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<Apteryx>What speech recognition software/system was RMS using when he couldnt type anymore due to RSI?
<dustyweb>Apteryx: it was called "pay an assistant to type for you"
<Apteryx>dustyweb: I see. Eh. Is there no free and speech recognition software?
<dustyweb>Apteryx: there is, it's called Sphinx CMU, and it's pretty cool
<dustyweb>Apteryx: but, it's hard to get working reliably. For a time I was trying ot build something I was calling "emacslisten" that used it
<dustyweb>but the main problem, at that time, was that there wasn't a good public audio corpus
<dustyweb>maybe something could be built today though using librivox or the thing Mozilla is doing
<Apteryx>OK :} Thanks for the hints! I'll try reading on it.
<insommiack>hi! do you know how I can download two files in a package definition with (method url-fetch) in (source (origin?
<rekado_>insommiack: you cannot, but you can and should add the additional files to the native-inputs field.
<rekado_>you can use an origin expression as an input; it doesn’t have to be a package.
<rekado_>we do this in a couple of packages already.
<rekado_>in this case you’ll have to make sure to add an extra build phase that takes care of unpacking the additional sources or copying them to the expected locations.
<insommiack>do you know how to extract the tarball download to a directory ?
<rekado_>sure; you can just spawn “tar” in a build phase.
<rekado_>for an example take a look at “stress-make”.
<rekado_>it adds an unpack-make phase.
<rekado_>ACTION goes afk
<insommiack>I've success to download the two files but they are extract in the directory
<insommiack>thanks you
<Hiroteru>Hi guix! I have found a bug in openvpn service code, do anyone of you know where I should report it ? (and eventually a correction)
<mekeor>Hiroteru: report it on the bug-guix mailing-list
<mekeor>you can subscribe here
<insommiack>do anyone know how I can create a directory to unpack the source at the beginning of the build of the package
<roelj>insommiack: Just (mkdir ...) will do. Or use the (mkdir-p ...) from (guix build utils).
<roelj>insommiack: in gnu/packages/fonts.scm there are a couple of examples (like font-gnu-freefont-ttf)
<insommiack>thanks but i download 2 sources and the build unpack in the same directory and i would like to unpack each in separate directory
<roelj>insommiack: Which build-system are you using?
<insommiack>gnu build-system
<roelj>insommiack: Even though the following is cmake-build-system, it might give you the right idea.. the gnu/packages/ldc.scm contains ldc-bootstrap. It unpacks various sources.
<roelj>insommiack: So, you'd add phases after the 'unpack phase to do some more unpacking.
<insommiack>thanks! i will take a look ;)
<roelj>Hope it helps :)
<insommiack>yeah it's a perfect example!!
<arximboldi>hi, people have experience with guix on small or embedded systems? arm/raspbeery pi using busybox?
<arximboldi>i guess raspberry pi is tricky cuz firmware
<sirgazil>Hiroteru: mekeor[m]: You don't have to subscribe to a mailing list to report bugs. You can just send the report to if the bug is not already in the bug database (
<castilma>i use guix + raspbian.
<castilma>with certain packages guix build uses all memory and the pi starts thrashing. I can barely use the terminal when that happens. it ends with the oom killer doing its thing after a few minutes and a failed build process.
<castilma>I have the pi 3 model b
<quiliro>i have trouble guix pulling
<quiliro>it asks to install guile-git
<quiliro>then i do it and and certain path variables and then i can do guix pull....but it will only break at the end after 30 minutes
<rekado_>quiliro: how does it break?
<efraim>castilma[m]: I run guix on top of debian on the odroid-c2 and firefly3399, i run from git instead of running `guix pull'
<castilma[m]>so you have to run pre-inst-env for every guix command?
<castilma[m]>i think i tried to build from source, but that failed too.
<efraim>I have an unofficial install binary at to make installing easier
<efraim>bit once you get past configure you can run `./pre-inst-env guix environment guix -- make' and that'll pull in everything you need
<someothernick>dustyweb: did you try training your audio processing program on distinct-non-words like ?
<someothernick>(demo around 10 minutes)
<dustyweb>someothernick: I tried a bit, I didn't get much to work; I did have communication with Travis, the author in that video, and they sent me their software, but it was all kind of helter-skelter tied in with Dragon and a bunch of other hacks
<someothernick>dustyweb: :( thanks for the warning, I guess I'll just get more padding
<dustyweb>someothernick: are you having RSI problems? I have found this article very helpful:
<dustyweb>getting a good keyboard, doing daily stretching exercises, and limiting keyboard use during recovery especially have all been key for me
<dustyweb>also typing breaks; workrave is a great help
<roelj>I'm getting "guix system: error: service 'xorg-server' provided more than once" when I'm reconfiguring my system. 'xorg-server' is not in my services list directly, so how can I find out what is adding 'xorg-server'?
<someothernick>dustyweb: wow, thanks! lots of reading to do.
<quiliro>sorry rekado_ for not answering before
<quiliro>the error I get is:
<quiliro>GC Warning: Failed to expand heap by 8388608 bytes
<quiliro>builder for `/gnu/store/2m1839gqfkw4s0ldkiqb4f0cz1c0rvv4-guix-latest.drv' failed due to signal 9 (Killed)
<quiliro>guix pull: error: build failed: build of `/gnu/store/2m1839gqfkw4s0ldkiqb4f0cz1c0rvv4-guix-latest.drv' failed
<anon-iRp3xA>Hi #guix, I'm currently trying out GuixSD for the first time, and installed in a VM (Virtualbox). Got 2 questions at this point: When I boot, after the kernel has been selected in the grub menu, I get the error message `error: no such device "/dev/sda4"`, /dev/sda4 is where I have my root filesystem, this error message however disappears then and the systems boots, runs and seems to work just fine.
<cbaines>anon-iRp3xA, Hey, does your system configuration (the (operating-system ... thing) say anything about /dev/sda4?
<cbaines>anon-iRp3xA, also, out of interest, how did you go about installing GuixSD in Virtualbox?
<anon-iRp3xA>I got it set under (operating-system (file-systems ...)), is that what you mean?
<anon-iRp3xA>To install it on Virtualbox I converted the offered image from the website, then converted it with `vboxmanage`, booted from the resulting vdi (as second master), and installed it from there on sda/first master driver :)
<cbaines>I'm not quite sure what first and second master mean, but I think I can guess
<anon-iRp3xA>I mean first (virtual) harddrive and second (virtual) harddrive, sorry if I got the terms wrong.
<cbaines>so, does the /dev/sda4 exist, e.g. does it appear when you run fdisk -l ?
<anon-iRp3xA>Yes, it shows up just fine after the boot process is finished, I just performed `guix pull` and `guix system reconfigure`, which also worked without problems.
<anon-iRp3xA>lsblk shows the correct mounting
<anon-iRp3xA>both for my root (/dev/sda4) and my home partition (/dev/sda5)
<anon-iRp3xA>Could be that it just doesn't find it at first since the error is shown too early? Device not being ready when the error shows up, but after trying again the init process finds it?
<anon-iRp3xA>Could it be*
<cbaines>anon-iRp3xA, maybe, I don't know too much about the early boot process
<cbaines>I'm glad that it seems to be working for you :)
<anon-iRp3xA>Yeah so far using the install works really well, it's just that this error message confuses me, especially since it seems to run fine :) Thought there might be some other obvious minor error I missed.
<anon-iRp3xA>I also tried to set up (file-system (device "...")) by partition label which I set with `e2label`, but doing that it fails to boot.
<civodul>hey hey!