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<davexunit>mattl doesn't do GNU things anymore
<davexunit>he's disassociated himself
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<thomassgn>Don't understand this, I'm trying to build a container from a rather minimal config, but now I get an error I don't understand "<unknown location>: error: invalid field specifier" the config I'm trying to build is here:
<thomassgn>It's probably in the services part, been trying to just build the container without much, but it seems there is something "it" wants me to add all the time
<thomassgn>if I remove the avahi and dbus services from the config I get a different error, which is what I tried to solve, about expecting an empty list as 1 arg to (services ...)
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<thomassgn>ok, it builds now. Adding %base-services magicly solves it.
<buenouanq>thomassgn: here's about as minimal as you can get
<buenouanq>if you were only going to use root you could also remove the user
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, I'm trying to learn more about how to configure my nginx config file just says (nginx-service). sudo herd status nginx shows that nginx is running...But what is the default location that nginx serves files? viewing localhost in Firefox displays nothing...
<buenouanq>joshuaBPMan: try something like (nginx-service #:config-file "/etc/nginx/nginx.conf")
<buenouanq>then you can deal with that all nginx side
<joshuaBPMan>buenouanq: thanks. I can try that.
<buenouanq>you could probably declare a bunch more in the os config, but that doesn't seem desirable
<joshuaBPMan>buenouanq: I might try to figure out how to configure nginx to use scheme code, but for now I'll probably just use a conf file. Thanks.
<buenouanq>there is a guile web server you could use
<buenouanq>instead of nginx
<buenouanq>LAMP? no way, I run a GGGG stack (GNU, Guile Web, Guile-PG, Guile)
<joshuaBPMan>buenouanq: Would the guile web server run wordpress?
<buenouanq>isn't wordpress deeply tied to php?
<buenouanq>or am I thinking of something else?
<happy_gnu[m]>buenouanq: that's pretty cool
<happy_gnu[m]>buenouanq: you forgot one G though
<happy_gnu[m]>For GuixSD :)
<angelbeats[m]>Hello, I'm now installing guix, running guix system init , but my route to is rather slow
<angelbeats[m]>Can I interupt installing,change to another mirror, and then continue installing?
<buenouanq>angelbeats[m]: I believe if it is interupted it will have to start over from the beginning.
<buenouanq>depending on how slow it is and fast the next one will be, that might not matter
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<ng0>welp. does someone understand "yelp"? I'm not sure why my mate-user-guide package is giving me nothing but a closing "Help" dialogue with empty content
<ng0>Gnome help doesn't have this problem, does it?
<ng0>I've replace the simple "yelp" in exec of the .desktop with the path to 'yelp' binary.. I can push it in a moment
<ng0>I know yelp-xsl isn't required, but I should probably just look into GNOME and read up how yelp is used.
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<happy_gnu[m]>Hello \\o/
<oriansj>greetings happy_gnu[m]
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<ng0>I think I'm overcomlicating my solution for mate-screensaver, I need a second opinion. It fails because of this in configure and DBUS_SESSION_SERVICE_DIR=`pkg-config --variable session_bus_services_dir dbus-1 | sed -e 's,/usr/share,${datarootdir},g'` substituting/sed'ing it would require autotools, and there seems to be no configure switch to disable this.. any other options I could look into
<ng0>for a quick fix?
<ng0>autotools with some of the mate software is itchy… I want to avoid that. They have their own macros which worked for one software without modifying them, but didn't work for screensaver so far, so I need to adjust them
<ng0>(they come in "mate-common")
<ng0>I pushed the package to my checkout and the 'system/mate-additions' branch
<ng0>solved it… more or less.
<happy_gnu[m]>ng0: hello
<ng0>hi. I don't have very much time, didn't forget about the patch, I just had other things to do, and will send it sometime between tonight and tomorrow night
<happy_gnu[m]>oh don't worry ng0 I am still stuck at installation :/
<happy_gnu[m]>Installation has showed the same "substitute: updating list of substitutes from ''" and it hasn't moved for about 2 hours now :/
<ng0>do you run it with --fallback?
<happy_gnu[m]>can/should I pause and try a different mirror or something?
<happy_gnu[m]>ng0 no i did not :/
<ng0>is this still the initial 0.13.x ?
<ng0>there was no on there
<happy_gnu[m]>yes is 0.13
<happy_gnu[m]>oh no I used this command
<happy_gnu[m]>guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt --substitute-urls=""
<ng0>well you need to authorize
<ng0>so if you haven't authorized it, you can simply drop that part of the url
<happy_gnu[m]>so I should stop the installation then?
