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<brendyn>Using synergy with my two computers makes me feel like I'm in the Future. Now I just need to connect up pulseaudio
<bavier1>brendyn: cool, glad to hear someone else using synergy
<brendyn>I heard about it in this channel actually.
<Digit>3 monitors on 1 computer, means by the time i'm turned far enough around to use the next computer, it's just more sense i use its controls. otherwise i'd have been using it years ago. n_n
<brendyn>i used to keep typing on the wrong keyboard it's so aggravating
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<Sahil>Hello Master :)
<Sahil>how are you? Sir
<rekado>Hi Sahil
<efraim>looks like the core-updates evaluation failed
<rekado>there’s no need for addressing people here as master or sir.
<Sahil>Hi rekado
<htgoebel1>rekado: YES SIR!
<Sahil>htgoebell: hahaha
<Sahil>rekado: I guess when I reply to the Creater of Guix I should be more.... polite :)
<htgoebel1>Sahil: Just be friendly as you are to anybody. There is no need to be submissive.
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<Sahil>htgoebel: OK :D
<brendyn>Is there a way to buy and download an ebook off amazon without proprietary software?
<civodul>efraim: in gnutls, i think you could have preserved #:disallowed-references (,net-tools)
<civodul>though there was a syntax error in the original code (quote instead of quasiquote)
<civodul>brendyn: no idea
<efraim>civodul: guix gc --references gnutls doesn't show a reference to net-tools in the end
<mb[m]1>efraim: having it in #:disallowed-references makes sure it stays that way.
<civodul>efraim: yes, like mb[m]1 says :-)
<civodul>so it's good to use it in such situations
<benny>civodul: thanks for fixing the git clone issue in guix pull!
<civodul>yw, thanks for your report!
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<jlicht>hi guix!
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<chewieQC>I'm having problem connecting to the internet with GuixSD running in a qemu virtual machine. I was wondering if I had to launch some background deamon for DNS or something, or if the networking interface is not supported in linux-libre?
<fps>chewieQC: there was a long standing bug, dunno if it's fixed yet. does bringing the network interface down and up again help?
<fps>and maybe getting a new dhcp lease?
<fps>oh, CUDA_HOME not found. i wonder what to set it to with ubuntu's nvidia-cuda
<fps>hmm, setting
<fps> HAS_CUDA = false
<fps>ah, missed one. setting both HAS_CUDA thingiies to false didn't help.. the error just pops up later
<fps>oops, wrong channel, sorry :)
<chewieQC>fps: I tried that, and all the other kind of interfaces available and it didn't help. I'll try renewing the lease
<bavier>chewieQC: there are some hints in the manual for networking
<bavier>chaosdav: in particular '-net user -net nic,model=virtio'
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<sturm>I've had a few of these errors preventing packages from being installed lately: "guix package: error: profile contains conflicting entries". Is that likely something I've done wrong?
<chewieQC>bavier: still get that it can't resolve hostname, what is very confusing to me is that networking works from other vm...
<chewieQC>with the same config
<fps>chewieQC: the bug was related to too aggressively cachin resolution results i think
<fps>once you lose dns the failure is cached or seomthing.. dnsmasq? dunno.. i forgot
<happy_gnu[m]>Has anyone installed Guix on Devuan
<happy_gnu[m]>Or with SysV
<rekado>fps, chewieQC_ it’s nscd that caches things.
<happy_gnu[m]>janneke: \\o/
<janneke>hey happy_gnu[m]
<davexunit>rekado: do you recommend using as the only server given to --substitute-urls?
<davexunit>or should I also include
<manumanumanu>So... I have guildhall installed, but running .guix-profile/bin/guild shows nothing of it. and guile can't find guile-colorized
<ng0>Oh… I just learned about 'disallowed-references'… does that mean, without having read the code, that I could strip off the unnecessary glibc reference the tiny e3 editor keeps (or check if it doesn't break when I remove this)?
<lfam>ng0: It checks if there is a reference and causes the build to fail if there is. It doesn't strip references, it just checks for them
<ng0>(okay my example e3 doesn't keep this reference anyway)
<ng0>oh, okay
<lfam>There is also #:allowed-references, which inverts #:disallowed-references
<ng0>Thanks for the explanation. Big system, still new things to discover :)
<happy_gnu[m]>lfam: hello :)
<happy_gnu[m]>By any chance have you installed guix in devuan or with SysV? A friend of mine can't start the daemon
<happy_gnu[m]>I found a github post in how to install guix and it had a sysv script but it didn't work
<lfam>No, I never learned how to do SysV. Systemd or shepherd only :)
<happy_gnu[m]>lfam: that's OK :)
<happy_gnu[m]>I will do the Guix package today
<happy_gnu[m]>Yesterday I had so much fun with the bots
<happy_gnu[m]>They use guile and guile-8sync
<janneke>ACTION finally succeeded in the first gcc-4.7.4 $ORIGIN build
<janneke>not sure if all absolute rpath references are gone, checking that now
<happy_gnu[m]>Ok so I have cloned the git guix
<happy_gnu[m]>I did ./bootstrap ./configure and make check
<happy_gnu[m]>what do I do next
<happy_gnu[m]>how do I add my recipe
<lfam>happy_gnu[m]: Add it to a file ("module") in 'gnu/packages'
<lfam>Then do `~/src/guix/pre-inst-env guix build foo`, adjusting the path to 'pre-inst-env' as needed
<janneke>aargh...after days of trying to build gcc with rpath $ORIGIN, i'm still finding hardcoded absolute paths in the diff :-(
<janneke>why does gcc not have --enable-relocatable
<janneke>i'd somehow like to get the gcc devs involved maybe -- would they help with this on 4.7.4?
