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<mekeor>hellou guix :)
<mekeor>ACTION is now back for guix after exams :)
<lfam>Welcome back mekeor!
<duckl>Is there logs in guix sd
<duckl>I can't find syslog
<duckl>I need help
<duckl>I can't find syslog
<duckl>In guixsd
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<efraim>sneek: later tell ng0 looks like efl@1.20.1 and python[2]-efl@1.20 are out, test building them now on aarch64
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<ng0>efraim: but why?
<sneek>Welcome back ng0, you have 1 message.
<sneek>ng0, efraim says: looks like efl@1.20.1 and python[2]-efl@1.20 are out, test building them now on aarch64
<efraim>sneek: later tell lfam I got gccgo to compile go, currently its failing to find ld, so its almost there.
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>because you seem to be actually using it more than I am :)
<ng0>efl... enlightenment?
<efraim>with your work on trying to fix the backlight issues
<efraim>and their sbin binaries
<efraim>and if it builds on aarch64 it generally works everywhere else
<efraim>ACTION has to go
<ng0>I use almost exclusively another WM.. I just like to fix things
<ng0>ok :)
<ng0>I might pick that up again when the bureaucratic stuff I have now is over
<ng0>tomorrow 2 appointments, and depending on how that works out, two or three more and then hoping that "you'll get money starting in October" is actually an "internal letter" following no law so that I don't have to take on a credit for september.
<efraim>Oh wow that sounds like bureaucracy fun
<ng0>having it in paper for mwas even more fun, before I got some good advice I didn't see it clear because of emotions towards one party involved. I thought at the end of July with the two letters I got I wouldn#t have any money at alluntil university starts. Isn't that easy to get a job around here.
<ng0>I just want to move on to the next stage though… were I have money issues because of university :D
<temp_trisquel>How can I setup tor-service and hidden service?
<ng0>I will now set you to ignore, because even I have an end to patience.
<temp_trisquel>ng0: Why?
<snape>My x200 can't recover from auto turning off screen, since last week. Has anyone seen this? It was a long time since I hadn't upgraded Guix so I'm not sure when the bug appeared. I'm even not sure it's a software bug.
<quigonjinn>snape: you mean from going into screensaver?
<ng0>temp_trisquel: it is called "Reference Manual" for a reason. Asking question based on having read it avoids an endless repetition of question - answer. I told you that it's in the documentation. I doubt you have read it, or otherwise you'd ask different questions. Or return with different nicks and ask basic questions. But if you indeed have a problem with
<ng0>reading in general, than I am sorry but your sneek flooding and circle questions just was enough for me.
<snape>quigonjinn: not sure. I don't have screensaver so my screen is black and remains black
<snape>I mean it is off, not black
<snape>there is no light
<ng0>temp_trisquel: But I'm also under lots of stress, so don't take it personally. I'll unmute you in a while.
<quigonjinn>snape: I've had this happen to me, when going into screensaver while vlc is playing
<quigonjinn>screensaver/screen turning off like you say
<snape>quigonjinn: what about when VLC is not playing?
<quigonjinn>snape: no other instances of the bug. now, i just use xset, to disable the functionality before running vlc, and then enable it again
<ng0>it oculd also be that our very well written documentation has a language barrier. we will never know unless someone tells us about it
<ng0>and until this happens we can only assume that you haven't read
<snape>quigonjinn: how do you disable the functionnality with xset?
<snape>I guess -dpms
<snape>oh no. it's the 's' option
<quigonjinn>snape: yes 'xset -dpms' and 'xset s off'. I Don't know if both are needed though
<snape>ok thanks. But it's just a workaround, I like having my screen off :)
<ng0>dpms is just for energy saving features iirc
<ng0>but I set both to off when I want to watch a movie
<snape>quigonjinn: since when does it happen?
<ng0>also ALLCAPS IS LIKE YELLING INTO A ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE. it's not nice, it won't get you any help and it will only get negative attention. hence, people are not really jumping to help you.
<ng0>ACTION goes back to doing stuff
<quigonjinn>snape: it happened about two weeks ago for the first time. But the version of guix I had been running was from about the 1st of July.
<quigonjinn>I don't know if there's a way to find the commit a previous generation was built from
<ng0>I can only imagine a kernel update or hardware problems
<ng0>(meaning, kernel update to newer version caused issues with ypour screen)
<snape>it is not a kernel issue: I reproduced with an old kernel
<quigonjinn>In my case, i'm on a desktop, so it's not specific to x200-kernel interaction
<snape>what do you mean by desktop quigonjinn?
<quigonjinn>snape: I meant not ona laptop. So it *should* not be issues with your screen specifically, as ng0 suggested
<snape>It seems that the bug doesn't happen with reverts on last xf86-video-intel patches. to be confirmed.
<temp_trisquel>Blender (blender) must be removed from Guix.\\
<temp_trisquel>The logo is non-free and authors are saying it's non-free.
