping of the kernel might be an issue though
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: I also haven't tested to see if my whole workflow works.
<CharlieBrown>I'd probably have to rely on ADFENO's recipe for GNU Ring, to use SIP.
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: well, simply remove programs as you add them in guix; until you are done or until you reach a wall
<marusich>Hey all. Has anyone ever experienced a problem in GuixSD where the screen goes black, the HDD light goes solid (as if tons of IO is occurring), and a kernel Oops appears in the /var/log/messages?
<marusich>Anecdotally, I have experiened this issue a few times in the past few months - I don't know if the "Oops" is actually related, but I noticed it yesterday when the problem occurred again.
<marusich>The Oops occurred along with a "BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null)". I think this happened wihle I was using Guix to build things.
<efraim>oops, broke grub-efi for intel platforms
<efraim>gama tests failed hard on armhf
<m-o>hey efraim, thanks for follow-ups on grub tests disabling !
<m-o>any chance you could have a look at my dtc patch :) ?
<brendyn>civodul: My nautilus mysteriously starting working properly now. It mounts my drives and shows my Music, Pictures, etc directories now
<civodul>brendyn: yeah i saw on another laptop running GuixSD w/ GNOME that it works as expected
<civodul>so i'm not sure what's going on
<civodul>something's stateful
<brendyn>my pcmanfm is still being weird tho
<civodul>could you check if it works in a 'guix system vm'?
<brendyn>sure. could be due to updates
<civodul>and FWIW nautilus started with 'guix environment --ad-hoc nautilus -- nautilus' (without GNOME) still shows all the mount points
<brendyn>civodul: does it work if you change HOME?
<civodul>if i change it to what?
<brendyn>just any temporary dir, so it cant read your config
<brendyn>or sudo nautilus
<civodul>m-o, efraim: guix-efi fails to build on x86_64 (40 test failures)
<brendyn>sudo nautilus brings up a nautilus with all the weird mounts again
<civodul>m-o, efraim: nvm, i found why
<brendyn>ok what... nautilus Just showed the system drives again, i didn't even do anything
<mistnim>hello, I download guix on my debian and I went with: guix package -i guile. Now it has been compiling for an hour I don't know what. What's going on?
<civodul>hi mistnim
<civodul>mistnim: did you enable substitutes?
<mistnim>guix archive --authorize < <- this is wrong right?
<mistnim>no such file or directory
<mistnim>guix archive --authorize does nothing
<m-o>when doing 'guix archive --authorize <' you must have in your current working directory
<mistnim>oh it's a key
<civodul>oh efraim fixed already, awesome :-)
<mistnim>I thought it was a website, very confusing
<civodul>above it says: This public key is installed along with Guix, in ‘PREFIX/share/guix/’
<civodul>but perhaps we should change the snippet to PREFIX/share/guix/
<civodul>people only read snippets it seems :-)
<civodul>(i do that too i think!)
<m-o>civodul: yes i agree
<mistnim>yes, that's what I do
<civodul>ok, will do
<mistnim>not sure where is this prefix he is talking about
<mistnim>I installed guix in /gnu, and /var/guix but there are no share dirs there
<civodul>actually got it right
<civodul>mistnim: you built by hand, right?
<civodul>s/by hand/from source/
<mistnim>civodul, no, I got the binaries of guix
<civodul>ok, Binary-Installation.html above should have everything for this case
<mistnim>oh, I had completely missed step 7
<mistnim>I'm not sure about starting the snippets with #, especially when they are multi line snippets
<mistnim>it's pretty annoying actually
<civodul>well i guess we can remove those '#'
<civodul>there are cases with multiple commands, but i don't think it'd be ambiguous
<m-o>'#' allows to distinguish from '$' for root/user prompt
<m-o>but yeah i guess it could be removed
<mistnim>you could always have the # on another div so it doesn't get copied
<efraim>m-o: I assume the dtc patches are from upstream
<m-o>efraim: yes they are
<jonsger>civodul: I wouldn't remove the "#" in the binary installlation instructions, because "#" means root and "$" user :)
<civodul>though maybe if explicitly write "run this as root" that's OK?
<civodul>WDYT jonsger?
<jonsger>I personally like it more to have "#" or "$" at the begin of a line
<jonsger>I can live with a remove...
<civodul>it's a difficult topic :-)
<efraim>m-o: I haven't built it but it looks good
<m-o>efraim: ok thanks for reviewing :)
<numerobis>Hi! I saw earlier this week that guix required quite a lot of RAM for 'guix pull'. I'm thinking of ordering a VPS, and was wondering whether there was a recommended amount of RAM? Would 2GB be enough? Thanks!
<m-o>hi numerobis, i recently had issues with a machine with 2G building guix. Sadly i think you need more, possibly 3-4G min.
