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<cehteh>make[2]: *** [Makefile:522: zh_CN/zh_CN.stamp] Error 139
<cehteh>err .. segfault when building imeant
<cehteh>gnu/store/kpxi8h3669afr9r1bgvaf9ij3y4wdyyn-bash-minimal-4.4.12/bin/bash: line 4: 2962 Segmentation fault itstool -m "${mo}" ${d}/C/index.docbook ${d}/C/fdl-appendix.xml
<cehteh>.. that shouldnt happen right?
<mb[m]1>cehteh: That was caused by an "itstool" update that has since been reverted. Running `guix pull` will solve it.
<cehteh>i'd wish we had release/stable/nightly/master heads on the git :(
<cehteh>with only master its almost impossible to get a well defined state
<OriansJ>cehteh: well, it would be done if someone considered it their responsibility to provide that tagging.
<xelxebar>OriansJ: Thanks for volunteering :P
<cehteh>mething that could be done automatically for most of it
<OriansJ>xelxebar: as long as you are willing to pick up the slack on stage0 and mescc-tools. More than happy ;-)
<OriansJ>cehteh: almost, you just need a single person to be responsible for the releases and stables. the nightly and master are either automatic or a cron job
<xelxebar>OriansJ: Oops. I walked into that. :P I'd be happy to work on something but probably should wait until I actually have half a clue what's going on
<xelxebar>At this point I barely even know scheme
<xelxebar>Working through sicp in my free time
<OriansJ>well that isn't a problem, stage0 provides you the option of extending a garbage collecting and compacting lisp written in assembly or helping reepca with the FORTH or building the lisp compiler capable of bootstrapping a major C compiler. All are more than waiting for hours and hours of hard work :D
<OriansJ>And I already did the really hard parts too. So you don't have to deal with the commented hex parts of bootstrapping. Just choose macro assembly, primitive Lisp or FORTH
<fusion809>Hi folks for some reason guix pull told me to install Guile-git. I did and now I'm getting the error: when I run guix pull.
<xelxebar>Wait. I'm unclear on what stage0 is? Is it what the cpu loads after POSTing? So on x86, whatever sits at 0xFFF0.
<xelxebar>By the blub about "defeating the trusting trust attack", I'm guessing that the overall goal is to get a compiler running "directly on hardware".
<fusion809>Is there a way to manually specify the path of the download program guix uses? The one stored at <GUIX_PATH>/libexec/guix/download.
<sogaiu>hi, ghc-test-framework-th's description seems to contain an extraneous backslash -- that appears to cause guix package -i to choke here: line 9234 of
<fusion809>I decided to uninstall Guix with my distro's package manager, pacman, and install it using the binary installation guide. Whenever I run a command with Guix I get the error: "guile: warning: failed to install locale". Any ideas why?
<fusion809>oh and the output 'warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument' comes out too
<CharlieBrown>fusion809: I get the same problem, even after doing Application Setup.
<CharlieBrown>Also, graphical elements lack details, like borders on buttons.
<xelxebar>You guys are exporting GUIX_LOCPATH?
<CharlieBrown>xelxebar: I'm having issues preserving paths in general. Getting it to work in GNOME, getting it to work in Terminal, &c.
<fusion809>Never even heard of that environment variable. What should I set it too?
<xelxebar>put `export GUIX_LOCPATH=${HOME}/.guix-profile/lib/locale' somewhere in ~/.profile and you should be golden
<xelxebar>fusion809: You should probably go though
<xelxebar>CharlieBrown: Preserving paths?
<CharlieBrown>xelxebar: Putting that export in .profile makes my GNOME session fail to start.
<CharlieBrown>(In Trisquel.)
<fusion809>I have never come across a Trisquel daily user. Are you one CharlieBrown?
<xelxebar>CharlieBrown: Do you have a file like .xsession-errors in your home directory?
<CharlieBrown>xelxebar: Yes, but it probably wrote over those errors long ago because I got rid of the .profile that caused the errors.
<CharlieBrown>ACTION posted a file: xsession-errors.txt (3KB) <>
<eric23>how do I boot guixsd on a libreboot machine?
<CharlieBrown>I have both the Trisquel version and the Guix version of Fcitx, BTW, because the Guix version conflicts with ibus or something.
<CharlieBrown>eric23: Either do the automatic boot from USB, or the search for GRUB config on external media, or hit `c` and poke around in the directory structure for initrd and vmlinuz
<xelxebar>CharlieBrown: Hrm. Do you have anything else in .profile?
