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<reepca>Blargh, took me forever to figure out that (guix build utils) has a hard-coded /gnu/store causing my tests to fail unless I provide the store directory through an environment variable. Wonder why it doesn't just use the %store-directory in (guix config)...
<balaga>Hi ! I try to do a binary installation of Guix. When I do "gpg --verify guix-binary-0.13.0.x86_64-linux.tar.xz" , I get an error : "gpg : BAD signature from "Ludovic Courtès <> [unknown] . Any idea on the matter ?
<rekado_>balaga: could be a corrupt download.
<balaga>rekado: Thanks, you put me on the rigth track. I cancelled a first download but forgot to remove the residue of the first download => it led to an error of name. Thank you ;)
<ng0>does the build for webkitgtk-2 segfault for anyone else?
<ng0>it's bad when webkitgtk stands between you and a maybe working new desktop^^
<ng0>if anyone else wants to give Mate a try while I'm building, fetch and check out the "system/mate" branch
<ng0>you need to add all essential mate packages to your systemwide packages
<ng0>or the VM (as I would only reconfigure test system from that branch)
<efraim>ng0: i've checked it out and testing building it now on aarch64
<ng0>cool. this way I can integrate aarch64 fixes if we need any, thanks :)
<ng0>I'm still guix pulling
<efraim>mate-desktop.pc has requires.Private of dconf, so that should be propagated
<ng0>which package is that, is it in 'mate-desktop'?
<ng0>I think it's okay if I add that as a commit after 'mate-settings-daemon', as this has been before I started working
<efraim>libmateweather has requires.private of libxml and libsoup
<ng0>thanks :) this was also before my commits, should I rebase and add them before my work or would it be okay to just add them as fixes afterwards? I see no reason this should prevent a working desktop, as I had already booted into at least marco on its own yesterday
<efraim>i'd rebase them
<efraim>now i'm waiting on webkitgtk also
<ng0>72a1c0b4a9bc011baa0a618679b78dc0e44cc227 of portage gentoo says the homepage is accessible via HTTPS, so maybe I should try the download via HTTPS. Didn't work the first time I tried it
<ng0>it seems they are accessible this way
<ng0>so I'll add this to the next cycle of changes
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<ng0>I think I'll do the changes now, webkitgtk@2 will take a long time here. This is a branch I push forced changes to
<ng0>efraim: but mate-desktop already propagates dconf?
<ng0>and the same for the libmateweather ones
<efraim>ng0: oh, I must've not looked closely enough
<ng0>I should change my offloading... it happens from an very recent CPU to an AMD X2 250 with very little RAM. It's like your TGV or ICE drives for a few kilometers and then you get hooked for 200 kilometers on a slow subway train
<jonsger>ng0: :(
<ng0>efraim: I'm about to add an optimistic 'mate' package, I can still rebase if we don't have everything yet.. this should make testing easier for me
<jlicht>hello guix!
<mekeor>hello jlicht :)
<mekeor>did anyone try to create a GuixSD-template for Qubes OS?
<ng0>is there something special we need to do with guix pull from an cgit? I get this:
<ng0>guix pull: error: Git error: invalid Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
<mekeor>ng0: are you running `guix pull --url=...` ?
<ng0>guix pull --url= --branch=system/mate
<mekeor>in the manual, there are two examples:
<mekeor>guix pull --url=
<mekeor>guix pull --url=
<ng0>guile-git is present in the system.
<jlicht>is there another mirror of the #guix irc logs? seems to have an expired TLS cert atm
<ng0>mekeor: this is old, only recently the --branch and --commit was added
<mekeor>jlicht: yes, the certificate expired today
<mekeor>ah, ng0, hmmm *shrug*
<ng0>i think there's something wrong with my cgit
<solene>hello, what is registering libs in ~/.guix-profile/lib ? is it from userland guix or using guix system reconfigure as root ?
<solene>I would like to have libstdc++ inside this directory but I can't find how
<solene>yeah, I found, I had to use guix package -i gcc:lib :)
<solene>as user
<ng0>adding nss to whatever it was I added it to in mate was a mistake... why webkitgtk, why... compile faster
<ng0>or whatever pulled in webkit
<ng0>Did we fix #25966 already? Where shebangs are kept in autotools
<ng0>maybe this could be solved on a more generic level? Having an 'unpatch-shebang phase, or a list of files to pass to something which then excludes these files from ever getting shebang patched?
<solene>is there something like /etc/ssl/certs.pem ? I was using this file on others system for my mail client but it seems this file doesn't exists on guix :(
<solene>I use it with isync
<ng0> /etc/ssl/ca-certificates.pem
<solene>ng0: I don't have those files
<ng0>you need globally 'nss-certs' for that
<solene>ng0: I just installed it and in ~/.guix-profile/etc/ssl/ i only have a folder certs/ containing 317 files
<ng0>globally means it should be part of your system profile
<ng0>not your user profile
<solene>ng0: I just added nss-certs in system definition packages and reconfigured my system, I still don't have the file /etc/ssl/ca-certificates.pem
<ng0>did you reboot?
