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<ng0>davexunit: seems like for thunderbird I disable rust
<ngz>Building another Scribus right now.
<ng0>ACTION -> zzz
<ngz>mb[m]1: It worked.
<ngz>It really looks like a kludge, but at least, it works.
<ngz>Note that, at the end of the build process, I get a lot of "warning: RUNPATH contains bogus entries: ("lib/scribus/plugins/")". Could it be related?
<mb[m]1>ngz: I doubt that is related to the wrapper. Great that you got it working :)
<ngz>No, I meant, could this be related to the initial issue?
<mb[m]1>I don't think so.
<ngz>Let's send this on then.
<mb[m]1>Now, an even better approach than wrapping would be to substitute the "python" invokation with something such as (string-append (assoc-ref inputs "python") "/bin/python"), although that's not always easily feasible.
<ngz>In the source code?
<ngz>Unfortunately, I cannot find where Python is launched.
<mb[m]1>Oh well :)
<ngz>But I did try.
<mb[m]1>No worries. :)
<taohansen>ng0: can i see your gpg-agent configs again?
<taohansen>can't remember the git route to get to yours
<taohansen>trying to use it as an ssh-agent but it seems to be failing hard
<ngz>bavier, mb[m]1: I have to go now. Thanks for the help.
<taohansen>looks like civodul does: "eval `gpg-agent --daemon --enable-ssh-support --write-env-file
<taohansen>so I can always source ~/.gnupg-agent-env."
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<CharlieBrown>How well does Kodi work on foreign distros?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<m-o>hi civodul !
<guoruei>NO ! I am in gNewSense GNU/Linux team
<civodul>heya m-o!
<civodul>m-o: i'll look at the let-system thing today
<m-o>super :)
<m-o>civodul: i bought an odroid xu4, if qemu can use kvm it may speed things up !
<efraim>who was looking for someone from gNewSense?
<efraim>civodul: currently net-tools and inetutils both produce an ifconfig binary, do we want to start stripping net-tools of some of its binaries?
<civodul>efraim: i think it's fine no?
<civodul>m-o: nice! i have a brand new Olimex A20-linuxo-something, though it failed to boot yesterday
<civodul>but yeah, we should be able to do nice things :-)
<Dima__>I'm trying to install guixsd with an encrypted partition, on a gpt drive, but I got an error from grub-install
<Dima__>Maybe because I used /dev/sda1 instead of /dev/sda; how can I pick up from last step?
<efraim>i'm pretty sure i'm the only user of tilda, every time i launch tilda it creates a new config
<brendyn>What does SpyBlock do that ublock origin doesn't?
<ng0>taohansen: yes, I'm still not done pushing everything I have, so it's a historic mess. Somewhere in this folder:
<kristofer>hello guix!
<kristofer>I am having some trouble building guix from git. ERROR: gzip: unbound variable while trying to load guix/scripts/pack.scm
<kristofer>I'm trying to build in a guix environment guix
<rekado_>did you run “./configure”?
<kristofer>oh yeah
<kristofer>set the localstatedir=/var
<kristofer>I added a package for guile-wiredtiger and wanted to guix lint before sending a patch
<rekado_>kristofer: could you tell us how to reproduce this error? What are the steps you took after cloning the git repository?
<kristofer>git clone --recursive git://
<kristofer>git environment guix
<kristofer>guix environment guix
<kristofer>./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var && make
<kristofer>make clean & make clean-go
<kristofer>weirdly, in the repl gzip is defined as a guix package
<kristofer>but using the build system apparently undefined
<davexunit>does anyone know why rustc fails to build?
<civodul>kristofer: could you paste the exact error messages? it might be on several lines
<civodul>more precisely: the command, and the output
<kristofer>apparently is no more
<kristofer>M-. from gzip in guix/scripts/pack.scm takes me right to the package definition of gzip
<rekado>kristofer: I cannot reproduce this.
<roptat_>neither do I
<roptat_>did you modify anything in your checkout yet?
