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<lime_>time to destroy this windows install, question is will the gpu be accel by free drivers
<lukas__>Is libunistring built with libiconv support by default?
<mekeor>lukas__: AFAICS, it depends on your platform: the guix-package for libunistring uses libiconv-if-needed as propagated input. and that means that libiconv is added as propagated-input "for platforms that have an incomplete libc".
<mekeor>actually, this probably doesn't exactly answer your question.
<mekeor>i think libunistring is built with libiconv support by default by guix.
<mekeor>ACTION → bed
<lukas__>Hmm that's strange. I'm trying to build guile(with tjit support) in x86-64 linux and build fails with libunstring not having libiconv support
<lukas__>Is there anyway to force downloading libunstring with iconv support or build it for specific environment?
<Apteryx>lime_: chances are that yes, at least for 2D
<Apteryx>how can I get the base name of a file-like object?
<Apteryx>oh, maybe simply (basename #$file)
<Apteryx>How are we supposed to find the hash of a git checkout?
<Apteryx>guix hash -rx
<laertus>i just installed according to the instructions here:
<laertus>and when i got to the "Locales" instructions here:
<laertus>and did a "guix package -i glibc-locales" i got this error:
<laertus> /gnu/store/k7029k5va68lkapbzcycdzj7m5bjb4b8-bash-4.4.12/bin/bash: error while loading shared libraries: __vdso_time: invalid mode for dlopen(): Invalid argument
<laertus>ok.. i just found this #guix log which mentioned "you definitely cannot link together guix libraries with non-guix libraries into the same process and that also means that LD_LIBRARY_PATH better only include libraries from Guix"
<laertus>so i tried unsetting my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and now "guix package -i glibc-locales" gives me this error:
<laertus>looks like it's trying to use an old guile i have installed
<laertus>i didn't realize i'd need a separate guile apart from what came with guix
<laertus> doesn't mention anything about needing an external guile
<lukas__>probably your PATH prioritize your system's guile over guix's
<laertus>probably.. but i didn't know an ordinary user needed to set its PATH to anything special
<laertus>that's not in the docs either, as far as i can see.. they only mention sourcing root's guix profile
<laertus>but thanks.. i'll try messing with my PATH
<lukas__>why do you have guile installed in global path tho?
<lukas__>thought people use it for embedding lisp into their project
<laertus>well, i was using guile before on my OS.. it's something in my OS package manager
<laertus>i think some system packages rely on it
<lukas__>if you want to play around with repl remove system installed one and install guile on separate environment after you install guix
<lukas__>oh really?
<lukas__>what distro are you on?
<laertus>i cn't install the system one.. at least not until i fully move on to guix
<laertus>err.. i mean i can't uninstall the system one until i fully move on to guix
<lukas__>pretty sure my emerge script and python didn't rely on guile last time I used gentoo but
<lukas__>if you say so
<laertus>they don't, but other packages do
<laertus>so until i have those packages from guix i can't uninstall
<lukas__>it still sounds strange that your system package installs guile on global path
<laertus>make even depends on it
<laertus>and autogen
<lukas__>but is that hard dependency?
<lukas__>I know it's not on debian
<laertus>there is a guile USE flag for make, so that's not a hard dependency
<laertus>but no such USE flag for autogen
<laertus>so i guess it is
<cbaines>laertus, the guile error seems very odd. Do you have GUILE_LOAD_PATH, or GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH set?
<laertus>cbaines: i don't for the user i'm running guix as.. again, i didn't see such a requirement in the docs
<laertus>only for root
<laertus>but i can try that
<laertus>sorry, for root i had GUIX_PROFILE set, not any GUILE-related env vars
<laertus>cbaines: and i take it back.. i guess i do have a GUILE_LOAD_PATH set
<laertus>for the user
<laertus>it's just that i didn't set it recently... so i forgot
<laertus>good call
<cbaines>So, if you run guix so that there is no GUILE_LOAD_PATH set, do you still get the weird guile error
<cbaines>the one where it appears to be trying to use /usr/share/guile/1.8/ice-9/boot-9.scm
<laertus>now it's getting much further...
<laertus>i presume the "guile: warning: failed to install locale" and "warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument" are benign
<cbaines>yep, I think so, and a little tricky to resolve
<laertus>also, i didn't set up substitutes, but guix seems to be using them anyawy
<laertus>i didn't want substitutes, because i want to compile all my own stuff
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<laertus>or maybe it's just getting the list of substitutes but not using them?
