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<fr33domlover_>I have Guix installed on top of Trisqel
<fr33domlover_>How do I see Japanese characters?
<fr33domlover_>IceCat fails to display any, utox too
<fr33domlover_>I installed one of the package suggested in the docs, with 'jp' output
<roelj>fr33domlover_: Have you set the GUIX_LOCPATH environment variable after installing the glibc-locales package?
<fr33domlover_>roelj: hmm it seems to be set in .bashrc
<roelj>fr33domlover_: Ok. Do you also have fonts installed that contain/can display Japanese characters?
<fr33domlover_>roelj: Yes I installed one (using guix)
<fr33domlover_>I closed the X session, started it again
<fr33domlover_>Opened IceCat
<fr33domlover_>Went to Japanese wikipedia
<fr33domlover_>Still displays rectangles in place of letters :P
<efraim>you might need to run `fc-cache' first after installing the fonts
<fr33domlover_>efraim: should that command come from guix or host distro?
<Apteryx>fr33domlover_: I think you have to manually run fc-cache for the time being, as efraim said. It seems we haven't figured out yet how to automate this as a profile hook.
<Apteryx>fr33domlover_: from guix
<Apteryx>fonts are not shared between guix and host
<Apteryx>(correct me if I'm wrong)
<Apteryx>I'm still very interested to learn about a voice recognition driven solution for using a PC without typing, if anyone has ideas.
<fr33domlover_>Apteryx: thanks
<bavier>in our patch tracker, do we have a convention to indicate that someone is in the process of reviewing a patch?
<efraim>bavier: I don't think so
<efraim>looks like gcc@7.2 was released
<efraim>testing gcc-toolchain@7.2 and gfortran@7.2 on aarch64 now
<jonsger>I hope cuirass will be deployed soon :P
<sneek>Welcome back jonsger, you have 1 message.
<sneek>jonsger, atw says: I found out the form factor of the 9360. It's M.2, but I don't know the key type. ref: . I also found which indicates that on this specific model of the XPS 13, graphics is intel and wireless is ath10k. Support for both should be good. ath10k:
<mog>sneek, i have this laptop for work
<mog>it is intel and ath10k
<mog>at least mine is
<jonsger>mog: you know that sneek is a bot?
<mog>i wasnt paying attention no... ):
<mog>but what atw said to you is accurate...
<efraim>i thought the ath10k was non-free?
<mog>it needs a blob yes
<ng0>Okay, I might almost have a working MATE base. Now there's one thing: I have an issue which is similar to this solution, after the build of mate-panel finishes, it wants to run lots of ldconfig stuff. Anyone got an applicable solution for us?
<ng0>maybe we have a package where this is already encountered and solved?
<ng0>anyway, I have to go. I'll search some more and then send questions to the list