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<vagrantc>ng0: locks/i3 branch?
<Guest17724>Woo! My GuixSD install is up to date both system and user profiles. Has been a while!
<dogetest>Guest17724: let me ask, how much of speed do you get from subistitutive mirror? im getting 30kbs
***Guest17724 is now known as sturm
<eel>is it possible to install the Guix package manager without root? e.g. for installing stuff in ~/.local/bin instead of /usr/bin or something. this is on a shared server
<sturm>dogetest: I didn't actually notice, but was definitely more than that
<sturm>dogetest: Just tried instaling a game and am getting at least 800KiB/s (and the wifi reception is pretty poor here, so that won't help)
<dogetest>could it be a virt-manager limitation?
<dogetest>didnt installed network tools ><
<lfam>dogetest: Can you give me an example of an URL that is downloading slowly?
<lfam>Oh, I see that someone else already checked and got much faster speeds. I guess there is an issue with either your connection or the virtualized environment you are using
<dogetest>nope, not my virtualization
<dogetest>when downloading the image from official site its slow too
<dogetest>but downloading a image from fedora is not
<dogetest>maybe the continental distance is causing it
<dogetest>even, which is closer, is also slow
<brendyn>Can I get the Tor Browser on Guix?
<Ober>nope, we don't believe in security
<bavier1>brendyn: pure speculation, but I think you could run the Tor Browser from upstream in an environment that mounts the expected libraries into a debian-style FSH
<rekado>Ober: what is that supposed to mean?
<rekado>also: hi Guix!
<Ober>lisp and gnu. "...I use my login name as my password." Richard M Stallman
<rekado>Guix has little to do with rms.
<CharlieBrown>It's going to be weird when he dies.
<CharlieBrown>I thought TBB was added to Guix.
<CharlieBrown>Ah, guess not. All I see is `onionshare`.
<rekado>CharlieBrown: TBB as in Threading Building Blocks? It’s in the tbb.scm module.
<CharlieBrown>That doesn't sound like the name of an app.
<CharlieBrown>⇒Tor Browser Bundle
<brendyn>Rather unimpressed with HtDP2e.
<clacke[m]>Don't the Tor people recommend using Tails these days?
<clacke[m]>The Browser Bundle has sort of a legacy offering status
<CharlieBrown>Having to reboot just to access Tor sites?
<CharlieBrown>The Tor Project says that you should only go through the Tor Browser. So, what, are you supposed to never use Tor on your own system, and always reboot to use anything with Tor? ...
<clacke[m]>no, run Tails in a VM
<CharlieBrown>clacke: lol
<ng0>sneek: later tell brendyn: wrt Torbrowser, I have detailed discussion of this with Tor, so if no one beats me in it, I'll be working on this sometime in the next year(s).
<sneek>Will do.
<ng0>sneek: later tell brendyn: it's rather easy, it's just that Firefox based software (and anything the size of what is considered a modern browser) takes an awful amount of time
<ng0>sneek: later tell brendyn: the very short tl;dr is that we have the 'OK' from Torproject (Trademarks team + Torbrowser team) under the conditions and plans I told them about, and the actions they will take (remove some last mentions of mozilla + add licenses)
<CharlieBrown>That's excellent.
<ng0>sneek: later tell brendyn: I you want, I can summarize it all (with links to the Torproject emails in an email to guix-devel
<sneek>Will do.
<ng0>ACTION has to go
<janneke>has something changed, that source/ is now read-only?
<janneke>i find myself needing to add
<janneke>(add-before 'build 'chmod (lambda _ (system* "chmod" "-R" "+w" ".")))
<mb[m]1>janneke: that happens when the source is downloaded with "git-fetch".
<mb[m]1>There is a "make-file-writable" procedure in (guix build utils) btw.
<mb[m]1>I wonder if we should make git-fetch preserve the original permissions and return a tarball, rather than copying the directory to the store.
<janneke>mb[m]1: ah, that makes sense, thanks.
<janneke>i'm just testing a pre-release using git-fetch yes
<numerobis>Hi! I am trying to write a small package definition, but 'guix build' fails (wget can't resolve host name) at some point when the package build script tries to download external modules (which are not available as guix packages). Is this happening because the build environment is isolated from the web, to guarantee reproducibility? And what would be the 'guix' way of dealing with that situation? Should I create
<numerobis>other guix packages for each of the modules, and include them as 'inputs' to the main package? Thank you!
<janneke>numerobis: guix builds happen in a container, no internet
<rekado_>numerobis: you can add additional resources as origins.
<CharlieBrown>I'm having issues getting Gajim to work on a foreign distro.
<rekado_>it is not always necessary to create full packages for them.
<numerobis>janneke,rekado: Thanks! Adding additional resources as origin should work. :)
<janneke>numerobis: np, there are examples that this such as tzdata in base.scm and icedtea packages
<numerobis>janneke: Oh, thanks, I was coming just back to ask for an example :)
<dogetest>Hello... something went wrong with my setup. yesterday I was trying to update with guix pull, but couldnt finish, now Im trying to run pull again, but it complains about guile-git missing, when trying to install it, it complains about a missing patch
<dogetest>tried to pass -k to guix package -i guile-git -k, but didnt work
<catonano>dogetest: if you have a local checkout you can use that in order to pull
<catonano>like this
<catonano>./pre-inst-env guix pull
<catonano>that will do. Afterwards you should be able to do it the usual way, witout the local check out
<brendyn>What's the easiest way to install a .desktop file of my own in GuixSD, since the system can't be modified manually?
