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<ng0>too bad you can't combine package and build
<ng0>oh, build has -L aswell
<cbaines>ng0, if you are talking about what I think you are, then Guix might contain a relevant example, the current-guix package
<quiliro>is there one interested in making something like on GuixSD or in making a package in Guix for FreedomBone?
<quiliro>or would someone guide in how to do it?
<quiliro>has anyone heard of FreedomBone?
<quiliro>let me see if this works.....who has not heard of FreedomBone?
<quiliro>that confirms it....either nobody is listening or nobody wants to answer...
<pmikkelsen>hi guix
<pmikkelsen>out of pure curiosity, what does it take to get git commit access to the guix repo?
<ng0>pmikkelsen: A account, a GPG key (and currently a long time to wait, I blame the summer holidays for weeks without reaction)
<ng0>pmikkelsen: the group is here:
<cbaines>Morning all :)
<cbaines>sneek seems to have gone on holiday...
<roelj>Hello Guix!
<roelj>I'd like to add a step after building the profile derivation. Where are these after-build-hooks defined?
<roelj>These things like building fonts cache, gtk icons cache and manual pages..
<ng0>hey.. how do I build the "foo/bar" packages?
<ng0>or the better question: should I not name the package like that and rather use "gnutls-dane" instead of "gnutls/dane"?
<ng0>it is a variant of gnutls build with unbound for building libgnutls-dane
<ng0>we need this for GNS to be functional, I just ignored it for quiet some time
<ng0>okay, I have to give it a different name
<ng0>eh wrong information, but it is required for a feature
<rekado_>roelj: see (guix profiles), %default-profile-hooks
<thomasd>Hello #guix
<roelj>rekado_: Thanks!
<thomasd>what would be a good way to prevent the (patched) texlive-...-texmf source from being gc'ed?
<roelj>thomasd: I think by making sure it has a link in <state-dir>/gcroots. So if you'd install it in a profile, that'd do it.
<thomasd>I find myself downloading and patching that thing every time I upgrade my packages, but I think I could actually keep the patched texmf tarball and save a lot of time (bandwidth)
<roelj>thomasd: Oh.. source tarball.. You could also keep a local copy and patch the recipe to use the file:///path/to/tarball.tar.gz instead.
<thomasd>roelj: I don't know how to install it, because it's not a package (it's defined but not exported in tex.scm), is there a way to force that? is it ok to manually put a symlink in /var/guix/gcroots
<thomasd>roelj: yes, that's my plan B :) But I think I'm not the only one facing this problem (the proper solution is the ongoing (?) heroic attempt at modularizing the texlive packages, I suppose)
<ng0>cbaines: ah! nice. I forgot about "/../" giving you the level above "."
<roelj>thomasd: I think manually putting a link in /var/guix/gcroots will work, as long as the tarball does not change.
<roelj>How would I load a manifest file into a Scheme symbol?
<roelj>Oh right.. read-manifest
<roelj>Uhh.. if I copy each path returned by (manifest-entry-item ...) from each manifest-entry in a manifest file of my profile, would I then have a copy of all store items of my profile?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<roelj>Hi civodul
<civodul>heya roelj
<pmikkelsen>hello guix
<thomasd>hi all
<pmikkelsen>hi thomasd
<efraim> looking at supported grub configurations, our non -efi non-intel configurations are not suprising in their test failures
<efraim>i'm thinking of more aarch64 specific changes, removing fluidsynth from gst-plugins-bad for aarch64 only, it depends on lash which FTBFS on aarch64
<roelj>Does anybody know what could be wrong when you get an error like this:
<civodul> <- similar to our wip-ui
<civodul>roelj: "invalid G-expression input": looks like you have a manifest entry as an input to your gepx
<civodul>as in #$entry
<roelj>Okay, so I should do all I need to do with the manifest outside of the G-Exp.
<roelj>Then, I get "error: reference to invalid output 'out' of derivation ... .
