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<Apteryx>has someone attempted btrfs in a raid configuration with GuixSD? It doesn't seem to be supported.
<Apteryx>I tried it myself and it failed to boot (I got the Guile REPL). It seems it might just be a mknod and a 'btrfs device scan' away from working. I'll try to get it to work!
<civodul>Apteryx: it probably hasn't been attempted, but it's an interesting exercise :-)
<civodul>do report your success or failure to the list
<Apteryx>OK! Also I sent an message regarding feasability of statically linked GNU readline extension module for Guile at guile-devel, not sure if you'd have an idea about that but if you do comments are welcome :)
<Apteryx>(it would make experimenting at the initrd Guile prompt much more pleasant)
<civodul>it's not easily feasible
<civodul>but, are you sure you want to experiment at the initrd prompt in the first place? :-)
<Apteryx>civodul: Is the initrd prompt not meant for experimenting :)? Is there a better way I could test this? I was attemting to determine which steps would allow me to resume a successfully installed GuixSD that won't boot.
<Apteryx>A related question: at the initrd prompt, after I've ran some command, say, (system "btrfs device scan"); how do I attempt to resume the boot process? I tried boot-system from (gnu build linux-boot) but this cannot be called more than once (fails on attempting to mount already mounted locations).
<elpogo>thinking of using GuixSD as a firewall box. does anyone else do this? does it have all the required packages?
<elpogo>the FW is going to run inside Virtualbox. it's a FW for other virtual machines
<cbaines>elpogo, what firewall related software would you like to use?
<elpogo>cbaines: in addition to basic FW functions (routing traffic between LAN and WAN), the only extra requirements are openvpn as client, and openvpn as a server, and mosh
<cbaines>elpogo, ok
<cbaines>I'd suggest planning the configuration a bit, as I'm not sure there is a super simple way of setting up a GuixSD system as a firewall yet
<wingo>good morning guix
<cbaines>also, I think there is a mosh package, but I'm not sure if you need a service as well
<wingo>network manager service seems to work really well, thanks all
<cbaines>if you are happy writing services when you need them, I'd just go for it. But if you'd rather avoid that, I'd suggest checking first.
<elpogo>no. mosh-server is run after a port is agreed upon over an ssh session. i don't think it needs a service
<cbaines>elpogo, ah ok, I guess that part is fine then :)
<elpogo>are you aware of anyone using GuixSD on a firewall? also, does GuixSD provide binary packages, or does it always compile? My VM isn't too powerful, so can't afford to compile
<elpogo>i see on the website it provides binary packages
<elpogo>does guix store multiple different prebuilt binaries if a package can be built in different ways? for eg, if a package can be built with X support and without X support, will guix provide binary packages for both variations?
<wingo>elpogo: depends :) there is an emacs package with and without x, for example
<wingo>but i don't think we have a general policy
<wingo>but as far as binaries, guix doesn't have a stable channel, and its development channel advances relatively quickly, so it's always possible that you might have to compile something
<wingo>a guix channel that never needs to build packages from source would be interesting but isn't where anyone has focused
<wingo>could be guix isn't for you in that case; though it is possible to compile from some other machine and ship binaries to your device
<roelj>Uhh. Building 'qtlocation' fails with 'ld: cannot find -lclipper'. I see the last update to Qt was on July 4. Has anyone had this problem too, and does anyone have a fix?
<roelj>It seems that it builds on hydra..
<efraim>probably something to do with core-updates
<roelj>Oh yes, Hydra indicates 'Cached from: gnu:core-updates'.
<efraim>find /gnu/store/ -type f -name '*pc' -execdir grep clipper {} +
<efraim>lets see if that comes up with anything
<roelj>On my store it doesn't
<roelj>There is a 'clipper' package, but it seems to be unrelated
<efraim>still running on my machinse
<roelj>In the build log of qtlocation, I see this: '-I../3rdparty/clipper', so I think it's something in the package.
<roelj>How can I review the build log of my failed build?
<cbaines>I'm having some problems with current-guix, as guix build -e "((@ (gnu packages package-management) current-guix))" fails for me
<efraim>guix build foo --no-grafts --log-file
<elpogo>hmm. ok. i'll just use pfsense for now
<efraim>cbaines: fail to build or fails to start building?
