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<rekado>mekeor[m]: it’s the “ncurses” package.
<efraim>looks like terminology bundles lz4 and some fonts :/
<civodul>Hello Guix! :-)
<cbaines>morning civodul :D
<civodul>hey cbaines!
<pmikkelsen>heya guix
<cbaines>hey boskovits :)
<efraim> only goes back as far as jessie, I was looking for earlier
<cbaines>efraim, what are you looking for?
<cbaines>I think that might have more data
<dadinn>hi all
<efraim>i'm trying to tackle lash or sablevm-classpath on aarch64
<dadinn>have been looking at conf.scm filesystem/mapped-devices definitions and I havent found reference how to configure LVM. Is it supported?
<cbaines>dadinn, at least according to the online documentation, its a currently unsupported
<cbaines>efraim, both of those seem to show up on, so you might find some information there
<cbaines>also, it might be worth trying to find if the packages are maintained in a vcs repository
<efraim>#debian on OFTC alsu suggested
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<civodul>rekado: i get "bad gateway" from
<civodul>i restarted guix-publish but that didn't help
<civodul>any idea?
<mekeor>i don't get "bad gateway" from with my browser
<civodul>i get it for
<Hiroteru>Hi! I'm trying to mount a sshfs using a system configuration file. I think that the file-system function works as the "/etc/fstab" file. The problem is, i can't manage to make the connexion. On the boot, it keeps yelling 'waiting for partition 'user@hostname:/' to appear..."
<Hiroteru>(here is the file system i'm trying to define: )
<iyzsong>Hiroteru: what's the generated /etc/fstab looks like, does it conatin the 'noauto' option? Also the type maybe 'fuse.sshfs'.
<Hiroteru>iyzsong: The problem is I can't see the /etc/fstab file, because the system won't boot. I'd like to see it. I'll try the type 'fuse.sshfs'
<mekeor>do you have to boot the system in order to see the /etc/fstab? or does a configuration suffice?
<civodul>cbaines: :-)
<Hiroteru>mekeor: I'm building a VM, but when I try to launch it, a can't access anything. If you knew a way to see the file otherwise i'd be glad to see it :)
<mekeor>Hiroteru: i guess after running `guix system reconfigure` and before trying to boot, you should be able to read the /etc/fstab? – i might be wrong though.
<Hiroteru>mekeor: I'm using guix, but my OS is Debian, so i can't do a `guix system reconfigure` unfortunatly
<mekeor>it must be possible to read the files within the VM image
<mekeor>i don't know exactly as i'm not so experienced but maybe others know?
<mekeor>maybe you can run something like `dd if=$(guix system disk-image my-os.scm) of=/some/path` and then read /some/path/etc/fstab ?
<mekeor>actually, i'd rather guess you can just run `guix system init my-os-config.scm /some/path` and read /some/path/etc/fstab
<mekeor>but maybe you shouldn't have a grub-configuration declaration in your system config then because otherwise i guess `guix system init` would install grub on your hard disk?
<Hiroteru>mekeor: thanks, i'll try this when i'll be able to. I think that seeing the fstab file would help me solving the problem.
<Hiroteru>mekeor: If I remember what I tried, it won't work. Hopefully I'm wrong :)
<Hiroteru>mekeor: but I think there is a way to mount vm images, so it could be a way
<cbaines>civodul, interesting, while I work at GDS, I work on GOV.UK, which actually doesn't have much to do with "GOV.UK Pay" either in technologies or people. Also, contrary to what rekado commented on Hacker News, I don't think Pay use Guix, and GOV.UK doesn't really either, it's just me at the moment.
<jonsger>civodul: do we have a site like where we show the use cases of guix?
<mekeor>jonsger: i don't know of one. but as rust is a programming language, you can easily name programs which are written in it. with guix that'd be a bit different, no?
<jonsger>mekeor: yes it would be definitely different and not so easy. It should be more like: organisation uses guix/guixsd for xy...
<mekeor>btw, the wiki-page you linked to was last edited on on 4 Jul 2013 :D
<mekeor>(i was wondering why there were only such incomplete project listed)
<jonsger>mekeor: was just an example
<mekeor>i see :)
<jonsger>they had a list of organizations who use rust on their website a time ago, but I don't find it anymore
<civodul>jonsger: it'd be nice to have something like this, yeah
<civodul>cbaines: oh ok :-)
<Hiroteru>mekeor: Well, i tried everything to look at this file, ant it seems that it is not generated as long as the sistem hasn't booted :/
<mekeor>Hiroteru: if nobody can help here, i'd suggest asking the help-guix mailinglist
<Hiroteru>mekeor: I think I'll look into it again tomorrow ^^ thanks anyway for your suggestions :)
<efraim>7.29% failure on evaluation 109758
<civodul>how does it compare to master?