<happy_gnu[m]>if I stop will it start over ? or the things already installed will just be skipped
<ng0>no need to stop it, you can just cancel (strg-c) and re-run the command.. assuming you have followed the documentation.
<happy_gnu[m]>so I add --fallback right
<ng0>that'Äs just for the eventual case that you encounter no substitutes for one package
<happy_gnu[m]>that way it won't wait forever right?
<ng0>don't trust me with all of this at the moment, I'm multitasking between kitchen, 2 computers etc
<happy_gnu[m]>I already did ng0 hahahahaha
<happy_gnu[m]>too little too late :/
<ng0>well this way you won't query a server you can't get any substitutes from
<ng0>could reply with more if I had more time to focus on the probnlem
<happy_gnu[m]>ng0: ok :) I will wait
<happy_gnu[m]>I am not in a hurry
<happy_gnu[m]>last time power went off, and when it came back and image didn't boot and I had to start all over again
<oriansj>happy_gnu[m]: unless you formatted the drive, the data on the disk should be the same as what it was prior to the loss of power
<happy_gnu[m]>oriansj: I don't really know what happened :/ but vm didn't work anymore so I just started again
<ng0>the computer I could use for testing Xfburn is occupied with Kodi, but I'm updating a laptop, so hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can test it
<oriansj>happy_gnu[m]: so booting from an iso image didn't work?
<happy_gnu[m]>well, the guix.img that I created to boot qemu didn't :/
<happy_gnu[m]>It just showed a black square
<happy_gnu[m]>I assumed something was corrupted when I lost power
<oriansj>happy_gnu[m]: that is probably because grub wasn't installed or it wasn't configured correctly
<happy_gnu[m]>so I didn't even try to ask for help and started over
<happy_gnu[m]>oriansj: ahh that makes sense
<janneke>finally found why cuirass doesn't want to build some of my packages
<janneke>when a package has (source #f), cuirass only builds the .drv ...
<efraim>PSA: we only need to delete gnu/s*/*go for the change with services
<efraim>openfoam is missing a period at the end of the description
<buenouanq>how do I move my control key? in debian, I added a single line to /etc/default/keyboard
<buenouanq>do I have to include this file in my os config?
<civodul>efraim: oh, feel free to add it :-)
<civodul>janneke: what do you mean by "only builds the .drv"?
<pmikkelsen>good evening guix
<janneke>civodul: if i add "hello" and "glibc-utf8-locales" to a cuirass list of packages to be built, and gc -d both packages, the cuirass jobset lists both packages, but after one evaluation i only have hello in the store (and hello*.drv, glibc-utf8-locales*.drv)
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, I'm trying to set up nginx to server some php files. But when I try reconfiguring I get this error:
<joshuaBPMan>guix system: error: lstat: No such file or directory: "/etc/nginx/cert.pem"
<joshuaBPMan>Also here is the config file:
<joshuaBPMan>I'm also getting an error that my guix install is 45 days old. But I just ran guix pull && guix package -u && sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm just yesterday....
<buenouanq>does using sudo there work as you're expecting?
<buenouanq>is temporarily elevating priveledges the same as running something as root?
<buenouanq>you don't need to system reconfigure like that either unless you've changed something
<joshuaBPMan>I guess not...
<buenouanq>joshuaBPMan: guix pull && guix package -u would only be run for that user
<joshuaBPMan>guix pull && guix package -u updates guix for the user "joshua"
<buenouanq>you have to run them for every user and I'm guessing to get rid of that message as root
<joshuaBPMan>so do I need to do the same thing for root?
<buenouanq>su --login
<joshuaBPMan># guix pull && guix package -u
<joshuaBPMan>how do I update the system profile?
<buenouanq>what do you mean?
<joshuaBPMan>Well my user has a package profile...
<joshuaBPMan>There is also a system profile. Those are the ones that get stored in the boot menu.
<joshuaBPMan>If my current system profile doesn't work, then I can use grub to select an older system profile to boot into.
<buenouanq>that would be a system reconfigue
<buenouanq>I think
<joshuaBPMan>ok. And system reconfigure needs to be run as root.
<joshuaBPMan>via su
<buenouanq>I keep phrasing it as a question hoping someone who actually knows will speak up.
<joshuaBPMan>fair enough.
<buenouanq>I do not think that using sudo in this case is the same as running it as root.
<civodul>janneke: weird, that would need investigation
<janneke>civodul: good to know that's unexpected
<janneke>i'm starting to get cuirrass going again
<janneke>so possibly i have messed something up, trying to create a nice test/bug report now