<cbaines>did you run the guix archive --authorize step that is given in the binary installation docs?
<laertus>i did not
<cbaines>ok, it shouldn't trust any substitute servers then, so it should just download the bootstrap binaries and go from there
<laertus>ok, cool
<laertus>i'm getting some 404's and connections timed out
<laertus>is that ok?
<cbaines>laertus, hopefully, guix has a few options on fetching things which it will try if it gets failures
<laertus>it looks like guix is fetching from a bunch of different mirrors
<laertus>how does guix know (or does it know) if a file it fetched hasn't been tampered with by one of the mirrors?
<laertus>does it have some kind of central checksum or signature registry?
<cbaines>laertus, all of the things you'll be downloading will have a known hash, that is specified in the source files
<laertus>ok, great
<cbaines>here is an example package definition
<cbaines>on line 234, the expected hash of the tarball is given
<laertus>cool.. i see it
<laertus>what happens if i interrupt guix during 'guix package -i glibc-locales' ?
<laertus>can i restart again without consequence?
<civodul>laertus: nothing: it's transactional
<laertus>also, i have a zram filesystem that i use for gentoo to compile on
<laertus>usually mounted in /var/tmp/portage
<laertus>to speed up my compiles
<laertus>is there some way i can do the same for guix?
<laertus>or if someone could just point me to which temporary directory guix does its compiles in, i could simply try mounting the zramfs over that...
<cbaines>laertus, you'll probably see some guix related build directories in /tmp
<laertus>yeah, i just did an lsof on one of the guixbuilder processes and found it used /tmp
<laertus>is there some way i could tell guix to use a different directory?
<civodul>laertus: you can set TMPDIR in the environment of guix-daemon
<laertus>thank you
<efraim>question about my guixsd install, I added a snippet like this to my OS-config and its honored with `guix build foo -n' but acts as no-substitutes with `guix build foo'
<efraim>actually, its related to grafts, `guix build foo --no-grafts' acted as expected, as shown by `guix build foo -n'
<efraim>i forgot the '-n' flag implied --no-grafts
<efraim>also, the source for efl failed to download, that could be restarted at some point
<civodul>efraim: you're doing questions & answers :-)
<laertus>civodul: i set TMPDIR=/var/tmp/guix in the environment of guix-daemon but while it is using that, it's also still using /tmp
<laertus>i'd like to force it to do everything in /var/tmp/guix instead
<civodul>laertus: it's using /tmp for what?
<efraim>with this machine I can eventually try to write an apt-cache-ng server, for when running a "mixed setup" with guixsd and other distros
<civodul>normally the "guix-build-" directories end up in $TMPDIR
<civodul>efraim: "apt-cache-ng"?
<laertus>civodul: right now, an lsof on one of the guixbuilder process shows: /tmp/guix-build-gcc-5.4.0.tar.xz.drv-0 and /tmp/guix-build-gcc-5.4.0.tar.xz.drv-0/gcc-5.4.0/fixincludes/fixincl.c
<civodul>laertus: right, but that's the internal name
<laertus>and in my shell i see guix is working on gcc
<civodul>search for "TMPDIR"
<laertus>you're right.. i see that there's actually nothing in /tmp despite lsof showing that /tmp path
<laertus>hmm.. i never realized lsof could be misleading like that
<efraim> it caches downloaded .deb and .rpm and other files for the network
<civodul>laertus: it's due to mount namespaces
<laertus>this question's not directly guix-related, but you wouldn't happen to know how to get a more accurate view of the real paths a process is using if lsof is misleading like that?
<civodul>i don't know if it's possible
<civodul>in theory it should be possible because the kernel has a global view
<civodul>(on the Hurd it's not really possible because the file system view is entirely distributed)
<laertus>ok, interesting, thanks
<cbaines>it's kind of distributed when using linux also, as you'll get a different answer depending on what mount namespace you ask the question in, and relative to
<civodul>efraim: what's up with ? :-)
<civodul>it looked pretty much ready
<civodul>woow, impressive Go work by lfam
<htgoebel>Hi guix,
<htgoebel>since my last update, bash does not allow line-editing, etc. When stating a bash it errors with:
<htgoebel>bash: shopt: no_empty_cmd_completion: invalid shell option name
<htgoebel>But according to the manual, this is a valid option.
