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<Apteryx>Could anyone tell me what symlink* does different than symlink?
<dustyweb>Apteryx: well it has a star at the end, for one! :)
<Apteryx>ah, thanks ;)
<Apteryx>Doesn't seem to be documented.
<dustyweb>Apteryx: I don't know, let's see if we can find it through a grep of source code :)
<nckx>Apteryx: symlink* seems to be defined twice (in gnu/build/install.scm and guix/build/union.scm) as a very local thing.
<Apteryx>Ah, I think it's the one in union.scm
<Apteryx>I should have noticed it's defined internally to it... duh
<dustyweb>in fact I'm not even seeing symlink* in the default repl
<Apteryx>Thanks for the help :)
<nckx>That just looks like it's a verbose symlink.
<dustyweb>you're talking about in guix :)
<dustyweb>no wonder I couldn't find it :)
<dustyweb>I thought I was in #guile!
<Apteryx>I thought it was some standard thing in Guile at first
<dustyweb>ACTION is so helpful today ;p
<nckx>I had to double-check the channel too.
<paroneayea>heh :)
<davexunit>there's no public symlink* procedure
<davexunit>the only occurrences of symlink* in the code are in gnu/build/install.scm and guix/build/union.scm
<Apteryx>I was looking at union.scm.
<davexunit>in both cases, symlink* is an inner function
<davexunit>it's a simple function
<nckx>Dang. I should have said ‘inner function’ instead of ‘very local thing’. Sounds a lot more professional.
<Apteryx>Yeah, apparently I needed help to figure that one out... Eh! Should go to bed :)
<davexunit>it just calls symlink, but uses the scope function to prepend some stuff to form the complete file name
<Apteryx>Yeah, it's just outputing some message + doing the usual symlink thing.
<davexunit>I don't see any message being output in symlink*
<nckx>davexunit: in union.scm.
<Apteryx> (format log-port "`~a' ~~> `~a'~%" input output) in union.scm yes
<Apteryx>Funny thing is that Geiser is not able to resolve the symbol, so it sent me looking at Guile Reference and I couldn't find a thing ;)
<Apteryx>I'm just trying to add a /etc/bluetooth/main.conf file with too lines in it for the bluetooth-service, and that's proving challenging somehow.
<Apteryx>*two lines
<Apteryx>I think I'll edit file-union in services.scm so that it supports mkdir'ing the parent directory hierarchy of the file I want to create if it doesn't exist.
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<efraim>is find-files recursive?
<efraim>seems yes
<rekado_>sneek later tell paroneayea Looks like Firefox (and thus Icecat) includes hardcoded directories from where it will allow loading of media plugins. This might be why WebRTC doesn’t work in later versions.
<sneek>rekado_, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>rekado_, lfam says: efraim: Looks like redirecting between gitlab projects is indeed not possible:
<sneek>rekado_, lfam says: efraim: Oops, wrong link.
<sneek>Got it.
<paroneayea>rekado_: hm!
<sneek>paroneayea, you have 1 message.
<sneek>paroneayea, rekado_ says: Looks like Firefox (and thus Icecat) includes hardcoded directories from where it will allow loading of media plugins. This might be why WebRTC doesn’t work in later versions.
<Apteryx>rekado_: Interesting! I was wondering why WebRTC is broken in our IceCat build (well it can send video after I enable something related to peers in about:config, but cannot receive it)
<notor_guix>How can I setup tor-service on Guix?
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<mekeor>notor_guix: hello :)
<guix_notor>No help needed on tor-service.
<guix_notor>I have another problem.
<guix_notor>sudoedit /etc/config.scm
<guix_notor>sudoedit: /usr/bin/vi: command not found
<brendos>guix pull tells me guile-git is not available even after i install it. anyone familiar with this error?
<guix_notor>What can I do?
<guix_notor>There is no /usr.
<efraim>brendos: i think you need to set GUILE_LOAD_PATH, i've been using `guix environment guix -- guix pull'
<brendos>ah ok. it does notify me to export some variables after i install it but thats never caused trouble for me before
<brendos>now i get guix pull mkdir insufficient permissions
<guix_notor>I need to edit config.
<dadinn>hi all
<davexunit>heh, people know to use 'guix environment' better than me, and I wrote it. I did `guix package -i guile-git && guix pull`
<dadinn>has anyone tried guix on hosted on osx? would it work? would it work together with homebrew?
<davexunit>dadinn: it doesn't work.
<davexunit>there is nothing in guix that will compile software for darwin
<guix_notor>Also, how can I used default config for tor-service?
<guix_notor>I want to use default config with added ~ 2 lines and hidden service.
<davexunit>dadinn: it would be cool, but I'm not sure if it is even known if we can compile for darwin using a fully free toolchain.
<davexunit>and I also don't know how many guix developers even use osx, so maybe there's no one around to do the work.
<rekado_>davexunit, dadinn: AFAIU we cannot.
<rekado_>we would need to use at least parts of Xcode.
<davexunit>ah, bummer.
