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<vagrantc>wow. so loading the initrd from the grub menu fails, but loading it manually works fine
<vagrantc>ACTION does a little WTF squint
<vagrantc>suppose it's time to follow-up with
<civodul>heya wingo
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>I tried using debian's 4.13 arm64 kernel to build a vm, complete failure, had to go back to my 4.12 attempt and update it for 4.13
<civodul>hey efraim
<civodul>efraim: to build a GuixSD VM?
<efraim>I was having a hard time making a GuixSD image for my pine64 board so I figured if I could spin up a GuixSD VM then I'd know my kernel is good and I have to work on the implementation bits for the pine64 specifically
<mb[m]1>I wonder if we should do a "staging" round while waiting for a Hydra kernel upgrade. That means picking out the python-updates branch, as well as glib, dbus and "higher" in the dependency graph.
<mb[m]1>Alternatively just revert the glibc update.
<efraim>the only thing I've found broken so far is gtk+@2
<efraim>although I haven't tested much python
<mb[m]1>efraim: what's broken wrt gtk2? Does it fail to build, or something else?
<efraim>the test in the testsuite
<efraim>it looked like there was a bonus api it wasn't expecting
<mb[m]1>Odd. Maybe from dbus 1.12.
<efraim>With a kernel and grub tests #f I got 'guix system build os-config.scm'
<efraim>Will try the VM later today I hope
<civodul>efraim: on aarch64?
<efraim>thats what I was trying to hack on with my grub hacking, leaving grub->grub-pc for intel and making grub->grub-efi for armhf and aarch64
<efraim>maybe a better test would be to build an installer image and try to launch it with qemu-system-aarch64 from x86_64
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<thomassgn>anyone on guixsd running ardour? I get a pixbuf error about unrecognized fileformat for a png icon in the store path of ardour. 'file' and 'feh' confirms the file exists and is a png and shows an ardour logo/icon.
<thomassgn>tried ardour with --no-splash and --disable plugins, but get the same error.
<rekado>thomassgn: I’m using an older version of ardour on GuixSD. The latest version crashed a little too often.
<thomassgn>right. Thanks, will try an older version then. :)
<iyzsong>gdk-pixbuf needs shared-mime-info to recognize file types, run it directly from store won't works unless you have shared-mime-info in your profile and XDG_DATA_DIRS contains it.
<iyzsong>thomassgn: do you have ~/.guix-profile/share/mime/image/png.xml?
<thomassgn>iyzsong: yes, it is there
<thomassgn>and the XDG_DATA_DIRS has that path (/home/thomas/.guix-profile/share)
<thomassgn>I found it.
<iyzsong>um, strange.. run: grep 'png' -R ~/.guix-profile/share/mime/mime.cache, does it matches?
<thomassgn>It's because I'm using fish. Apparently using fish, or not using bash; breaks a lot of things in guix
<thomassgn>quite a few of guix commands behave differently under fish and bash
<iyzsong>oh, ok.
<thomassgn>I keep forgetting it.
<jonsger>yeah guix and fish is sometime not that much fun. I then open bash :)
<thomassgn>I really look forward to getting my system reinstalled :P I have some problem in my store that I can't figure out. the symptoms of the store is similar to a disk starting to fail, but I see it nowhere else than in some parts of the store.
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<mistnim_>hi, I would like to make my bachelor theses on something guix related. Is there something that needs to be done? Any suggestion? (I'm not very experienced, I'm learning scheme right now)
<jonsger>mistnim_: some ideas for GSoC are here they could be to "big" for a bachelor thesis...
<efraim>What would be involved in a bachelor's thesis?
<efraim>Also a post to the mailing list might help people to brainstorm with you (
<mistnim_>efraim, it can be anything really. As a bachelor thesis though it just doesn't need to be a very big project.
<mistnim_>maybe it makes more sense if I make something for guile in general, like some library that is missing
<OnlyHuman>hi wingo
<rekado>mistnim_: unfortunately, I don’t have any project for a bachelor’s project. But the institute where I work would support a master’s project involving Guix, Cuirass, and reproducible science.
<b0f0>Hi, I have nvidia 1080 Ti ... the opensource driver is not as good as the closed source nvidia driver, that what people say everywhere... BUT i read somewhere that I can use Nix derivations/packages from NixOS using guix package manager. How much effort would I have to put in if I want a closed source driver on guixsd for my nvidia card ?
<brendyn>Has anyone packaged Firefox?