<htgoebel>What's wrong here?
<mekeor>htgoebel: does "shopt -s no_empty_cmd_completion" work?
<efraim>civodul: I haven't forgotten, I got distracted when an error popped up and haven't worked on it again yet
<Apteryx>Hello Guix!
<Apteryx>What would be a good way to override a single module of guix with my own for testing, such as (gnu services base)?
<Apteryx>(My guix install and git checkout don't agree and I don't want to build linux just to test a tiny new procedure added to base.scm)
<mekeor>Apteryx: wouldn't that work with the pre-inst-env thing?
<Apteryx>mekeor: see my parenthesised addition above :). If I use pre-inst-env it will build many things that I'm not interested in at the moment. So I'd like to do something like this: sudo guix system reconfigure ../guix-config/config.scm -L /gnu/store/zh0lb2g15hirq7zw2477w7s5ww7dxkv0-guix-0.13.0-6.a9468b4/lib/guile/2.2/site-ccache/guix
<Apteryx>where the long zh0l... path is my guix pull'd version of Guix. What is missing here is another flag similar to -L which would add a single module in front of %load-*-path
<Apteryx>in my case this would be (gnu services base) from ~/src/guix/gnu/services/base.scm
<Apteryx>oh, the -L is unnecessary thinking about it more. 'guix' without pre-inst-env does this already. I just need something to force my (gnu services base) in there.
<Apteryx>would the "-l" option of Guile help? (load source code from file)
<Apteryx>Not sure how to use it from a guix script though. I'd need to hack the guix script shebang... hmm.
<ng0> <- public-domain attributed, but also some attributions to UN and OHCHR. Would it be enough to add the 'non-copyleft' for the later 2?
<ng0>the sample texts are just 1 line always
<ng0>it seems to be universal declaration of human rights
<ng0>which is (probably?maybe?) copyright The Office of the High Commisioner for Human Rights
<Apteryx>non-copyleft is a good choice in doubt
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<ng0>I understand this as not being problematic:
<ng0>permissions: If UDHR translations or materials are reproduced, users should make reference to this website as a source by providing a link. All suggestions or modifications concerning translations posted on this website can be sent to
<htgoebel>mekero: shopt -s no_empty_cmd_completion doe not work
<fredmanglis>Hi. I just did a `guix pull` and now the `guix package --install=...` command give no output, but does not die either
<fredmanglis>It just runs my processor to over 90%
<fredmanglis>Has anyone else seen this?
<mekeor>hmm. how long did you wait?, fredmanglis
<civodul>fredmanglis: i haven't experienced this, sounds weird
<civodul>fredmanglis: could you check which process is spinning?
<fredmanglis>civodul: Well, op indicates that .guix-real is the one running
<civodul>fredmanglis: could you check its arguments?
<civodul>you can do: cat /proc/1234/cmdline
<civodul>where 1234 is the PID of that process
<efraim>I've had that before when I was working some grafts
<civodul>can you try --no-grafts?
<efraim>Is that --install=python-pycosat and --profile=/tmp/test_profile?
<fredmanglis>efraim: Yes. I was creating a throw-away profile for now.
<fredmanglis>the --no-grafts option seems to be working... There's output now.
<efraim>DNS/connection problems to one of the substitute servers?
<efraim>iirc there's no timeout set on those connections
<civodul>fredmanglis: could you do without --no-grafts again, and strace the thing?
<civodul>"strace -o log guix package -i python-pycosat"
<fredmanglis>civodul: ok. Running
<civodul>make sure to C-c hit before it eats your hard disk :-)
<fredmanglis>It's up to 784K, is that good?
<civodul>let's see, could you paste it somewhere?
<civodul>fredmanglis: hmm it's hard to tell what it's doing towards the end
<civodul>does --no-substitutes make a difference?
<fredmanglis>I havent't tried that... I tried doing an --upgrade, and the same issue came up, so I did --upgrade --no-grafts --fallback
<fredmanglis>civodul: That seems to be working for now.
<civodul>fredmanglis: --no-grafts removes critical security updates though, so you don't want to use that in production
<fredmanglis>Oooh... My understanding of it was incomplete - for some reason, I thought it would build the entire thing from scratch, including the updates...
