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<joshuaBPMan_>hello guix!
<lfam>Howdy <joshuaBPMan_>
<rekado_>Hi Guix!
<rekado_>I just ran guix system init on an Ubuntu machine, but forgot to update the disk label, so now the thing fails to boot.
<rekado_>is there an easy way to override the disk info at boot?
<roptat>rekado_: maybe press 'e' on grub to temporarily edit the menu entry?
<roptat>or you could boot a liveCD to run e2label
<rekado_>I’m connected via serial console and I’m not fast enough to see GRUB.
<rekado_>(because I need to disconnect the serial interface, then issue a reset in the management interface, then restart the serial console.)
<rekado_>booting a liveCD remotely won’t work
<rekado_>I’m in the rescue REPL, though, so maybe there’s something I can do from there.
<roptat>I'd don't know the REPL enough to help you
<rekado_>that’s okay. Thanks for the hint with e2label.
<rekado_>ah, was fast enough this time to get into the GRUB console.
<temp_trisquel>I have forgot LUKS password but my HDD is mounted.
<temp_trisquel>I'm using installation USB.
<temp_trisquel>What can I do?
<temp_trisquel>Ah, I remembered it.
<garlox[m]>Hi guix. Developing a guix package for the first time using the "./pre-inst-env" approach, I notice it first bootstraps the whole compiler toolchain through compiling. That means it takes many hours until I have a working development environment. Is there are way around this? E.g. using the packages I already have on my system guix?
<garlox[m]>Ah, solved it myself. The hydra mirror must be manually authorized for the guix development checkout:
<garlox[m]>> sudo -E ./pre-inst-env guix archive --authorize <
<garlox[m]>It is documented here:
<temp_trisquel>GuixSD says my mouse is removed and then, almost immediately it's added again.
<temp_trisquel>Every [some short time].
<temp_trisquel>Sometimes it makes executing commands harder (I see only part of command).
<temp_trisquel>rekado: I have failed to install EFI GuixSD, so I'm installed BIOS.
<temp_trisquel>rekado_: iomem=relaxed causes reboot with unbootable OS.
<temp_trisquel>Will guix system reconfigure reinstall OS? I don't need OS to be reinstalled.
<temp_trisquel>I need to update packages.
<Gamayun>temp_trisquel: It will install updated packages, and change your OS configuration to point to those packages...
<temp_trisquel>Oh no. Because the "mouse spam", I can't see was guix system reconfigure successful.
<temp_trisquel>It spammed the whole screen. What can I do?
<temp_trisquel>How can I start Tor at boot on GuixSD?
<temp_trisquel>I also need Tor DNS.
<Apteryx>Hello Guix!
<ng0>sneek: later tell temp_triquel: It helps to read the documentation, which covers questions on system services, reconfigure, usage, etc
<temp_trisquel>sneek: later tell sneek: test
<temp_trisquel>I'm using Trisquel on this computer.
<temp_trisquel>sneek: later tell test
<temp_trisquel>sneek: later tell temp_trisquel: test
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<sneek>Got it.
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<Xe>why are you doing this here
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<user_trisquel>I want to ban sneek.
<user_trisquel>Just for fun.
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<user_trisquel>sneek: help
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<temp_trisquel>sneek: who is sneek
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<adfeno>Hi #guix! :) I just did `guix pull && guix package -u` and noticed that the build for Git 2.14.0 is failling here.
<adfeno>...phase 'check' fails after test "ok 12 - test disallow multiple asterisks in one word". The fail is as follows: [Makefile:36: test] Error 2. ... [Makefile:2415: test] Error 2.
<quigonjinn>is there a way, instead of passing the flag --no-bootloader to 'guix system ...', to integrate not installing grub in the configuration file?
<adfeno>About my git error from before: Fixed it by installing guile-git in root's profile
<temp_trisquel>Is DNS on port 53 allowed in tor-service?
<rekado_>I have a problem running “guix pull” on an installation from 0.13.0.
<rekado_>it tries to build guile-git, but the repository has moved:
<rekado_>“remote: Project 'amirouche/guile-git' was moved to 'guile-git/guile-git'”
<efraim>I thought there was supposed to be a 301 redirect
<efraim>mark reverted my guix-daemon patch that allowed the daemon to work on aarch64, time to figure out a fix
<efraim>and write up a talk proposal for august penguin
<efraim>this feels absurd to say as it now feels obvious, it seems indentation matters in our daemon code
<adfeno>efraim: Why it feels absurd and now feels obvious?