<fusion809>Oh yes! Now that issue is fixed thanks xelxebar.
<xelxebar>fusion809: np :)
<CharlieBrown>xelxebar: Nothing.
<CharlieBrown>xelxebar: it does not exist
<xelxebar>Well, you might try uninstalling whichever fcitx you're not using. Maybe there's some path conflict going on somewhere
<CharlieBrown>It's not Fcitx's fault.
<CharlieBrown>But whatever.
<CharlieBrown>guix package -r fcitx
<xelxebar>CharlieBrown: I don't know gnome. Perhaps you have a login manager that's logging errors for you?
<CharlieBrown>Trisquel uses lightdm
<xelxebar>You're gonna have to do some debugging. Exporting a variable in .profile, on its own, shouldn't cause login to fail.
<eric23>I don't see the kernel on the partition labeled gnu-disk-image
<xelxebar>Check your X logs in /var/log; check lightdm's logs; try exporting FOOBARBAZ in .profile
<xelxebar>eric23: What are you trying to do?
<benny>is there a way to start a guile repl that has access to the guix defined modules?
<brendyn>Would sddm be a good default desktop manager?
<xelxebar>benny: Check out the environment variable GUILE_LOAD_PATH. See the guile(1) man page for more details
<xelxebar>brendyn: Try it out and see if you like it? If you don't then it's pretty easy to change. There was a time that I tried out about 10 different window managers before settling on one that works for me.
<brendyn>I mean for GuixSD
<xelxebar>Oh. Why have any at all?
<brendyn>to have a desktop...
<xelxebar>Well, as a distribution, it probably pays to be agnostic there. Let users choose whichever they want.
<CharlieBrown>ACTION posted a file: lightdm.log.txt (8KB) <>
<CharlieBrown>ACTION posted a file: Xorg.0.log.txt (33KB) <>
<xelxebar>brendyn: They're all just a guix package -i away! :)
<brendyn>No I want to build an actual complete desktop operating system with guix
<xelxebar>brendyn: What are you trying to do? Install a wm for yourself? Or choose a window manager for a custom distro of your own based on guix?
<xelxebar>Or something else?
<eric23>The automatic method of loading the usb does not work for me. I was following the libreboot documentation on how to manually boot. It says to set the path to the linux kernel. I don't see vmlinuz either. initrd is in /media/eric/gnu-disk-image/gnu/store/kq71yhydfgc0nksvmmn66cbvbj5a3mvf-system/initrd . Can I use that initrd?
<brendyn>developing guixsd
<xelxebar>CharlieBrown: I dunno, man. You're gonna have to comb through the logs yourself. The Xorg logs print errors with lines containing (EE). Not sure about lightdm. I glanced at the links you pasted but nothing stands out. Your Xorg does have errors though.
<CharlieBrown>eric23: oh wait! i remember now. go poke around the file system for /boot/grub/grub.cfg, cd to grub.cfg's parent, and do `configfile grub.cfg`
<eric23>okay that makes more sense
<eric23>I'll try it now.
<ashtif>hello! i migrated from parabola to guixsd, what do you recommend using instead of icedove? as far as i've seen it doesnt have a guix recipe yet.
<CharlieBrown>ashtif: Is Evolution available? I like that.
<CharlieBrown>ashtif: You could also try Alpine or Claws. I like those.
<CharlieBrown>I actually prefer Evolution over IceDove. It doesn't shove HTML down your throat.
<ashtif>its not really a preference, im just used to icedove/thunderbird also i dont see evolution here
<ashtif>i forgot about claws though i remember using that ages ago for a while
<ashtif>thanks for mentioning
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<Guest91538>Is it possible to instruct `guix package --install` to ignore test failures when building a fallback? I'm seeing a few test failures for ledger.
<xelxebar>Guest91538: Check out the help info, guix package -h
<brendyn>can I inherit a package definition and just change the hash in the origin field without changing the rest of it?
<xelxebar>brendyn: What are you trying to do? The file fetched from `uri' has to match the hash. You could theoretically change the hash function and hash together, I guess.
<brendyn>to not have to duplicate an indentical origin form that only differs by the hash
<brendyn>hmm i guess it wont work it if is evaluated before being inherited
<xelxebar>brendyn: Nothing like trying it out. If you hit a specific roadblock and need help, someone in here can proble help
<xelxebar>proble => probably
<xelxebar>Are nooby scheme questions welcome?
