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<Apteryx>Hello Guix! Documentation is very sparse on 'guix package --profile'. Could someone give me an example of how to use it? (create a new profile; preserve it; exit; reuse it again later)
<Apteryx>Seems I have found my tutorial!
<Apteryx>rekado: ^ thanks :)
<Apteryx>Something I don't understand though. After I created my profile using 'guix package -p .guix-profile -i python@2' and sourcing it with '.guix-profile/etc/profile', I would expect 'guix package -I' to show me only python@2. Instead I see all the packages of my user profile.
<bavier>Apteryx: you'll need to provide the -p <profile> argument to any subsequent commands that you want to operate on that profile
<Apteryx>Oh, but it works. It's not integrated in the sense that 'guix package -I' will show what's in my currently 'sourced' profile (that'd be nice I guess), but the PATH and other envars are set so that what's installed in my profile with 'guix package -p somepath/.guix-profile something' is available...
<Apteryx>bavier: OK! It would be nice to have a sticky version of -p!
<Apteryx>So that you can feel 'immersed' in the current profile, the way virtualenv does it for Python.
<bavier>Apteryx: possibly. A bit like how git works I guess?
<Apteryx>Yes, that too!
<bavier>(I'm not familiar with virtualenv)
<bavier>Apteryx: sure, maybe bring it up on guix-devel?
<Apteryx>Thanks for the tip. Maybe, yes! For now I need sleep :)
<ng0>yay! I have caja and mate-terminal working.. now I just need help with the sed question and we're off to a basic MATE :)
<ng0>so basically how to do this for guix packages:
<ng0> #
<ng0> sed -i -e 's/ -shared / -Wl,-O1,--as-needed\\0/g' libtool
<ng0>grep was of no use this time in the source
<ng0>of the software I package I mean
<ng0>In practice this looks like down the bottom of the file the install phase starts
<thomassgn>is there a way of setting system nameservers in guix config.scm? I can modify resolv ofcourse, but would like to do this in config
<thomassgn>(couldn't see anything about it in the manual -> networking
<thomassgn>I'll rephrase that, I couldn't find anything about it for a config using connection manager.
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<efraim>ng0: are you sure its not just an issue about the '/usr/share' directory?
<ng0>Some of the Mate software has a non-standard way to configure. I'll check this out, thanks
<rekado>thomassgn: the <static-networking> record has a field “name-servers”, which defaults to an empty list.
<rekado>thomassgn: this list is used to populate /etc/resolv.conf
<ng0>efraim: at least there are some occurences of /usr/share in the source I need to substitute
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<ng0>where do you see /usr/share in the file I uploaded, efraim ?
<ng0>I found one occurence of /usr/share in the timezone in a header, I'm fixing that
<ng0>but it's just an applet:
<ng0>applets/clock/system-timezone.h:35:#define SYSTEM_ZONEINFODIR "/usr/share/zoneinfo"
<ng0>I'll try to fix all the /usr/ first.. if it doesn't fix the original issue, it fixes issues anyway ;)
<thomassgn>rekado: mm, though I need it to work with connman, which populates resolv on it's own.
<ng0>oh.. haven't read the full message the first time. There's only a subset of 'install' which fails :)
<thomassgn>Looks like I might change connman and give it the possibility through conf. Maybe. Not that important as of now.
<ng0>seems like gir needs to be told about $out
<ng0>/gnu/store/6908gy3pws0ccys49ni98idwnicchlr2-coreutils-8.26/bin/install: cannot create regular file '/gnu/store/h1qgcavabwxrnzbgi3zdgxz2375lz72r-gobject-introspection-1.52.1/share/gir-1.0/MatePanelApplet-4.0.gir': Permission denied
<ng0>I mean, the panel subset
<ng0>onwards to the next thing in Mate :)
<rekado>New build farm, please test
<rekado>(the web page shown at is wrong)
<roelj>rekado: This is awesome! 11 machines!?!
<ng0>rekado: nice :)
<rekado>roelj: currently it’s 10 because I “rm -rf /boot/grub”
<rekado>10 active builders, 1 head node
<roelj>rekado: Luckily that isn't a permanent brick :)
<rekado>these machines had Ubuntu on them before, so on each of them I installed GuixSD from the binary Guix tarball and then running “guix system init /etc/config.scm /”
<rekado>had to remove Ubuntu left-overs on boot
<rekado>and for that one machine I did this in the morning
<roelj>rekado: Uhh.. does that replace Ubuntu with GuixSD? :O
<roelj>Cool.. tempting.. :)
<rekado>you still need to “rm /etc/*” without rm config.scm, of course
<roelj>Sometimes I wish I was a sysadmin, and could just do that.. :)
<efraim>i already added to my substitute list :)
<efraim> has more info than
<rekado>roelj: I first tried to transfer asset ownership to Guix or the FSF, but that turned out to be a dead-end. Then I just decided to use the servers. I only had to get IT to give me an outside IP.