<kristofer>yep just gnu/packages/databases.scm
<kristofer>how do ya'll setup your guix environment for guix development? maybe I overlooked something
<brendyn>then probably there is an error in your edits
<kristofer>I have been using the package definition for a few days.. guix environment artanis --ad-hoc -l /path/to/guile-wiredtiger/guix.scm
<kristofer>it's glorious :)
<roptat_>kristofer: I simply use a script that does guix environment guix --ad-hoc git help2man gnutls guile-git $@
<roptat_>but I don't think what's after --ad-hoc is needed
<kristofer>roptat_: yeah a clean git checkout origin/master has no trouble building. I must have done something bizarre and can't track it down
<brendyn>kristofer: run git diff origin/master..master and have a look through your changes perhaps?
<kristofer>yeah I added #:use-module (gnu packages guile) to gnu/packages/databases.scm and a package definition
<kristofer>no other changes
<rekado_>kristofer: could you show us the diff? And the full error message as civodul previously requested?
<kristofer>yeah I pasted the output to
<kristofer>I'll prepare a diff here in a sec
<rekado_>ah, right, thanks.
<kristofer>that's the diff
<kristofer>it has to be something in the package definition. builds fine before my changes
<rekado_>kristofer: first error is the license field
<rekado_>kristofer: in this module all licenses are prefixed with the “license:” symbol
<kristofer>I see that now :)
<rekado_>(the other problems are only stylistic errors)
<kristofer>yeah with the diff the build fails because gzip is unbound but without a clean checkout it works fine
<rekado_>do you still get the error after fixing the license field?
<kristofer>that's the most recent build failure
<rekado_>when you run “./pre-inst-env guix build guile-wiredtiger” what do you get?
<rekado_>another thing that’s missing is #:use-module (guix git-download)
<kristofer>rekado_: I think that was the problem!
<kristofer>do I have to make install to test the changes?
<kristofer>that seems unlike the guix way
<kristofer>it's looking in my ~/.guix-profile for packages instead of the working directory
<kristofer>./pre-inst-env guix lint guile-wiredtiger -- package not found
<rekado>kristofer: “./pre-inst-env guix lint guile-wiredtiger” from the source directory is correct. Do you get more lines of output?
<rekado>can you send us the full diff?
<rekado>ACTION goes afk
<davexunit>ACTION tried to upgrade rust to 1.19.0 and failed
<davexunit>AFAICT it's impossible to build it without network access
<efraim>that's absurd and believable
<bavier>that's kinda silly
<davexunit>maybe there's a way around it
<davexunit>also I realized that 1.21.0 is the latest so I'm trying that now
<davexunit>the problem is that in order to build rust you need to use cargo, rust's package manager.
<davexunit>that's a ridiculous circular dependency.
<bavier>oh right, the cargo dependency is a relatively new thing iirc
<davexunit>this is completely ridiculous
<davexunit>not only do you need a bootstrap rust compiler, you need cargo to fetch rust code to build the new compiler
<bavier>debian doesn't seem to offer any help on the circular dependency bit
<efraim>would it be better to keep the version we have now and use that to build the next version and so on?
<efraim>IIRC debian uses their current packages to build the next round
<davexunit>efraim: we already use a bootstrap rust compiler
<davexunit>it doesn't help
<davexunit>it's cargo that is the problem
<vagrantc>alright, built a new installer image, and encrypted root worked with very little fuss!
<efraim>right but I thought you had to update the bootstrap compiler to build the next one
<davexunit>that part works fine
<davexunit>I think the solution to the problem may be in the package definition for cargo
<davexunit>it writes a .cargo/config file
<OnlyHuman>hi wingo was just trying to make rpm og elogind for a pclinuxos sysvit distro but keep getting build erros
<davexunit>I'm convinced that language developers just love pain
<davexunit>in order to build cargo, you need cargo!