<solene>no ? is it required ?
<ng0>for the system-generation activation afaik it is still required for some parts
<solene>from the manual the file should be $HOME/.guix-profile/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
<solene>I should watch the manual first...
<solene>so, that means you should not have /etc/ssl/ca-certificates.pem on your system
<ng0>idk, I use the file at /etc/
<ng0>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35 Aug 16 08:03 ssl -> /run/current-system/profile/etc/ssl
<efraim>94% on webkitgtk
<ng0>same here I guess, I restarted it an hour ago
<ng0>I hope it's done within 20 minutes, I need to go
<ng0>and now I have no time to boot the vm
<rekado_>solene: reboot is not required.
<rekado_>GuixSD will populate /etc from the current system after reconfigure.
<solene>that what I thought
<solene>but I understand that rebooting is required to have a new kernel version
<rekado_>you also don’t need to have nss-certs in your system profile when your program can be convinced to look elsewhere.
<solene>rekado_: yes I found that, it was well explained in the manual
<lfam>Does anyone know any examples of building up a delimited list of directories based on a build's inputs?
<lfam>Maybe I should just adapt search-path-as-list
<efraim>Xorg service?
<lfam>Talking about trust and reproducibility:
<lfam>I'm interested to hear peoples' thoughts about "within a software deployment system that enables users to reproduce binaries, you still end up trusting whoever runs the deployment system, because there are no methods of challenging the reproducibility in a meaningful way."
<lfam>Have there been any advances in that area?
<davexunit>we have a challenge tool
<lfam>Right, but that's just the first step. To really make it valuable, Guix clients need to share their findings
<lfam>I wrote that big response but I don't know if there are new developments in this area
<roptat>hi, a (very) recent change broke something in javascript.scm: "gnu/packages/javascript.scm:36:10: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: font-mathjax"
<lfam>roptat: What command gives you that error?
<roptat>make in the git repo
<lfam>... takes a long time to build (gnu packages statistics)
<lfam>roptat: I can't reproduce it from the latest commit. Maybe there are some leftover .go files with incompatible ABIs. Try `make clean-go`
<efraim>I can
<efraim>i'd try removing fonts.go and running make first
<roptat>thank you
<efraim>well that didnt work for me
<efraim>i'm about to go down the rabbit hole of config files for uboot and EFI and uboot->grub-efi support
<efraim>since its supposed to be doable
<lfam>Is anyone using our conda package? If so, any caveats?
<efraim>i tried updating clisp to 2.49-60 but it failed to build on aarch64
<bavier`>any updates on the status of our gsoc daemon project?
<lfam>bavier`: There have been a few updates so far
<lfam>Maybe reepca is around to give some more details
<efraim>I wonder if its worth filing a bug: the bootstrap process assumes guile-2.0
<efraim>sneek: later tell lfam you have two copyright lines in gnu/packages/image.scm
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<efraim>I tried to run ltris: ERR: sdl_init: No available video device
<efraim>clearly we need to build sdl with framebuffer support
<reepca>bavier`: Last night I made it all the way to building hello, after running into many, many brick walls. I'm in the process of verifying that it works in one go right now (I made a lot of changes in between building derivations to try to get individual derivations to successfully build).
<bavier`>reepca: cool!
<efraim>That is really cool
<ng0>efraim, I've just successfully started a VM into MATE with the panel in place :)
<ng0>any improvements you have to annoate?
<ng0>Otherwise I'll send the patchseries after the movie finishes in a couple of hours
<ng0>I'm pretty happy it was that easy
<efraim>The packages I built earlier built with no problems, the most obvious thing is to make sure packages are propagated when necessary and the references are correct for native vs regular inputs
<ng0>yeah, I have to sort the inputs.. I think almost all of them are in the right place though
<ng0>I build it with the "mate" package I added a couple of hours ago
<efraim>Also metapackages changed slightly with the collision detection, now they're a union of packages and not a collection of propagated packages
<ng0>also one or two descriptions need adjuments
<ng0>I took this from "gnome", wasn't this right?
<reepca>woohoo, the build confirming that building hello works just finished \\o/
<ng0>you can take a look at the branch and read the mate package. Or just the patches when I send them in maybe 2 or 3 hours
<efraim>I'll try to take a look in the morning
<ng0>cool! thanks :)
<roelj>Is there a shepherd service to run 'ssh-agent' on GuixSD?
<ng0>yes, ssh-daemon
<ng0>oh, ssh-agent
<ng0>I think you could do it with a simple-service or mcron job if it's just starting something?
<ng0>but a small service could work aswell
<ng0>ACTION has no idea about ssh-agent