<xelxebar>I'm wonding about the differences between let-binding a lambda vs using an internal define
<rekado>xelxebar: #guile is a better place for these questions
<rekado>you can let-bind a lambda anywhere, but internal defines must happen at the top.
<xelxebar>rekado: Thanks. #guile is just incredibly inactive :(
<brendyn>Anyone know how to automount usb drives with guixsd?
<brendyn>xelxebar: You can use #scheme too
<OriansJ>xelxebar: actually stage0 is about making compiling hardware/software independent
<amz3>ACTION answered xelxebar in #guile
<brendyn>anyone here familiar with dukpy?
<amz3>what is it?
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<clacke[m]>> DukPy is a simple javascript interpreter for Python built on top of duktape engine without any external dependency.
<clacke[m]>the name made me think it was a python interpreter implemented on duktape. but this makes sense too. :-)
<brendyn>what's the correct command to git send-email a series of patches so that they appear in a single debbugs thread?
<janneke>brendyn: send theh cover letter first and wait for the response and bug #
<brendyn>clacke[m]: Sorry is my description of dukpy not clear?
<brendyn>janneke: ok ill try that
<janneke>then send-email to; see `Submitting patches' in the manual
<brendyn>oh wait i haven't even posted my dukpy patch yet, unless you come from the future
<htgoebel1>Does anybody have a system declataiton for an guix offload build server at hand?
<htgoebel1>Preferable including stuff like purging old packages.
<rekado>htgoebel1: I suggest taking a look at hydra/berlin.scm in the guix-maintenance repository
<rekado>it has a “guix gc” cron job and you’ll find definitions for build nodes in the same repository
<htgoebel1>rekado: Looks pretty much like what I'm searching for :-) Thanks!
<brendyn>ok my emails still went funny even though i send them to the debbugs address
<brendyn>maybe i need to use some --in-reply-to thingy
<janneke>brendyn: what's funny? LGTM...
<rekado>brendyn: your emails look okay to me in debbugs.
<brendyn>That's odd. for me patch 0 and 1 are in a one thread, and 2 thru 5 start another thread
<rekado>brendyn: what mail client do you use?
<janneke>brendyn: google suggests that's a long standing bug
<brendyn>I see so it's Thunderbirds fault
<rekado>Oh, yes! –>
<rekado>bioconductor has begun archiving package releases
<rekado>the archive doesn’t contain many package archives yet, but I expect them to appear there in the next couple of weeks
<rekado>no more missing sources for bioconductor packages!
<bavier>very cool
<reed_>Hi all, I'm trying to learn the basics of the guix development work flow by writing a package definition for a basic hello world script, but I can't seem to find where my guile executable is located
<reed_>I've looked in my .guix-profile/bin and there is no mention of guile
<rekado>reed_ why do you expect guile to be installed in your profile?
<rekado>did you install it?
<rekado>guix is written in Guile and it has a reference to some particular executable in /gnu/store.
<rekado>but this doesn’t mean that it will install Guile into your profile.
<rekado>that’s on purpose.
<rekado>we try to avoid “installing” things into a profile whenever possible.
<rekado>“installing” in Guix really just means to create a profile that contains a link to the item under /gnu/store.
<rekado>*everything* ends up in /gnu/store (for all users, for all profiles, for all generations of all profiles)
<reed_>rekado: ahh, of course.
<rekado>so, if you want to use Guile then you should “install” it into a profile, e.g. with “guix package -i guile”
<rekado>chances are it will only create a new profile generation containing the link to guile, but it won’t actually have to download the guile package itself — it’s already somewhere in /gnu/store
<reed_>rekado: If I were to add guile as an input to my package definition would I be able to call guile from the script normally by adding '#!/usr/local/bin/guile -s' to the top of the script?
<rekado>normally it’s done this way:
<rekado>the script contains a placeholder such as “#!@GUILE@ -s”
<rekado>then at configure time the GUILE variable is set to the location of the actual “guile” exectable.
<rekado>then all placeholders are replaced with the absolute path
<rekado>so #!@GUILE@ becomes #!/gnu/store/…-guile-…/bin/guile
<reed_>I see. Thank you!
<rekado>the build system abstractions in Guix can also identify shebangs and patch them automatically
<rekado>(in most cases)
<rekado>what I described above is a standard way of making software configurable. That’s independent of Guix.