<civodul>meaning you refer to the "out" output of a derivation that doesn't have such an output
<roelj>I simplified it to this:
<civodul>heya wingo!
<civodul>roelj: this is a zero-output derivation
<civodul>so it has no outputs :-)
<wingo>guix+gnome question. does anyone have screen lock working in gnome?
<roelj>wingo: Yes, I do.
<wingo>roelj: how? :)
<civodul>wingo: i've seen that it doesn't work automatically
<roelj>civodul: Uhh, so, how do I add an output? Just create a file?
<wingo>ACTION has been poking the gnome packages lately so that more stuff works automatically
<cbaines>wingo, I've seen some of you're Gnome stuff, looks great!
<wingo>just got a new laptop after the old one got stolen (doh); guix installation process is much better than it was 3 years ago :)
<roelj>wingo: Let me look it up :)
<civodul>roelj: use #$output somewhere in the code
<rekado>:( having your laptop stolen is terrible
<wingo>does core-updates have g-expressions for build recipes?
<civodul>wingo: not yet!
<wingo>yeah it was irritating. oh well tho...
<rekado>not yet!
<civodul>next one
<wingo>cool :)
<wingo>looking forward to that
<rekado>same here
<civodul>wingo: Totem doesn't work well out-of-the-box
<civodul>FWIW :-)
<wingo>civodul: ok i will take a look :)
<civodul>and also, inserting a CD doesn't open Files automatically
<civodul>i investigated a little bit but wasn't sure how this is all supposed to work :-)
<roelj>wingo: I'm using xlock, and I added a keyboard shortcut to "xlock -mode space".
<cbaines>I think I've done the same thing ^
<wingo>roelj: ok. that's probably a good short-term solution; would be nice to use whatever gnome-shell does
<cbaines>I setup a custom shortcut in Gnome for Super+L to run xlock
<roelj>But I see I don't have xlock in my profile, so it must come from somewhere else..
<wingo>also a move to wayland would be good from a security POV
<cbaines>I'm guessing that the normal behaviour is dependent on using the GDM?
<wingo>roelj: probably somehow from the system
<wingo>i see that i have it too
<wingo>yes, /run/setuid-programs/xlock
<roelj>It's probably propagated by something
<wingo>of course it needs to be setuid
<wingo>cbaines: could be!
<cbaines>roelj, I think its one of the %desktop-services
<cbaines>and that probably extends profile-service-type
<roelj>cbaines: Ah, cool.
<wingo>i would like for shutting my laptop lid to lock the screen.
<roelj>civodul: Thanks!
<davexunit>are we talking about getting a screen locker that works automatically in gnome?
<davexunit>would love that
<wingo>or whenever the machine suspends, to lock the screen.
<davexunit>been sort of weird using a laptop for 2 years with no screen lock :)
<wingo>would be best if somehow it could lock the luks partition tho :)
<rekado>huh, I don’t use Gnome, but screen locking just works for me here.
<wingo>i guess in practice you would need to hibernate for that
<rekado>I close the lid and the screen is locked.
<wingo>rekado: on suspend and everything? neat
<wingo>you are on xfce?
<rekado>no, suspend doesn’t do the right thing unfortunately
<rekado>I’m using stumpwm
<wingo>ACTION nod
<davexunit>gnome has its own screen locker
<davexunit>with a pretty unlock screen and such
<wingo>davexunit: do you know if it's part of gdm?
<davexunit>I'm not sure, could be.
<wingo>i guess it should be because it handles passwords
<davexunit>would make sense. they look very similar, at least.
<davexunit>I would love to replace slim with gdm as well
<cbaines>There is a gdm package, but I've no idea if anyone has attempted getting the gdm working yet?
<davexunit>yeah I dunno either
<davexunit>it's always been one of things that I haven't been motivated enough to look at
<roelj>Somehow related.. how do you run an ssh-agent upon logging in in Gnome?
