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<Apteryx>Hello Guix! Is there such a thing as a non-breaking space in the texinfo (.texi) format?
<Apteryx>Apparently no.
<Apteryx>davexunit: cool! Thanks!
<Apteryx>It works :)
<Apteryx>If anyone is using a bluetooth keyboards I'm about to send a patch that allows configuring the bluetooth service to turn the bluetooth controllers on at boot.
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<ng0>It would be awesome if more fonts would be versioned… most of these font websites are like, whatever just take the font download and leave me alone don't bother me with your 'versions'
<ng0>maybe we could use to "version" them... but that's a bad idea to put a single PB sized host of failure in the middle.
<adfeno>+1 about versioning...
<adfeno>... although I'm not sure if using is a good idea.
<ng0>yes, it was sarcasm
<adfeno>Particularly because of no responses in regards to [[]].
<ng0>I have switched font-google-noto to font-build-system. I'll go through the module a bit more and see if I can make some more build-system movements
<ng0>(for-each (cut install-file <> (string-append fonts "/webfonts")) (find-files source "\\\\.(css|eot|svg|woff|woff2)$")) the find-files is still correct, or is there some other form I have to take and forgot? This just failed for me.. or at least I assume so. Could also be that the font-build-system doesn't deal very well with scripts being in the source which patch-shebang wants to patch
<ng0>I'll try if this is really the case, deleting the scripts
<ng0>nevermind, something is missing.
<ng0>gnu/packages/javascript.scm:36:10: gnu/packages/javascript.scm:36:10: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: font-mathjax
<ng0>did someone commit to javascript?
<ng0>but not recently.. maybe I just need to clean
<efraim>the chromium package posted to guix-patches, is that for core-updates?
<lfam>I'm working a new build system, which is not something I've tried before. I'm looking at the python-build-system for inspiration. Something I don't understand is where PYTHONPATH is created and exported.
<efraim>i think its something special about python
<lfam>Or maybe it's inherited from gnu-build-system and constructed out of search-paths and native-search-paths
<efraim>i finally set up a core-updates folder with git worktree, so far so good with compiling from both directories simultaneously
<efraim>perhaps it is inherited, but I'm pretty sure its a python specific thing, like how until just recently we had vdirsyncer propagated by khal
<efraim>where it doesn't link and pull in dependencies
<lfam>I think it's from set-paths:
<lfam>The propagation of vdirsyncer by khal was... a mistake :)
<janneke>my suspend to ram is broken, it seems that wakeup reboots
<ng0>efraim: why coreupdates?
<efraim>"It requires the new ld wrapper from 'core-updates'"
<ng0>this might explain my crash
<efraim>i'm building out to it now, right now my main aarch64 dev machine is building node and nss
<ng0>though the version before it, which I keep in my packages repository works
<ng0>so some things changed
<ng0>I'm enjoying a slide show of 0ad… need to look into more recent videocards
<ng0>the strategy part is to stay calm with the very slow mouse movement
<ng0>even on worst graphics settings
<efraim>nss or node is testing with emails between bob and alice, but is an actual site
<efraim>don't think I've tried building 0ad on aarch64 yet
<janneke>going to revert to kernel 4.10.12 and poking through bios...any better ideas?
<efraim>what about a more recent 4.9 kernel?
<efraim>bleh building 0ad might have to be later, don't want to build webkitgtk right now
<janneke>ah, is that more stable/recent? but okay, trying kernel is good idea i take it
<lfam>efraim: Pet peeve!
<lfam>efraim: Does it matter in the build chroot?
<lfam>I was talking about the emails. Building webkitgtk is annoying, too
<efraim>probably not, but it'd be better to use actual fake domains
<lfam>Yeah, that test is bogus.
<lfam>An actual bogus test
<efraim> if anyone wants to package some joke packages :)
<ng0>aaand the game crashed :) more slow is more good ;D
<ng0>or at least it hangs without sound and exit
<ng0>how free is OpenRA? Are there any files you need to add for it to function, or is it just functional out of the box?
<ng0>reading the page, looks featureful without any dependencies on the old games
<ng0>yeah, I assume it's alright
<janneke>efraim: 4.9.90 and supsend works again, yay!
