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<civodul>hello anon-iRp3xA!
<civodul>it's surprisingly quiet here
<anon-iRp3xA>I wouldn't know :) I'm here for the first time
<anon-iRp3xA>I got another question: what is the proper workflow to configure my packages, those that get installed when I invoke `guix system reconfigure`, inside my `/etc/config.scm` file?
<anon-iRp3xA>For example I just installed a package through this, I added `vim` to both (use-package-modules ... vim) and (operating-system ... (packages (cons* ... vim)))
<anon-iRp3xA>However I only "guessed" that there is a package-module called vim, and found out theres the `vim-full` package by browsing through the package browser on the website.
<anon-iRp3xA>How do I know, or rather find out which package-modules there are, the one I wish to install is contained in? And is the way I did it in this example best practice even?
<cbaines>anon-iRp3xA, you can discover packages by running: guix package -s ... e.g. guix package -s vim
<anon-iRp3xA>Aaah I see, `location: gnu/packages/...` then shows me where I can find it
<anon-iRp3xA>Thank you!
<cbaines>you're welcome :0
<cbaines>rather, :)
<civodul>anon-iRp3xA: if you don't want to bother with module names, you can also use 'specification->package' as shown at Globally_002dVisible-Packages
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<quiliro>hello again
<quiliro>I did not notice I was disconnected. Did I miss any response to my question?
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: I do not know the answer to your question. But ... have you made a search for that error? I suggest you search: virtual machine no such device
<anon-iRp3xA>Hey :) Yeah I did, but I did not find anything about my particular problem. I think I saw something about the same error, however in that case the (device "...") was actually set wrong, and was actually not mounted.
<anon-iRp3xA>While in my case it shows this message, but then continues and mounts correctly afterwards.
<cbaines>quiliro, I don't think you missed anything. Looking at your problem, it would seem to be memory related?
<quiliro>cbaines: Thank you for your feedback. This machine cannot have more RAM. I have 4 GB and swap and 1.7 GB of RAM. What do you suggest I do?
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: have you checked the log?
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: for any other messages that give any hint....
<anon-iRp3xA>Not yet, that would be my next step in order to provide more useful information, as I mentioned I thought it might be some obvious minor thing I overlooked.
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: The first thing to do is to find the provided information, then to search, then to ask... Why was asking your first option? You wanted to save work? I think that saving work avoids understanding how things are constructed. So doing the steps I told you would be better to learn Guix and have more power on your own system. What do you think? (I do not mean to be rude.)
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: I know that reporting what happened also helps Guix correct errors. But you can help more if you solve errors. You can do it only by learning, which is achieved by finding before asking.
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: I am sorry. I do not mean to be kinky.
<anon-iRp3xA>You are correct, as I said I did search before asking. As for why I did not analyse further before asking: Like described the "error" seemed very weird to me, as everything is working properly despite, so I thought it could be a known bug I was not able to navigate to, or not yet documented known behaviour. So my approach of looking into it, asking and then providing further information (from my side) seems to me like the right way
<anon-iRp3xA>More like a feedback loop, less like having work done for me.
<quiliro>I am thinking of ho making the most eficient
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: I am trying to improving the eficiency in the use of support structures in free software projects. Your feedback was useful.
<quiliro>I have not seen a document of the sort in the Guix web site. I was thinking of Eric Raymond's famous "How to ask questions" or "How to be a hacker" specifically for GuixSD.
<anon-iRp3xA>As of the answer from cbaines earlier my step was looking into it further.
<quiliro>anon-iRp3xA: I think it would be great if you would document your experience. I have never installed GuixSD on a virtual machine.
<quiliro>Someone asked me if I knew how to do it in some Windows virtualizer. I do not remember the name. But it was not KVM or qemu or VirtualBox.
<quiliro>Aparently the 0.13 GuixSD USB did not boot on that virtualization software.
<anon-iRp3xA>I would gladly do that, I was already documenting the process a bit so far for myself.
<quiliro>nobody on the channel?
<reepca>blargh... trying to get emacs to render less squares and more actual characters, but as far as I can tell only stuff in ~/.guix-profile/share/fonts/opentype is being found, nothing from ~/.guix-profile/share/fonts/truetype.
<reepca>Ah yes, fc-cache -f. It's amazing what reading can do...
<quiliro>I would like to know how to find where it is specified what desktop login manager is used when %desktop-services is used. I would also like to know why (console-keymap-service "dvorak-es") only works for console and not for the desktop login manager or i3wm desktop.
<reepca>quiliro: to find that information, just download the guix source and rgrep for %desktop-services to see how it's defined.
<quiliro>i have guix source ... is there a special/better way to do it in Emacs?
<reepca>M-x rgrep does a pretty good job in my experience
<quiliro>thank you reepca !