<davexunit>gnome provides an agent, that has worked out-of-the-box for me for months now
<wingo>yeah like davexunit it works for me
<davexunit>I used to use a shepherd service that started gpg-agent with ssh agent support
<samplet>wingo: There’s a “gnome-screensaver” command that does locking. I used to use it without Gnome or GDM when I was using Arch Linux and OpenBox. IIRC.
<wingo>i think it has to do with having gnome-keyring installed or something
<davexunit>yes, I think that's right.
<roelj>Oh, I should try installing that then. Thanks!
<wingo>samplet: i see;
<samplet>Ah. Wikipedia tells me that they moved away from it.
<wingo>"With the release of GNOME 3.5.5, screen locking functionality became a function of GDM and GNOME Shell by default."
<wingo>i guess moving to gdm would be a precondition for moving to wayland
<wingo>i don't know that slim is wayland-capable
<davexunit>slim is old and inactive afaik
<davexunit>I believe we use it because back in the day it was the easiest to get working
<davexunit>minimal dependencies
<wingo>and yet it is used by the cutting-edge guixsd operating system
<wingo>have you heard the good news?? ;)
<davexunit>we can chalk that up to historical accident, I think
<wingo>ACTION nod
<wingo>well, i'll take a look at gdm maybe
<davexunit>I've never liked slim, but because it worked I never felt like upgrading
<davexunit>and I imagine everyone else felt the same :)
<rekado>we also have lightdm, but no service for it yet.
<wingo>if that is the proper fix for screen lock, that would be swell
<wingo>and in the meantime, xlock :)
<wingo>i see that "-mode space" is very importatnt
<davexunit>rekado: ah, cool. gdm is ideal for gnome, though.
<efraim>for the curious, the gnome metapackage builds successfully on aarch64
<rekado>davexunit: true, but I think it would be good for us to move away from SLIM, even if not using Gnome.
<davexunit>oh sure
<davexunit>totally support that
<efraim>what about lightdm?
<davexunit>efraim: that's what rekado is proposing to replace slim
<davexunit>sounds good to me
<efraim>actually, i don't know if lightdm does wayland
<civodul>rekado: +1, i'm all for GDBM (or lightdm?) by default
<civodul>er, GDM
<civodul>gdbm doesn't handle log-in ;-)
<roelj>Maybe we can debug that..
<roelj>Is there a way to run some rsync command right after a profile is built, but before an environment is created?
<rekado>roelj: only if you use the Guile procedures directly.
<rekado>ACTION goes afk
<roelj>Can I just add it to %default-profile-hooks, or does that run in a container too?
<roelj>Using Guile procedures is fine..
<jonsger>is someone of you interested in PowerPC based computers?
<efraim>i have a PPC mac G4 in a drawer, waiting for me to have more time
<efraim>looking at (gnu bootloaders grub), does it use grub (and not grub-efi) to run grub-install, even for grub-efi?
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<__monty__>Can guix use nix expressions or even channels? One of the few things that makes me hesitant to use guix is package availability.
<jonsger>__monty__: you can use guix on any existing distro. I use it on ubuntu, so I can install all those ubuntu packages + the guix ones :)
<__monty__>jonsger: Yes of course but I'm not looking forward to a pacman+nix+guix setup.
<jonsger>__monty__: and what is exactly the problem? they shouldn't interfere with each other
<__monty__>No problem, just inconvenience. If I can't drop nix guix just means extra work.
<__monty__>I'd like to use just nix or guix but at least for now you can't really drop your system package manager yet.
<amz3`>it depends
<amz3`>some people only use guix
<mekeor>which guix-package holds the `tset` and `reset` commands for terminal initialization?
<mekeor>in debian it's seems to be ncurses-bin
<cbaines>mekeor, looks to be ncurses
<mekeor>cbaines: indeed! thank you :)
<mekeor>ACTION is happy :)