<sneek>Welcome back brendyn, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>brendyn, ng0 says: wrt Torbrowser, I have detailed discussion of this with Tor, so if no one beats me in it, I'll be working on this sometime in the next year(s).
<sneek>brendyn, ng0 says: the very short tl;dr is that we have the 'OK' from Torproject (Trademarks team + Torbrowser team) under the conditions and plans I told them about, and the actions they will take (remove some last mentions of mozilla + add licenses)
<sneek>brendyn, ng0 says: I you want, I can summarize it all (with links to the Torproject emails in an email to guix-devel
<dogetest>How do I know if I have a local checkout
<dogetest>if dont, where could I get it?
<rekado>dogetest: did you “git clone” the sources of Guix? If so: you have a local checkout.
<dogetest>I did install guixsd, rebooted and tried to guix pull
<rekado>okay, then you don’t have it.
<rekado>you can try this:
<rekado> mkdir -p ~/.cache/guix/pull
<rekado> cd ~/.cache/guix/pull
<rekado> git clone \\
<rekado> pjmkglp4t7znuugeurpurzikxq3tnlaywmisyr27shj7apsnalwq
<dogetest>no git
<rekado>can’t you install git?
<dogetest>probably going to reinstall. thx anyway
<wigust>dogetest: To clone a Guix checkout you need to install Git as rekado mention. So, if you on GuixSD you could make "guix package -i git". Reinstallation will not help. :-)
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<dogetest>wigust: yes, the system says to run exatcly that, but then it complain about a missing patch
<g_bor>I have a package definition, with multiple level of inheritance, and I would like to see what is exactly passed to the build system, either int the form of a package definition with inhetiances unrolled, or some other form.
<g_bor>Is it possible to do so?
<dogetest>guix package complains about a missing patch for any package I try to instaçç
<wigust>dogetest: Could you make another "guix pull"?
<dogetest>just did
<dogetest>it complains about guile-git missing and says to install it
<wigust>dogetest: So, did you install it?
<DusXMT>dogetest: then install guile-git
<dogetest>yes, but it raises a error, saying there is a missing patch
<dogetest>for any package I try to install
<rekado>dogetest: “guile-git” is not “git”.
<dogetest>the error is raised for both
<rekado>dogetest: you can always “undo” a “guix pull” by removing ~/.config/guix/latest
<rekado>then it will use the system guix
<dogetest>should I run guix pull or guix refresh for updating?
<rekado>“guix refresh” doesn’t do anything useful for you.
<rekado>it’s for developers
<rekado>(I suggest browsing the manual to get a better overview)
<dogetest>the rm tip did work
<dogetest>need to rest my wrist :(
<janneke>hey g_bor
<g_bor>I just asked if there is an easy way to find out what is finally passed as arguments when we have inheritance, and a lot of substitute-keyword-arguments...
<g_bor>Is there an easy way for that?
<janneke>not sure exactly what you need, you can do: cat $(guix build --derivations hello)
<janneke>that will give you everything that will be present in the build root for hello
<g_bor>ok, I will try that.
<janneke>but not the full closure to build its dependencies
<g_bor>Another thing, do we have a way to ask guix build to keep the build directory even if the build succeeds? I know of -K, but I guess that only works if build fails.
<civodul>g_bor: you could use "-K --check", which is not exactly what you're asking for but hopefully "good enough"
<g_bor>will try that
<g_bor>janneke: I currently try to get gcc-ddc into working shape, but it seems to me that some flags slip through...
<g_bor>I actually want a full debug build with -g3 -O0, so that it would be easier to see where the reproducibility issues sterm from.
<g_bor>I intend to use the ddc method then to write some tools, so that we can detect the real version requirements, when we have a maven, gradle or npm like dependecy file specifying versions.
<janneke>g_bor: ah, nice that you're looking. what versions of gcc are you now targeting?
<g_bor>That is why I'm interested in this.
<g_bor>The one you used, it is 4.7.4.
<g_bor>The main motivation for me to write such a tool is to make gradle bootstrappable. I want to filter out not needed versions, working backwards from current release.
<janneke>OK, yes i switched a few times between 7.2 and 4.7.4, hoping that 7.2 would have seen more reproducibility patches
<g_bor>Yes, I've seen some of that...
<janneke>i have also looked at gcc-1.4 for a bit
<g_bor>I also created a small documentation path, because the versions in the description weren't consistent with the definition.
<janneke>ah, good
<g_bor>I'm just building it with the original patch posted by you, and see what more can I get of it...
<g_bor>It would be good if we could build with -g3, so that we could see macro expansions, that would clearly show where those strings come from, I guess.
<g_bor>Do you know anything about that snippet before the strings, where the binay constants change?
<janneke>adding CFLAGS=-g3 as configure-flags, does that work?
<janneke>no, i haven't really looked. is that in the program text?
<g_bor>Tried that, and seems that it does not work, but I will try again. Now I would like to see what happens in the first place, with the unmodified patch, because it just became unmanagable, so I gc-d my versions, and rebuild to see what really works.
<g_bor>I had too much modifications in place with make-flags, configure-flags, BOOT_CFLAGS, CFLAGS that it really became unclear what is doing what...
<g_bor>Yes, that one is in the program text. The strings are in the .rodata section, but what i'm talking about is the part after objdump --line-numbers --disassemble --demangle --section=.text {}
<g_bor>furthermore I also have a fourth string causing difference.
<g_bor>I can send you my diffoscope output, if you wish to investigate.
<g_bor>I guess you have three because strings with common suffixes might be optimized away, but I'm not yet sure.
<rekado>ACTION is back in the Java mines