<lfam>It's not terribly different from building GCC, right? ;)
<davexunit>so our cargo package has to download all the source code to all the dependencies separately, generate checksums for them, and then write out a .cargo/config file so that the bootstrap cargo won't try to access the network
<davexunit>lfam: it's even worse
<davexunit>this is another layer of bootstrap hell
<davexunit>in order to build the compiler you need an earlier version of the compiler, but you also need the package manager
<lfam>Hm... sounds like a meaty project that somebody can feel proud of completing ;)
<davexunit>I'm at my limit on this one.
<lfam>Some of those steps will have to be short-circuited so that we can download stuff out of band
<davexunit>I did that
<davexunit>and now I have a new inscrutable error
<davexunit>I've lost all desire to continue.
<lfam>It's okay, that happens to all of us. The good news about this case is that I'm sure someone will be motivated to continue, since Rust has so much momentum
<davexunit>I fear that this is an upstream problem
<benny>I'm interested but it doesn't sound like a good first task ;)
<davexunit>and historically upstream laughs at stuff like this
<lfam>I'm sure we'll get there :) I didn't get any help from the Go team either
<benny>having read their issue tracker a bit I don't think rust would laugh at this
<benny>you may have some people that don't see the value of improving it because rustup works in so many situations
<CcxWrk>I know the Nix/Pijul guys have something for this. I think they called it Carnifex?
<bavier>imho it's a serious language adoption issue
<davexunit>the problem is that guix is the only project that cares
<davexunit>nix doesn't actually care
<CcxWrk>For translating crates into nixexprs.
<kmicu>[jokin'] Quickly! Change name from Guix to Quantum and GuixSD to QuantumSD. There is soo much hype! :)
<davexunit>that's a different issue
<lfam>davexunit: Does Nix allow network access in the Rust build environment?
<lfam>Or, how do they deal with it?
<CcxWrk>So you don't have to use Cargo to get the deps anymore.
<davexunit>lfam: I don't know but from what I've seen they don't care about reproducibility or bootstrappability
<lfam>Yes, they have different values, but the daemon implementation is still very similar
<davexunit>they care about it only when it's trivial to do
<kmicu>Nix cares, some of big Nixpkgs parts do not care. It is a difference.
<lfam>So the "download while building" thing would be a problem for them too
<davexunit>as soon as its hard they punt and just package whatever
<davexunit>including binaries
<CcxWrk>Nix has Mozilla-provided official repo with Rust binaries IIRC.
<CcxWrk>But that's aside of nixpkgs.
<davexunit>we use a binary-only version of rust in order to bootstrap our own compiler
<kmicu>And it provides binaries :)
<davexunit>it's so frustrating that nix seems to get all the attention
<lfam>Well, they had a bit of a head start
<lfam>I think we are doing okay considering that
<CcxWrk>Correction: the project for Cargo reimplementation in Nix is called Carnix:
<kmicu>Nixpkgs is MIT so corporations use it, write blogs, users write blogs b/c reproducible binaries or FHS wrappers let them play games or use Firefox Quantum. It is not surprising they get more attention.
<kmicu>(It is like Arch vs Parabola, Ubuntu vs Trisquel and so on.)
<lfam>I think it's not exactly comparable to those distro pairs
<davexunit>we aren't a derivative
<lfam>In those cases, the free variants are the same thing minus the non-free parts. Whereas Guix is not the same thing as Nix, but has its own advantages and disadvantages
<kmicu>lfam: I am (alas still) Nix(OS) user, but I also have GuixSD systems, and from my perspective Guix is the same thing, but libre.
<davexunit>it's distinctly different
<davexunit>trisquel is ubuntu but libre
<lfam>Fair enough. As a "user" I can see how they seem very similar
<davexunit>guix shares essentially 0 code with nix
<davexunit>it stands aloen
<kmicu>Oh c'mon. Guix source still has Nix code in it.
<bavier>kmicu: 5% according to openhub, and even that portion is modified from Nix's version
<davexunit>it's a tiny amount
<kmicu>Yes, but that is the important part. Store.
<davexunit>the daemon is not where the interesting code is
<kmicu>And still 5% is not 'essentially 0 code with Nix'.