<rekado>this can be achieved with autotools, for example.
<rekado>ACTION has to leave
<reed_>Okay, I'll read that documentation.
<TeMPOraL>ok, another newb question - I installed fish globally - through (operating-system (packages ...)) and I'm trying to add it as login shell for an user account
<TeMPOraL>I managed to get it to start as login shell, but it has blank PATH (simply /bin/ ...), which means it doesn't find anything
<mb[m]1>TeMPOraL: Guix relies heavily on /etc/profile, I guess we'd need to generate a similar file for fish.
<TeMPOraL>so I wonder what am I doing wrong? should I put extra configuration to make fish shell see path?
<mb[m]1>Or maybe use something like pam_env?
<mb[m]1>You could try to set the variables from /etc/profile manually, and add it to the shells startup configuration.
<TeMPOraL>ok; the shell startup configuration should be put in the config I use with guix system reconfigure?
<mb[m]1>Or your user profile. But keeping it in sync with /etc/profile will be tedious, the cleanest way would be to generate a "fishrc" the same way /etc/profile is generated.
<mb[m]1>I wonder if we could hand off some of the /etc/profile stuff to PAM.
<TeMPOraL>If I understand correctly - generating fishrc is something GuixSD project should be doing, right? And as an interim solution, I could generate my own configuration for the user.
<TeMPOraL>I don't yet know how to do the latter though
<mb[m]1>I don't know either :) and not in front of a computer to check the code, unfortunately.
<TeMPOraL>ok :) if anyone here can point me towards appropriate documentation / examples, I'll be grateful
<TeMPOraL>and in the meantime, I'll keep searching
<mb[m]1>guix/build/profiles.scm is a good place to start :)
<TeMPOraL>which is... where? :)
<CharlieBrown>TeMPOraL: >an oozer account
<CharlieBrown>The word "user" begins with a consonantal Y sound, so the N in "an" is not needed to create a buffer between two vowel sounds.
<TeMPOraL>which is a long way of saying s/an user account/user account/?
<TeMPOraL>thanks for explanation; English is not my native language
<CharlieBrown>I just wanted to say that it sounds funny. My reading voice awkwardly auto-corrects it to "an oozer" to keep all the letters in place.
<CharlieBrown>TeMPOraL: Anyway, pardon the lengthy s//. I just wanted to give a reason.
<TeMPOraL>CharlieBrown: nah, I don't mind; I actually prefer knowing the reason; though at first I didn't realize you're correcting my language, and spent a minute trying to understand how "an oozer" is going to help me find guix/build/profiles.scm :D
<TeMPOraL>oh, (operating-system (skeletons ...)) look like something I could use to provide user configuration for fish
<benny>I can't scp to a guixsd host, I assume it's because PATH isn't being set correctly
<rekado>benny: you need to install openssh in the system profile
<rekado>on the target system
<benny>rekado: I'll try that
<benny>rekado: thanks that worked!
<mb[m]1>TeMPOraL: you'll find guix/build/profiles.scm in the Guix git repository at :)
<TeMPOraL>mb[m]1: thx; I actually started browsing it this very moment in search for how skeleton works :)
<mb[m]1>See the manual for instructions on how to bootstrap it, so that you can run reconfigure etc from a git checkout with "./pre-inst-env".
<benny>what's the guix way to alias on a system level python = python3
<benny>(I don't mean shell alias, I mean place that in bin)
<TeMPOraL>meh, I thought about using skeletons to introduce fish config, but fish stores config under ~/.config/fish/ ... :/
<rekado>benny: install “python-wrapper” instead of “python”
<rekado>the upstream Python package does not come with “python”, only with “python3”.
<benny>yeah that's what I noticed, I did a ln -s but I doubt that's the proper way ;-)
<rekado>the “python-wrapper” package provides the “python” executable.
<CharlieBrown>Guix is taking up 65% of my disk space...
<CharlieBrown>I have only 81 MB left.
<bavier>CharlieBrown: 'guix gc' lately?
<CharlieBrown>CharlieBrown_: Thanks!
<CharlieBrown>guix gc: freed 5603307520 bytes
<CharlieBrown>i mean bavier oops
<benny>if I wanted to decrypt my root hdd using a usb device, my starting point for this would be the initrd.scm? am I right
<methalo\\>Hi, to cross-build a Guix image with hurd / mach as kernel, is it required to compile qemu for i586-pc-gnu first?