<rekado>roelj: being a sysadmin helps, but I sometimes wished I could just have someone else do all this work :)
<roelj>rekado: Yeah, I think it's a great advertisement for MDC Berlin as well.
<roelj>rekado: Have you seen: ? It seems to work pretty well for our users.
<roelj>It's my somewhat more integrated solution for a Guix web interface.
<jonsger>roelj: certificate is self-signed...
<jonsger>roelj: you blacklist games?
<roelj>jonsger: Yes, actually, it's deployment is limited to our internal network (you have to login). And yes, I blacklisted games which better suits our internal use. (Of course, it's easy to remove that filter.. ;))
<jonsger>roelj: I thought that play browser games (like Clash of Clans...) at work. I never hear about supertuxkart :P
<wigust>jonsger: There are big good games there, not supertuxkart like only :-)
<jonsger>wigust: yeah, but playing those games at work?
<jfc>supertuxkart is super fun actually
<jfc>jonsger: dream job, get paid to play supertuxkart :D
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<bavier>uff da, sorry about the spam on help-guix
<rekado>roelj: “ uses an invalid security certificate.”
<rekado>roelj: and after accepting it still won’t work. Also tried in eww with the same result.
<roelj>rekado: Yeah yeah, "internal use only".. Sorry about that. You can run your own though :)
<rekado>roelj: oh, okay
<rekado>I’m still using guix-web, but it needs fixing
<rekado>doesn’t load most of the time
<rekado>and I’m not blacklisting any games :)
<rekado>people ought to know that they can find *anything* in Guix. So far nobody has played any games on the cluster. Or maybe I just wasn’t invited.
<roelj>rekado: Here's a screenshot:
<rekado>very nice
<rekado>roelj: what do you think about improving guix-web? E.g. adding support for chunked retrieval of package data.
<rekado>and support for static pages…?
<roelj>rekado: That was my initial plan, but the MVC-like structure, and the javascript parts turned me into building what ended up in that hpcguix-web repository.
<roelj>With guile-commonmark we can just load Markdown pages as static pages.
<roelj>It turns out that a somewhat modified JSON file with all packages is around 800kB, which loads in about two seconds in the browser.
<roelj>I think that's fast enough. (If Guile had gzip encoding support, the loading could potentially be even faster..)
<ng0>hi! so before I left to an appointment a couple of hours ago I made another test with MATE. I was able to boot a VM into MATE, but it was still lacking some functionality parts.
<ng0>but good news nevertheless ;)
<ng0>*but nevertheless, this is good news. (urgh my grammar is suffering some bad mix of german, english, french and spanish sometimes.. my occasional grammar hic-ups make no sense in any language)
<freecap77>hi guix/guixsd users
<freecap77>I have a problem with "guix pull" and the "guile-git" package
<freecap77>"guile-git" package is missing, in new installation after run "guix pull" command
<wigust>Hello Guix. Does anybody use Cuirass for building package manifest?
<wigust>I found one example but HEAD is now at 1348974e5 Revert "gnu: hello: Change version for Cui;;; Failed to autoload make-session in (gnutls):
<freecap77>and i'm not able to run "guix pull", this command say what need "guile-git"
<freecap77>i run "guix package -i guile-git" and apply enviroment variables (indicate by "guix pull" command) but not found.
<freecap77>whats happend? any help? I try reinstall m
<freecap77>I try with fres install, but stay the error
<freecap77>fresh install*
<wigust>freecap77: I don't know, should work after installing “guile-git”. Try “guix environment --ad-hoc guix guile-git --pure -- guix pull”
<freecap77>thanks!, i try this now
<efraim>I use 'guix environment guix -- guix pull'
<lfam>I've been doing that, too. It would be better if it wasn't necessary :/
<lfam>Does anyone know the status of core-updates? It looks like the last evaluation was aborted
<efraim>Is *53 still running?
<lfam>Actually, I'm loading the Hydra web page now. Yesterday it looked like the last evaluation was aborted; I can't see yet if there was a new one or if it was restarted
<lfam>While it loads, how are your aarch64 boards, efraim?