<efraim>although the log file is normally only there if it succeeds
<cbaines>efraim, both, this is the issue I have with it failing to start building
<cbaines>and I think it also fails to build with a single test failure
<roelj>efraim: Heh, indeed: "guix build: error: no build log for '/gnu/store/dsi7sjds8r7g3jpbw7v9fx6z6xjikcba-qtlocation-5.9.1.drv'"
<cbaines>(but I'm just building again to confirm)
<efraim>roelj: maybe a parallel build issue? I don't know of anything specifically that changed in Qt land
<efraim>I did upgrade kde-frameworks, but I don't htink that should've made a difference
<roelj>Uhh.. this is strage: 'guixr build qtlocation --max-jobs=1 --cores=1' returns '/gnu/store/mmhd7njxva2adw5l02y5dvwh3g9b6aak-qtlocation-5.9.1'.
<roelj>At least.. my problem is solved. Magic.
<rekado_>Hi guix
<rekado_>guix weather crashes when asking for i686-linux substitutes
<wingo>stormy days :)
<efraim>i wonder if the postgresql upgrade issue would be partially solved by dumping the database every time it was stopped/restarted
<jonsger>okay. /dev/sdX stands for /dev/sda not /dev/sda1 :(
<ng0>fyi for the minority that thinks Bitmessage will get major acceptance someday: I'm preparing a 0.6.2 update right now
<ng0>if we even have any users of it
<jonsger>is there an editor as root-user at GuixSD available?
<ng0>I think nano
<ng0>I mean, if you have %base-packages
<efraim>In the install image there's also zile
<jonsger>I'm in the installed system. root has no ls, nano, zile...
<jonsger>so I have no idea how to edit config.scm
<ng0>what's your env of PATH?
<jonsger> /sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin
<ng0>is this really GuixSD?
<ng0>or did you mutate some system?
<jonsger>no I installed from guix usb stick
<jonsger>in my user account (jonathan) everything works but he has no sudo rights :(
<ng0>I can't really focus enough to help you at the moment
<ng0>a quick hack is to just use something along the lines of
<ng0>setenv PATH $HOME/.guix-profile/bin:$HOME/.guix-profile/sbin:/run/setuid-programs:/run/current-system/profile/bin:/run/current-system/profile/sbin
<rekado_>jonsger: have you already installed GuixSD or are you still in the live system booted from USB?
<ng0>or use the nnao directly from /run/cur…
<jonsger>rekado_: I use installed guixsd
<rekado_>jonsger: okay, then check your ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile
<rekado_>maybe you’re overriding the PATH there?
<jonsger>rekado_: everything works with my regular user (jonathan). but not with root
<rekado_>then I’d check the root user’s bashrc and bash_profile, just to be sure.
<rekado_>your root user has a password, right? So you can switch to root and fix the PATH.
<rekado_>and then maybe add jonathan to the sudoers (or a sudoer group) in the system configuration
<rekado_>For “guix ops” I want to be able to build the systems for other GuixSD machines on an ops server and then push these built systems to the target machines.
<jonsger>why does Icecat doesn't load some websites? google works, duckduckgo not
<mekeor>jonsger: can you ping duckduckgo?
<jonsger>yeah. I disabled all those add-ons and now it works
<wingo>yes especially the non-free js add-on makes it hard to use the web :P
<janneke>rekado_: nice short and sweet ghm slides
<ng0>okay, I'm done with the pybitmessage 0.6.2 update, it probably works, at least connection
<ng0>I'll send the patch later
<jonsger>guix system: error: symlink: Permission denied: "/var/guix/profiles/"
<jonsger>how to deal with that
<jonsger> /var/guix/profile is 775
<jonsger>how to change keyboard layout on GuixSD. (console-keymap-service "") has no influence :(
<ng0>ah. I forgot to remove some inputs.. sending new patch
<ng0>if I have python modules and "normal" packages and the package needs them, is it still propagated-inputs?
<ng0>afaik python-build-system has no (inputs) anymore
<ng0>basically I have openssl, sqlite, qt4. of those openssl is referenced already because it is patched in a file.
<quiliro>Hello Guix!
<quiliro>Came by to thank everyone for keeping up the hacking!
<ng0>lemon tree?
<ng0>irc is not a guile repl :)
<quiliro>i think i am looking for the wrong bot...
<quiliro>ng0: haha...oh, thats right...the repl works with comma
<quiliro>are there blogs about Guix?
<ng0>ok I guess it works like I have it now.
