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<daqfaq>Yes, startx fails. If you have many bugs, achieve in a moment raise twm, but with sudo
<civodul>it's currently not possible to use Xorg without a session manager
<civodul>would be nice to fix it!
<daqfaq>Ok. Thanks civodul! good bye
<civodul>ACTION pushes the new 'guix pull'
<civodul>now's the time to give it a try :-)
<lfam>civodul: Do we need to make a new guix-devel snapshot to try it out?
<civodul>lfam: normally you just run 'guix pull' now and you'll get the new 'guix pull'
<lfam>Ah, I see
<lfam>`guix pull && guix pull`
<civodul>at worst you'll get a message telling you to install guile-git
<jmi2k>hello. just out of curiosity: nowadays guix pull is fairly slow (in an unfair comparision with e.g apt update). Are there any plans to make it happen faster? My crappy laptop suffers when pulling, and I do that almost every day...
<civodul>jmi2k: yes, i agree that's a problem and i'm willing to fix it
<civodul>hopefully soonish
<civodul>the comparison with "apt-get update" is fair IMO
<jmi2k>civodul: well i said unfair because guix has to compile the new version... is that right?
<civodul>that's correct, but as a user that's not something you really care about IMO
<civodul>i mean, all you want is to update your Guix
<civodul>well, to be fair, 'guix pull' is more like 'apt-get update && apt-get install apt'
<lfam>Cloning the our Git repo over HTTPS using the Git command-line tool, there is about 50 MB of traffic
<lfam>It's more than the snapshot
<lfam>It's too bad that libgit2 has no plan to implement shallow cloning
<civodul>oh i wondered about that?
<civodul>shallow cloning would be helpful here
<civodul>at least we pay the high price only once now
<lfam>Oh... it keeps the Git repo around?
<lfam>libgit2 discussion:
<civodul>of course :-)
<lfam>Haha, I should never have thought otherwise ;)
<lfam>Where does it live? :)
<civodul>lfam: in ~/.cache/guix
<civodul>ACTION -> zzz
<civodul>good night/day!
<Apteryx>Hi guix!
<Digit>watching wondering if guix makes mitigations easier to have implemented
<solene>in firefox I don't have any icons when I browse directories in "open file", what package is missing ? Is it normal ?
<catonano>solene: I have all the icons in Icecat (is that what you meant ?)
<solene>catonano: yes
<solene>it looks like this
<catonano>solene: I see
<catonano>solene: I have the adawaits icon theme installed in my profile
<catonano>solene: do you have it too ?
<catonano>solene: I mean adwaita icon theme
<solene>catonano: how can I know ?
<solene>it's not installed as package but maybe it was installed with guix system reconfigure ?
<temp_trisquel>Like in config example, I have made /boot/efi partition.
<temp_trisquel>Do I need to mount it in /mnt/boot/efi (before guix system init)?
<temp_trisquel>Single question
<solene>temp_trisquel: screaming more help won't helps getting help
<temp_trisquel>solene: Do you know answer?
<solene>no, if I knowed I would have answered you of course :)
<solene>maybe, you can try to use init, I think guix will complains about the lack of the mount that may help you finding where to mount it ?
<temp_trisquel>solene: It even worked when there is no FS on device.
<solene>I think its must be mounted under /mnt/ but I don't know it it's should be /mnt/boot or /mnt/boot/efi
<temp_trisquel>root is mounted /mnt.
<temp_trisquel>ESP is not mounted.
<solene>you have to mount the ESP partition
<temp_trisquel>Thank you, I will try.
<catonano>solene: if it's not mentioned in your configuration file (te file you pass as an argument to guix system reconfigure) then the adwaita icon theme is not installed as a system package
<catonano>solene: to check if it's installed in your profile, you can do: guix package --list-installed and search it in the output of that command. If you don't find it there, then it's not installed as a package eitherh
<catonano>temp_trisquel: doesn't the manual state anything in this regard ?