<efraim>i saw the other code intented but never bothered indenting my own if statements
<rekado_>hmm, so with this guile-git problem I cannot upgrade Guix on this machine :-/
<rekado_>efraim: indentation matters??
<efraim>either that or the stack on aarch64 doesn't need to be multiples of 16 on the board I'm testing
<efraim>guix build: error: build failed: cloning builder process: Invalid argument
<efraim>looks like indentation matters in #ifdef statements
<adfeno>efraim: #ifdef are you talking about Tab prefixed lines?
<adfeno>in Makefile files?
<efraim>i was working in nix/libstore/
<adfeno>At least in the case of make files, I know that Tab-prefixed lines denote *shell* commands.
<efraim>that I didn't know
<efraim>my original patch from february said "if statements are hard, fix this"
<lfam>efraim, rekado: I noticed that issue with the guile-git source previously, but the guile-git developer told me that he could not set up the redirection for some reason. I didn't push for a reason but maybe we should
<adfeno>So, one cannot use "ifdef [somestuff] [begin of line][some other stuff][begin of line][tab]ifdef [more stuff] ... and so on... because the second ifdef is an unknown command.
<efraim>i should really set up a .wgetpaste to paste to somewhere else
<rekado_>lfam: I think it’s weird that we build from source when running “guix pull”. It would be nicer not to have to build guile-git from source as a user of “guix pull”.
<lfam>Is it not eligible for substitution?
<efraim>i was thinking we could compile to .cache/guix/... and then copy to the store, and offer a `guix pull --full' or something to deal with ABI changes, rather than compile fully each time
<lfam>I'd rather not make the user think about ABI changes. We already get so many repeat questions about other things...
<adfeno>lfam: +1
<lfam>I'm not saying we should rule out any improvements, but I think people will get too confused by having to choose
<efraim>i haven't run `guix pull` on any box with 2 GB of ram in about 2 months since it takes hours
<rekado_>lfam: it never even looks for substitutes. It fetches the Guix repository archive and then goes straight to fetch guile-git.
<lfam>Room for improvement :)
<efraim>substitutes enabled?
<efraim>i worked on make-u-boot-package, soon it shouldn't cross-compile if its the same architecture
<lfam>If I prepare patches to upgrade the whole texlive system to 20170520, can you test that biber-2.7 works with it, rekado_?
<efraim>my libgo patch doesn't work on aarch64, but I think i traced the issue back to CGO, so I'm going to need to make it into a real patch and send it off to the list for testing on an x86_64 machine
<lfam>efraim: I'll test it if you explain how
<lfam>What branch would I test it on?
<efraim>it can be on main
<lfam>Okay, I'll build it now (my main tree is on core-updates)
<efraim>its needed for gccgo@7, which should then be able to be used in lieu of go@1.4 to compile go
<efraim>i think i just added it to the gcc@7 patches
<lfam>So, add it to the patches for gcc-7 and then what steps should I take?
<efraim>go produces a binary at /gnu/store/...-go/bin/go?
<efraim>copy gccgo-4.9 and rename to gccgo-7
<efraim>and then in golang change ("go" ,go-1.4) to ("go" ,gccgo-7)
<efraim>and I think that should be it
<efraim>I get the fork/exec error on aarch64
<efraim>you know what, I bet I forgot something with switching gcclib
<efraim>if so, around line 222 "gcc:lib" should switch to "go"
<efraim>oooh, I really hope the bootloader talk at GHC is recorded
<lfam>GHC or GHM?
<rekado_>lfam: yes, if you send the patches I can test biber.
<rekado_>ACTION –> zzZZ
<lfam>sneek: later tell rekado, efraim: Looks like redirecting between gitlab projects is indeed not possible:
<efraim>well thats unfortunate
<lfam>sneek: later tell rekado, efraim: Oops, wrong link.
<lfam>Yeah, so we will have to solve this ourselves :/
<paroneayea>is webrtc not working in icecat right now?