<bavier>janneke: where are the absolute paths?
<happy_gnu[m]>lfam: I only have a .scm what are those .go?
<happy_gnu[m]>those will be autogenerated?
<janneke>bavier: just found one is bindir: /gnu/store/zw672zcmykdwzm4x7l098hb94c34ak85-repro-gcc-4.7.4/bin/
<janneke>so it makes sense that's not being removed by using $ORIGIN build
<janneke>bavier: another is /gnu/store/zw672zcmykdwzm4x7l098hb94c34ak85-repro-gcc-4.7.4/lib/gcc/
<OriansJ>what possible purpose could embedding all that crap be used for?
<janneke>bavier, the 3rd is: /gnu/store/zw672zcmykdwzm4x7l098hb94c34ak85repro-gcc-4.7.4._ROOT
<bms_>Hello, everyone.
<OriansJ>greetings bms_
<janneke>OriansJ: easy way out, just hardcode everything
<bms_>What's going on in #guix today?
<OriansJ>janneke: but it is easier to drop everything that isn't directly related to the job at hand
<happy_gnu[m]>ohhh I have to add it to guile.scm
<OriansJ>literally the job of a compiler is tokenize input file into a token stream, process into an ast, apply various optimizations and simply dump into a binary. No where in that is anything to do with all of that junk
<bavier>janneke: ok, yeah, I can imagine it easier to include absolute references
<bavier>e.g. to locate headers, helper scripts, etc
<janneke>thought i got all them out by using -rpath=$ORIGIN/... etc in all places :-(
<bavier>but fixing things like that I think is something the gcc devs wouldn't mind upstreaming
<janneke>i'm currently targeting 4.7.4, because 7.2.0 seems more difficult to get bit-reproducible
<janneke>usage of hash maps that i can't find--plus 4.7 is the latest one that has any chance of being bootstrappable
<bavier>right, as a bootstrap target it's a good choice
<janneke>4.8+ is yoghurt software
<bms_>That's clever. What was the quote again?
<janneke>bavier: recipe for yoghurt: add yoghurt to milk
<bavier>janneke: lol :) got it
<happy_gnu[m]>What about strawberries with yogur janneke
<janneke>happy_gnu[m]: software-wise, i prefer strawberries with cream
<janneke>i'll consider any patch that adds strawberries, though
<happy_gnu[m]>ohh janneke you are wise!
<happy_gnu[m]>I had a 3 fails when running "make check"
<happy_gnu[m]>it said to read .test-suite.log
<happy_gnu[m]>so I did cat test-suite.log
<happy_gnu[m]>and I lost the direction to report the fails
<happy_gnu[m]>should I report them or this is normal?
<bavier>happy_gnu[m]: reporting them is good
<bavier>happy_gnu[m]: you can send the contents of test-suite.log and any other details to
<happy_gnu[m]>bavier: ok I will send them, but I don't know what other details :/
<happy_gnu[m]>I just downloaded git repo and followed
<manumanumanu>I am having some issues... I did a clean install and installed guile as the regular user, but guile hasn't showen up in .guix_profile/bin
<manumanumanu>however, I can find it in the store
<happy_gnu[m]>bavier: can I try to run my recipe or should I wait because of the 3 fails?
<bavier>happy_gnu[m]: a package build might still work, depending on what the failures were
<mekeor>manumanumanu: try running `guile` in the terminal as user. it's possible that the executable is not in ~/.guix-profile/bin
<mekeor>manumanumanu: you could try `which guile`, too
<manumanumanu>well then, now it works
<happy_gnu[m]>bavier: ok I am trying that now :)
<happy_gnu[m]>ok so I did
<happy_gnu[m]>./pre-inst-env guix build guile-chickadee
<happy_gnu[m]>and I get this error
<happy_gnu[m]>substitute: ;;; Failed to autoload make-session in (gnutls):substitute: ;;; ERROR: missing interface for module (gnutls)
<happy_gnu[m]>substitute: guix/ui.scm:1437:12: In procedure run-guix-command:substitute: guix/ui.scm:1437:12: make-session: unbound variableguix build: error: build failed: writing to file: Broken pipe
<happy_gnu[m]>I give up :/
<manumanumanu>I am using guix mostly because of guile, and now I want to try out potluck, however the installation instruction in Andy Wingo's post to the guile mailing list says I should use the "guix channel" command. I don't have a guix channel though.
<happy_gnu[m]>Apparently I need sdl2 module
<happy_gnu[m]>But I think it doesn't exist
<DoublePlusGood23>attempting to jump into guixsd after a long hiatus
<DoublePlusGood23>System currently boots up to display manager however logins fail, also happens when using a TTY giving me the string "System error"
<DoublePlusGood23>Anyone aware of how to chroot and fix it?