<temp_trisquel>adwaita-icon-theme is unexcepted EOF again
<temp_trisquel>Size is 12.8 MiB.
<catonano>temp_trisquel: I mean abouth the efi partition
<temp_trisquel>catonano: what?
<temp_trisquel>catonano: I was disconnected.
<temp_trisquel>catonano: And maybe didn't read your previous message if it exist.
<temp_trisquel>solene: What can I do?
<solene>catonano: no, it's not in a package as guix package -I | grep adwaita returns nothing. Maybe this should be added as a icecat dependency ? I had same problem with libreoffice and fonts yesterday. I will write to the mailing list because some packages lacks some defaults fonts/icons
<temp_trisquel>What can I do?
<solene>temp_trisquel: be patient so maybe someone who know the efi installation process can helps you, or write to the mailing list
<solene>I think you could find some informations in the mailing list archive too
<temp_trisquel>solene: I don't think it's about EFI.
<temp_trisquel>solene: adwaita-icon-theme is broken in 0.13.0 default iso.
<temp_trisquel>solene: fix is required.
<temp_trisquel>guix pull will break guix package.
<solene>where did you read this ?
<temp_trisquel>solene: I saw this in two broken installations.
<solene>you can use guix pull --url to take a snapshot
<solene>but you have to find an url...
<temp_trisquel>guix pull makes guix package to be built from source.
<temp_trisquel>And it fails some tests,
<solene>temp_trisquel: with --url parameter you can give it a snapshot as .tar.gz file, you may find a previous version working
<temp_trisquel>Where can I report this issue? It looks like I will have a laptop without OS for a week.
<temp_trisquel>I don't have email. Can I use disposable email?
<temp_trisquel>Where can I check is my message sent?
<catonano>temp_trisquel: here
<temp_trisquel> ыуте
<Apteryx>It's tricky to get a hold of the services definitions.
<Apteryx>I'm trying to figure out how to extend our bluetooth service with a configuration record and associated configuration-file, but fail to see where the magic happens. Granted, lack of cooperation from Geiser (no navigation) is not helping.
<Apteryx>Are every service configuration files used with wrapped-dbus-service?
<ng0>do you think Red Hat, as one of the developers behind Btrfs, deprecating Btrfs will have an effect on Btrfs? There's a bunch of other big corporations still involved when they stop contributing.
<solene>ng0: when sun disappeared, some people have taken ZFS
<ng0>you still have these involved:
<efraim>i'm considering on some systems using btrfs with compression on spinning rust to increase performance
<ng0>would xfs be okay if it is without a static compiled variant? I wasn't able to make static succeed so far..
<efraim>i wonder if its needed for booting or somesuch
<ng0>As long as I can format and read a disk with it, it should be okay I think. The static variant is something you need for the initramfs
<temp_trisquel>Can somebody help me?
<temp_trisquel>Use HTTPS
<rekado>temp_trisquel: these are unrelated problems. If you get a corrupt archive you should retry with “--fallback”
<rekado>as to the test failure we cannot help without the log file as requested by civodul earlier.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Is there a source for icon theme?
<rekado>I don’t understand the question.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: *Icon theme is many .png, .svg and other image files. Do they have "source code"?
<temp_trisquel>rekado: *can they
<temp_trisquel>rekado: IIRC, --fallback is build from source.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: *IIUC
<rekado>“building from source” here might mean to take the tarball and unpack it
<rekado>it’s better to do this than to download a corrupt “pre-built” archive.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Also, other question.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: I want to setup EFI GuixSD.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Mount point for ESP is /boot/efi
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Do I need to mount it (/mnt/boot/efi) before guix system init?
<rekado>sorry, I can’t help with EFI
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Do I need to mount separate boot partition under /mnt/boot before installation? I think, the same answer is for ESP>
<temp_trisquel>*before guix system init
<efraim>if your guix init target is /mnt, then your `/boot/efi' EFI partition should be mounted at /mnt/boot/efi before running `guix init`
<temp_trisquel>Do I need to include mapped-devices dependency in ESP partition if my root device is encrypted?
