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<jonsger>uff. 2.2GiB for Latex...
<civodul>jonsger: that's for the big "texlive" package i guess
<civodul>but there's also "texlive-tiny" that you can use
<civodul>should be better
<jonsger>yeah. I just want to read your paper for gpce as PDF :P
<civodul>oh i see :-)
<civodul>i've posted a PDF to the "open archives" but i think it's not there yet
<Apteryx>off-topic question: what's the proper way to insert footnote (or references) in Gnus? Manually using brackets like [0], [1], ... ?
<ijp>apteryx: either using footnote-mode or one of the orgish minor modes
<Apteryx>ijp: cool, thanks. Will check the orgish options ;)
<jonsger>sneek, later tell civodul: sometimes line breaks are during "commands" like on page 5, cross-compilation: ungexp--native.
<sneek>Will do.
<reepca>Hm, building GNU smalltalk fails for me with this trailing output:
<sneek>Welcome back reepca, you have 1 message.
<sneek>reepca, oriansj says: you can list your stage0 Forth work as a resounding success
<Apteryx>Can I extract a nix closure (downloaded from Hydra) into something I can study (filesystem( ?
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<roptat>do you know if there's a way to transfer a package from one computer to another?
<roptat>I have a computer with 512MB of RAM, there's a package it can't build, and there is no substitute for it
<cbaines>roptat, I think there is a guix copy command
<roptat>oh cool
<roptat>I'll read the manual then, thanks for the hint :)
<cbaines>in other news, I broke GuixSD again, in exactly the same way as before. For some reason, when I run guix gc and reboot, linux panics on boot, for any of the system generations...
<cbaines>Unfortunately I'm no better prepared to debug this yet, as I still haven't setup some way of getting useful information about why it panics.
<roptat>I get guix copy: error: SSH authentication failed for ...
<cbaines>I take it that ssh normally works?
<roptat>ok, I ran ssh-agent and added the public key, and now I get this error:
<roptat>ssh/dist/node.scm:397:8: Throw to key `node-repl-error' with args `("Evaluation failed" "scheme@(guile-user)> While compiling expression:\\nERROR: no code for module (guix)" ())'.
<cbaines>If it's anything like offloading, it may be trying to use the guix guile module on the remote system
<cbaines>you might need to do something to make that work
<roptat>they're both guisd, so they should both have it, right?
<roptat>or should I install guile-ssh on both user profiles?
<cbaines>I think it depends on the ssh configuration and profiles as well
<cbaines>there is a command to test this in the docs: ssh build-machine guile -c "'(use-modules (guix config))'"
<cbaines>does that work?
<roptat>no, I get "ERROR: no code for module (guix config)"
<roptat>but when I ssh and then run that command (guile -c ...), it works fine
<cbaines>right, I think this is a common issue
<cbaines>can't remember what to do about it though
<cbaines>roptat, I have something in my .bashrc to source /etc/profile when $SSH_CLIENT is defined, you could try doing that?
<roptat>but with ssh machine guile -c ..., bash is not run at all
<cbaines>I think something might be happening, as it works for me, but breaks when I comment that line out
<cbaines>here is a paste perhaps try putting that at the top of your .bashrc on the remote side
<roptat>it actually works...
<roptat>although guix copy still fails with the same error
<cbaines>what guix copy command are you running?
<roptat>guix copy --to=user@host package
<cbaines>hmm, that works for me
<cbaines>does this work?: ssh build-machine guile -c "'(use-modules (guix))'"
<cbaines>so, looking at the source code, guix copy evaluates some guile on the remote node to work out what to copy, and what is already there
<cbaines>roptat, I've got no ideas. If you're still having problems, maybe file a bug?
<rekado>roptat: on the remote make sure that /etc/environment contains GUILE_LOAD_PATH
<rekado>also make sure that the running guile process on the remote is killed after the change
<rekado>I had the same problem on my GuixSD servers
<roptat>rekado: thanks, that was it!
<jonsger>rekado, whats the exact url of berlin guixsd?
<jonsger>if I add a description to a project that the program is packaged by Guix. How should I write Guix? Guix, GNU Guix, GuixSD or Guix/SD?
