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<efraim>Looks like my aarch64 substitute server will be at least another 8 hours
<snape>My build server won't reboot unless I do 'sudo herd stop guix-publish' before. Did anyone experience this?
<turnmeoff>Hello, I just installed GuixSD on my system. After successful installation, I installed simple-scan by command which is "guix package -i simple-scan" But there isn't any app launcher for Simple Scan in Gnome Shell. I need to run simple-scan by command. :-(
<turnmeoff>Is there any solution to add app launchers automatically in Gnome-shell when I installed a new GUI package?
<amz3`>turnmeoff: please be patient :)
<amz3`>turnmeoff: did you try to reboot gnome?
<turnmeoff>No, I'm going to try.
<turnmeoff_>Ah, it's there now :-) I installed my system with following the instructions on official documentation. Now, I need to add my user to "lp" and "scanner" group, how can I make this change, in /etc/config.scm or something else?
<buenouanq>yes, just add those to the user"s supplementary-groups list
<buenouanq>then you have to run $ guix system reconfigure .../config.scm
<buenouanq>the launcher thing is weird, I think like amz3` said, you prolly just have to reboot gnome or the machine
<buenouanq>oh, I see now that that was done and worked :3
<amz3`>turnmeoff_: the manual is ok then :)
<turnmeoff_>I'll try to add myself to another groups now :-)
<turnmeoff_>Yes the manual is okay, amz3`. It's so easy. :-)
<turnmeoff_>One more question, I installed cups and trying to start service using "herd start cups" command but no way.
<buenouanq>to use herd services you can't just install the package, you have to add it to the %services declaration in your config.scm
<turnmeoff_>This is my /etc/config.scm file:
<turnmeoff_>I tried to run "sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" but got this error "ice-9/boot-9.scm:1700:9: ice-9/boot-9.scm:1700:9: In procedure scm_i_lreadparen: /etc/config.scm:60:1: end of file"
<buenouanq>there's an extra paren after "video"
<buenouanq>and not enough in the services block
<turnmeoff_>okay. i also deleted "(service cups-service-type)"
<turnmeoff_>but still same
<buenouanq>you need 4 after the hplip and you only have 3
<buenouanq>I'm going to bed now though - Best of luck o/
<turnmeoff_>Thank you so much :-) Have a nice sleep.
<efraim>it turns out I have macbook 1,1, I had to go hunting for a blank cd
<turnmeoff>When I tried to reconfigure system, a download is corrupted due to a network error. Is there a possible way to fix this?
<cehteh>download again?
<turnmeoff>A command for that?
<turnmeoff>I just runned "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm"
<turnmeoff>This is the error:
<cehteh>running that reconfigure again wont work?
<cehteh>then guix gc --verify=content,repair should fix your store
<cehteh>disclaimer, dunno if there are better things, maybe someone else knows better
<mekeor>well, using the --fallback parameter for the reconfigure-command might also work but it will take quite long to build linux-libre yourself, i guess
<turnmeoff>I think it's a endless job for my computer :-) I run the command that you mentioned, now trying again to reconfigure.
<cehteh>that gc will take a lot time, yes
<cehteh>checks all packages
<cehteh>dunno how to do that with a single package or how to drop something corrupted from the store, maybe RTFM or ask someone else
<turnmeoff>Okay, you wrote it wrong. It should be "guix gc --verify=contents,repair"
<efraim>turnmeoff: cehteh: it gives the hint there, try `guix system reconfigure --fallback /etc/config.scm'
<mekeor>thats what i already proposed, efraim ;)
<efraim>mekeor: not sure how I skipped over your comment
<mekeor>i guess "I think it's a endless job for my computer" was referring to --fallback, not the gc
<efraim>on my aarch64 substitute server the `guix gc --verify=content,repair' is an hours long job, OS on sdcard, /gnu on external HDD
<efraim>I think I could only make it worse by using a network mount
<turnmeoff>Hmm, I have x86_64 and SSD. Took couple of minutes. Now waiting for reconfigure to pass that error.
<turnmeoff>Same error...