<jmi2k>Hi, `guix pull` is telling me that guile-git is not installed, and that I have to install it manually. Shouldn't it be a dependency of Guix itself?
<bavier`>jmi2k: it is now, but you're pulling from an earlier version of guix
<efraim>jmi2k: you can also run `guix environment guix -- guix pull'
<pmikkelsen>hi guix!
<cbaines>hey pmikkelsen
<pmikkelsen>cabines: I can confirm that the 0ad update worked, I just had a game ;)
<pmikkelsen>oops I misspelled your name
<cbaines>pmikkelsen, Great :)
<pmikkelsen>anyways, I have come to discuss what parts of guix I can contribute to. I am currently in a position with alot of spare time, and I want to spend time on free software that I use. Do you have anything special for me?
<cbaines>pmikkelsen, I think there is loads of potential with Guix, are you interested in any particular areas?
<pmikkelsen>not really, I am pretty open for anything
<pmikkelsen>Just want to give a hand :)
<bavier`>pmikkelsen: our reproducibility efforts could use some more attention, if you're into that sort of thing
<cbaines>pmikkelsen, have you written any Guix packages or services yet, that might be a good place to start if you haven't?
<ng0>open for anything is difficult to give you something.. if you want to give firefox a try, I have that. Or basically everything all across the choice of applications and some webservices etc
<pmikkelsen>I have written a few packages, and I have a couple I want to package at some point
<pmikkelsen>ng0: sorry, I just wanted to say that I didn't have anything special in mind
<cbaines>pmikkelsen, the main thing on my TODO list is getting some more services in, e.g. MongoDB, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, ...
<pmikkelsen>Okay, I don't know how services work yet, so I think I will have a look at that, and then come back later if thats allright
<cbaines>one really exciting, but probably difficult thing I think might be possible, is a Kubernetes CNI for Guix. Guix can do single machine stuff really well, and Kubernetes is popular for managing lots of machines together, and writing a CNI (Container Native Interface) would allow them to talk together.
<cbaines>pmikkelsen, looking at services is probably good if you have the time
<cbaines>also, using Guix is a worthwhile thing to do, if you haven't got to that point already
<pmikkelsen>I have been using GuixSD as my primary system for some months now
<cbaines>good good :D
<buenouanq>way to be
<buenouanq>the only way to be
<buenouanq>I hope to never have to use anything else.
<buenouanq>I have never been this pleased with an OS before.
<pmikkelsen>buenouanq: same same
<pmikkelsen>I have not tried guix on another distro tho, but I suppose it is nice too
<ng0>I see myself getting into complications with JS, Java etc when I'll get there with university courses. Could be that it's just as easy as with other systems. I found posts by wingo on v8, etc
<paroneayea>we really need to move to content addressed storage with community p2p mirroring in guix so GNU survives in case of a partial apocalypse ;)
<ng0>But I have enough computers to just install Debian or something somewhere for a while
<ng0>just using GuixSD would be cool
<bavier`>I wonder if you could even debootstrap inside a guix container :P
<ng0>we're getting there
<ng0>sooner or later though
<ng0>paroneayea: I have the bad habbit of keeping paper notes.. need to write down on electronic "paper" what I have in ideas and roadmap and discussions on that matter ;)
<ng0>*on that topic
<paroneayea>ng0: hey, a good habit in case we're without electricity for a while ;)
<pmikkelsen>ng0: sure, I also used to have another box with debian, but sadly it doesn't work anymore. I guess hardware doesn't last forever ;)
<ng0>the 22 (or more?) years old 32bit computer I had to throw away in working condition (full metal box) says otherwise.. but yeah
<ng0>hm.. 22? more like 18 or 19 years
<ng0>paroneayea: also see my last email on the list for specifically this topic. We've been active, kind-of-sort-of but not really public (or in any transparent way)
<ng0>pmikkelsen: if you want a big selection of packages or services, even if it's just for inspiration, shoot me an email.
<pmikkelsen>ng0: okay I'll remember that, but first I need to learn about services
<ng0>this sounded unintentionally like a bad sales advertisment. … I just have lots of stuff I work on occasionally, and will soon have less time at my hands (probably)
<ng0>ok :)
<ng0>okay, I have to go. good night
<pmikkelsen>see you later