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<kevinfish>How do I get paste working under i3 in icecat?
<mb[m]1>kevinfish: Are you referring to preserving newlines? Unfortunately I don't have an answer, but I'm surprised about the assertion that it's i3-specific (I have the same problem on i3). Did you verify that it worked under say GNOME?
<kevinfish>no, when I tried to install a normal desktop from boot it got too complicated, so I went with the minimal GUI install. When I try and paste, either with a C-v or by cording the mouse buttons it just jumps the browser into a very strange place. Doesn't seem to work at all. Like if I'm on facebook and I have a field I'm trying to paste into with lots of comments in a sub-thread it jumps to a place where the main posting is all th
<kevinfish>..backwards go get back where I was. If I click "comment" to enter a comment all my previous typing is just gone
<kevinfish>Also it GuixSD seems to be VERY slow for the class of machine I'm using, config files I set in my non-privileged user account get overwritten on boot, and important utilities (like "mount") are no longer available in the root user
<wigust>kevinfish: Config files for user overwritten on boot? Do you mean user home directory? Guix doesn't touch them at all as any distro.
<mb[m]1>kevinfish: Oh, that seems to be a different bug. What kind of machine are you using?
<mb[m]1>Also, as wigust mentioned, GuixSD only touches files managed by your system configuration.
<wigust>kevinfish: If you need to you could check an example for XFCE and GNOME sessions
<kevinfish>yes, the files config files in my home directory don't seem to be staying. Also I've noticed applications don't seem to be staying installed. Is there a cli pastebin utility?
<mb[m]1>You can use to "pipe" to a pastebin.
<wigust>kevinfish: Also
<brendyn>kevinfish: Does C-y paste in icecat?
<kevinfish>well, I can't copy/paste to a web interface. Chicken or the egg situation
<brendyn>i was using i3 before and never had issues
<wigust>kevinfish: Why? Right mouse click and paste
<mb[m]1>kevinfish: Doing multiple `guix package` invocations at once may cause the new profile to get "overwritten", but existing profiles are immutable.
<kevinfish>well, that worked here. Cording the mouse works here too. Maybe its a JS issue on facebook.
<wigust>kevinfish: Icecat doesn't allow proprietary JS by default.
<kevinfish>I must have a seriously munged up system here. When I sudo su into root I don't even have ls. I do echo <dirname>/* on the dirnames in my path and only /bin/sh is there
<kevinfish>I take it that's not normal right?
<wigust>kevinfish: Try "sudo -i"
<kevinfish>ahh, much better!
<mb[m]1>`sudo su -`would work too; they both perform a "normal" login, causing /etc/profile to be sourced (which sets up essential variables such as PATH).
<brendyn>kevinfish: i had that same issue. just run `su' then run `source /etc/profile'
<kevinfish>got it. Its going to take a bit of getting used to this
<brendyn>kevinfish: then, at least in my case, you neet to edit /root/.bash_profile
<brendyn>my /root/.bash_profile is if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then . ~/.bashrc; fi
<brendyn>and then my /root/.bashrc is the default one installed in guixsd, which loads /etc/profile
<kevinfish>ok, thanks
<mb[m]1>brendyn: That has been the default ~/.bash_profile in GuixSD for many years, also for root.
<brendyn>Would somebody mind testing ecryptfs? I get an error saying it refers to /bin/mount
<brendyn>run `mkdir a b; sudo mount -t ecryptfs a b'
<brendyn>mb[m]1: Yes I just found that I must have overridden mine when I was copying files over to my new system
<efraim>i accidently enabled some zooming feature in XFCE on guixsd, any idea how to turn it back off?
<efraim>alt + scrollwheel
<bms_>ACTION is back (gone for 00:10.07)
<brendyn>Has anyone got gnome-settings-daemon running with a tiling wm like i3 on guixsd?
<mb[m]1>Holy, the python.scm split-up coincided poorly with the python-updates merge to core-updates.
<mb[m]1>ACTION attempts the merge
<rekado>sorry about that!
<brendyn>Anyone know how to setup automatic harddrive mounting? and getting them recognised in pcmanfm etc?
