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<bombastus>After successfully running "guix build <package>", I ran "guix environment -C <package>" which then seems to have rebuilt all of the dependencies. What determines if environment can reuse the previously built dependencies?
<bavier1>hello ServiceRobot
<ServiceRobot>ah goody, people
<ServiceRobot>so I've been looking for a good, stable distirubtion that provides "init freedom". it's from my understanding that guix uses dmd/shepard by default as an init system?
<brendyn>Good, yes. Stable, no.
<ServiceRobot>so not a good idea to run on a server machine then?
<brendyn>From what I understand, which is not much, yes.
<ServiceRobot>people suggest Debian because of its package support and versitility, but it does not provide support for alternative init systems. the most I could find use openrc, but that init has problems of its own
<ServiceRobot>s6 looks like a viable solution, but the only main distros I could find it in are NixOS and GuixSD
<ServiceRobot>and I read that replacing systemd on NixOS is a no-go
<brendyn>GuixSD is integrated with with the shepherd init system
<bavier1>ServiceRobot: a few people run Guix on servers right now
<bavier1>ServiceRobot: but it really depends on what you need
<ServiceRobot>I don't know much about sheperd, but how hard would it be to replace it with openrc/runit/s6?
<ServiceRobot>if sheperd is viable and provides enough options, I'm willing to try it out as well. obviously I need support for basic packages
<bavier1>ServiceRobot: you might get further trying out shepherd than trying to hack in another init system
<ServiceRobot>I checked the packages list and it does provide other inits such as s6 though?
<bavier1>I guess so, so someone is probably using it
<ServiceRobot>thing is I'd have to make the service files myself since I don't think guix provides them. just the init itself
<ServiceRobot>wish I could search packages
<bavier1>ServiceRobot: guixsd has a nice service architectures
<ServiceRobot>how much leaner is shepherd compared to other init systems?
<bavier1>there might be some way to transform guix's services to emit service files for a different init system
<ServiceRobot>that's what I'm getting to. what services do guix provide along with shepherd?
<ServiceRobot>that's the big question
<bavier1>ServiceRobot: the manual documents the services that are currently available
<bavier1>of course, we'd gladly accept patches for your favorite services and help you get there
<ServiceRobot>not exactly sure where the manual is on the site though. there's no manual button in the navigation bar
<bavier1>ServiceRobot: under "Help"
<ServiceRobot>I see syntax for service management is similar to that of openrc
<ServiceRobot>are there services for lightdm and php? there doesn't seem to be from what I saw
<bavier1>we have a php package, but no service afaik
<ServiceRobot>darn. how difficult would it be to create a custom service?
<ServiceRobot>if not too difficult I could work around that
<bavier1>services can be declared locally in a system configuration, so they're easy to incorporate into your system
<bavier1>but they can take a bit of work to develop/debug, depending on the service
<ServiceRobot>does it have to be constructed like a shell script, or a one-liner like a systemd service?
<brendyn>ServiceRobot: currently we just have SLiM as the default desktop manager but it would be good if someone worked on a replacement
<brendyn>I recall lightm was a good candidate
<ServiceRobot>eh my only issue with lightdm is the lack of greeter updates but it's pretty solid regardless
<ServiceRobot>but that's only if I plan to use it for desktop use. I currently use Arch for that but need something a little more "stable" for server use
<brendyn>what i want is language and keyboard layout swithing support
<ServiceRobot>so if guixsd is not stable like you say, and is not good for server use, what is guixsd good for?
<bavier1>guixsd has a different kind of stability that I like, which is system and user-profile rollbacks
<Apteryx>I cannot get any torrent tool to work on my GuixSD.
<Apteryx>transmission-gtk does... nothing when loading the torrent file. rtorrent returns some arcane error: Could not create download: Bad torrent file, "name" is an invalid path name.
<brendyn>is there something wrong with the torrent?
<efraim>I normally use aria2, but I don't normally revisit torrents after telling them to start
<happy_gnu[m]>Apteryx: did you try any command line torrent interface
<happy_gnu[m]>Do you have a firewall
<happy_gnu[m]>Or a proxy
<happy_gnu[m]>Something that can be blocking connections
<happy_gnu[m]>Or do you have some special environment for torrent
<civodul>hey hey!
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<efraim>Useful information, the linux-libre upstream tarballs were rerolled for 4.13 and 4.9, but 4.4 is unchanged
<civodul>efraim: modified in placeE?