<thomassgn>Anyone here in Madrid and want to meet with another guix user?
<fredmanglis>civodul: --no-substitutes doesn't seem to be making any difference...
<fredmanglis>I think I might have broken my guix installation by the pull. Now to try and figure out how to fix it
<dvn->hi. I installed guix for the first time in many months, and I am getting a couple tls related errors now
<dvn->When I run `guix pull` I get this: warning: TLS 'SERVER NAME' extension not supported
<dvn->ERROR: X.509 server certificate for '' does not match:
<dvn->I've followed the steps here (, to the best of my knowledge
<dustyweb>hi janneke
<janneke>hey dustyweb
<lfam>Ironing out the kinks in the go-build-system, I realize I don't fully understand something. The following build phase does not print "FAILED" when the Go build command fails:
<lfam>But, the build phase does fail, causing the derivation build to stop
<lfam>So, I think this code still has a ways to go :/
<bavier`>lfam: the derivation stops in that 'build' procedure, or elsewhere?
<elc79>hi guys, guix pull was quick, but guix system reconfigure it's very slow, it's building a lot ot packages
<lfam>bavier`: The build phase fails and the whole thing stops
<elc79>in fact it's building essential packages like parted, networkmanager, etc.
<lfam>bavier`: Here is the text of the tail of the build:
<bavier`>lfam: does "go" in fact return a nonzero exit status?
<lfam>bavier`: Good question. I think so but I'll confirm
<bavier`>I've had to deal with naughty programs that don't do that
<lfam>It does print "exit status 1" but I'd better triple-check :)
<lfam>I'm running my test now, but I think it must return non-zero, because the build phase does fail, and not due to a Scheme error
<lfam>I see some other build systems using apply, as in: (unless (zero? (apply system* command)) (error "'zip' failed"))
<lfam>I don't understand the significance of apply here
<bavier`>lfam: command is a list of strings
<lfam>Right, I saw that in the preceding code
<bavier`>e.g. '("go" "install" ...)
<lfam>My issue is that I don't really understand what apply is for, in general
<bavier`>lfam: (system* command) wouldn't work, because system* doesn't know how to operate on a single list argument
<bavier`>lfam: so 'apply' applies system* to the list elements, where each list element becomes an argument
<lfam>Okay, so it's "unpacking" the list? Sort of similar to unquote-splicing?
<bavier`>lfam: in a way,
<lfam>Emphasis on "sort of"
<bavier`>yeah, unfortunately the guile manual isn't helpful in explaining apply at the abstract level
<lfam>Yeah, it's very lightly documented there. That's okay, I often find myself referring to manuals of various Scheme implementations
<bavier`>lfam: but I think sicp has a great discussion of 'apply' as a pillar of scheme :)
<lfam>I'd better read that book one day :)
<lfam>I changed the build procedure to print $? after running the `go install` command:
<lfam>It prints '0', as expected, after each successful run. But when it fails, nothing is printed:
<lfam>I suppose it's not helpful to use (zero? ...) while debugging this
<bavier`>lfam: could you simulate failure in an interactive environment, just invoking "go install" in a way that will definitely fail?
<lfam>I'll try again without (zero? ...)
<elc79>how many tests have to pass parted build?
<lfam>elc79: I'm not sure. If you are worried about building for too long, you might wait a few hours for us to build the binary substitutes
<bavier`>lfam: "$?" won't have the exit value in this case, since system* doesn't invoke a shell
<elc79>lfam, i started guix system reconfigure 6 hours ago
<lfam>elc79: Wow! While it's running, you can re-run the command in another terminal with '--dry-run' to find out how many packages it wants to build
<elc79>guix system reconfigure --dry-run?
<lfam>elc79: Add --dry-run to whatever command you used before
<elc79>haha parted build has completed, now it's time for grub :-p
<lfam>elc79: I noticed yesterday you said that GRUB failed to build for you. If that happens again, please give us the details
<elc79>it failed before guix pull, i hope this not happen now :-)
<lfam>bavier`: I think that `go install` must be returning a non-zero exit code, because how else could the build phase fail?
<bavier`>lfam: that should be the only way, yes.
<lfam>I think I'd better ask for help on the ML :)
<bavier`>"unless" is often mental molasses for me
<bavier`>"when" presents no such issues
<bavier`>lfam: is an undefined value triggered as a phase failure?
