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<reepca>Hm, building gettext-minimal it sometimes hangs and sometimes doesn't. test-lock again. Regardless of whether I use my build-derivation or the C++ daemon's. Can anyone else reproduce?
<efraim>how many cores do you have?
<reepca>4 or 2 depending on whether you're AMD marketing for steamroller
<efraim>i actually used to time out running tar's testsuite on aarch64 using an SD card since it took more than an hour to slowly allocate 8GB and destroy it
<efraim>so not a phantom 32 core problem
<reepca>I'll try changing NIX_BUILD_CORES to 1 instead of 0
<reepca>hm, nope, test-lock still ends up stuck using 380% CPU
<efraim>Which test? I'm running it now on aarch64
<reepca>here's the last screenful or so of output:
<reepca>the process that's hanging is "test-lock". I don't know much more about it than that.
<reepca>there was a similar issue with libunistring (also "test-lock") when I was trying to build hello, I'm not sure why it hasn't occurred again.
<insommiack>hello! :)
<insommiack>is here someone who's know where i need to put my recipe of my own package for guix package find it whithout use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH?
<reepca>insommiack: that would only really work if you're using a git checkout and pre-inst-env - the places searched by default by an installed guix are all in the immutable store. Is there any particular reason GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH won't work? You could also use the --load-path option to "guix package".
<insommiack>thanks for your answer reepca! GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH work but i want to put my package in the same directory that guix packages on my own git repo which it's a clone of guix repo but with my packages and with a pull from this repo, my own package will able to be instal on guix
<reepca>it should work to just set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=path/to/my/repo then, shouldn't it?
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<insommiack>yes it's a way but i really want to know how and where guix search .scm for package
<reepca>If I understand correctly, it first searches whatever is specified in GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH or with --load-path, then ~/.config/guix/latest, then whatever guix is installed in the user's profile.
<efraim>i tried --rounds=50 but gettext-minimal built once, without hanging
<insommiack>yes but i've put it in the same directory of gnu package and it didn't find it and i put the good name of the module
<reepca>insommiack: where in the filesystem is that directory located? Are you talking about the gnu/packages directory in your repository?
<insommiack>gnu/package in the store
<insommiack>yes in my repo
<reepca>the regular guix command doesn't look in your repository unless you tell it to using --load-path or GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH. Alternatively, you could run ./pre-inst-env guix package ... from your repository.
<insommiack>but i use the command guix pull --url=my-repo and it's copy my repo to guix installation file
<reepca>oh, that would also work I suppose. That would make ~/.config/guix/latest point to your repository.
<insommiack>yes it's that but didn't work..
<reepca>insommiack: could you look in ~/.config/guix/latest and see if your packages are in there?
<insommiack>no there aren't here
<solene>hello ! is guile installed whatever the config of the system is ?
<solene>Here is the configuration of my system : . The command "which guile" returns /run/current-system/profile/bin/guile while it isn't installed as package
<reepca>oh good, I'm not the only person getting randomly k-lined tonight
<reepca>guile-2.2 is in %base-packages, that's why it's available system-wide :-)
<solene>reepca: thx, I was searching in the sources but I didn't find it actually
<solene>my guile is broken, I'm trying to understand why
<reepca>solene: how so?
<solene>reepca: like this :
<wigust>solene: Could you make ”%load-path” inside “guile”?
<solene>wigust: if I type %load-path I get "ERROR: Unbound variable: compile" like (+ 1 1)
<solene>guile -c "(display (+ 1 1))" displays "2", at least, but shows this message before ;;; WARNING: loading compiled file /gnu/store/0kay0503aqwxx6rrhnqr1jmdlcwm9wy2-guile-2.2.2/lib/guile/2.2/ccache/srfi/srfi-11.go failed: ;;; ERROR: In procedure load-thunk-from-memory: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
<wigust>solene: What about “printenv GUILE_LOAD_PATH”?
<reepca>I unset GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH and it still worked fine for me
<solene>with guile --no-auto-compile the REPL works
<reepca>basic sanity check: are the files it complains about actually not in the store?
<solene>reepca: unsetting the 2 variables doesn't help
<reepca>solene: aye, just suggesting that the 2 variables might not be the problem
<solene>reepca: they exists, and they are not null
<wigust>solene: If you run Guile in “environment” does it work for you?