<efraim>Yeah, it came up a few times with our 0.13 release tarball
<civodul>that old linux-libre tarballs had been modified in place?
<civodul>and we had no substitutes (source and binary)?
<efraim>I rolled my own install image with kernel 4.13.1 and there were no substitutes anymore, maybe 2 months ago
<efraim>Actually, with that in mind, I know some rolling release distros just have a regularly scheduled snapshot
<efraim>I remember there was the guy from gentoo who had the github tarball issues
<efraim>How about 'guix pull --no-compile' that just assumes that commit builds?
<efraim>We could also use that for our install instructions 'zile/vi /mnt/etc/config.scm; guix pull --no-compile; guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt'
<efraim>Trade in our 'those substitutes got GC'ed' for 'substitutes haven't been built yet'
<apteryx[m]>yes, rtorrent is a command line driven torrent client. It gave me the error I copied in my earlier message.
<civodul>efraim: normally we arrange for the latest release substitutes to remain available
<civodul>so maybe something went wrong
<rekado>why does this keep happening for linux-libre?
<rekado>I thought that even in GNU people accepted that release tarballs should only be replaced in exceptional circumstances.
<rekado>I can’t believe there have been so many exceptional circumstances to justify repeated replacements of linux-libre tarballs.
<olivuser>hello everyone. Does anyone of you have a barebone configuration file for guixsd or know where I could find one? I am trying to get into configuring it but would love to inspect others' in order to better understand how it works.
<efraim1>in the install image there's 3 examples in /etc/configuration/ , and I have one at
<efraim1>sneek: later tell lfam I'm installing guixsd with the store on btrfs, tests/store.scm failed for me twice while building 0.13.0-8
<sneek>Will do.
<efraim1>sneek: botsnack
<cbaines>olivuser, as well as what efraim said, there are some examples in the guix repository
<olivuser><3 thanks
<happy_gnu[m]>Apteryx: do you have a proxy
<happy_gnu[m]>Or firewall
<happy_gnu[m]>Something that might be messing with torrents
<alezost>Apteryx: I think it won't help you, but rtorrent works for me (no errors) :-)
<happy_gnu[m]>Something with network might be messing with torrents
<olivuser>hey. I have another question: what happens when I 'guix system init' one of these example configuration files while being on a foreign distro (also and especially considering the bootloader options which might be different)? Is it possible to init GuixSD on another partition (say, sda4 instead of sda1) and have the foreign distro and GuixSD coexist without conflict?
<alezost>olivuser: I initialized my GuixSD like that (with "guix system init" from another distro), and I have no problems with using GuixSD and the other distro on one machine.
<cbaines>olivuser, I think the interesting bit might be Grub, I'm not sure if that would allow you to boot in to your other distro...?
<alezost>olivuser: I handle my grub.cfg manually, I mean I don't allow GuixSD or any other distro to mess with my grub config :-)
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<olivuser>alezost: ho well, I guess thats a bit too advanced for me, at least for now. do you think I could 'init' GuixSD without messing with already-present grub configuration?
<apteryx[m]>happy_gnu: no, I don't have a proxy!
<apteryx[m]>alezost: good to know it is working for you!
<janneke>olivuser: that's what this option is for: --no-bootloader for 'init', do not install a bootloader
<alezost>olivuser: you can use "guix system" with --no-bootloader flag (that's what I always use), but then you need to adjust your grub.cfg to be able to run the installed GuixSD
<CompanionCube>cbaines: /me is going through some more CGI dependencies
<CompanionCube>huh, i think I found one not already packaged
<db48x>I'm trying to build guix, but I'm having trouble with dependencies
<db48x>specifically Guile-Git
<db48x>it's found when I run configure, but then when I run make it cannot find it
<db48x>anyone know what I'm doing incorrectly?
<rekado>which version of Guile is detected at configure time?
<rekado>can the same version of Guile ,use (git) at the REPL?
<db48x>it finds 2.0
<rekado>is guile-git installed for guile version 2.0 or for 2.2?
<db48x>it's in /usr/local/lib64/guile/2.0/site-ccache, where guile can indeed find it
<rekado>do you also have 2.2 installed?
<rekado>ACTION has to go offline now
<rekado>hope someone else can help you with this!
<db48x>nope, just 2.0