<temp_trisquel>*if /mnt is encrypted and ESP is unecrypted
<efraim>i have no clue when it comes to encryption
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Do you know? I think, this question is about any unencrypted partition mounted inside encrypted partition.
<rekado>I don’t know what ESP means in this context.
<rekado>my disk is encrypted and I decrypt it in Libreboot’s GRUB.
<rekado>I use mapped-devices with a mapped-device of type “luks-device-mapping”
<temp_trisquel>rekado: EFI System Partition, but I'm asking about any partition.
<temp_trisquel>/ is encrypted
<temp_trisquel>/boot is unencrypted
<rekado>if it is a LUKS container you’ll need to list it as a mapped-device.
<temp_trisquel>Should mapped-devices dependency be set for /boot?
<rekado>if it doesn’t depend on the encrypted root disk I don’t see why.
<rekado>are these separate partitions?
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Yes, it doesn't depend, but it mounts under root.
<rekado>I don’t think it’s necessary, but I’m not sure.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Yes, separate boot partition in this case.
<rekado>That’s not a field where I have much practical experience.
<temp_trisquel>Somebody help me!
<temp_trisquel>rekado: I just need to know, which partition will be mounted first.
<ng0>you need to mount the root partition before you mount the boot partition. It's unrelated but I would recommend the "Disks" part of the Gentoo Handbook in case the GuixSD installation handbook leaves you with fundamental questions on disks.
<ng0>I don't have the time to help any further.
<rekado>temp_trisquel: I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to make mapped-devices a dependency for /boot.
<rekado>temp_trisquel: with all of this I suggest installing a *small* initial system. Installing can take a while and if the install fails you cannot just roll back.
<rekado>temp_trisquel: if you have a small successful initial install, however, you can change your configuration without having to fear breakage.
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Just make dependency and add nothing to mapped-devices?
<rekado>of course you should add the encrypted disk to the list of mapped-devices
<efraim>the gcc flag '-mfp16-format=ieee' has to be passed while building gcc, I can't pass it on a per-package basis, right?
<temp_trisquel>rekado: Do you have good bandwidth? If yes, can you test these settings on VM?
<ng0>afaik I have a uefi+luks config file online, if that would help
<ng0>thought our example was enough
<efraim>nvm, some more searching brought examples of using it while compiling using gcc
<temp_trisquel>ng0: can you upload your file-systems config?
<ng0>nvm, the uefi config I have had no luks
<ng0>they are uploaded. I just saw that the uefi one had no luks
<temp_trisquel>ng0: I don't think EFI System Partition can be encrypted. Do you have encrypted root?
<ng0>i don't have uefi
<temp_trisquel>Ah, then I need help from other users.
<solene>any idea which package contains dig/drill dns command ? bind doesn't provides it :(
<ng0>I was refering to: which is an old config.
<ng0>people, not users.
<ng0>have you shared your config before? maybe it helps reading it
<temp_trisquel>ng0: No.
<temp_trisquel>ng0: It's desktop.scm with changed GRUB and FS config.
<temp_trisquel>ng0: I don't understand single thing.
<ng0>you can do it like this, without encrypting UEFI.
<temp_trisquel>ng0: Do I need mapped-devices dependency in non-encrypted FS, which is mounted under encrypted FS>
<temp_trisquel>ng0: *FS.
<ng0>the thing is "changed". if you don't show us the config it is just shots in the dark.
<ng0>sorry, I can't help you.
<temp_trisquel>grub-configuration and file-systems are the same except for mapped-devices dependency in root FS.
<temp_trisquel>Anything else is from desktop.scm
<rekado>temp_trisquel: I wrote above that you can just try adding the mapped-devices dependency to both file system declarations.
<rekado>but we can only assist you with the details if you share them with us.