<quiliro>same for slim-service?
<reepca>if you want to find how it's defined, yes.
<quiliro>i found how it is defined. thank you reepca. but i could not find where slim finds its keyboard definition
<quiliro>i cannot find an /etc/slim* file or directory
<reepca>I don't know much about how slim works. Hopefully someone else does.
<quiliro>reepca: thank you for the source search help
<quiliro>i would like to know if mariadb can be started as user instead of as a guix system reconfigure service
<quiliro>and how to configure right click on a single mouse touchpad (MacBook) on i3
<quiliro>perhaps i will ask on #i3wm, if there is such a chatroom
<jonsger>what is the link of this site:
<quiliro>is it a guixsd issue that icecat on youtube reproduces audio twice almost at the same time? when the video is paused, one of the audios continues
<buenouanq>I do not have that problem.
<buenouanq>I block everything with uMatrix and uBlockOrigin and watch video links with mpv though.
<quiliro>buenouanq: how do you do copy+paste the link or have some way to open mpv when clicking on link?
<buenouanq>but yeah, if I allow the videos to play, I don't have weird audio things like you described at all
<buenouanq>I just paste it into a terminal with mpv, but there are ways to use mpv as your browsers player embeded and everything
<buenouanq>It's just such a rare occurance for me I haven't had to bother figuring out how.
<quiliro>buenouanq: what is your native language?
<quiliro>is there a way to start mysql as a user instead of as root?
<snape>quiliro: mysql should start as user 'mysql'
<buenouanq>e.. english ( ._.)
<quiliro>snape: how can i do that? should i login as user 'mysql'?
<quiliro>i though 'buenouanq' came from 'bueno' which is spanish for 'good'
<snape>quiliro: are you not using the GuixSD service?
<snape>oh sorry I thought you were
<quiliro>i thought it was better for security
<quiliro>i will
<snape>what do you mean, better not to use the GuixSD service?
<quiliro>snape: i thought so
<quiliro>i thought that not using the root account would be safer
<snape>yes, the GuixSD service does not use the root account, so it is actually safe
<snape>it also disables root access from other machines, and deletes anonymous user
<snape>I think you should use it.
<quiliro>thank you very much for your suggestion. i will do as you say
<snape>you're welcome :-)
<quiliro>so there is no use for 'guix package -i mariadb' ?
<quiliro>where in my config.scm should mariadb go?...i only see mysql-service
<quiliro>it seems that mysql-service runs mariadb by default as said in the services section of the guixsd part of the guix manual
<snape>quiliro: the default 'mysql' entry for <mysql-configuration> is the 'mariadb' package
<snape>you can change it but it defaults to mariadb indeed
<snape>and indeed, you don't need to do 'guix package -i mariadb'
<quiliro>what would 'guix package -i mariadb' be used for?
<snape>debugging I guess
<quiliro>all i need is to include in services with cons* '(mysql-services)'?
<quiliro>do i need to add something in (use-service-modules)
<snape>yes, 'databases'
<snape> quiliro: maybe 'guix package -i mariadb' will give you some client that you could use to communicate with the daemon
<quiliro>thank you so much snape
<ng0>quiliro: to be plain, the two main login managers we have are crap when it comes to their way of accepting keyboard layouts
<ng0>not a Guix issue.
<snape>but you definitely don't need it to get the daemon running
<quiliro>ng0: so it is slim! i could ask at #slim ?
<quiliro>snape: ok
<ng0>you could read the issuetracker
<ng0>I reported this months ago with some updates
<ng0>eh. wrong link
<quiliro>ng0: but the issue should be reported in slim if it is not a guix issue, no?
<ng0>read the issue
<ng0>and the linked links
<ng0>also, SLIM is dormant since 2013.
<ng0>which is why the occasional discussions on switching to different default login manager happen ;)
<quiliro>153 days old
<quiliro>what is the login manager alternative
<ng0>lightdm or gdm
<quiliro>is it not included in guix yet?
<ng0>they are being worked on. the other login manager we have (forgot the name) has the same issue
<ng0>lightdm is packaged
<ng0>but it lacks a service
<ng0>yeah. same issue with keyboards
<ng0>but as I pointed out I think ssdm would be easier to solve
<quiliro>is slim better than the other login managers in some way?
<quiliro>or ssdm
<ng0>does it matter when slim is practically an unmaintained software?
<quiliro>why was it preffered
<ng0>historical mistake.
<quiliro>ng0: thank you very much for explaining
<ng0>I would feel better for solving this issue.. it's annoying.
<quiliro>it is definitely!
<ng0>the lsat commits suggest that at least andy works on gdm
<quiliro>i do not have the knowledge
<ng0>*gdm support in guix
<quiliro>is it necessary to include (user-account (name "mysql")) if using 'mysql-service' ?