<jonsger>brendyn: Icecat is packaged, which is the "gnu version" of firefox
<brendyn>Icecat is based on the ESR release. I'd like to install the latest one. Icecat might not have a version for 9 months or so when the next ESR release is out
<bavier>brendyn: it hasn't been done, but a few others have considered or are currently looking at it
<davexunit>brendyn: firefox itself cannot be included in guix
<brendyn>Yeah but it's still free
<davexunit>it mostly is
<brendyn>Does it contain any nonfree code?
<davexunit>yes I believe it comes with some
<brendyn>Oh, I thought it just had recommendations for nonfree stuff via the addons page etc
<davexunit>I think it may have blobs pertaining to EME or MP4
<davexunit>the latest firefox is unfortunately very difficult to build
<brendyn>I wonder if a more minimal Firefox could be created, that just changes enough to make it free, but is not such a big project that it can follow firefox releases. Perhap's it's still too much work even with that
<davexunit>I was excited to try firefox 57 but it's just too hard for one dev to build
<davexunit>brendyn: I would like the same thing.
<brendyn>I tried building it from arch AUR and it used up my /tmp space and failed. I need to expand /tmp somehow
<davexunit>what I don't understand is why firefox doesn't include configure flags to disable the problematic features so we don't have to patch them out
<jonsger>davexunit: i think there are fx builds without eme
<davexunit>the other issue is that you have to rebrand firefox if you want to include it
<davexunit>so mozilla makes it really hard to keep up with releases because you have to patch a ton of stuff
<brendyn>I thought they changed that. I heard debian now just has a "Firefox"?
<davexunit>only debian is allowed to do that
<davexunit>we can't
<brendyn>Sounds silly.
<davexunit>the agreement is between the debian project and mozilla, it's a not a blanket "distros can call it firefox" agreement
<davexunit>now I'm accidentally talking like Mario
<brendyn>Ok. I vote we call it Pyrefox
<bavier>"Wiley Coyote" => "Schem(e?)yCoyote"?
<jonsger>davexunit: on opensuse it's also named MozillaFirefox
<bavier>I like "virevox"
<cehteh>ACTION notes that there is (as far i see) no tool called ff yet .. 
<cehteh>is librefox already used somewhere?
<cehteh>note: i really hate this rebranding crap, but if one manage to fork off a firefox with all the crapware (DRM, Pocket, mozilla cloud, ads, cisco coded) removed AND maintains it so that it stays buildable and closely related to upstream, that would be a great idea
<cehteh>and while at it, keep gui defaults a little more conservative, with menu and useable scrollbars
<efraim>brendyn: how much space do you have in /tmp?
<brendyn>i could try again with --tmp=/var/tmp instead so I have more space
<efraim>i would've though that'd be enough
<brendyn>the swap is on disk anyway so i may as well use it anyway
<efraim>now i have to check which package I tried to build and ran out of space
<brendyn>na it filled up and i couldn't even do tab completion in bash until i deleted the yaourt-tmp dir
<cehteh>get more ram :D
<brendyn>I have enough ram. the /tmp is only half my ram for some reason
<cehteh>thats configureable, dunno how thats configured in guix but -o remount,size=... could solve it temprary when you have enough ram
<davexunit>jonsger: maybe opensuse has a similar agreement
<cehteh>you may also try to put /tmp on zram
<bavier>maybe a rebrand from "firefox" to "mozillafirefox" is enough
<davexunit>a rebrand is a rebrand. same amount of work
<catonano>brendyn: as far as I understand (not that far admittedly) that's what the IceCat proect is: keep a crap free version of Firefox. They have a complicated bash scipt that downloads the sources and does the patching. They are at version 52.x thhough. They could use some help
<brendyn>It's nice to have a name where you can still launch it by typing firefox
<bavier>davexunit: right, the effort is the same
<cehteh>catonano: yes instead yet another fork it would be nice to join efforts
<davexunit>unfortunately icecat does a bunch of extra stuff that I wish it didn't do
<catonano>davexunit: what does it do ?
<davexunit>I can understand the motivation to do it, but the result is that we use a really old version of firefox
<davexunit>catonano: adds in extensions, adjusts default settings
<brendyn>It's the long term support release
<davexunit>I know
<catonano>ah I see
<davexunit>I don't want to use a long-term support release
<davexunit>as far as web browsers go, I want to use the latest thing all the time.
<davexunit>and I do web development for a living so there's another reason to not want a 9 month old browser
<brendyn>davexunit: do you have any learning resource recommendations for someone with no programming experience wanted to learn web development?
<vagrantc>because you want to make sure that people running "ancient" 1-year old browsers have a hard time reading your websites? :P
<jonsger>davexunit: archlinux, ubuntu, fedora, opensuse. all of them name it firefox. are you really sure they all have an agreement with Mozilla?