<mb[m]1>Being able to grep the commit log for file names and variables is a life-saver.
<mb[m]1>rekado: No worries, it had to be done.
<rekado>brendyn: I needed to add gvfs to the system profile to get one-click mounting in nautilus.
<rekado>mb[m]1: I also relied heavily on the uniform commit logs to move copyright assignments along with the package definitions.
<brendyn>Also, I get all these weird devices like pts, chm, store, blikio appear in nautilus/pcmanfm
<brendyn>in i3. they never appeared in GNOME3
<brendyn>rekado: I already have gvfs.
<brendyn>brb rebooting
<rekado>I think we can build approach gradle by building groovy 2.0.0-beta3
<rekado>it still comes with an ant recipe that shows how to bootstrap groovy
<roptat_>rekado: groovy is part of maven dependencies, so I have something
<rekado_>roptat_: which version have you been working on?
<rekado_>groovy requires gradle and gradle requires itself, so I wanted to build an older groovy first
<rekado_>and then build gradle with just groovy
<roptat_>I use 2.4.10 (the latest when I built it)
<roptat_>it requires gradle for its build system, but it can build fine with our ant-build-system
<roptat_>although I only have a minimal version that's enough to run one small script in another package
<roptat_>part of groovy is written in groovy :/
<mb[m]1>efraim: Can you try to build python-pytest on the latest core-updates when you're available?
<roptat_>I only built the subset that's written in java
<roptat_>you can get my definition from here:
<efraim>mb[m]1: sure
<efraim>hmm, did audacity pass -msse before?
<rekado_>roptat_: the build.xml that comes with 2.0.0-beta3 includes a bootstrapping step.
<rekado_>I think that’s to build a minimal groovy compiler from Java sources first and then use that on the rest of the sources.
<rekado_>I think it may be better to use that build.xml instead of the one the ant-build-system generates for us.
<roptat_>yay... probably
<roptat_>I didn't look older versions of groovy too closely because they all required a groovy compiler, so I figured it would be just like maven: better to build the latest version and ignore previous ones
<roptat_>but if it does provide a bootsrapping step that doesn't require groovy, it's worth trying to build 2.0.0-beta3
<mb[m]1>efraim: I have a bunch of updates queued for core-updates that will invalidate all your substitutes. Building them now and will probably push later/tomorrow.
<efraim>mb[m]1: ok
<efraim>python-pytest built for me on core-updates
<mb[m]1>efraim: Yay! Thanks for verifying. That means the merge was successful.
<efraim>is nettle part of that?
<efraim>just got the email from gnu-announce
<mb[m]1>Nope, haven't gotten to that. Will you take it?
<efraim>i'll try to get to it
<mb[m]1>I have libxml and libxslt, and a bunch of miscellaneous x11/"staging" updates.
<mb[m]1>Building Guile takes ages.
<rekado_>takes around 45mins on that 1.5TB RAM server at work
<rekado_>I guess having 192 cores is useful sometimes.
<efraim>I expect more along 4 hours on my firefly 3399
<efraim>trying to browse nettle's source on gitlab with links was incredibly frustrating
<jonsger[m]>rekado_: If I would have 1.5TB RAM at work would be nice :)
<efraim>nettle built without any problems
<efraim>apparently audacity indirectly depends on nss
<castilma>hey, guix system reconfigure tells me using device in bootloader configuration is deprecated and I should use target instead. 1. the doc should be updated to mention this. 2. does it mean the `target` of mapped devices ($ info guix mapped).
<castilma>what if i dont use luks nor raid(the only types for mapped devices acording to the manual)?
<roptat_>castilma: this is what I use: (bootloader (grub-configuration (target "/dev/sdc")))
<roptat_>so just replace device with target here
<roptat_>I think the change happened after 0.13, so it's not yet in the online manual
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<g_bor>I've just checked the hydra status on giux, and we have this failing build called tarball.
<g_bor>From the log it seems, that convert is missing, ehich I guess shoul be in imagemagick.
<castilma>roptat: thanks. but afaik im using the doc from the git checkout.