<slyfox>worth filing a bug
<ng0>I don't think we need to remove it. Read the exceptions here:
<ng0>I mean, that the logo causes any issue, not really
<nee`>The elixir x86_64 build is failing during 'check'.
<sneek>Welcome back nee`, you have 1 message.
<sneek>nee`, user_trisquel says: test
<atw>would an fprintd service be desirable?
<pmikkelsen>hi guix
<ng0>atw: sure, why not
<pmikkelsen>Hi, I have just added a harddisk to my system and want to make it my new home partition on GuixSD. Is there any simple way to do this?
<cbaines>pmikkelsen, I believe you have to shuffle the data around, but the change to your system configuration once that has happened shouldn't be that big
<cbaines>have you got a process in mind?
<pmikkelsen>allright, do you know if a 'guix system reconfigure' will be enough?
<pmikkelsen>or do i need a reinstall
<cbaines>You don't need to reinstall
<cbaines>guix system reconfigure should handle everything it handles, but you'll need to create the right partitions on the new disk, and copy the right data across
<pmikkelsen>okay thanks, I'll give it a go
<efraim>I think it would be 'cp -a' as root from the old home to the new and changing it in your OS-config.scm
<pmikkelsen>Just finished moving my home partition to a new disk. First attempt failed, but thanks to the rollback feature nothing went too bad!
<atw>ng0: yeah, it seems like something I
<atw>I'd want to configure as a service.
<atw>Came up because I'm looking at an X1 carbon. A bit OT, but does anyone know if they have BIOS whitelisting for the wireless card?
<ng0>All Lenovo laptops have this as far as I know
<efraim>Maybe the older models, but I think they stopped a few years ago
<efraim>Rather, I know they do om the older models, maybe not on the newer models
<ng0>X220 still has it, but it's older aswell
<ng0>X1 isn't that new either
<ng0>you could try
<atw>efraim, ng0: thanks. It's the 3rd gen (2015, I think). Maybe that's not whitelisted. I'll do some more research.
<atw>I'd really like to use/dogfood GuixSD, so iwlwifi would disqualify a machine unless I can change the card
<ng0>on top of that, Lenovo's Intel cards are sometimes crappy.
<ng0>is caja supposed to be able to run outside of MATE or is MATE exclusive MATE Desktop? I looked into getting to full MATE a while ago, compiling caja right now
<ng0>i mean… forget it. I can run nautilus here aswell, so it should work
<ng0>I'm trapped in emacs… "vc-git-registered: Symbol’s function definition is void: vc-git-root" upon trying to quit the normal way
<ng0>maybe I need to log back in or restart
<Apteryx>atw: Have you considered a Librem laptop? They run coreboot and the chips are selected carefully so that everything runs smoothly on free software. I've seen the actual machines yesterday at DebConf and they seem very well built. You can see those at
<ng0>and now it fixed itself. computer magic.
<ng0>(caja:3721): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.mate.caja.preferences' is not installed <- could this be caused by my extremely minimal WM?
<ng0>otoh.. I think mate-desktop must be present in the profile
<atw>Apteryx: I'll check it out
<atw> suggests that broadwell generation thinkpads might not be whitelisted but that skylake generation machines are. efraim, any more insight on this? I can't find evidence about broadwell being whitelist-free
<ng0>hm... configure: error: Package requirements (sm >= 1.0.0) … sm as in libsm?
<ng0>hm... dbus.. hrm
<ng0>** (mate-terminal:13238): WARNING **: Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files Im getting that with two of the three packages. I have dbus running. Is there something else I need?
<ng0>maybe it would just work if I wouldn't run this minimal wm..
<ng0>cool. Gentoo lists more dependencies, so I forgot some.
<efraim>Dbus errors are a pain for packaging since its not always clear if its working because of your environment or the package
<efraim>Do the other mate packages use gnu- or glib-or-gtk-build-system?
<ng0>I've just sent them to the caja bug, in case someone wants to try them out. I'm trying to relax a bit.. I was just trying to distract myself from the upcoming appointments tomorrow :/
<ng0>have 3 more workaholic packages, yw.
<ng0>are there some dbus problematic packages in guix I can look at tomorrow evening?
<efraim>I don't know if Tilda works on guixsd or not, I remember econnman needed python-dbus or similar to actually work
<Apteryx>If anyone has recommendations/experience regarding a voice recognition solution to remain functional (programming) without typing, I'd like to hear it!
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<ng0>efraim: we should make a enlightenment-meta or something once more is added. you need that terminalthing for the very basic, for starters.
<ng0>hm... is there something was node recently updated?
<ng0>or something with node in tis name
<ng0>hm. temporary glitch. I'm building lots of things on there right now, problem disappeared
<janneke>mescc now not only compiles tinycc, this tcc.mes compiler also runs and starts to work
<janneke>tcc.mes just compiled a trivial main.c to a valid .o file