<davexunit>jonsger: maybe I'm wrong
<jonsger>davexunit: I think that's only the case (not naming it firefox) when you change something...
<davexunit>distros often change things
<davexunit>we do, debian does, etc.
<davexunit>arch likely doesn't
<davexunit>because arch has no policy against proprietary software
<vagrantc>ACTION suspects mozilla had a change of attitude in debian when they realized they'd been paying someone to rebrand firefox to iceweasel in debian for several years as the maintainer of both was the same
<jonsger>davexunit: they doesn't change a lot
<vagrantc>ACTION is pretty confused how simply adding lvm2 and ath9k-htc-firmware could make the i3-wm package get uninstalled
<vagrantc>and ended up with windowmaker or something...
<rekado>are you running “guix package -i” more than once at the same time?
<rekado>because that won’t work
<vagrantc>i tried adding it to /etc/config.scm and used: sudo -i guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm
<vagrantc>should i just install it in the user profile?
<rekado>I don’t see any mechanism that could be responsible for removing i3-wm in that case
<rekado>Guix will just build a new system and switch over to it.
<rekado>are you sure i3-wm is no longer part of the latest system?
<rekado>ACTION goes afk
<vagrantc>no 100% sure, but it was no longer in the user's path
<vagrantc>and still troubleshooting issues with grub failing to load the initrd from the latest kernel... which makes it difficult to troubleshoot
<vagrantc>also had irssi and icecat seemingly randomly disappear when i installed fonts-google-noto
<efraim>Is it all from the CLI or also from a manifest?
<vagrantc>all i ever ran was various guix commands
<vagrantc>yup, i3* was removed from system generation 5, and re-running the: guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm ... added it back
<vagrantc>i'm fairly sure i didn't change anything
<brendyn>perhaps there are some env variables that aren't set anymore since its installed system wide after being uninstalled
<brendyn>and i3 will reappear after you reboot
<brendyn>... just guessing
<vagrantc>or maybe i'm entirely wrong
<vagrantc>ACTION sighs
<vagrantc>ACTION is struggling a bit how to define /boot as a separate partition
<vagrantc>ACTION sighs
<vagrantc>maybe this isn't for me. really like the package management of guix, but definining all configuration in the guile/scheme/etc might be a bit much for me, at least at this point ...
<catonano>vagrantc: if you want, I'll paste my conf somewhere
<vagrantc>whatever bug i'm encountering in grub is making it hard to evaluate guix, as i can't just boot the system
<catonano>vagrantc: oh I hadn't got you were running into a grub bug. I'm sorry
<vagrantc>catonano: it just makes it all more difficult :/
<catonano>vagrantc: :-/
<vagrantc>catonano: i'll probably come back to it another time someday, but probably take a break for now ... it's too interesting to ignore forever! :)
<catonano>vagrantc: ;-)
<vagrantc>figured out my grub booting problems...
<vagrantc>i had two guixsd installs on this system, and they both had bzImage file in the same /gnu/store path, but only one of them had the /gnu/store/.../initrd
<vagrantc>and so, if it "found" the bzImage on the filesystem without the initrd, it would fail
<efraim>fun times
<vagrantc>the folks in #grub who helped me troubleshoot the issue suggested that guixsd shouldn't configure grub with: search --file --set /gnu/store/q9q8y9rh3jw1qcx6bic1v18qag80z74a-linux-libre-4.13.12/bzImage
<vagrantc>instead use UUIDs or something
<vagrantc>since, well, this situation could come up
<vagrantc>i suppose another option would be to do a second search for the initrd ...
<vagrantc>ACTION will go eat and figure out how/where to file a bug report and/or patch
<janneke>vagrantc: enjoy your food
<janneke>ACTION enjoys reading vagrantc's reports on guixsd/grub happenings
<vagrantc>janneke: glad someone's enjoying it :)
<vagrantc>not sure what the cultural norms are in this channel yet, so by all means, if i'm ranting to much about this or that, just nudge me
<janneke>vagrantc: yeah...well, i'd be enjoying it better if you did not encounter any troubles
<janneke>exactly, given that there are troubles, i'm happy to hear about them
<catonano>vagrantc: glad you solved it !
<efraim>is making a disk-image supposed to be really slow?
<mekeor>hi bms_ :)
<bms_>Hello. How are you?
<mekeor>good :) and you? :)
<bms_>I'm doing fine.
<rekado>vagrantc: it would be great if you could send a bug report to!
<vagrantc>rekado: sure thing
<vagrantc>rekado: is it debbugs? or just a list?
<rekado>vagrantc: it’s debbugs.