<solene>like guix environment guile ; guile ?
<wigust>solene: yea
<solene>wigust: same problem
<wigust>solene: Try “guix environment --pure guile -- guile”.
<solene>guix environment: error: execlp: No such file or directory
<reepca>I think you want --ad-hoc guile
<solene>same problem
<solene>I get the env with --ad-hoc :) but guile has the same problem
<wigust>solene: Did Guile work for you in past?
<solene>wigust: I remember that I had to rollback after reconfiguring the system at the install because guile was entirely broken, some guix commands wasn't even working
<solene>finally guix got working...
<solene>I don't know if it's possible but maybe if I can remove the current guile and reinstall it cleanly ?
<reepca>solene: I'd try to verify the store. Out of curiosity, what does guix hash -r /gnu/store/0kay0503aqwxx6rrhnqr1jmdlcwm9wy2-guile-2.2.2 give you?
<solene>reepca: 0c2mzc2ybqfsk0v9j6sn1miq9px740wxy3fmqny404yqivdrjzxy
<reepca>hm. Mine is different. Try "guix build --repair /gnu/store/0kay0503aqwxx6rrhnqr1jmdlcwm9wy2-guile-2.2.2" (needs to be run as root)
<solene>reepca: the command do nothing, $? returns 0
<wigust>reepca: 0jsj8pzjwkf0x2m3r8y62x5h8a3kh6wnvdblgg6fknz8c1wijqmd ?
<reepca>0x5268pfrqd986jskmm838f52sysamcn8rnikb6b0lwx7494bl3x here
<solene> guix build --repair guile@2.2.2 is working and currently building , let's see
<solene>I'm not sure I'm using the command correctly. This installed guile-2.2.2-debug
<pmikkelsen>hi guix
<efraim>where'd sneek go?
<janneke>last i saw is they ate your snack
<efraim>Little outside my price range
<solene>I have multiples derivations of one package, how can I use one instead of another ? I have multiples guile installed and would like to try another one to see if it fix guile
<solene>if I start /gnu/store/1sapdlc0m692qfnrrx3cyjrd2001g33j-guile-2.2.2/bin/guile it works ! :)
<solene>but this is not used un the system profile
<solene>I don't understand what is a graft (I've read the manual). If I do find /gnu/store -maxdepth 1 -name "*guile-2.2.2" -type d I get 5 guile-2.2.2 folders. I don't understand why I got 5 times the software installed, and how is choosed which one will be the default
<solene>I have 2 of 5 guile that doesn't work :D
<rekado_>Hi guix
<solene>hi rekado_
<solene>I found the solution to fix my guile ! \\o/ I had 5 derivations of guile in /gnu/store, 3 were working. I used guix package -i /gnu/store/....-guile-2.2.2 where the derivation is one working
<solene>and it switched to it
<solene>who does "guix package -r guile-wisp" installs gcc, ghostprint etc... ?
<solene>this is the first time I see that I need to install packages to remove a package that doesn't have dependencies
<mekeor>i join you, solene, asking this question
<mekeor>but maybe we have to be a little more specific because i'm sure the command doesn't *install* packages because it doesn't put them into $PATH or so. it just *builds* some packages.
<mekeor>still, i wonder why.
<rekado_>does it do the same with “--no-grafts”?
<solene>rekado_: with --no-grafts it's download a tons of stuff
<rekado_>it will download tons of stuff without --no-grafts as well, it just won’t tell you up front.
<solene>this is crazy
<rekado_>the things it downloads are needed to compute the new profile
<rekado_>this happens when you’ve upgraded guix since the last profile modification
<rekado_>it’s not crazy, just unexpected.
<solene>does --no-grafts produces the exact same result ?
<solene>I don't understand what grafts are
<rekado_>security updates are implemented through grafts.
<rekado_>grafts are builds that consist merely of rewriting references
<rekado_>so you take a store item, copy it to a new location, and replace embedded references.
<rekado_>that’s what a graft is.
<solene>and it produces a new derivation ?
<rekado_>due to the current implementation of grafts it does a lot of work up front before telling you what it will do. With “--no-grafts” you can see the plan first.
<bavier>rekado_: thanks for, I used it for my upgrades last night!
<freecops>Hi guix/guixsd users!