<brendyn>numerobis: ng0 said he did it with 512GiB ram + 6GiB swap.
<nee`>brendyn: I think you mean 512Mib
<m-o>512Gib is sure enough :)
<brendyn>Which was pushing the limit I think. So 2GiB plus some swap is probably reasonable.
<brendyn>m-o: :d
<m-o>On ARM guix build fails with 2Gib of RAM and 8Gib of swap
<m-o>i dunno on intel targets
<brendyn>guix/guile really needs some optimising :(
<m-o>the work-around is to use 1 core instead of 4 cores, then it works.
<numerobis>m-o, brendyn: Thank you, I'll probably take 3G then.
<mistnim>how do I make available the commands I install to user different than root?
<m-o>mistnim: see point 6 : "Make the guix command available to other users on the machine, for instance with:"
<mistnim>m-o, not the guix command, the programs I install with guix
<m-o>mistnim: well you can install them as root or as user
<m-o>with guix package -i hello or sudo guix package -i hello for instance
<mistnim>I did install them as root
<nee`>I remember that `guix pull` comile times were a much shorter with guile 2.0 which did a lot less analysis and optimization of the code it compiled than 2.2. I don't know the interal workings of the guile compiler, but I guess it's not possible to simply add an argument and save time by doing less optimizations?
<mistnim>m-o, ok I feared doing the install as user as well would start downloading everything again
<mistnim>it doesn't
<m-o>nope it just symbolic link modification.
<mistnim>ok, although I get "failed to install locale" when launching guile
<m-o>mistnim: this is not a big deal, see:
<mistnim>nee`, wait, isn't guile an interpreter? Does it actually compiles stuff?
<rekado>mistnim: Guile comes with an advanced compiler stack, and it also has an interpreter.
<nee`>mistnim: it compiles to guile vm code, not directly to machine code.
<mistnim>got it
<nee`>m-o: It's annoying that this is not part of the binary-installation guide. I know no case where you wouldn't want to setup locales, and everyone is always confused by that 'missing locale' error message.
<mistnim>nee`, agreed
<nee`>Making guile compile directly to machine code is planned for the next big version if I remember correctly.
<civodul>ACTION adds a progress bar to 'guix system init'
<m-o>civodul: nice !!
<civodul>m-o: it's only for the part that copies files around, but it's already an improvement
<wigust>Do I need to document every field of the service configuration record or could I just make a referenece to the manual page? :-)
<wigust>There are about 40 fiels.
<wigust>Or maybe remove need less ones?
<civodul>wigust: depends, but if you use (gnu services configuration), the stuff to put in guix.texi can be generated
<civodul>so overall i'd suggest taking a look at how other services do it
<civodul>ACTION just read about and agrees with comments by rekado
<civodul>it looks like a way to encourage hardware vendors to provide proprietary "firmware" and yet enjoy good support in GNU/Linux
<m-o>civodul: i reviewed your serie, it seems fine to me !
<civodul>awesome, thanks m-o!
<civodul>i'll wait a little longer and then push if nobody else chimes in
<m-o>sure !
<wigust>civodul: Thanks, I'll try hard to inject this. :-)
<civodul>don't hesitate to ask questions though if this isn't as clear as you'd hope
<wigust>Could I use define-configuration in Gexp compiler?
<wigust>ACTION thinks about removing all fiels except repositories and extra-options
<civodul>wigust: i think it's good for users to have access to all these fields
<civodul>maybe you could merge the mime-* fields though: have a single 'mime' field, whose value should be an alist
<wigust>civodul: Good idea, thanks
<civodul>it's really nice to have good support for Git
<civodul>ACTION wonders why subversion needs to be built
<clacke[m]>because git-svn?
<davexunit>civodul: ooh progress bar. nice touch.
<nee`>Would it be a good idea to change the unpack phase so it removes __MACOSX directories after running unzip? My current workaround is to switch to the zipbomb mode and do a manual chdir, but these zips aren't zipbombs they only have .
<nee`>one __MACOSX directory too much
<civodul>clacke[m]: dunno, i think it's a graft somewhere
<civodul>nee`: to me that's the definition of a zipbomb, no? :-)
<nee`>I would think that on a zipbomb you are already in the correct build directory. Everything is in root and it's missing a wrapping directory. Here we have the wrapping directory, but OSX also adds it's metadata garbage.
<nee`>It also depends on if the developer who made the zip created it on a mac.
<ng0>hey! we had someone in our community running GuixSD on one of the Hetzner dedicated servers, right?
<efraim>building subversion wouldn't be so bad if the tests were run in parallel
<jonsger[m]>ng0: oh really, never heard about that :)
<CharlieBrown>Aw man... I can't try Mozilla Deep Speech because pip does not work.
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