<lfam>bavier`: They are the same thing but reversed, right?
<lfam>I want to run the first command and, if it fails, run the second command
<elc79>i can't make an output of guix system reconfigure to a text file with >>
<elc79>but i saw a lot of packages to build
<lfam>elc79: Probably you need to redirect the standard error stream in addition to the standard output stream. `guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm >file 2>&1`
<lfam>bavier`: Do you mean an undefined Scheme value? I think so, but when I've noticed that sort of mistake, I get a Guile backtrace. I'm not seeing that here
<bavier`>lfam: ok.
<bavier`>I ask because the unless sexp here does not return a value
<bavier`>lfam: you could pass the truthiness out with something like (or (zero? (system* ...)) (begin (display "FAILED")(newline) #f))
<lfam>That's clever :)
<elc79>lfam, it worked, now i see 107 packages to be builded O_o
<lfam>elc79: Okay, so you can either build them yourself, or wait a little while we build them on the build farm, after which you can download them
<bavier`>elc79: some of those "builds" might be grafts
<elc79>i hope so haha
<lfam>I thought that --dry-run did not include grafting derivations
<bavier`>which would go fast
<lfam>Not 100% sure, though
<bavier`>lfam: hmm, I thought it did
<bavier`>not sure either though
<lfam>The manual doesn't specify
<elc79>lfam, if i see the grub build not fails i will be happy :-)
<nee`>Does anyone know what is wrong with this zip: The unpack phase of cmake-build-system for it always fails. I unpacked and repackaged it with file-roller and it still failed. When I repackage it as tar.bz2 it works.
<elc79>in other terms this is not different from Gentoo, compiling, compiling, and when you are so tired of compilings then you have more compilings :-)
<lfam>nee`: If it works as bz2, could it be a bzip2 archive instead of a zip archive?
<nee`>I mean I unpacked it and repacked the folder contents
<lfam>bavier`: I tried your (or (zero? ...) (begin ...)) construction, but it still doesn't print anything from within the (begin ...) in case of failure :/
<lfam>Unfortunately, I have to go for a while. I'll keep working on this later
<bavier`>lfam: strange
<bavier`>good luck
<lfam>Thanks bavier` :)
<elc79>grub build test phase is here, that was problem yesterday
<efraim>nee`: is it a tarbomb? As in, is there a top level folder?
<nee`>efraim: it's not a tarbomb, on the top layer it's just one folder in a zip.
<nee`>There is also not any output just:
<nee`> starting phase `unpack'
<nee`>phase `unpack' failed after 0.0 seconds
<bavier`>nee`: you need to add "unzip" as a native-input
<nee`>bavier`: Thank you, that works!
<nee`>Weird, I don't remember doing this before and I thought I packaged things that came in zips previously. I guess I should I submit a bug, because of the lacking error message.
<elc79>grub build is done! i feel like Michael Schumacher when he finally won his first championship with Ferrari :-D
<cbaines>elc79, you should make sure to enable substitutes from if you haven't done so already, as I think that is helping with the substitutes situation
<elc79>i enabled yesterday but i didn't use this substitutes
<elc79>good night good people :-)
<lukas__>After creating build environment with guix environment command, what would be the preferred way of adding extra packages to it?
<bavier`>lukas__: I usually just exit the subshell and invoke 'guix environment' again
<bavier`>lukas__: you might be able to 'guix package -p $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT -i ... && source $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT/etc/profile'
<lukas__>hey bavier. So you just set everything up from the scratch?
<bavier`>lukas__: yeah, usually doesn't take long, since the previous environment's store items are still available
<lukas__>bavier` : I know setting up new environment wouldn't take up that much time (thx to package cache) but my build failed only at the last moment and I would really love to salvage the current environment
<lukas__>my machine is pretty weak (dual core 2.8 Ghz) so rebuilding everything from scratch sounds painful :(
<bavier`>lukas__: what are you building?
<lukas__>bavier` : guile branch with tracing jit support
<lukas__>building libguile doesn't take long but precompiling contents of ice-9 and bootstrapping procedure took some long time for me
<bavier`>lukas__: oh cool. ok
<bavier`>lukas__: you wouldn't need to rebuild those things, I think
<lukas__>guess I'll try what happens in new environment. I'm new to guile and its internal so not really sure how guile utilize all these .go shared objects