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<pmikkelsen>hi guix, I am currently working on a meson build system, but I have an issue.
<pmikkelsen>The RPATH (or RUNPATH) is "unset" when binaries/libs are installed, which is a bit of a problem.
<pmikkelsen>I have tried to use 'augment-rpath' from (guix build rpath) to set it again, but it seems like there is a problem when too much rpath is added after a binary is build.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Have you tried?
<atw>cuirass is triggered by vcs events and evaluates derivations. A derivation produces at least one item in the store. Can a derivation do anything apart from producing store items? Asking because I would like to use cuirass to automatically recompile and redeploy a static website.
<bavier1>atw: no, but you could always stage things from the store to where you need them
<atw>bavier1: thanks. I need to check into cuirass more. Maybe even extend it to handle deployment like this, if I can.
<atw>did I read something about reconfiguring remote hosts over ssh recently?
<atw>I think I was thinking of guix copy and similar stuff that uses guile-ssh
<atw>by the way, Apteryx, I think it was you who told me about Guix in the first place, so thanks!
<apteryx[m]>atw: :) You're welcome!
<ng0>does someone have a twitch account, youtube account or anything? I did a rough first package of obs-studio
<ng0>I have neither of those, I was only able to see that the GUI works
<ng0>ypou can use custom servers aswell
<ng0>but nvm, I'm sure it still needs some qt modules we don't have
<ng0>for those using mastodon: tootstream requires some feedback and improvements upstream before I can send it in
<janneke>my emacs still eats all my memory...i seem to remember a remark about compiling with a configuration option tat should fix M-x garbage-collect?
<ng0>on XFCE4 patches: xfce-panel is updated, but now I'm waiting for either ristretto to release a new version or looking into applying the gdbus patches they made recently (otherwise 0.8.2 does't build)
<ng0>we can only have all of them in patches following each other, otherwise xfce itself won't work
<ng0>pro tip: don't try to get an straigh forward reply in the xfce channel on saturday evenings.
<ng0>how do we handle xfce anyway?
<ng0>the website still says 4.12 is stable
<ng0>I failed to read that when I started bumping up
<ng0>with some news I thought 4.13 is ready
<ng0>maybe I'll just keep the branch around until 4.13 is ready, so I can send the patches when 4.13 is officially announced
<ng0>other systems seem to package a more unstable, inofficial approach of xfce
<ng0>I think I just lost the red thread on why I original xfce4 branch. I'll keep it at "sent patches when officially announced or when everything is really compatible"
<oriansj>anyone have any Idea when the next release of guixsd is?
<pmikkelsen>hello guix
<oriansj>greetings pmikkelsen
<roptat>is there something like grep in scheme?
<roptat>or a way to work on the output of (system)
<ng0>Oh. While procrastinating and thinking about some other results, watching Disney Channel the whole day, I started working on Cinnamon for Guix. So maybe we can even have two new Gnome-derived/close Desktop next release ;)
<pmikkelsen>ng0: awesome! I would love to use cinnamon on guixSD ;)
<civodul>hey roptat
<civodul>roptat: you could you open-input-pipe from (ice-9 popen)
<civodul>that allows you to read the stdout of a program
<civodul>oriansj: i'd like to release 0.13.1 (or 0.14?) within a month
<ng0>if there were enough breaking changes I'd call it 0.14
<oriansj>ng0: personally, I prefer a time based release schedule as major breaking changes should be really rare
<civodul>"breaking" in what sense? :-)
<civodul>oriansj: i agree
<ng0>hm.. nevermind me, I'm still having a cold
<ng0>I'm working on cinnamon because I got bored by not doing anything at all
<oriansj>ng0: good. If you need additional things to work on, I could probably point you at a dozen programs that haven't made it into guixsd yet
<ng0>not really.. I have enough already and enough I am thinking about
<oriansj>no worries, I am buried under 4 decades of technical debt and engineering decisions myself
<ng0>most of this packaging stuff only happens because I'm taking a very long time experimenting with some other project.. I hope until the end of the year I was able to write down most of the project related stuff in digital format. I like working with paper.
<ng0>do we have a package for "gl"?
<oriansj>guile-opengl work for you?
<ng0>no, as a dependency for muffin
<ng0>got something.. maybe it's a wrong output
<noobly>hi, is anyone here using a thinkpad x60?
