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<insommiack>hi guix!
<insommiack>someone knows how work guix pull with guix 0.13? we can't use anymore the url of the tarball and need to give commit and branch but I don't know how to write it
<efraim>insommiack: try 'guix environment guix --ad-hoc guile-git --pure -- guix pull'
<wingo>ACTION builds installation image for new laptop
<solene>wingo: how do you create an installation media able to install ?
<insommiack>efraim: i'll will and say my result
<insommiack>yes it's working!! thanks you efraim
<wingo>see "building the installation image"
<wingo>then you dd it to the usb stick; see 'usb stick installation'
<wingo>however i ran into an interesting problem :)
<wingo>guix system: error: build failed: while setting up the build environment: unable to make filesystem `/media/wingo/Ubuntu.04.2 LTS amd64' private: No such file or directory
<wingo>$ ls /media/wingo
<wingo>'Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS amd64'
<wingo>seems there is a parsing bug somewhere in the nix daemon that can't deal with this mount name
<wingo>i guess it was part of containerizing some build
<insommiack>it's work but it isn't what i've wanted.. i don't want to change environnement to use guix pull
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<roptat>hm... I think you can't use IPv6 addresses in static-networking:
<roptat>herd: exception caught while executing 'start' on service 'networking-ens18-ip6':
<roptat>ERROR: In procedure inet-pton: Bad address
<roptat>would it be ok to change the service to use iproute2 instead of the current implementation?
<wingo>i am having trouble getting an efi bootloader to install
<wingo> (bootloader (bootloader-configuration
<wingo> (bootloader grub-efi-bootloader)
<wingo> (device "/dev/nvme0n1p1")))
<wingo>is my bootloader config (the one in the manual doesn't work fwiw)
<Hiroteru>Hi! I'm trying to configure an operating system file to make a VM out of it. I'd like some files that i write to be in here by default. I have found that the "skeletons" feature can do that, but is it possible to specify a path ? and to create a folder ?
<wingo>ACTION does nasty GUILE_LOAD_PATH hacks to get his "guix system init" to work, wooo
<insommiack>Hi! Can someone try to install python-pygit2 with guix 0.13 and tell if had an error?
<insommiack>i get an error during the check phase
<roptat>insommiack: in the build phase, I get #error You need a compatible libgit2 version (v0.25.x)
<insommiack>okay it is not only my version
<insommiack>and there is another problem after force libgit2 to 0.25.x version
<castilma>for tests, I'm running guix environment xeyes. and between all the to be installed packages. I see binutils 2.27 two times with different hashes. why is that so?
<castilma>how am I supposed to switch to an alternative profile created with guix package -p testprofile ?
<bavier>castilma: 'source testprofile/etc/profile'
<castilma>but it doesnt remove the things from my default profile, does it. is this wanted behaviour?
<castilma>I mean, packages from my default profile are still in PATH. I'd expect it clears the PATH from the default profile PATH
<rekado>latest cuirass says “Git error: the SSL certificate is invalid”; maybe guile-git doesn’t support GIT_SSL_CAINFO?
<bavier>I thought we had the midori browser packaged at some point?
<wingo>i get a failure doing "guix environment guix" with master
<wingo>something about not having (guix build utils); but the info-dir builder does what i think is the right with-imported-modules invocation...
<lfam>bavier: This 3rd-party Midori package is all I could find:
<wigust>Hello Guix. Just curios. Upgrade user packages produced empty manifest /var/guix/profiles/per-user/natsu/guix-profile-190-link/manifest Why did this happen? Could it be because I rebooted without “sync” (usually cannot reboot without force <C-M-DEL>)?
<lfam>wingo: Are you still getting that failure with `guix environment guix`? I just rebuilt a fresh Git checkout and I can't reproduce it
<wingo>lfam: i am but it's from a fresh install; could it be that a fresh install from master doesn't install a guix from master? i.e. it installs a guix from whenever the guix package was last updated, or something
<wingo>anyway i am now trying a guix pull on the install to see if that fixes things
<wingo>not that i really understand how guix pull works of course :)
<lfam>The guix package that gets "installed" and is executed on a foreign distro is not from master, but rather a snapshot. Check ((gnu packages package-management) guix). But `guix pull` updates to the latest and this is where you get package definitions and related things from
<wingo>in the past i have always used a git checkout
<lfam>Running the daemon and everything from the checkout?
<wingo>the daemon from an install, guix from the checkout
<wingo>or the daemon from an install when i was on nixos
<lfam>I'm not exactly sure what happens in this case
<wingo>sorry, confusing. anyway :) never did guix pull.
<lfam>My recent test was on a foreign distro with the daemon "installed". Then I did `./pre-inst-env guix environment guix` and it worked for me
<lfam>If you are doing that, then I don't think that `guix pull` will have any effect
<lfam>By using ./pre-inst-env you're basically side-stepping the thing affected by `guix pull`, which is the ~/.config/guix/latest symlink
<wingo>ok good it looks like after a guix pull it is working
<wingo>weird tho; maybe in the previous guix, (guix build utils) was available by default or something
<wingo>or didn't exist
<lfam>(guix build utils) has been around for quite a while ;)
<rekado>“guix environment -l guix.scm” is pretty slow