<ng0>This is exactly what makes it easier to help with GuixSD.
<ng0>The system config is not a trade secret or anything, there are no private keys in there.
<temp_trisquel>I will try first time without mapped-devices then.
<sirgazil>Hi! I installed and upgraded guix to guix (GNU Guix) 20170802.00. It's working fine for the root user. But when I try "guix pull" with a regular user, I get several errors like this:
<sirgazil>;;; ERROR: failed to create path for auto-compiled file "/gnu/store/yf0j9s16dwyfz5y5w6f1z1h4mgf0w1xx-guile-2.2.2/bin/guild"
<sirgazil>And then the pull fails:
<sirgazil>guix pull: error: build failed: build of `/gnu/store/z99jmrjnzd30w28px70qp4q0s1pc34g3-guile-git-0.0-3.e156a10.drv' failed
<sirgazil>Ho :)
<Jackneill>why is the hash at the beginning of the name?
<Jackneill>wouldnt it be easier to grep etc if it would be at the end?
<efraim>the hash is always 32, and then a '-', so its easy for tools like cut
<lfam>Jackneill: It's usually not necessary to poke around in /gnu/store, but if you need to look for something in there, this is the way: echo /gnu/store/*-nameofpackage*
<lfam>Even better: echo /gnu/store/*-nameofpackage* | tr ' ' '\\n'
<Jackneill>but the point is if it would be reversed then it would only be echo /gnu/store/nameofpackage*
<Jackneill>so i'd always save some keystrokes
<Jackneill>i have no idea why this is better
<wigust>Hello Guix
<lfam>Jackneill: It makes it way easier to write code that does things in the store when the hash is always in the same position.
<lfam>And like I said, doing things "by hand" in the store is not really a first-class use case
<lfam>Is there something in particular you are trying to do that requires looking for things in /gnu/store
<lfam>Maybe we can find a more efficient way to achieve it
<lfam>sirgazil: Can you share the full output of the failing command?
<quiliro>hello Guix!
<lfam>Howdy quiliro!
<lfam>Hm, anyone ever seen this from the daemon? "unexpected Nix daemon error: unexpected end-of-file"
<lfam>Looks like there are a few places in the Nix code that can get to that
<temp_trisquel>Can I install NetHack on Guix?
<bavier`>temp_trisquel: there's no nethack package, afiact, but you'd be welcome to have a go at packaging it
<ng0>isn't there?
<ng0>ah, no
<wigust>sneek: later tell temp_trisquel There is a tome4 (better than nethack), worth to check :-)
<sneek>Got it.
<quiliro>lfam: gotta go...good hacking!
<efraim> our issues page is down :(
<lfam>efraim: We took it offline because the update jobs were slowing down too much
<lfam>If there are still links to it from the website we should remove them
<lfam>We plan to bring it back once the server can handle it
<efraim>i kept it as a pinned tab in firefox, no idea if its linked anywhere
<jsierles>rekado: did you have issues with storing the database on NFS? I'm seeing a few weird issues there, like not being able to acquire a build user. Wondering if it's related to file locking happening on the sqlite database.
<sneek>Welcome back jsierles, you have 1 message.
<sneek>jsierles, rekado says: “phase `check' succeeded after 577.9 seconds” – I just built julia on my x200s laptop.
<efraim>i'm still battling half-floats on aarch64 with julia
<sirgazil>lfam: here's the full output of "guix pull":
<sneek>temp_trisquel, you have 1 message.
<sneek>temp_trisquel, wigust says: There is a tome4 (better than nethack), worth to check :-)
<temp_trisquel>GuixSD "is" installed.
<temp_trisquel>"Could not prepare Boot varialble: No such file or directory"
<Gamayun>Any progress on getting hibernation working? :)
<temp_trisquel>i just need to boot OS.\\
<ng0>I just assume you were never introduced to the concepts of patience and volunteer projects.. one ask for help and then waiting should be enough for anyone who reads the channel or its online log.