<CharlieBrown>The package description in Guix says Zile is just an Emacs clone, but Zile's site says it's a Lua API for making custom editors. I don't want to just use Zmacs, I want to play with `zz`, `zee` and `zi` too...
<bavier>CharlieBrown: I think those implementations are not released yet
<CharlieBrown>But Zile just released a new version, and that new version is in Guix.
<CharlieBrown>And the website advertises Zile as having those features.
<bavier>CharlieBrown: it advertises those features as "forthcoming".
<bavier>there is no such source in the release tarball
<bavier>CharlieBrown: you might consider emailing the maintainers if you're interested in helping with the new editors
<ng0>TeMPOraL: if you are willing to dedicate some time to fish on guix, I have resouce links
<TeMPOraL>ng0: I might be
<ng0>I'm also very happy to move fish-guix into the guix source or fish upstream, I'm not really using fish at the moment
<ng0>*I would be
<CharlieBrown>bavier: I still don't know enough to help any project.
<ng0>Okay, I will send this to the guix-devel mailinglist tomorrow.
<CharlieBrown>bavier: How do I go about educating myself?
<TeMPOraL>ACTION is doing guix -i emacs; this will probably lock out the poor machine for an hour, knowing my luck...
<ng0>or wrt fish-guix, I take patches as long as it's in no other upstream location, if you feel like improving my basic fish scripting
<bavier>CharlieBrown: hacking on some code you're interested in is a good start
<TeMPOraL>ng0: first I need to get fish working as a login shell under GuixSD
<TeMPOraL>at this point I'm inclined to give up and just stuff a .config/fish/ script that sets up appropriate path manually
<bavier>CharlieBrown: fix some bugs, add some feature you think is cool, etc
<TeMPOraL>and hope that the next guix system reconfigure doesn't remove it, or sth.
<ng0>Oh. Yeah it is tricky with a pure fish system
<ng0>bash is the default here
<TeMPOraL>yup; been banging my head at this for past hour
<ng0>invoking fish from bash causes less errors
<TeMPOraL>yup, fish from bash works perfectly so far
<TeMPOraL>but fish as login shell is missing proper entries in PATH, so basically _nothing_ works
<TeMPOraL>I haven't figured out what's the idiomatic way of fixing it under GuixSD
<bavier>TeMPOraL: guix on top a foreign distro usually requires some shell config tweaks, even for bash, so doing that for fish isn't too much of a stretch
<ng0>I don't give the shell task much priority at the moment… I assembled some possible solutions though, but idk how relevant it is anymore
<ng0>I have tcsh running with some hand work
<TeMPOraL>bavier: it's guix on top of guixsd for me ;)
<bavier>TeMPOraL: sure, I'm just saying as a stop-gap it's not unreasonable
<TeMPOraL>I assume that home folder is not touched by reconfigure, unless I delete the user entirely?
<bavier>I have no qualms with support-all-the-shells
<TeMPOraL>(aside from skeleton files)
<TeMPOraL>(and .guix-profile stuff)
<bavier>TeMPOraL: even deleting a user will not touch the home
<ng0>it requires users to maintain possible issues.
<TeMPOraL>bavier: ok, great; so for now, I'll stuff a patch in there
<ng0>iirc it took almost 5 years of guix until someone realized that fish as a login shell had issues
<TeMPOraL>and, time allowing, I'll consider contributing something to the GuixSD project here
<TeMPOraL>I know too little atm to meaningfully contribute much
<ng0>or less time (as fish landed in there idk when)
<bavier>TeMPOraL: usability testing (with feedback) is already helpful :)
<TeMPOraL>bavier: what's the best way to provide feedback, besides complaining on IRC and talking to oneself on Twitter?
<ng0>the mailinglist and bugtracker
<bavier>TeMPOraL: IRC is fine, bug reports even better
<TeMPOraL>ok, I'll check them out closer
<TeMPOraL>ATM I'm experimenting with GuixSD on a spare old laptop, but I fully intend to set up a dev environment with it, because I very much like what I'm seeing here
<TeMPOraL>both the guix concept and running an entire distro with it
<TeMPOraL>anyway, next challenges for this weekend: getting stumpwm to run globally, getting emacs and SBCL :)
<TeMPOraL>also, I see there are plenty of emacs packages in the guix package list; what's the policy on that?