<jonsger>I would prefer GNU Guix but I'm not sure
<cbaines>jonsger, the Guix website seems to use both GNU Guix and Guix, so maybe pick between those
<cbaines>the about page has some examples
<Apteryx>arg. ran out of space, ran gc, and lost my painstakingly built 'guix environment guix' from git master store items (I made the mistake of exiting the environment at some point before running 'guix gc').
<Apteryx>jonsger: I would pick GNU Guix.
<Apteryx>cbaines: that's a pretty scary bug you encountered (kernel panic on all generations after running guix gc)
<Apteryx>Scarier since I just ran that command ;)
<cbaines>Apteryx, yeah, luckilly I did actually find a generation that booted
<Apteryx>Probably should have backed up my store as I sometimes do before running guix gc.
<cbaines>previously when I've had the same thing happen, I had to use the USB disk image to reinstall
<jlicht>hi guix!
<jlicht>I am reading some spooky stories RE guix gc, which is part of a cronjob for me. Anything I need to be worried about?
<Apteryx>OK. Suppose all my data is on a single partition, would reinstalling Guix with the USB installer wipe the partition anew? Or will it just fixes the store items and system profile?
<cbaines>I don't think it would destroy any data, at least not in my experience
<cbaines>jlicht, if you haven't encountered any problems, then great. I've encountered problems on one particular machine quite a few times
<cbaines>but I've not been able to track down the exact cause
<cbaines>or even what the problem is, apart from "linux panics during boot"
<Apteryx>cbaines: do we have a bug tracking that?
<jlicht>cbaines: do you get a gui{x,le} repl at least?
<cbaines>jlicht, no, linux panics, so the system is pretty dead
<cbaines>Apteryx, I don't think I've created one
<Apteryx>OK. It would be nice to have such a nasty bug tracked.
<Apteryx>I have to go. Wishing you all a nice day!
<cbaines>Ok, bye :)
<cbaines>If anyone does know what kind of kit you'd need to debug linux over USB, do let me know
<cbaines>My best guess at the moment, is two USB to Serial cables, and some way of joining them together at the serial ends
<oriansj>cbaines: you can't debug over usb but you can over ethernet
<cbaines>oriansj, I thought you could get the output to the console over USB (using the USB device as a serial port)?
<cbaines>I'll take a look at doing it over the network as well though
<oriansj>cbaines: On the TARGET side, it's not possible to use the USB interface with kgdb. This is because all the USB-Serial driver (CP210x, PL2303, ...etc) did not implement the polling hook.
<catonano_>After the summer I can' t remember the key chords to call debbugs in Emacs and having the submitted patches shown
<catonano_>ah I remembered
<htgoebel>Hello guix!
<jonsger>do we have a black-and-white logo of guix?
<cbaines>jonsger, I think so, you can find the logos in the guix-artwork repository on Savannah
<jonsger>cbaines, yeah I found it now. those svg contain a few pictures. also black and whits
<cbaines>Good good :)
<efraim>jamvm lasted in debian until lenny, so we're getting more recent
<ng0>civodul: I have the followup-to fixed for guix-patches + now
<ng0>thanks for the reminder
<jlicht>civodul: thanks for the reminder regarding the patch. Node 8.4.0 should on master by now :)
<jlicht>oh, sorry, wrong channel :#
<jlicht>nope, I just messed up my rcirc modeline :D
<civodul>ah ha :-)
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, jonsger says: sometimes line breaks are during "commands" like on page 5, cross-compilation: ungexp--native.
<civodul>thanks, jlicht!
<civodul>i'm thinking we should have automatic reminders on patches and bugs
<civodul>thank you as well ng0 :-)
<civodul>jonsger: yeah it seems to be either that or text that protrudes in margin :-/
<jonsger>but otherwise it's written well. So I understand a lot more then I thought before reading it :P
<civodul>ah i guess that's good? or is it? :-)
<jonsger>yeah it is :)
<jlicht>by the way, what is the idiomatic way to represent a tab in a guile string? (So not in a regexp)
<cbaines>jlicht, I guess two options would be to use a tab, or use the character code #\\tab
<jlicht>because the linter was complaining about my use of " <other stuff>" <- but then a tab instead of spaces
<cbaines>So I've been using offloading today, which has been cool, but I was wondering if Guix will use the local machine now? It seems to offload things, but then wait to offload more, rather than using the local machine.