<lfam>Somebody else asked there in here recently, so it's probably not just you
<paroneayea>I think what happened is the video player was moved from gstreamer to ffmpeg
<paroneayea>presumably for security reasons
<paroneayea>looks like that happened in commit 002c3e6dd6709ba47823214111aa56aa6e0670c6
<paroneayea>so that's my tguess.
<temp_trisquel>paroneayea: WebRTC leaks your IP.
<paroneayea>temp_trisquel: yeah, well, I want to use it in this case anyway :P
<temp_trisquel>paroneayea: paroneyaea = paranoia?
<paroneayea>temp_trisquel: that's what they'd like you to think ;)
<lfam>WebRTC leaking one's IP is not really an issue for most use cases, right? Presumable you are comfortable sharing your IP if you are using a web browser, unless you are using Tor.
<temp_trisquel>Internet must be destroyed.
<paroneayea>lfam: yeah that's how I feel. Granted, you're also connecting to peers via webrtc
<paroneayea>is trusting peers worse than trusting a server?
<paroneayea>anyway, I'm guessing that isn't the reason we don't have webrtc at the moment, I'm guessing a change to ffmpeg is not related?
<lfam>For me, in general, if I am connecting to a remote computer, I don't care if it knows my IP
<adfeno>lfam: +1
<lfam>Anyways, I'm not sure what's up with webrtc in icecat. Perhaps a bug report is warranted :)
<lfam>efraim: I think that building gccgo takes longer than building vanilla gcc!
<temp_trisquel>Can somebody help to write standard for malware that will destroy the Internet (attack all computers possible).
<efraim>I image it should be about the same as building gfortran
<temp_trisquel>Also, never run software on your computer, even through Tor.
<lfam>temp_trisquel: I recommend you read the book 'The C Programming Language' (aka K&R C) and start writing network-facing software
<lfam>I think it will be indistinguishable from an attack ;)
<temp_trisquel>*this software
<temp_trisquel>I think, both standard and software can be published "for educational purposes".
<temp_trisquel>This malware must be run on others, compromised computers.
<temp_trisquel>The main issue is bandwidth.
<lfam>temp_trisquel: All jokes aside, this channel is for discussion of GNU Guix, GuixSD, and related programs. It's not for collaborating on malware or planning attacks. Please stay on-topic
<temp_trisquel>If computer will send a message for a million PCs, many users will found their speed is low.
<paroneayea>lfam: +1
<temp_trisquel>lfam: At least, we can include this malware into Guix.
<paroneayea>temp_trisquel: I think you heard lfam's message, and so now's a good time to stop.
<temp_trisquel>Will this malware be included into Guix if somebody will ask?
<temp_trisquel>It must be available for many architectures and operating systems.
<lfam>temp_trisquel: The Guix projects tends to make decisions by consensus but my personal opinion is no, we won't include things described as malware
<adfeno>Also, including malware would be against the GNU FSDG.
<lfam>It's not in the spirit of the project, and the legal liability could be severe
<adfeno>that would make GuixSD be non-free distro.
<paroneayea>okay, there's not even any need to carry on this conversation any more
<adfeno>paroneayea: +1
<paroneayea>there are plenty of other forums on the internet that are relevant to malware-making conversations, and #guix is decidedly not one of them.
<paroneayea>we're not even going to debate the freeness of it.
<paroneayea>find another venue.
<temp_trisquel>This malware must be public domain with sources available.
<temp_trisquel>To be compiled on unsupported OS.
<ym>Hello. Will I get last guile and emacs (-wip branch) development environment after installing GuixSD?
<adfeno>temp_trisquel: I call your attention to discuss this in one of: #fsf #gnu #libreplanet
<paroneayea>ym: hi! are you talking about getting the latest branches of each, or using the guile-emacs package?
<efraim>we don't currently package the dev branches/releases of guile or emacs
<paroneayea>we have before of guile, but not right now :)
<ym>Ok, got it, thanks.
<lfam>efraim: Building go-1.8.3 fails with:
<lfam>go build _/tmp/guix-build-go-1.8.3.drv-0/go/src/cmd/dist: : fork/exec : no such file or directory
<lfam>efraim: This is the diff:
<lfam>Plus the patch you shared
<lfam>efraim: This is a little old but they seem to have worked around the same issue: