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<reed_>Hi all, I've been thinking about getting a machine to try GuixSD on. I have a decent amount of experience with Linux, but not much experience with Linux-Libre. Does anyone have any ideas about the cheapest setup that will work? I don't care about whether or not I can libreboot.
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<reed_>Am I wrong to assume that pretty much every thinkpad T-series or X-series will work with GuixSD except for the wifi?
<buenouanq>reed_: I have GuixSD running on a MacbookPro - I think you might be thinking about this too hard.
<reed_>It is 100% possible I'm overthinking it.
<buenouanq>How is ARM support coming along?
<insommiack>Hi! i would like to use wget in my scheme using (system* "wget" "") but i have an error each time... can wget use in (system* ) ?
<efraim>The build environment doesn't have network access, you'll need to download the fila ahead of time as an input
<efraim>Julia, llvm, ghc, there are a couple of packages that have examples of that
<pmikkelsen>hello guix
<efraim>i'm getting missing source on netaddr
<efraim>i fixed lollypop's build
<efraim>do I want to disable icon update and mimedb update that sometimes happens during the install phase?
<bavier>efraim: I suppose, that sort of stuff is usually handled by our profile hooks, right?
<efraim>bavier: pretty sure, packages in gnome.scm go both ways but we probably want to disable that
<efraim>So I'll try to take it out
<Drako365>Alright, I've used gentoo and Arch in the past but recently been using ubuntu because I'm to busy to cobble a system together. I've been considering nixOS, but I just discovered guixSD. Why should I use guixSD instead of nixOS, and how quickly can I get to a usable base (wifi, browser, and suspend on lid close)?
<rekado_> has expired, so the guile-wm tarball no longer exists.
<efraim> looks like we'll need to do something about that
<ng0>oh? okay I did not include nss there? (last days have been exhausting)
<fredmanglis>Hi there. I'm working on getting ipfs on guix. I picked go-ipfs, since it's the most mature platform yet.
<fredmanglis>I'm noticing there's no go-build-system in place yet, and was wondering if there's work being done to get that
<janneke>rekado_: rrwawrr
<janneke>dustyweb: sneek coming back yet?
<dustyweb>janneke: I dunno, I don't run sneek :)
<rekado_>fredmanglis: I remember that somebody once did work on it.
<janneke>dustyweb: figured you might know who did
<rekado_>fredmanglis: IIRC lfam even had a big Go application (syncthing?) packaged, but not yet submitted.
<rekado_>fredmanglis: I recommend to write to guix-devel about this. I’m curious about this too.
<ng0>me too
<fredmanglis>ok. I will write guix-devel. Maybe I can also get involved, though my guile skills are weak.
<rekado_>fredmanglis: if you want to work on this I’m sure we can help you along the way.
<dustyweb>fredmanglis: yeah having ipfs in guix would be most welcome
<fredmanglis>Cool. Thanks everyone. Let me see what guix-devel has on this.
<efraim>ng0: nss is there, I think we need to set a flag also
<ng0>urrrrr. can someone help me out? I'm trying to find out where mdb.h could be coming from in thunderbird - or rather where it is not coming from. One of the files that are not importing it are db/mork/public/ where it is "exported". I've searched for this before, but can't find it.
<ng0>And when I find it, I find too many possible sources
<efraim>mate-applets builds for me with upower
<efraim>debian's apt-file says mdb.h is from thunderbird-dev, at /usr/share/thunderbird/mdb.h
<rekado_>ng0: could you rephrase your request? I’m not sure I understood. You tried “find /gnu/store -name mdb.h” and found too many matches?
<ng0>I'm trying to build thunderbird, and that it is in thunderbird was my first result of a search
<ng0>I can paste the most recent message
<efraim>from apt-file
<efraim>oooh, parallel building of libreoffice
<ng0> 8:46.78 /tmp/guix-build-thunderbird-52.2.1.drv-0/thunderbird-52.2.1/mailnews/import/text/src/nsTextAddress.cpp:16:17: fatal error: mdb.h: No such file or directory
<ng0>there's something in "mork" which is included, but I can't imagine that the thunderbird devs make a mistake like that
<ng0>though maybe it lies elsewhere
<ng0>#ifndef _MDB_
<ng0>#include "mdb.h"
<janneke>ACTION just solved another mescc pointer arithmetic bug
<ng0>maybe I'll try with removing some configure switchs
<cbaines>I built an ISO of the install image, and booted it succesfully in a Bytemark VM!
<ng0>yep, it is in mork. I'm not so well today. db/mork/public/mdb.h
<ijp>janneke: how big is the codebase for mescc? I've been thinking I need to get a look in
<janneke>ijp: it's about 4000 lines of guile-like scheme
<janneke>of course, it uses nyacc to parse the C -> AST
<ijp>that's not so bad
<janneke>ijp: and it only compiles to x86
<janneke>ijp: it would be amazing to get some help with mescc ;-)
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