<quiliro>found your blog, ng0
<ng0>I've been moving stuff over elsewhere though
<ng0>I think there are some other blogs aswell, but I don't know any
<ng0>andy/wingo occasionally writes about it, and rekado_
<ng0>and there's the official posts
<quiliro>ng0: nice...thanks
<quiliro>will search
<quiliro>i cannot guix system reconfigure
<quiliro>i get a guile-git error
<quiliro>i have installed it on a previous boot
<quiliro>now i added the paths that the error recommends
<quiliro>guix pull works after that
<ng0>if someone wants to review pybitmessage, the final version is this one:
<ng0> 5 [ SF] │ ├─>[bug#28276] pybitmessage: Update to 0.6.2 [Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 02:06:04PM UTC] To
<quiliro>but i suspended it because i ran it a couple of days ago and gove no error
<quiliro>i am running reconfigure now and it spits an eval unbound variable packages (error)
<quiliro>ng0: may i help?
<quiliro>what should i do to help?
<ng0>I'm not telling anyone to help. It's just there :) I haven't sent the last message in tree strcuture of the thread
<quiliro>ng0: What i mean is that I am available if I can do something
<mekeor>quiliro: you could review the patch and test the package definition
<mekeor>quiliro: if you need help, we need the full command & error message to help you
<ng0>quiliro: you can apply the patch with git am filename.patch or just comment the email :)
<thomasd>Hi Guix
<quiliro>Hello thomasd!
<quiliro>mekeor, ng0: do i need to update my guix git?
<quiliro>git clone
<quiliro>on my guix dir
<ng0>I'd checkout master and "git checkout -b review/pybitmessage" from that master
<thomasd>is there an easy way to create a manifest, usable with 'guix package', from an existing profile? ~/.guix-profile/manifest is not it, I think?
<ng0>at least that's what I do when I do reviews
<mekeor>hi thomasd :)
<mekeor>thomasd: i guess it wouldn't be much work to make a manifest out of the output of "guix package -I"?
<ng0>I'm away for a while
<mekeor>ACTION can't check the contents of ~/.guix-profile/manifest because he's not on guixSD
<thomasd>mekeor: you're right, that should work out :)
<mekeor>ACTION misses fsbot just like quiliro 
<thomasd>I wonder how many people use manifests
<thomasd>I'm interested because it seems like a good way to pin the version of gfortran (otherwise, guix package --upgrade always upgrades to the highest version, and I have to manually work around that every time)
<mekeor>thomasd: in fact, manifest don't seem to fix the package version either, AFAIK
<mekeor>e.g. i have an entry for ghc@7 in my manifest. but when i run `guix package -u`, it will upgrade ghc to version 8
<thomasd>but ‘guix package -u’ doesn't use the manifest, right?
<mekeor>no, it doesn't
<thomasd>it would be ‘guix package -m <manifestfile>’
<mekeor>will `guix package -m manifest.scm` also upgrade the packages listed in the manifest?
<thomasd>at least according to the manual “‘-m FILE’
<thomasd> Create a new generation of the profile from the manifest object
<thomasd> returned by the Scheme code in FILE.”
<thomasd>to me, it seems like it would respect versions specified in that manifest
<rekado_>yes, it will upgrade packages in accordance with the manifest
<rekado_>i.e. it will also remove packages that are not in the manifest.
<thomasd>thanks. Time to make a manifest, then :)
<quiliro>I have done 'git checkout' and then 'git checkout -b review/pybitmessage' what should I do?
<quiliro>I would like to follow some kind of tutorial to learn to hack on GuixSD with Emacs. Is there something of the sort or an alternative method?
<bavier>quiliro: I don't know if its much of a "tutorial", but there is a section in the guix manual about hacking with emacs
<bavier>quiliro: a simple start though might be to just use emacs to edit the guix code you're interested in :)
<quiliro>bavier: i have done that with the help of rekado_ !
<quiliro>but i feel i have some knowledge gaps
<quiliro>i think i will need to review the section about emacs guix and then the section about hacking guix
<quiliro>if there is no spoon feeding :-)
<quiliro>bavier: what I did with rekado_ was adding openmolar on medical.scm
<rekado_>quiliro: using “emacs guix” is not required to hack on Guix.
<quiliro>hello rekado_ !
<rekado_>I don’t use it much, to be honest. It’s a nice alternative to the command line interface, though.
<quiliro>rekado_: i know it is not necessary but i wan to learn
<rekado_>you may find that using Geiser is more useful
<rekado_>the Emacs interface for Guix has some features to make Geiser hacking on Guix more convenient.
<quiliro>rekado_: why is it more useful to use Geiser then?
<rekado_>Geiser is a way to connect a Scheme buffer to a Guile REPL.
<rekado_>so you can send code from your buffer to the REPL and evaluate it there.
<quiliro>is there something i can read to start up?
<quiliro>i have an error with guix there a bug report about guile-git?
