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<paroneayea>ACTION about to do the unthinkable... live edit a config file set up by guix
<paroneayea>here be dragons
<paroneayea>oh wait, I might not have to
<adfeno>I mean: As far as I'm aware, in GNUnet, content is *advertised* to other peers until at 6 months after the last "seed".
<pmikkelsen>hi guix
<tetero>pmikkelsen: The channel echoes from the decays of your voice bouncing off the cold brick walls of the dimly lit basement. There is a coin on the floor. There is an ominous presence. What do you do?
<pmikkelsen>tetero: very poetic ;) I might be wrong and I don't know where I've got the idea from, but is it right that many guix devs are from europe?
<paroneayea>hey pmikkelsen
<paroneayea>many are, but I'm in the US :)
<pmikkelsen>Its great to have people from different timezones. Always someone to help :)
<adfeno>I'm a Guix packager, not a dev, but I'm from Brazil :)
<adfeno>2017-08-12T20:10-0300 here
<paroneayea>adfeno: nice ISO 8601 date :)
<adfeno>paroneayea: Yep :)
<adfeno>Got ERC to show it everytime someone types.
<adfeno>Although I'm looking at it, and I think I missed the seconds.
<pmikkelsen>With all the recent fuzz about the meson build system (thinking about gnome), would it make sense for us to make a meson-build-system?
<tetero>pmikkelsen: I'll go with yes
<pmikkelsen>tetero: do you know if anyone is working on it?
<tetero>pmikkelsen: meson? I wouldn't know.
<tetero>I'm a Common Lisp guy.
<pmikkelsen>I am not a meson user myself, I was just wondering
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<wingo>paroneayea: rather i noticed the reverse! that it was not renewing
<wingo>didn't fix it tho
<tetero>Hmm. Guix is getting stuck at 'waiting for partition my-root' at boot. I used the barebones config, and a btrfs filesystem (directly on the drive, not a partition, with the btrfs label my-root). I'm guessing that's why. Where exactly do I specify the root filesystem by uuid?
<tetero>Do I still use the config.scm after installing?
<temp_trisquel>Is non-free art/music allowed in Guix packages?
<efraim>what should I put in my .profile for GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH for offloading?
<temp_trisquel>There is a bad package.
<Gamayun>Non-functional data part...
<temp_trisquel>They have included downloader for add-ons.
<temp_trisquel>Add-ons can be licensed under any CC license.
<temp_trisquel>Including non-free.
<Gamayun>Sounds like grey area then.
<temp_trisquel>Will the downloader be removed/filtered?
<Gamayun>Would you like it to be? Presumably it is not non-free itself, just promotes non-free add-ons?
<temp_trisquel>I want it to be removed.
<Gamayun>Something for the mailing list then...
<Gamayun>Are the add-ons only maps, scenarios and artwork? If so, presumably the only problematic CC licenses are non-commercial ones... Are such add-ons available?
<temp_trisquel>Only art and music can be licensed under any CC.
<temp_trisquel>Anything else is GPL, I think.
<Gamayun>I think that merits an email to guix-devel ;)
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<cehteh>will any of the Guix people be at FrOSCon next weekend?