<TeMPOraL>is the intent to slurp most emacs packages there?
<TeMPOraL>and - most importantly - why is it missing Nyan Mode?
<bavier>I think we just add the packages people want
<bavier>afaik emacs package installer works still
<ng0>well: if you want it, you can have it (if it fits the license guidelines)
<TeMPOraL>bavier: hope so; I plan to work with regular emacs packaging for now
<TeMPOraL>ng0: GPL-3.0 fits?
<ng0>anything within the GFDL, so GPL3 yes
<TeMPOraL>great, so I kindly submit for nyan mode to be included in guix
<TeMPOraL>(disclaimer: I'm the author :D)
<bavier>TeMPOraL: would you like to submit a patch, or are you making a request? ;)
<ng0>TeMPOraL: that's fine
<ng0>we have several people with their upstream work in here
<TeMPOraL>bavier: I would happily submit a patch, but I would first ask for a guide on proper patch submission procedure
<ng0>it's in the documentation :)
<ng0>and locally, via info guix contributing
<TeMPOraL>ok, will read it, thanks
<TeMPOraL>ACTION really needs to debug why guix takes so long to download stuff
<TeMPOraL>it's "Downloading [something] ...", 5 minutes hang, then 1 second of the actual download, then another one with 5 minutes hang, etc.
<bavier>I've not seen that before
<TeMPOraL>I mentioned doing guix -i emacs exactly 1h ago
<TeMPOraL>it's still working
<TeMPOraL>just entered "grafting" stage, so it should be done in a minute, fortunately
<TeMPOraL>still, that's 59 minutes of "downloading" ~20 items
<bavier>TeMPOraL: no building at all?
<TeMPOraL>I don't believe so; no output other than "Downloading [some URL]", htop and laptop LEDs show that CPU, memory and HDD are totally idle
<TeMPOraL>I suspect it's a networking issue, since the only other weird thing I noticed is that the default gnome web browser took 5 minutes to load hackernews the first time around
<TeMPOraL>anyway, I had those guix hangs since the very first time I booted installation USB with guixsd, so if a config is broken, it must be a default one
<TeMPOraL>unrelated, another fun environment issue: logged in as a user, I issue: su root
<mb[m]1>TeMPOraL: what kind of hardware are you running on?
<TeMPOraL>type in the bassword, got a bash that can't find anything (like "ls"), because apparently env is not set properly
<bavier>TeMPOraL: the 'root' user has its own profile
<TeMPOraL>bavier: apparently it's not loaded when I 'su' to root from a regular user account
<bavier>that's possible
<TeMPOraL>mb[m]1: old laptop, dual-core celeron, 4GB RAM; used to run ubuntu 14.04 on it previously
<mb[m]1>Sounds like su unsets the environment? I always use "su - root" which will perform a "normal" login (sourcing /etc/profile and so on).
<mb[m]1>TeMPOraL: i686?
<TeMPOraL>mb[m]1: "su - root" works correctly
<TeMPOraL>I guess I need to read up on the difference
<TeMPOraL>mb[m]1: x86_64
<mb[m]1>TeMPOraL: can you run "strace -f -o /tmp/strace.out guix package -i foo", cancel it when it's hanging and send the compressed output file to
<mb[m]1>Along with a description of the problem. Never heard of anything similar.
<mb[m]1>Do you see anything odd in `dmesg|tail`?
<TeMPOraL>mb[m]1: k, will do it, likely tomorrow
<TeMPOraL>trying to install stumpwm now, guix system reconfigure is downlloading linux-libre-headers-4.4.47 for some reason...
<rekado>TeMPOraL: wait, you’re the author of nyan-mode? I was a happy user for quite some time!
<TeMPOraL>rekado: yup :)
<TeMPOraL>glad you liked it
<mb[m]1>TeMPOraL: Can you see if there's anything of interest in `dmesg` on the problematic machine?
<TeMPOraL>mb[m]1: so far only a few "perf: interrupt took too long ... lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate
<mb[m]1>Oh, ok.
<TeMPOraL>would send you the actual log, but still waiting for the browser to stop doing its weird thing
<TeMPOraL>(it might be a related issue)
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<rekado>my emails to are still delayed :(
<rekado>here’s an idea for replacing separate wrappers:
<rekado>it’s a Guile header that can be prepended to scripts that are written in languages using # as a line comment character.