<efraim>when i'm fscking a drive, i keep on running it until it comes back clean, right?
<cehteh>eh what?
<cehteh>depends on filesystem, but usually you wait for fsck to complete yes
<cehteh>some/many filesystems need some extra options for fsck to check thoroughly
<olivuser>hello everyone. I am quite new to using Guix, but so far quite appreciate it. I have a general question though: as far as I understand it right (from the Guix manual), if there is no substitutes for the program you want to install (in my case, "abook"), it is necessary to define your own package definition/recipe (in case you cannot import it via "guix import"). Fair enough.
<olivuser>However, when I want to build a program from source, how is it possible to know which modules (such as "guix licences", or other) and which arguments and inputs to use? Is it possible to build packages from source from within guix even if it is not listed in the guix package list, and if so, how?
<efraim>if there are no substitutes you have to build it locally on your machine, if there is no package definition then you have to define your own package definition
<atw>was just typing something similar.
<efraim>I think most of us have a git repo of guix which helps with finding which modules need to be imported, as for which packages you need while building, you can check the of the package if it uses autotools (./configure; make; make install) for building
<atw>olivuser: you may also be interested in
<olivuser>thank you. I guess I will have to keep trying and come back at a later point in time. currently, I am struggling quite a bit with the fact that I try to wrap my head around guix, guile and scheme programming without any background in programming^^
<atw>olivuser: good luck! ☺
<rekado>comments from all users are very welcome:
<rekado>let the bikeshedding begin!
<ng0>Is marius using irc? I'm not sure how perl-www-opensearch was tested when this was added:
<ng0>I'm trying to fix the tests and I'm getting errors
<ng0>along the lines of "BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 1."
<ng0>"Can't locate inc/Module/ in @INC (you may need to install the inc::Module::Install module) " so the fix didn't fix it
<ng0>I'll try and fix it
<ng0>ouch. I missed something, that's it
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<pmikkelsen>Hello guix
<pmikkelsen>can someone tell me what the normal release cycle for guix is? I have always been thinking that a new release was made when core-updates was merged, but is that the case? thanks
<rekado>pmikkelsen: usually we have a new release every four or five months
<rekado>the core-updates merge is no indicator of a new release
<rekado>there’s always some dust that needs to settle after merging core-updates
<pmikkelsen>rekado: ah i see, thanks!
<buenouanq>Did I hear right that they're trying to get v1.0 out before the end of the year?
<davidl>What's the latest on continued mips64 support?
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<NullConstant>is GuixSD usable as a daily driver/desktop? (or rather, *how* usable is it?)
<jonsger>NullConstant: yes it is. It depends what you like to use? I think there is gnome and xfce.
<jonsger>NullConstant: GuixSD uses linux-libre so there could be issues with your wlan/bluetooth...
<rekado>NullConstant: I’m using it on my laptops and on servers. Whether its usable for you depends to some degree on whether the software you use has been packaged yet.
<rekado>If it hasn’t I’d encourage you to try to package things yourself. It’s not very difficult.
<rekado>ACTION –> zzZZ
<NullConstant>well I've been big into XFCE lately so on that end I don't think there should be much of an issue; however I'm still kind of attached to some proprietary software, and those few bits that are left might be REALLY difficult to fully eschew
<NullConstant>I might give it a dual-boot or VM spin, though. OF all the "FSF-approved, fully libre" distros, GuixSD appeals to me the most for some reason.
<NullConstant>might be the whole "hey it's actually an independent distribution and not just $mainstream-distro-but-without-nonfree-stuff" (not that I'm shaming those, in fact they're probably a bit more usable right now considering they derive from already-established distributions)
<pmikkelsen>I am using/have been using guixSD as my primary system, but sometimes i have the need to boot up another debian box, because i need some software that is not there yet. otherwise, i really recommend giving it a try
<buenouanq>what they're doing here is the obvious future of the GNU system
<buenouanq>retrospectively, that we ever didn't do package management and OS configuration like this just seems so dumb.
<NullConstant>something something, hindsight is 20/20