<bavier>imho the store/daemon is not the important part
<davexunit>it's very close
<kmicu>So let's remove it.
<davexunit>we just need to get rid of that c++ code so people will shut up about it
<kmicu>We will see if you will be able to compile and run Guix w/o it.
<bavier>we're working on it
<davexunit>it will happen eventually
<kmicu>I know that. But please state facts.
<davexunit>we are
<kmicu>Sharing essentialy 0 code with Nix is not true.
<davexunit>it is true
<davexunit>a tiny fraction of the code is from nix
<kmicu>Do not count Guix/Nixpkgs parts. Only the tool code.
<bavier>"essentially 0" is hyperbole
<davexunit>in guix there is no distinction
<davexunit>this is a silly argument. I'm done.
<kmicu>It is not silly, b/c it confuses people.
<kmicu>There is ~100 \\bnix_.* variables in Guix source and you say 'Guix shares essentially 0 code with Nix'. And you still need that Nix leftovers to *compile* Guix.
<lfam>Hi, there is no need for this discussion to become an argument. We have a cordial relationship with the Nix project and do not hide that we still use some Nix code
<lfam>My understanding is that our implementation is sui generis from package to derivation, and for all the user-facing code.
<janneke>Here, here. Moreover, the main reason that we work to replace the Nix C++ code with Guile is a pragmatic one, it will enable some critically nice features.
<lfam>Going from derivation to store object, we use the daemon code forked from Nix. I don't understand that level very well, so I'm not sure exactly what does what down there
<kmicu>I understand all of that. I am familiar with Nix code base and Guix code base. I migrated almost all my hardware to Guix(SD). But pretending that Guix is special or novel will always trigger me. Guix still uses
<lfam>Have a good day :)
<kmicu>Paraphrasing Malcom from Six Sense, when I use Guix "I see Nix parts everywhere".
<lfam>Even in the name!
<bavier>I only thought momentarily about that recently.
<vagrantc>so, i've managed to install guixsd to an encrypted partition, and it booted and all that ... then i updated the config to include a desktop environment, that seemed to go well
<vagrantc>but when i boot, now grub doesn't find the initrd ... but the initrd it's referencing is clearly there
<vagrantc>the old kernel still boots fine
<vagrantc>also, that grub still tries to boot even after it failed to load the initrd is... surprising
<lfam>Much thanks to rekado and civodul for doing the boring work of splitting up those huge package modules!
<kristofer>do I have to subscribe to guix-patches to submit a patch?
<bavier>kristofer: no, you can just send it
<lfam>vagrantc: Looks like nobody here right now has advice. I recommend sending a message to <>
<lfam>Hm, I wonder if we can drop ((guix build graft) mkdir-p*) now?
<lfam>AFAIK that bug has been fixed in the Guile we use
<bavier>lfam: I think we're currently trying to support back to 2.0.9
<lfam>bavier: Ah, I see
<lfam>I'll send my patch anyways and mention that we can just add a code comment about that
<bavier> PKG_CHECK_MODULES([GUILE], [guile-2.0 >= 2.0.9])
<lfam>Right. I'll just add the comment directly :)
<bavier>lfam: thanks for the attention to detail :)
<bavier>hm, looking at I'm reminded that we don't quite comply with the gnu coding standards wrt installation directory handling
<bavier>e.g. we don't support `make install prefix=...`
<lfam>What do you think of this comment? Is it accurate? "Although this is fixed in our binary distribution of Guix, we aim to support Guile >= 2.0.9, which does not include the fix."
<bavier>lfam: how about something like: "We need this as long as we support Guile < 2.0.13"?
<lfam>Much better, thanks :)
<CharlieBrown>I installed Kodi on a foreign distro. How do Kodi addons work in Guix? Kodi crashed.
<civodul>CharlieBrown: did it crash while loading addons?
<janneke>CharlieBrown: i'm using kodi on GuixSD, not using any/many addons though
<civodul>sometimes during "guix lint" the NIST web site (for CVEs) seems to hang
<civodul>is it just me?
<kmicu>( ^_^)/ bms_