<Gamayun>I think there's a backslash missing there ;)
<Gamayun>temp_trisquel: Looks like an issue with EFI?
<temp_trisquel>Gamayun: Yes.
<temp_trisquel>There is an EFI folder and file inside.
<temp_trisquel>> Cannot prepare Boot variable: No such file or directory <
<temp_trisquel>*could not
<Gamayun>From what I can see, it's more likely to do with EFI variables themselves than OS and boot partition...
<temp_trisquel>Is it safe to reboot OS now? Or there is a risk of reinstalling?
<lfam>sirgazil: I'm sorry, I can't help right now. But I'll read it over later. You might also send it to <>
<Gamayun>My GuixSD is on BIOS though. I have an arch machine on UEFI, where the boot entries get screwed up once in a while whenever I change something in the BIOS setup - so I always just edit them manually..
<Gamayun>ACTION shrugs
<temp_trisquel>I will try.
<buenouanq>which grub the installer decides it wants to use, is based not on what partition scheme you give it, but on how the installation media was booted
<buenouanq>if you want to install bios grub, you have to boot the installer using legacy bios mode
<sirgazil>lfam: no problem.
<temp_trisquel>Maybe, it's because I didn't used mapped-devices dependency for ESP? My root is encrypted.
<ng0>it's fun trying to balance a wire in the fog in the dark.. it's much easier (to help) if more information is provided. Like I wrote before, there is nothing top secret in those files.
<ng0>people want to help, and it is easy to help, you are just making it harder for yourself :/
<temp_trisquel>Do I need to use mapped-devices dependency for EFI System Partition if root is encrypted?
<Gamayun>I think you will need that. However, I think that comes at a later stage than boot variables...
<temp_trisquel>Gamayun: So, I need to erase my HDD again.
<Gamayun>temp_trisquel: Check whether you have secure boot turned on. The error seems to be from grub having trouble writing to NVRAM, not anything with GuixSD and partitions, as far as I can see. Search for the error message and check some of the grub-related results...
<temp_trisquel>Gamayun: I don't have Secure Boot. I have something like "execute protection in memory".
<temp_trisquel>It's called:
<temp_trisquel>EDB (Execute Disable Bit)
<lfam>I'm wondering, has anyone experimented with the Julia package manager in the context of Guix?
<buenouanq>guix package -i HELP
<temp_trisquel>My OS is unavailable.
<temp_trisquel>The problem is "Could not prepare Boot variable: No such file or directory".
<temp_trisquel>EFI GRUB
<bavier`>temp_trisquel: have you written to the help-guix ml with your details?
<buenouanq>1) the usb is booted under [u]efi 2) you have partitioned everything correctly and mounted it at /boot/efi and set the esp flag 3) you have declared (grub efi-grub) in your os config
<temp_trisquel>buenouanq: 1) Y 2) E 3) S
<jmi2k>Hello, I want your opinion. Today I wanted to have a kali linux live cd on grub, and it seemed reasonable to automate iso installation and upgrading with a Guix package. What do you think?
<bavier`>jmi2k: what do you mean by "iso installation"?
<jmi2k>creation, I used the wrong word
<jmi2k>i mean, all guix packages are built from source so iso should be created also from source... ?
<bavier`>jmi2k: sure, it'd be possible as a guix package
<bavier`>jmi2k: it'd be similar to what 'guix disk-image' creates
<bavier`>jmi2k: but it'd be huge. you'd need the distributions entire source tree
<jmi2k>that's the main problem I'm facing
<ng0>I seem to be unable to build the guix website with the guix.scm provided in it since some more recent commit in guix master.
<ng0>I tested it with the guix website as my websites use a guix.scm derived from it, and I get the same errors
<bavier`>temp_trisquel: please have some patience
<ng0>it is this error:
<ng0>I think I will just report it as a bug and go to sleep
<ng0>good night