<quiliro>yes.....would be nice to have it
<quiliro>but...on the other hand i would prefer not to have a login manager and have autologin rather
<ng0>personally I'd be happy with a simply startx, which long time ago didn't work on its own and I didn't feel like looking into it.
<quiliro>i agree that guixsd needs to provide it though
<ng0>Oh this memory-erase service I've been delaying because I need to re-implement what Tails did: they seem to be moving it all into GRUB, so maybe it'll be less replicating work.
<ng0>but I still need to ask them where they are going with this
<quiliro>do i need 'guix pull' and 'guix package --update' before 'guix system recongfigure config.scm' ?
<ng0>only guix pull. and sudo guix pull if you don't use a symlink for the one root has
<ng0>a symlink to the one you update as normal user I meant
<quiliro>why does sudo guix pull' work for me and plain 'guix pull' does not?
<quiliro>yesterday it gave me an error which i reported on the chatroom
<quiliro>i do not have a log
<ng0>no idea.. but I think you'll figure it out. I have to leave now. have a nice weekend
<quiliro>i do not see my report on the log...i have this problem on erc
<quiliro>it does not notify that my message was not sent.
<quiliro>but luckily i have a file with the error
<quiliro>'guix pull' has the following error:
<quiliro>GC Warning: Failed to expand heap by 8388608 bytes
<quiliro>builder for `/gnu/store/2m1839gqfkw4s0ldkiqb4f0cz1c0rvv4-guix-latest.drv' failed due to signal 9 (Killed)
<quiliro>guix pull: error: build failed: build of `/gnu/store/2m1839gqfkw4s0ldkiqb4f0cz1c0rvv4-guix-latest.drv' failed
<quiliro>it indeed was reported and appears in the log for 2017-08-26 at 19:16:44
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<mekeor>hello guix, how are you? :)
<kmicu>Very invincible and immutable.
<kmicu>(Yeah, yeah, I know those are the same things ;)
<mekeor>does it feel good?
<mekeor>or is being invincible kind of boring?
<kmicu>[still joking] It’s very boring, but IMO that’s the point. I do not like drama and excitement e.g. like when a pacman update bricks my OS. Boring is good. Let me quote Frankie Dart: “Drama and conflict are exciting and easy, making a difference can be pretty boring.” I think Guix(SD) makes a difference.
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<efraim>Oooh I see core-updates got merged
<atw>what's core-updates for, exactly?
<amz3`>it's like "bleeding edge", it's a branch of guix where happens changes that are very likely to break things
<amz3`>IIRC glib upgrades happen in core updates for instance
<efraim>And where core packages with many dependencies are updated
<Apteryx>Has anyone managed to receive files over bluetooth with GuixSD? I have my phone paired but attemting to send from the phone to GuixSD results in a 'connection unsuccesful' message.
<Apteryx>looks like this might depend on having an obex push daemon running, whatever that is.
<davidl>Im getting the error "profile contains conflicting entries for bzip2:out" when I do guix system reconfigure and don't know how to fix it.
<Apteryx>not a fix, but maybe a workaround: have you tried removing bzip2 from your profile beforehand?
<davidl>Apteryx: I did try and remove it and rerun system reconfigure
<davidl>but same message came.
<Apteryx>is there more meat to that error message? if so, could you paste it in full somewhere?
<davidl>this time it goes on to a second package for the same message
<davidl>"profile contains conflicting entries for tar:out"
<davidl>should I run guix package -r tar?
<davidl>not really much more info to the error
<davidl>guix system: error profile contains conflicting entries for tar:out; first entry tar@1.29: out /gnu/store/aguuahdsflasdflhjasdhföadsh-tar-1.29; second entry: tar@1.29:out /gnu/store dlföadsjföjasdföhadsöfasdöhf-tar-1.29
<Apteryx>are you running that guix system reconfigure command as root?
<davidl>I haven't updated in a whilöe
<davidl>I first ran guix pull
<davidl>it said 79 days old.
<davidl>so I wonder if it has anything to do with guile2.2 in guix.
<Apteryx>it looks like you are installing (either explicitly or unwittingly through propagated dependencies) the same packages in both your system profile and your user profile, and so they conflict when attemting to merge those.
<davidl>should I remove those packages with guix system -r {tar,bzip2,etc}
<davidl>and then do guix system reconfigure?
<Apteryx>its worth trying!
<davidl>well it seems to shift to a new package that it complains about for each time I uncomment and rerun reconfigure.
<davidl>so will try that.
<davidl>Apteryx: thanks, it looks like it works now.
<Apteryx>davidl: great!
<efraim>my aarch64 substitute server is down for at least the next 8 hours, running fsck on the external HD