<rekado_>what error is it?
<quiliro>i managed to do guix pull a few days ago...i don't have the bandwidth to do it now .... it asks for guile-git package every login even though it is installed...after typing the paths that the error reports, the problem with guix pull is solved.....but i cannot guix system reconfigure
<quiliro>$ sudo guix system reconfigure lightweight-desktop.scm
<quiliro>guix system: error: failed to load 'lightweight-desktop.scm':
<quiliro>ice-9/eval.scm:223:20: In procedure proc:
<quiliro>ice-9/eval.scm:223:20: Unbound variable: packages
<rekado_>can you show us the contents of the file?
<rekado_>quiliro: instead of typing out the variables for guile-git each time you can add them to your ~/.bash_profile
<quiliro>where is the file? /gnu/store?
<rekado_>oh, wait
<rekado_>reconfigure expects that you have a file containing an operating system configuration.
<quiliro>i do
<rekado_>so, I assume that lightweight-desktop.scm contains the configuration
<quiliro>it is lightweight-desktop.scm
<rekado_>I’d need to see the contents of this file
<quiliro> do i show you?
<rekado_>by uploading it to a paste service
<quiliro>i cannot find history of the command
<quiliro>i used before
<quiliro>i do not remember or could find it in history of eshell, shell or plain old login bash
<rekado_>I don’t remember, but you could also just visit and paste the contents there.
<quiliro>rekado_: i could open it in eww and easily paste the contents...i will do it now
<quiliro>i could not do it in terminal mode
<quiliro>found sprunge in the history!
<quiliro>rekado_: the link to my .scm is
<rekado_>that’s empty
<rekado_>I have a python package that fails its tests with “test_support (unittest.loader._FailedTest) ... ERROR”
<rekado_>this comes from the line “from test import support” in Python’s “lib/python3.5/test/”
<rekado_>does this mean that our python package’s “test” module is broken?
<quiliro>is this command correct: 'cat lightweight-desktop.scm | curl -F 'sprung=<-''?
<quiliro>ran it again and got: ''
<quiliro>but it is empty
<Apteryx>jonsger: is your config based off one of the templates?
<quiliro>i get non nil result from cat lightweight-desktop.scm
<jonsger>Apteryx, yes, leightweight-desktop. now I'm basically happy
<Apteryx> Great! :)
<jonsger>yeah, I'm half happy with GuixSD. no firefox, no thunderbird is hart for me
<quiliro>how can i check if parenthesis are balanced?
<ng0>thunderbird is hard. harmutt tried for a long time, sent me notes recently. I tried for a while but it's taking a while
<quiliro>rekado_: you were was my lightweight-desktop.scm file that was with error in parenthesis
<ng0>i'll continue, but yeah it's not nice
<jonsger>ng0: +1
<quiliro>jonsger: you need firefox and thunderbird? why don't you try icecat and claws-mail
<jonsger>quiliro, on icecat you can't install very much addons. normaly I use firefox nightly.
<jonsger>and I'm happy with thunderbird
<efraim>not helpful, but I use mutt and k-9 for mail that has to be html
<jonsger>my mails are just plaintext
<ng0>Thunderbird/icedove has a huge userbase (probably) and therefore is an interest subject for further acceptance of people who are just interested in using software. It can be found on Windows for example, and so they can easily make use of GuixSD when they want to try it, for example if someone told them about it or if Thunderbird for whatever reason is a requirement for their tools
<ng0>I myself don't really like TB
<ng0>or any email client
<ng0>there's this thing about Thunderbird which is Enigmail.
<ng0>That's the main reason I want to integrate it for my purposes
<ng0>sorry: *one of the reasons
<jonsger>ng0, that's what my experience is. If the people can use the same programs as under windows they don't really have problems migrating to linux. My father used Firefox, LibreOffice and some smaller free software programs under Windows. So Linux wasn't a problem for him :)
<ng0>are you interested in this task, doing thunderbird? I could pass on the notes harmut sent me and my package receipe + patches
<ng0>though sometimes I just needs weeks or months of distance from a problem
<jonsger>you could. I'm a newbie guix packager and won't start before mid of september...
<ng0>ah, ok. if you're motivated to learn debugging of builds it is a tough one. But I wanted to remove some patches and see if they cause the failures.
<jonsger>oh icecat seems to be only active in the guix repo...
<ng0>I have to go
<janneke>it seems that `guix environment -l guix.scm' does not respect offload machines, while `guix build -f guix.scm m' does?
<wingo>what is networkmanager like on wicd?