<rekado_>but we might be able to use that to generate bootstrap binaries
<rekado_>I just don’t know what the legal implications are
<rekado_>another problem is that there’s no currently maintained port of glibc for Darwin AFAIK.
<dadinn>would it work for downloading binary archive packages only?
<dadinn>I suppose anything which depends on kernel calls would not be compatible
<rekado_>dadinn: with Guix we compile every package from source, down to the bootstrap binaries.
<guix_notor>I need to setup tor-service.
<rekado_>dadinn: I don’t see how we could even build binaries without depending on Xcode.
<guix_notor>Where can I find default config?
<rekado_>guix_notor: what have you tried?
<efraim>guix_notor: its outlined in the manual
<rekado_>guix_notor: have you read the manual yet?
<guix_notor>rekado_: In the manual, they're saying I need a config file.
<guix_notor>rekado_: I don't know where can I find it and where should I place it.
<rekado_>guix_notor: you can place it anywhere and reference it from /etc/config.scm
<guix_notor>rekado_: Where can I get default config?
<rekado_>guix_notor: take a look at the etc directory of the tor package’s output.
<dadinn>rekado_: no worries, I am just setting up my work laptop, and had to choose mac or windows, so I bit the bullet, and choose the lesser evil
<guix_notor>rekado_: Do I need to install tor package? My account name is not "tor".
<guix_notor>rekado_: *username
<rekado_>dadinn: I’m curious: *which* is the lesser evil…? :)
<dadinn>it would have been nice to use guix side by side with homebrew at least
<rekado_>guix_notor: you don’t need to install it. Just run “guix build tor”
<rekado_>somewhat ironically it appears to be easier to cross-compile software for Windows than it is to build software for Mac.
<dadinn>rekado_: I am selfish, so lesser evil = less painful
<guix_notor>Also, my xboard is broken.
<guix_notor>When I'm running any engine, it crashes.
<guix_notor>GNU Chess is installed.
<rekado_>guix_notor: I’m not using xboard. Would you like to debug this and try to come up with a fix?
<guix_notor>It looks like xboard cannot find it.
<guix_notor>It works when I'm using LC_ALL=POSIX
<guix_notor>But not working without it.
<guix_notor>My language is ru_RU.utf8
<rekado_>guix_notor: do you have glibc-locales installed and GUIX_LOCPATH set? (You are using GuixSD now, right?)
<guix_notor>rekado: No, no, yes.
<guix_notor>rekado_ *
<guix_notor>rekado_: I'm away.
<mekeor>ACTION sees that there is an undocumented variable called tor-configuration in (guix networking)
<mekeor>ACTION ... err, (gnu services networking), i mean
<guix_notor>I'm back.
<guix_notor>rekado_: I have built Tor.
<guix_notor>rekado_: Also, I have set variables, but xboard is still not working.
<rekado_>git 2.14.0 fails to build on my machine.
<rekado_>one of the many tests fail.
<lfam>rekado_: Are you on i686?
<sneek>Welcome back lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, efraim says: I got gccgo to compile go, currently its failing to find ld, so its almost there.
<lfam>efraim: Nice!
<rekado_>lfam: no, this is on x86_64
<rekado_>(I do have a i686 machine that needs updating.)
<lfam>Hm. I saw somebody else had a test failure for that Git release, but I couldn't reproduce it on my x86_64 Debian system
<adfeno>rekado_: Are you by chance upgrading/updating the packages right now?
<guix_notor>rekado_: Can you help?
<rekado_>adfeno: upgrading what packages?
<adfeno>I mean: is the failure a result from attempting to "update/upgrade"-related Guix commands?
<rekado_>I still don’t understand.
<rekado_>The failure is some failing test when building git.
<adfeno>I once did guix pull recently, then got the latest version of git package recipes as normal, however, I tried to guix package -u root's package list, and that's when I also got a git test failing.
<lfam>If you don't have time to debug it, you could send it to bug-guix and CC mbakke :)
<guix_notor>rekado_: Where can I find default Tor config?
<rekado_><rekado_> guix_notor: take a look at the etc directory of the tor package’s output.
<rekado_>have you tried that?
<adfeno>I solved my issue thanks to a hint given by my second attempt to do guix pull. It hinted me that I would need to install guile-git in the root's profile and add some environment variables.
<guix_notor>rekado_: Where can I find it?
<rekado_>ACTION leaves
<guix_notor>rekado_: There are two directories in /gnu/store
<guix_notor>rekado_: *two Tor directories
<adfeno>guix_notor: I wonder which one you're currently using...
<adfeno>guix_notor: Assuming tor is installed: guix package -I tor should print the current tor installed.
<guix_notor>tor is built, not installed
<lfam>guix_notor: So, you built tor with `guix build tor`?
<guix_notor>lfam: Yes.
<lfam>guix_notor: Okay. This command should take you to the 'etc/' directory of the Tor output, as suggested above:
<lfam>cd $(guix build tor)/etc
<lfam>I don't have Tor built or installed, so I can't say for sure there is a default config in there, or that an 'etc/' directory exists there.