<lfam>I'm curious to hear your experience now that you've had them for a while
<efraim>I think if the firefly gets too hot it only registers 4 cores at boot, but it boots to tty1 in under 5 seconds
<lfam>Huh, I assume the A72 cores are the ones it ignores?
<efraim>i regularly compile 2 things at a time on it, kernel compile with my nearly allmod config is under 2 hours
<lfam>So did you set up a fan for it?
<lfam>2 hours is pretty good for something like that.
<efraim>it comes with a fan, I made sure the antenna for the wifi didn't interfere with the fan
<efraim>ACTION afk for a bit
<efraim>i pushed the pspp update after building it on the firefly
<efraim>and then reverted it after seeing it fail on x86_64 and i686
<jackhill>Hi Guix! I'm trying to understand why two consecutive invocations of guix pull, build different derivations even though they are building the same commit:
<jackhill>Is it because guix-latest-builder input is different because the first invocation of guix pull chnaged its hash?
<lfam>jackhill: I'm not sure. Can you ask on <>?
<jackhill>lfam: sure.
<freecap77>Hi, I try “guix environment --ad-hoc guix guile-git --pure -- guix pull” and works! (thanks to wigust). But "guix pull" command still not working, it's say "guile-git" not have installed and need it to work. Anyone with this error?
<lfam>freecap77: It's expected. You need guile-git available to run `guix pull`. You can either install the guile-git package or continue to use `guix environment`.
<freecap77>I have installed guile-git package
<freecap77>and apply environment variables suggest by guix pull output
<freecap77>but still not working
<freecap77>I use "guix package -i guile-git"
<ng0>do we have a guideline on how to treat such absolute paths? data/mageia.layout:26:launcher-location=/usr/share/applications/mate-terminal.desktop
<ng0>those are not included files, they reference external files
<ng0>the problem is it must work for Guix *and* GuixSD... I would have no problem if it were just GuixSD.
<ng0>oh.. my thoughts were too narrow
<ng0>I can point to the files in the outs of the store?
<ng0>but then I would unnecessary inputs..
<ng0>damn layouts.
<ng0>it's just examples.. and the "default.layout" has no such references
<ng0>so maybe we can just "live with it"?
<ng0>Mate says they consider themselves "close to distros", so maybe we should disregard the files as they target specific defaults for other operating systems
<efraim>i bet you can ignore the mageia one
<ng0>there are more, it was just an example. But I chose to ignore them as the default has no file names in it
<cbaines>Is anyone around that could take a look at #28021 ( )?
<cbaines>I'd like to merge it soon, as without fixing the PID file issue, you can't depend on Memcached from other services
<lfam>cbaines: I thought it made sense when I read it. I'd say that if it works for you, go ahead
<lfam>Sorry I never replied to say LGTM.
<cbaines>lfam, great, I'll merge that shortly then :)
<jackhill>lfam: actually, I just did the same thing again (guix pull; guix pull) and this time the second derivation was the same as the first, so it didn't build again. I'm happy now as I think it's because some of the inputs changed. Do you think it is still worth it to write to guix-help (I'm inclined to say no)
<rekado>cbaines: looks good to me
<lfam>jackhill: It's up to you. It depends on if you want further clarification or not
<lfam>I suggested emailing help-guix because nobody had answered you
<jackhill>lfam: ah, okay. I just didn't want to disappoint anyone if they were hoping to see a conversation on that topic.
<lfam>I guess if you feel satisfied, then no need to send the email. There is... a very large number of emails.
<lfam>But if not, please send it. We don't want people to feel confused. And sometimes confusion is the result of a bug
<ng0>but also, confussion itself is a bug :)
<ng0>I'm motivated to get this lite version of GNOME working
<ng0>I think I'm 70% there
<ng0>desktop loads is a good indication :)
<ng0>just no one wants only a desktop with no panel and no settings functional, so I have to add some more packages
<jackhill>Just the process of composing the email helped me understand it a bit better. I'll send mail if I'm still confused in a little bit.
<jackhill>I appreciate the advice and sentiments about wanting to squash confusion ☺
<lfam>jackhill: That happens to me all the time! I spend all day writing a bug report and at the end of the day I have a patch instead ;)
<lfam>Rubber duck debugging
<ng0>oh. does core-update have gdk-pixbuf 3 by any chance?
<ng0>I could just add it as a new package though gdk-pixbuf
<ng0>I new gdk-3 >=3.14.0
<ng0>ah. gdk =|= gdk-pixbuf
<ng0>"gtk+:bin" it is