<wingo>does it work?
<wingo>sorry :)
<wingo>i meant on xfce
<wingo>ACTION switched to it on gnome desktop; seems to 'just work'
<wingo>and have nicer integration with the shell
<davexunit>wingo: ooh networkmanager works on guixsd now?
<davexunit>been wanting to ditch wicd for a long time
<wingo>davexunit: works just fine
<wingo>just sent a mail to guix-devel; i think we should use it by default
<wingo>interestingly i was poking at "nmtui", the curses interface, and it actually uses policykit :)
<wingo>when i went to go edit the network settings it popped up that gnome auth dialog
<wingo>in the shell
<wingo>funny, a curses app causing gnome to pop up an auth dialog :)
<wingo>i think if you don't have a desktop policykit agent it requires you to be root
<wingo>but xfce has one, so should be no prob
<wingo>and probably there are more config options that we could choose
<jonsger>I have just bad experiences with networkmanager. with it wlan works not proper on my laptop. with wicd it's fine
<wingo>jonsger: guix or something else?
<jonsger>something else
<davexunit>wingo: oh so I just need to include the networkmanager service? I figured that if guix had support for it it would be included by default in the gnome desktop service
<jonsger>icecat is a kind of broken :(
<davexunit>networkmanager has always been fine for me, and I like that it has integration into gnome-shell which wicd does not have
<wingo>davexunit: right now you have to include network manager service yeah, and not include the wicd service, and you also have to add wpa-supplicant-service
<wingo>but anyway, details in the mail
<davexunit>ah okay
<davexunit>I'll read that
<davexunit>1 step closer to a "normal" gnome environment, 3 years in the making ;)
<jonsger> doesn't work. youtube does, does
<efraim>connman sees USB tethering as a wired connection and switches to it automatically for me
<efraim>(this is on debian btw)
<efraim>but i always felt connman was just a step up from connecting by hand from the terminal
<davexunit>wingo: thanks for taking a stab at gdm
<jonsger>why are there icons missing in epiphany and eolie?
<wingo>davexunit: and failing :)
<wingo>jonsger: not sure what you mean
<wingo>epiphany has an icon for me
<wingo>anyway to have usable icecat, turn off librejs
<jonsger>icecat is like lotto... (I have all addons disabled). now it works (restart)
<jonsger>but I have no idea how to get "de" as keyboard-layout permanet
<cbaines>jonsger, are you talking about a system wide keyboard layout?
<cbaines>well, you can declare a keyboard layout for consoles in the <operating-system> record using (console-keymap-service ...)
<cbaines>if you are using X, you probably need to do something specific to the desktop environment, e.g. use the settings app if you are using Gnome
<efraim>something happened with binutils@2.29, its not a drop-in upgrade for core-updates
<wingo>TIL if after installing an app, it doesn't show up in gnome-shell's application menu, you can restart just gnome-shell (not logout/login) to get it
<wingo>alt-f2 then type just "r" as the command and press enter
<wingo>tho i wish gnome-shell would pick up new applications automagically. i guess it dereferences the profile symlink instead of monitoring the symlink itself
<wingo>or the whole path, rather...
<jonsger>yeah: guix system: error: failed to load '/etc/config.scm': really helpful :(
<jonsger>any ideas
<janneke>jonsger: ugh, you'll have to bisect then...weird
<jonsger>janneke, what is bisect?
<janneke>comment-out bits until it works or you get a useful error
<jonsger>guix system: error: service 'xorg-server' provided more than once
<jonsger>when I have just (slim-service)
<janneke>jonsger: ah, that's a useful error at least
<cbaines>jonsger, you'll probably want to use modify-services
<cbaines>%desktop-services is a list of services, including slim
<cbaines>you can use modify services to alter the configuration for the slim service though
<cbaines>alternatively, you can filter it out of %desktop-services, and use your separate definition
<jonsger>how to filter it out of desktop-service
<cbaines>jonsger, something like (remove (lambda (service) (eq? slim-service-type (service-kind service))) %desktop-services)
<cbaines>I'd recommend using modify-services though, as it might be neater
<pmikkelsen>i think it is time to upgrade our haskell packages and make ghc-8 the default. is anybody working on this?
<jonsger>and how do I get this configuration in the my-service part?
<cbaines>jonsger, there is some documentation here
<cbaines>I think you'd want something like (modify-services %desktop-services (slim-service-type config => (slim-configuration (inherit config) ... )))
<cbaines>where ... is replaced with the configuration changes you want to make
<wingo>ACTION just tried to package cheese and didn't quite succeed