<rekado_>g_bor: hi!
<vagrantc>so, i've done a few installs now, two with a locally built installer, and i'm confused why the installer consistantly installs a kernel that's older than the one the boot media uses
<vagrantc>(e.g. it's running 4.14, but the installer is installing 4.13.x to the newly installed system)
<mb[m]1>efraim: icu4c fails to build for me on 'core-updates'.
<efraim>i'll try it out
<efraim>it built on aarch64
<efraim>how is it failing?
<mb[m]1>Test failure. Will investigate with -K.
<vagrantc>is there any commandline flag to get guix system init to be more verbose? the most recent build of it i have just seems run indefinitely at 125% cpu utilization with no output
<vagrantc>ACTION let it run for 8 hours with no progress
<rekado_>sounds like you have a loop in your configuration somewhere.
<wigust>vagrantc: --verbosity=[from 0 to 5]
<vagrantc>heh. --verbose just would be too easy.
<mb[m]1>efraim: It wasn't a test failure (was watching intermixed build output), it's actually a compile error.
<mb[m]1>"number_decimalquantity.cpp:333:14: error: expected primary-expression before ‘float’"
<vagrantc>seems to be looping on: downgrading to read lock on `/var/guix/temproots/4549' ... acquiring write lock on `/var/guix/temproots/4549'
<vagrantc>just when i think i have the hang of this...
<castilma>any tips on how to dualboot guixsd and nixos? would you recommend chainloading? both create many menuentries. I guess it is not possible for one system to recognize the system options the other wants, right?
<castilma>s/system options/grub boot entries/
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<g_bor>I've just run a make check on a fresh git checkout, and I have the guix-system test fail.
<g_bor>Where does that system definition come from?
<castilma>g_bor: I experienced the same and sent it to bug-guix.
<wigust>g_bor: I assume it's not "operation system definition", but a "guix system" thing.
<wigust>Oh, wrong read, sorry.
<janneke>g_bor: is this part of: make check-system?
<janneke>system tests are in gnu/test/*
<g_bor>ok, I have found it...
<g_bor>it dies on the qemu module one...
<janneke>are you on GuixSD?
<janneke>hmm, on foreign distro's i've seen kvm/qemu setup quirks -- not on GuixSD
<g_bor>it seems, that EXIT trap is executed...
<g_bor>when the is run from another location it executes and exits 0.
<mb[m]1>I suspect the ICU issue is due to the incomplete fix for this:
<mb[m]1>Odd that it doesn't trigger on Aarch64 though. Maybe i18n is not enabled on that platform?
<mb[m]1>Aaah, actually the problem seems to be GCC, specifically this:
<mb[m]1>When both <cmath> and math.h is included, GCC fails to locate std::signbit.
<castilma>i installed guixsd on my machine and it boots but there are 1.5 problems: 1. the boot hangs: lsh tries to generate a key, but it only gets 31 bits of randomness, it asks me to give it more by typing random stuff, but: 1.5 no keys seem to get registered. unplugging and replugging it results in kernel infos being printed on the console, saying it recognised a new device. any ideas? maybe this gets better if it booted until the end: can i
<castilma>vide guixsd/lsh more randomness through a file?
<dogetest>is there something like package group?
<mb[m]1>castilma: For lsh, if you have console access, "mashing" the keyboard does work IIRC. Although I would recommend using OpenSSH since lsh is more-or-less unmaintained.
<castilma>mb[m]1: the thing is i am stuck on the console and can't input anything. i typed about 100 keys. is the input maybe blind? i will try moving my fist over the keyboard.
<mb[m]1>castilma: I think you might need more than that. Another option is to "ping-flood" the machine from another host, if you have network.
<alezost>dogetest: instead of groups we use packages. "lxde" or "gnome" are the examples of such "group" packages
<mb[m]1>efraim: Did you try reproducing the icu4c build failure? Maybe it broke with glibc 2.26?
<efraim>it just builds fine here, maybe there are optimizations for other platforms that aren't there for aarch64?
<mb[m]1>I think this is the actual bug:
<mb[m]1>I'll try to pick the corresponding commit.