<adfeno>lfam: +1
<adfeno>I also don't have it installed, nor do I use it.
<guix_notor>Which place is better to copy Tor config in GuixSD?
<lfam>It seems like not that many people are currently in the channel who can help with this, so if you need more help, please write an email to <> that clearly explains what you are trying to do, what sort of OS system you are using, and what is not working.
<lfam>On GuixSD we have a Tor system service, which is documented in the manual, section Networking Services. You might also find examples of how to configure it on our mailing list archives or by searching the web. It would be nice to add an example to the manual so it's more clear.
<guix_notor>I need to copy config in some place to be used by tor-service.
<lfam>Here's something I found by searching the web:
<lfam>Okay, unfortunately, I don't have more time to help with this. Good luck and please send a question to help-guix if you get stuck
<lfam>Now that `guix pull` builds from a Git checkout, the Guix version string is a commit hash (yay!). Before that change, is there any possibility of reversing a version string like 'guix (GNU Guix) 20170802.20' back to the commit?
<lfam>I suppose I don't know what the trailing '20' is
<ng0>lfam: woops. A long forgotten public draft. I need to fix that up once guix can build again on low memory machines. But even back then I just wrote down what I knew from practical experience and reading the documentation of tor.
<lfam>ng0: At least it shows an example of how to pass a configuration file to the service. Even that is useful
<ng0>I think it's all about understanding the right words.. like "the torrc can be passed as an file-like object".. coming from systems where you just edit a /etc/tor/torrc or /etc/conf.f/tor or something, you'll be puzzled about this without any explanation and most people don't have the habit of consulting more than 1 documentation (even if we'd like to have everyone read the Guile documentation or improve other
<ng0>of course if you don't know how to configure tor, that won't safe you the time from reading their documentation, and it's just wrong that other systems do that.. leads to lots of "maybe-right" information which is often not system-specific and only generic and would better be placed in upstream documentation, and system specific documentation should just be an annotation to upstream. Or even *be* in upstream as
<ng0>a system-specific note. But we can't have everything..
<ng0>fyi, I'm giving firefox-latest (whatever version I started with packaging) a try and the rust integration needed for the build isn't that big.. or I'll still have to make it build and hit an not so obvious wall.
<ng0>I didn't write this out of the blue, it's just an association I had while reading this:
<ng0>maybe it's interesting for some of you, a preview on what's coming up with firefox 57, or at least a long story about it.
<ng0>which is a long way to come for ff-esr though
<nckx>ng0: Thanks. I'd heard about their new campaign/focus/whatever.
<nckx>Oh. The link, it does nothing. Oh well.
<nckx>...because of course it blocks Tor users. Cloudflare: we've forked the Internet, so fork you.
<ng0>just a moment
<nckx>Thanks :-) I'd used a similar workaround, just needed to vent.
<nckx>Didn't realise a.o was that reactive.
<nckx>(The archived link still fails to load in TBB, by the way, but never mind.)
<ng0>probably depends on JS
<nckx>It depends on a whole lot of things that a static article never should. It's line upon line of JS insanity that culminates in code to print an ASCII-art logo to the console.
<nckx>I just noped straight out at that point.
<ng0>I should write something to just extract text of such texts and dump it on my server
<nckx>(There's no content anywhere on that page. It's all loaded i—aah. Anyway. My doctor told me to stop looking at HTML5.)
<ng0>I mean in general it would be nice to have as a script, It's easy. Not that I'd do it now for this page.
<ng0>wow, hard. this is the first website which was just blank in lynx.
<nckx>I'm very tempted to ask why you'd think it would be easy, but luckily for your free time I have to go.
<nckx>ng0: I've tried elinks and links2 already, too ;-)
<nckx>ACTION → afk
<ng0>I have something about gajim where I'm not really quick in replying.. about the plugins. Would anyone like to deal with them? I know that it isn't enough what they propose, but I can't come up with an sufficient enough explanation in the time I currently have
<ng0>they seem to not hvae understood what I tried to tell them
<efraim>lfam: I skipped the tests on go-1.8.3 and now i'm getting ERROR: In procedure put-bytevector: Value out of range: 0 from grafting go
<lfam>efraim: It's the same error I got trying to build 1.9.0rc1 :(
<lfam>Did you see that thread?
<lfam>Not so good :/
<lfam>I didn't try debugging it yet
<lfam>Are there any other packages with names that are two characters long and versions that are five characters long?
<lfam>Actually, maybe the version length is irrelevant, since it fails for both 1.8.3 and 1.9.0rc1
<lfam>Of course, it's possible that Mark's hunch is wrong, too
<efraim>i'll have to look more at it later, i was still working on go on aarch64
<efraim>syncthing v0.14.32 "Dysprosium Dragonfly" (go1.8.3 linux-arm64) nixbld@localhost 1970-01-01 00:00:01 UTC [noupgrade]
<lfam>Okay, send me patches if you want me to test something on x86_64