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<dadinn>rekado_: how can use the special-file-service? I don't understand the manual. Do I have to type a command in the shell?
<samplet>dadinn: If you are using the USB image as a temporary system, you could just manually symlink /bin/sh to bash. If you install Guix, this is handled automatically for you as part of “base-services” in the operating system config file. (The underlying mechanism is “special-files-service-type”.)
<dadinn>samplet: that's what I do, but as a newcomer that is quite tricky also, under /run/current-system/
<samplet>dadinn: Sure. I haven’t looked at the configuration of the USB image, but maybe it is meant mostly for installing and not for using as a live distro.
<dadinn>samplet: just trying to raise attention to beginner friendlyness stuff... especially if it is unix standard compliance
<davexunit>/bin/sh is available in guixsd
<davexunit>it's always there
<dadinn>samplet: actually so far GUIX performs much better on my charts than Debian. At least you I can get a keyboard layout I can type on with 'loadkeys dvorak'... so far it seemed ArchLinux is the only CLI live distro which does that :)
<samplet>dadinn: Nice! Guix is (by design) quite different in how it sets up the filesystem. You may be in for more surprises there. It’s what enables all the goodies, though!
<samplet>davexunit: Yeah, it’s part of “base-services”. I’m not sure why it was not on dadinn’s copy of the installer image.
<dadinn>samplet: I think having a live CLI distro in which one can do stuff (given an internet connection) comes in very handy when one needs it for recovery business.
<dadinn>samplet: I am using 0.13.0
<samplet>dadinn: After some boredom-driven investigating, I discovered that /bin/sh has bin added to the install image (for a second time) since the 0.13.0 release. It was not there for that realease, though.
<samplet>“has bin” was not a bad-taste pun, but rather a typo. :)\\
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<efraim>overlapping output: ffoolllloowwiinngg rreeddiirreeccttiioonn ttoo ``''......
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<efraim>evaluation 109756 has 7.166% FTBFS
<quiliro>how is everyone?
<quiliro>i have good news
<quiliro>i could get the intention of a public technical education institute to migrate 100% free software
<quiliro>they will migrate via Guix and GuixSD
<quiliro>they need to set up a dhcp server ... that is it
<quiliro>they are willing to set up an environment where each student can lift a web server...something similar to ispconfig i think
<quiliro>i thught it could be possible to do so as users in it?
<quiliro>but i remembered that i cannot start mysql server as user...only as guix system reconfigure
<quiliro>i am not charging them anything...but i am hoping they will contribute as hackers on guix
<quiliro>i found .... do you think it is possible to lift it on guixsd? now it is available for debian and parabola
<ng0>did someone already update cURL to 7.55.1? I noticed this while I wanted to make an patch-version release for gnURL
<efraim>finally got vifm updated
<pmikkelsen>hello guix
<cbaines>hey pmikkelsen :)
<ng0>cbaines: I think I know why filename was used, this happens when you are not in the same directory while issuing the command:
<ng0>user@abyayala ~/src/gnunet/gnunet$ guix build -f contrib/packages/guix/guix-env.scm
<ng0>guix build: error: open-file: Permission denied: "/home/user/.rnd"
<ng0>so it would bve better to have a fixed point of origin
<ng0>something with loadpath..