<civodul>cbaines: actually the herd.scm fix breaks things because the 'status' action of shepherd returns a list of one result
<civodul>not sure why
<cbaines>civodul, if I'm understanding this correctly then, that means that anything using invoke-action with status won't receive result in that case, but '(result)?
<civodul>yes, but i'm not sure why
<civodul>(shepherd scripts herd) explicitly does (first result)
<civodul>cbaines: oooh, that's because the 'action' method on a symbol necessarily returns a list of results
<civodul>for all the matching services
<civodul>(in theory there can be several services with the same name)
<cbaines>ah, ok, I'm glad someone understands it. I only ended up in that area of the codebase trying to work out why the memcached test didn't fail, even though the service didn't create a PID file.
<civodul>took me a while to find out...
<dustyweb>is there an sip client in guix that I don't know of?
<efraim>don't believe so
<bavier>efraim: :)
<jonsger>efraim: why don't you bring boinc into guix mainline
<efraim>jonsger: never got around to making sure it was ready
<jonsger>ah okay. so maybe I pull one or two and bring them to mainline :P
<jonsger>efraim: your activity overwiew on gitlab is impressive. each day since 10th june a contribution...
<efraim>Hmm, it must be counting when I push stuff, I blindly mirror the guix repo I have on my machine there
<efraim>I don't think I've actually had at least a commit a day for two,months
<jonsger>:) gitlab lacks a bit of some "social features" like github :)
<rekado_>cbaines: oh, but it’s two Guix repos under the organisation account.
<rekado_>didn’t mean to mislead.
<cbaines>rekado_, it's no problem, I created both repos, but that doesn't yet mean that the UK Government Digital Service is doing anything meaningful with Guix yet.
<cbaines>I'm lucky enough to use it, but I'm still working on everyone else
<rekado_>I see.
<rekado_>looks like the MDC is doubling down on their investment in Guix.
<rekado_>today I was asked to find a good use for a big chunk of money that was allocated, so I pulled out an older draft for a grant application.
<cbaines>what's MDC?
<rekado_>the institute where I work (Max Delbrueck Centrum)
<rekado_>guess we’ll soon be buying hardware for some more Guix experimentation and services.
<jonsger>rekado_: what do you think aboutj ?
<rekado_>I’d love to have these machines! But we have no (institutional) use for them, unfortunately.
<rekado_>there’s no way I can justify a purchase of POWER hardware
<jonsger>oke. sad :(
<rekado_>quite a few tools we use are x86_64 only and all the rest of our hardware is x86_64 (several HPC clusters), so I’d have to cross-build from POWER to x86_64
<rekado_>yeah. I was looking for a good use, but it didn’t work out.
<rekado_>current plans are to get lots of storage and a few more build servers to store old source archives as needed (for actual reproducibility), and to build variants of applications that are not in Guix.
<rekado_>(e.g. older versions)
<jonsger>I thought a bit about buying such a system, but 2750 $ for mainboard + 2cpu + 2fan is a lot of money. theres no RAM and power supply included :(
<rekado_>I’d also like to experiment with “export to docker/tarball” via web interface
<davexunit>FSF executive director just tweeted this out:
<davexunit>UK government using guix?
<davexunit>they have a build system for rails apps
<davexunit>holy cow
<cbaines>davexunit, at the moment it's just me setting stuff up for my own use, don't get too excited
<davexunit>neat, anyway!
<davexunit>I see you are packaging rails apps
<cbaines>yeah, its a little difficult....
<davexunit>I haven't taken a closer look at the build systems and such that support that, but I'm sure there are things to send upstream
<davexunit>if I could package rails applications at my job with guix...
<davexunit>that would be swell
<cbaines>davexunit, bundler is one of the things I've spent a load of time on, but its working well now
<cbaines>(or rather, not annoying me every 5 minutes)
<davexunit>what was your strategy? I've thought about writing a script that parses a Gemfile.lock and spits out guix package expressions for the entire gem set
<cbaines>for the GOV.UK related packages, at the moment, I want to use bundler, to keep it roughly matching what is actually used
<cbaines>I've got a <bundle-package> record, and coresponding gexp compiler that will run `bundle package`
<cbaines>and if you remove some dates ... etc that get injected, including a very minor patch to ruby (to fix file ordering), then you can get it to output to a stable hash
<cbaines>all of that gives you a thing in the store containing the .gem files coresponding to a Gemfile
<cbaines>you can then direct bundler to install from there, and it won't access the network
<cbaines>most of the bundler stuff is in
<cbaines>then I have a package-with-bundler function, that takes a <bundler-package> and a <package>, and glues the two together
<davexunit>so you actually let bundler run, with network access?
<davexunit>and somehow you have a way to learn what the hash of that should be in advance?
<cbaines>Yep, but just to download everything
<cbaines>like the other download things, the method I followed was to run bundler outside of the store, then add all the data to the store, and then query the hash of the thing that was just added