<noobly>I would like to know if I need anything other than a blob free wifi driver to run guixSD
<oriansj>noobly: yes
<noobly>oriansj: what else might I need?
<oriansj>well there are multiple wifi modules for x60 but most do have drivers and if you are really concerned buy a $5 usb wifi connector with known good libre drivers
<noobly>Oh, ok, I misunderstood your answer. So, if I understand correctly, all I will need to run GuixSD on my x60 is a new wifi chipset? Every other component on my laptop should work normally, nothing else needs to e replaced or modified?
<oriansj>no, it is likely GuixSD should work fine by default
<noobly>Is there a version that's compatible with a nonfree chipset?
<buenouanq>if you can run debian or any other normal distro, you can run guixsd
<noobly>I can't get wifi on freebian
<noobly>I have to get the nonfree to get wifi
<buenouanq>guixsd doesn't not support nonfree anything
<oriansj>noobly: then you might need a usb Wifi or a replacement module that runs with free drivers
<noobly>I was hoping individual users might have made nonfree contributions that some here may know about
<noobly>will a nonfree usb wifi work?
<noobly>btw thx for the help
<oriansj>noobly: if you want nonfree, you might have to do it yourself
<oriansj>noobly: what wireless module do you have currently installed?
<buenouanq>nonfree ``contributions'' are frowned upon and prolly not allowed to be discussed in the offical room
<noobly>sorry internet hiccup, but if anyone knows of any contributions towards a nonfree wifi package pls let me know :-)
<oriansj>noobly: guixsd will never include nonfree anything, but if you provide which wifi module your x60 actually has, there may be a free option for you
<noobly>oriansj: you mean a free option in which I buy a new chipset, right?
<oriansj>noobly: no, as in your existing hardware might be supported by a free software driver
<noobly>Oh wow, that'd be great. brb, I have some research to do to :-)
<efraim>civodul: if I read correctly, GCC 4.9 added the requirement for isl and cloog, but starting with 5 we only need isl
<noobly>oriansj: is 'Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Controller' what I should be looking for? sorry 4 stoopid
<noobly>just trying to find out if I already have a viable wifi module
<efraim>According to this trisquel forum post from 2009 it wasn't libre-compatable then, but things may have changed since
<oriansj>noobly: by the looks of it the free driver for that wifi module is still pre-alpha quality.
<noobly>ok, thank you efraim and oriansj
<noobly>I've been using nixos to get used to the package management and such but would like to become libre, I guess I'll have to wait until my wifi chip arrives :)
<noobly>Does anyone here know of genode by chance?
<oriansj>noobly: yes, what about it?
<noobly>have you used it?>
<noobly>do you know if it will work with libreboot?
<oriansj>noobly: it will work with grub which is included in libreboot
<noobly>oriansj: have you tried using guixSD from Genode via a virtual machine? I tried this with NixOS but had difficulty:
<noobly>Idk, it was awhile ago I just thought the concept was cool
<oriansj>noobly: what are you trying to achieve?
<noobly>nothing really, I just got into it after exploring more secure setups
<noobly>I'd like it to be functional cuz it sounds cool
<noobly>i just want a solid, secure set up
<oriansj>noobly: might I suggest you take a look at tails as they might be closer to what you are interested in
<catonano>good evening, guix
<oriansj>greetings catonano
<Steap>ACTION fell asleep while compiling python.scm
<civodul>efraim: re isl, good!
<efraim>oh, and as of evaluation 109777 we're down to 6.89% failures
<civodul>probably the elogind-related fixes no?
<efraim>that was 776, but yeah
<janneke>wouldn't it be nice if store items started with their proper names and end with hash?
<janneke>instead /gnu/store/deadbeaf0123-bash-4.2, have /gnu/store/bash-4.2-deadbeef0123
<efraim>its easier to parse if you can cut the first 33 characters rather than the last 33
<efraim>but it would make sorting them easier
<efraim>reading debian's wine package, it looks like its not i686/x86_64 only
<CharlieBrown>How do I stat the Guix daemon automatically in Slackware?
<CharlieBrown>Add /root/.guix-profile/bin/guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild & to rc.local?
<Steap>Anybody knows how to handle the "extras" in Python packaging?