<solene>hello freecops
<freecaps>Is bad or not recommend run "guix pull" before "guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt"? (in usb stick installation process)
<solene>freecaps: I would recommend to install before
<solene>and then use guix pull once you boot your new system
<freecaps>Ok, thanks. but why?
<freecaps>reason for this?
<solene>freecaps: I can't explain, I'm not a veteran of guix either, but I don't think you should run guix pull before guix system init
<solene>you can still try and tell us if it work or not
<freecaps>Ok. I would just like install updated packages. Thanks, solene :).
<rekado_>with the latest version of cuirass I don’t get *any* output in the logs any more.
<rekado_>I’d like to see at least what it’s doing.
<rekado_>…if it’s doing anything
<efraim>I've been having trouble getting it to work on my aarch64 board
<rekado_>I only wanted to experiment with some error reporting changes and I didn’t expect the latest version to swallow *all* output.
<rekado_>I’ll revert to an older version of cuirass on It’s impossible to figure out what it’s doing.
<efraim>looks like one of the arm builders ran out of room
<lfam>Do we have something like copy-recursively that continues when there are errors? For example, if the file already exists?
<lfam>I guess this is probably not the right approach, anyways
<lfam>As part of my work on the julia-build-system, I'm trying to package Rmath.jl:
<lfam>This depends on librmath-julia, which is a fork of R's math library, without a build system :/
<lfam>So, making the Rmath build process find librmath-julia is proving to be tricky
<lfam>The Julia package manager builds the librmath-julia library and just copies it into the Rmath directory, then builds Rmath. I was trying to copy that
<lfam>But copying it fails, since there are some same-named files in the destination, such as .gitignore.
<cbaines>lfam, could you delete all the files that might conflict?
<efraim>a bit expensive though
<lfam>Yes, there's probably no point to keeping things like .gitignore anyways
<lfam>efraim: Wow, not that's a nice looking machine
<lfam>I mean, "now that's a nice..."
<efraim>8 ddr4 ram slots, 4 usable hdd/ssd slots
<lfam>Could be a good choice for the build farm!
<lfam>Seems like a decent price for what it is.
<efraim>something wrong with freeimage on aarch64 /gnu/store/ald22hy0lhzh2jpx27kbf192khw6w7h9-freeimage-3.17.0/lib/ undefined reference to `png_init_filter_functions_neon'
<jonsger>lfam: maybe there is money left from the found-raising campaign?
<bavier>efraim: my work has a few servers like that they are going to be decommissioning soon
<efraim>bavier: oooh, fun
<lfam>Already decommissioning them! Wow :)
<lfam>Do you think that sort of hardware would be a good choice for us, bavier?
<bavier>The thunderx processors seemed pretty solid to me.
<bavier>I haven't worked with other aarch64 systems though, so I can't compare to e.g. what efraim's been working with
<bavier>the memory bandwidth is impressive
<efraim>i think i heard at FOSDEM that ubuntu has like 8 for their build farm, and I heard a rumor that Nix has one for their farm
<lfam>I haven't seen any other comparably powerful aarch64 systems for sale (but I'm not in the market, so I haven't searched exhaustively)
<bavier>thunderx2 will be out soon
<lfam>Maybe Marvell is offering something with the hardware used in the Machiattobin
<lfam>All this stuff is real breath of fresh air after trying to use armv7 for "real" stuff
<lfam>Wow, the thunderx2 are using a 14nm process
<bavier>they're much nicer
<efraim>r-sparsem only fails on aarch64
<efraim>phase install failed, not sure what to make of that
<efraim>i see debian has a patch against siliconmotion, i'll do that later
<rekado>for R packages everything happens in the install phase.
<roptat>hi, how would I configure a static ipv4 and ipv6 address on the same interface on guixSD?
<roptat>I found static-networking-service, but I don't think I can use it for two IPs, right?
<cbaines>roptat, I had a quick look at the code, but I'm unsure
<cbaines>the static-networking-service seems to work per-interface, but just has a single ip
<cbaines>it might work if you use the static-networking-service procedure twice, once for the v4 address and once for the v6 address, but you might need to pass the #:provision key with a different value each time, otherwise the generated services might conflict
<lfam>Once you figure it out, it would be nice to improve the example in the manual :)